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by StrangeBrew

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Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

Chapter 1 – Purification

“You will find your copy of the house rules on the dresser of your bedroom.  I expect these to be known by heart and followed exactly.  Any rule breaking and you will be punished in a manner I choose.  Are there any questions?”

Ann stood on the marble floor in the entrance to the mansion listening intently to the woman’s voice coming through the speaker in the wall.  She was starting to wonder if accepting the personal assistant job to the president of her company was a good idea.  Bill from accounting had warned her the job would be tough, but the money was just too good to pass up.  There was a rumor that the last assistant had retired after only five years of working directly for Ms. Ainsley.  But Ann hadn’t heard anything about punishments or stuff like that.  The annoyed voice from the speaker snapped her attention back to the present however.

“Well, are there any questions or shall I just wait until you think of something?!!” 

“Er, no, I can’t think of anything at the moment.” Ann replied as quickly as she could.

“From now on, when you speak to me you will address me as Madam or as Ms. Ainsley.  Is that clear?”  Blasted the voice once more.

“Yes, Ms. Ainsley.”

“Good, I see you are a fast learner.  Hopefully that will make you training go quicker and I won’t have to waste my time correcting your mistakes.” The voice of her new boss seemed to soften now, “I am going to open the inner door now.  You are to proceed directly to the door at the end of the hall, once you enter you must remove all your clothing and place them into one of the bags on the shelf.  You will then proceed to the shower stall and follow the instructions printed on the wall.  Dry yourself with the towels provided and wait at the far door for my instructions.”

Ann heard the lock to the door click and hesitated only for a second before turning the handle. 

‘Okay, now this is getting weird’, she thought to herself as she walked slowly down the barren hallway.  Like the entrance, this too was covered entirely of marble and each step of her shoes echoed like a gunshot throughout the cold passage.  ‘Why would I need to take a shower?  She must be some sort of neat freak.’

Ann turned the handle on the far door and entered what could only be described as the whitest bathroom that ever existed.  Everything was covered in white tiles and only the silver towel rods served to break-up the starkness of the space.  Ann continued to look around and spotted the plastic bags on the tiled shelf. 

‘Think about the money, think about the money.’ She repeated to herself as she started to remove her clothes and place them in the bag.  ‘It can’t be that bad.’

Ann finished removing her clothes and placed the now full bag back onto the shelf.  Turning away from her clothing she walked towards the shower.  Stepping into the tiled stall she began to read the instructions printed on the wall.

Ø Press the button located below these instructions to start the sequence
Ø Ensure that the spray covers your entire body and head
Ø When the sequence is completed the red light above will shine

‘Fairly simple.’ Ann thought to herself as she pressed her finger against the button.

The warm water began to flow from the showerhead above and through small jets to the side.  Ann wasn’t sure how long it was going to last so she got to work making sure the water reached everything it could.  It wasn’t long after the shower started though that Ann started to feel a tingling on her head and skin.  Something funny was starting to happen to her body as she scrubbed herself, she was starting to get a little itchy.  Suddenly the spray stopped and Ann stood there trying to figure out what was going on with her skin.  She began to wonder if the shower had finished or not, but when she looked up to see if the red light was on, a fresh blast of water erupted from the jets and she found herself sputtering as the water landed directly on her face.  Rubbing her eyes to get the water out and trying to regain her focus she was sure something was wrong with her vision.  Everywhere on the white tiled floor below her was hair.  Long brown hair, exactly like hers. 

“What the hell?” she said out loud as she stared at the strands of hair on the floor.  Reaching up with her hand to rub her head she let out an audible gasp as she realized that the hair on the floor was in fact hers.  Where once she had had a full mane of beautiful hair, there was nothing but skin.  Smooth, hairless skin.

“This can’t be happening, oh my Lord!!” Her panicked voice echoed throughout the white walls of the washroom, “What’s going on?!!”

The tingling in her skin had now faded as the shower continued to wash away her hair.  As Ann rubbed her hands over her body hugging herself trying to control her hysterical sobbing she realized not only the hair on her head had vanished but her entire body had been cleansed of any follicles as well.

Ann stood in the middle of the shower crying and didn’t notice that the water had stopped nor the red light shining above.  Only Ms. Ainsley’s voice was able to get her attention.

“Please dry yourself with the towels provided and proceed through the door.  Go up the stairs and into your room which is the first door on the right.”

“What have you done to me?” Ann screamed at the speaker.

“The contract you signed in order to work for me stated quite clearly that I require an entirely CLEAN assistant to live and work in my house.  My health requirements stipulate this; I cannot afford any outside germs to invade my living space.  Did you not read this?”  Ms. Ainsley fired back through the speaker.

“Of course I read that, but I didn’t think it meant losing all my hair!”

“If you had had a question about the contract you should have asked before you signed it!  Besides, your hair will grow back.”

“I’m leaving!”  Ann yelled as she grabbed the towel from the rack and went to collect her clothes.  Reaching out to grab her bag her hand stopped midway as she realized her clothes were gone!

“Where are my clothes?” She yelled, frantically looking around the bathroom to see where they had gone.

“In the incinerator, of course.”  Ms. Ainsley replied in a matter of fact way. “You won’t be needing them, your latex uniforms will be provided for you.  Your visit to the Eros Boutique provided us with the measurements needed 

“Did you say latex?”

Ann remembered going to the Boutique and the staff taking her full set of measurements all to well.  She had never been to a store like that in her life; all of the racks and racks of clothing she had never dreamed existed boggled her mind.  But Ann had just figured that they were going to make some hypoallergenic uniforms for her wear while at work.  The lady that took her measurements had mentioned that Ms. Ainsley was one of their best customers and that her allergies and health issues prevented her from wearing any natural fiber clothing.  Never had Ann thought that she would have to wear the latex outfits like the ones throughout the store.  Sure they had looked cool and all that, and Ann was curious what they would feel like, but not this! 

“Of course I said latex.  I cannot have any natural fibers in my house due to my allergies.  And I’m growing weary of the lack of respect you are showing me.  You will address me in the proper manner from now on!”

Ann slumped her shoulders as she realized that she wasn’t going anywhere for the time being.  Certainly not with nothing but a towel covering herself.  Turning away from the empty shelf she apologized to Ms. Ainsley for her outburst, making sure to add ‘Madam’ as she asked for forgiveness.

“I hope this will be the last time I need to talk to you about this issue.  Now, please go through the door and proceed to your room and get dressed for supper.”

Chapter 2 – The Living Quarters

Ann didn’t know what else to do and felt that it would be best to follow her instructions as they were given to her.  Passing through the door from the bathroom brought her to a grand foyer in the center of the mansion.  More marble decorated the floor, but if the marble halls she had passed before were cold and dark, the foyer was exactly the opposite.  A large fountain in the middle of the room sprayed water into the air and the sounds of soft music rang throughout the air.  Brightly colored artwork decorated the walls, golden artwork sat in corners, and large plush latex covered furniture sat throughout the room.  Suddenly Ann was starting to think that maybe losing her hair might be worth it just to live here.

Clutching her towel tightly about her body she started up the grandly curved staircase to the second floor of the home.  Turning to her right she opened the first door and entered her bedroom, or rather, her own suite.  Ann’s old apartment wasn’t this big.  She stood in awe as she looked around, in front of her was a sitting room, on her left took her to a bathroom, her right a bedroom, and what looked like an office in the back. 

The decorations were quite like the foyer, brass, gold, marble, and iron.  All very expensive she was sure.  She walked over to the overstuffed couch and gently slid her hand over its surface.  Cool to the touch but warming the longer she left her hand there, Ann was amazed at its slippery smooth feeling.

“This is amazing.” She said to herself as she leaned closer to take a better look.  She couldn’t help but notice the aroma the latex gave off.  It was certainly a different smell, but Ann seemed to find it quite pleasing.

“Intoxicating, isn’t it?” 

Ann jumped at the sound of Ms. Ainsley’s voice behind her.  She had been so consumed investigating the latex couch she hadn’t noticed her boss had entered the room.

“Ms. Ainsley!  Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t hear you come in!” Ann sputtered as she turned to face the president of her company.  “What I mean is, ah, well….”

Ann’s voice trailed off as she looked at her boss for the first time.  She was so stunned by the woman standing before her that she had lost her ability to speak.  Ms. Ainsley was in her mid-forties and had long black hair past her hips.  A beautiful face and plentiful breasts, tall and in very good shape, there probably wasn’t another woman in the world that had a better body.  But the thing that Ann was most amazed with was her clothing.  She had seen the exact same outfit at Eros Boutique when she had gone for her fitting, and if she had been curious about the outfit before, she was positively fascinated with it now. 

“I take it you approve of my outfit?” Ms. Ainsley asked the wide-eyed Ann.  “It’s called the vintage garden mistress dress.  I thought it might be appropriate for our first meeting.  It tends to have quite a dramatic effect on people when they first see me.”

“Yes, Madam, it’s quite stunning.”  Ann embarrassingly replied. 

“Is your bedroom satisfactory?” Ms. Ainsley questioned.

“Oh yes, Ms. Ainsley, it’s beautiful!”

“Good.  You’ll have plenty of time to explore later on, get dressed and meet me in the dining room in fifteen minutes.”

Ms. Ainsley turned and walked out of the room without waiting for Ann to reply.  It was clear to Ann that her boss was not one for idle chitchat or wasting time.  Turning and heading to the bedroom she was once again stunned by the luxurious furnishings.  Dressing chairs coated again with latex, large oval mirrors, expensive artwork, and a massive canopied four-post king size bed.  Ruffled latex draped over the sides of the canopy and the edges of the bed.  Silky smooth sheets and a quilted comforter made of latex adorned the top. A half dozen overstuffed latex pillows in different sizes and colors to rest her head on.  It was breathtaking to say the least.

Ann spotted the rule book on the dresser and made a mental note to study it tonight.  And as much as she wanted to explore the magnificent bed, the thought of annoying Ms. Ainsley for being late pried her eyes towards the closet.  Ann tugged open the doors and was almost bowled over by the sudden burst of the latex aroma contained within.  Her eyes fluttered everywhere, losing track of the various outfits that lined the racks of the wardrobe.  So many different garments she didn’t know where to start.  Dresses, pants, skirts, shirts, socks, gloves, boots and shoes all stood before her in their shiny glory. 

Looking closer Ann noticed that each of the hangers that held each outfit was marked with small letters identifying their purpose.  The words work, rest, dining, evening, cleaning, church, and others ensured that the proper outfit would be worn at the proper time.

Reaching for the first outfit marked ‘dining’ Ann pulled down the long dress and placed it over her arm.  She also pulled a matching pair of shoes from the closet and placed them on the floor.  Tossing the towel aside from her body, she grabbed the powder from the top of the dresser and sprinkled it over herself.  Once finished she lifted up what she would learn later to be the Tulip latex gown and stepped in the dress.  Ann couldn’t believe how easily the latex slid up her body and hugged her every curve.  Quickly warming to her skin’s touch and giving off its pleasant aroma, she was beginning to like the sensations it gave her.  It was tight, but not unpleasant by any means.  It seemed to hug her body more than anything as it adjusted to her every move.  Ann had never thought something like this could make her feel this way.

Chapter 3 – Dining With Ms. Ainsley

Ann wished she could stay longer getting to know her new wardrobe better, but she was sure that she was late as it was.  Quickly putting her feet into the matching shoes she left the bedroom and went to the top of the stairs in the foyer.  Now Ann wasn’t sure what to do.  She had no idea where the dining room was and didn’t know which way to go.  Taking a chance she went down the stairs and through a hallway to the other side of the house.  She went down one hallway but came to a dead end and had to double back.  The second hallway again proved fruitless.  Finally, the last hallway there was to try, she managed to find the dining room and awaiting her was a very unhappy looking Ms. Ainsley.  Now Ann understood the meaning of the dress that her boss was wearing.  The Vintage Garden Mistress dress definitely conveyed the look of authority it was designed for.  There was no mistaking who the Mistress of this house was.

“You’re late!  It told you to be here in fifteen minutes!” The loud, stern voice of Ms. Ainsley was more than enough to tell Ann than she was in trouble.

“I’m sorry Madam, I got lost trying to find the…”

”Enough!  We will talk about your punishment later!  You will soon learn that I expect my directions to be followed.  Now sit!”

Ann thought it best to do what she was told and sat in the chair opposite of her boss.  No sooner had her latex bottom touched the chair when in walked an older man wearing a white latex chef’s outfit with two plates of food.  Placing the first dish in front of Ms. Ainsley and the second in front of Ann he then turned and asked Ann’s boss if there was anything else she required.

“No, this should be everything, Pierce.  Thank you.”

“Yes, Madam.” Was all he said and left the dining room.

“Pierce is the chef here.  He is the only one that does the cooking for me.  He knows my needs and he is the only one whose food I trust.”

Ann took a close look at the deliciously smelling plate of food in front of her.  Everything was laid out so perfectly that Ann was sure that it had been used for a television commercial shoot.  Taking a bite of the lemon chicken she had never realized food could taste this good.

“This is wonderful Ms. Ainsley!  Absolutely fantastic!!” Ann blurted out between mouthfuls.

Ms. Ainsley’s arm paused halfway from her plate and raised her eyebrows.  “Its just food.  Nothing to get excited about.”

Now it was Ann’s turn to pause eating.  She wasn’t sure what to say again.  Had she gone too far? 

“I’m sorry Madam,” she started, “its just that I’ve never had food that tasted so fine.  I’m not used to it.”

Ms. Ainsley considered Ann for a moment before replying; “I imagine you will find most things in my house will be quite different than you are used to.  That dress fits you quite well.”

Ann could feel her cheeks blushing and was sure that even her now hairless head was glowing red as well.  Ann had nearly forgotten about the latex dress she was wearing and how nice it made her feel.  So comfortable was the dress she had hardly thought anything about it while they ate.  But Ms. Ainsley’s compliment suddenly made her feel self-conscious and Ann tried to cover herself up from her boss’s penetrating eyes.

“Don’t be silly girl!  Be proud of your body.  I’ll have none of that foolishness here.”

Ann dropped her arms back to the table and apologized once again.  Ms. Ainsley turned back to her plate and Ann followed suit.  Together they finished their dinner in silence.  Pierce entered the dining room only seconds after Ms. Ainsley had placed her silverware on the empty dish, picked them up and took them back to what Ann could only guess was the kitchen.

“Come with me.” 

Ann followed Ms. Ainsley as she stood up from the table and followed her latexed boss out the room.

“I will give you only one tour of the house, I’ll expect you to remember where the rooms are after this.”  Ms. Ainsley said.

Ann followed closely behind Ms. Ainsley as she took her to various rooms in the mansion.  There were too many to mention, but Ann felt that she could easily locate the office, library, media room, and other important rooms throughout.  Ann thought to herself of the strange image it must be of the two women dressed in long latex gowns walking about the mansion.  ‘Most things in this house will be quite different indeed’ She thought.

“And this room is where your future punishments will be served.” Ms. Ainsley noted as she turned a handle to a rather solid looking door.

The room was entirely different than the others that Ms. Ainsley had shown her.  This room, quite unlike the others, was not full of fancy furnishings, golden sculptures, or colorful artwork.  No, this room was dark, mysterious and foreboding.  There were no couches here, only large metal and latex devices stood throughout this room.  There were large and small cages, a giant metal cross, a sinister looking chair and what Ann could only describe as a box shaped like a coffin.  Chains hung from the ceiling and walls, latex whips and masks hung from hooks.  Ann didn’t like the looks of this room one bit.

“A little incentive to follow the rules, no?” 

Ann wasn’t sure what to say other than a rather meek, “Yes Maam.” 

Ann had remembered what Ms. Ainsley had said before dinner.  She was late and was going to be punished.  Was this where that would happen?

“Your punishment for tonight’s tardiness will not be served here.” Ms. Ainsley said as if reading Ann’s mind. “I have thought of something different for you.”

Ann was both relieved and worried.  At least she wouldn’t be tied up in here, for now at least, but Ann was worried what that something different was.  She was sure she was going to end up in here some time, strapped down to the metal devices with the latex restraints, writhing in misery from the mistakes she will make.

“This is the end of the tour.  I don’t ever want to here that you were lost again.  Understand?”

“Yes, Ms. Ainsley.”

“Good, now go to your room and study your rulebook.  I will meet you there in thirty minutes.”

Chapter 4 – Know the Rules

Ms. Ainsley turned and left Ann in the punishment room.  Ann took one last look around before leaving herself and nearly ran to her bedroom.  Ann was definitely sure she didn’t want to be in the punishment room one bit and set to reading the book of house rules as soon as she arrived in her quarters. 

The rules were quite distinct and Ann found them a little tough to remember.  When she was working directly with Ms. Ainsley she was to wear her choice of the Modern Design Retro dress, the Shot of Color dress, or the Marilyn dress.  Simple enough, however the difficult part was that each day she had to wear a specific color.  Another stipulation was that when she was using the computer, phone or other instrument while conducting business, latex gloves matching the garment were also to be worn.

While performing daily chores set forth in the rule book, Ann was only to wear the Rubber Maid latex dresses with elbow length gloves and matching bonnet for her head.  On movie nights in the media room Ann had her choice of color of the latex Cabaret Outfit, complete with top hat and cane.  On Sundays they were to attend church and only the Gothic Nun Schoolgirl was permitted.  Exercising was to be done while wearing the latex leggings and latex zip tops, color’s in her choice.  Dinner of course meant long latex evening gowns and high-heeled shoes.  Even during Ann’s private relaxing time in her suite she was to be wearing her choice of the various latex garments supplied.  The only time she was permitted to be naked was while sleeping.  But then again, the bed was covered with latex sheets and the sensuous fabric would cover her flesh.

Other rules dictated how she was to act and the duties she was to perform on a daily basis.  By Ann’s count she would be changing latex outfits fives times a day save for the weekend when only three would be required.

Finishing the book, Ann placed it back upon the dresser and returned to her wardrobe to get a better look at the latex outfits inside.  Now she understood the meaning of the words written upon the hangers identifying when each latex garment was to be worn.  Sliding her hands down her body, she couldn’t get over how slippery and smooth the latex felt.  Running her hand over her hips sent shivers throughout her body from how great the latex felt next to her skin.  It was so warm and comforting, it was almost as if it was a part of her. 

Ann continued to rub her hands over her latexed body and was starting to feel flushed.  How could something like this feel so good?  How come she was beginning to get turned on by the latex?  Ann wasn’t sure, but she knew she didn’t want to stop.

Lying down on the latex sheets of the bed she continued groping the latex covering her.  Working her breasts with one hand and pushing the latex gown in between her legs with the other she began to quicken her place.  She closed her eyes and lost herself in the heat of the moment.  Pushing with one hand, pulling with the other, she continued to work the latex over her body.  Her breathing becoming rapid she could feel the orgasm building within her.  Pushing and pulling, rubbing and pinching, turning her head to the side in order to rub her face in the latex sheets, she continued working herself.  The orgasm was close now, so close, her hands moving at a blistering speed, until finally she felt her body explode with utter ecstasy.  Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her rubber body as she experienced the most intense orgasm ever.  As the waves began to subside, she found she was panting for lack of breath from the enjoyment she had experienced.

Chapter 5 – Punishment 

“Very nice.  But now it’s time for your punishment” 

Ann instantly jerked her head towards the door to her bedroom at the sound of the devious voice.  There stood Ms. Ainsley looking quite calm and serene by the show Ann had given her.  She was wearing a tight fitting military dress in black and gold.  In her hand she carried an old looking key, but Ann couldn’t figure out what it was for.

Ms. Ainsley entered the room and walked over to the wardrobe that held all of Ann’s latex uniforms.  She took the key and placed it in a small lock at the base of the wardrobe that Ann hadn’t noticed before.  Turning it, she opened a wide drawer and pulled out a long latex bag and hood. 

“Get undressed and go to the bathroom.” She commanded Ann “Come back here when you’re done washing.”

Ann quickly got to her feet and peeled the long latex gown from her body.  Placing it over the dressing chair she turned and headed to the washroom.  Quickly finishing her duties and taking care to make sure she was clean she headed back to the bedroom.  As she entered she noticed that Ms. Ainsley had placed the long latex bag on the bed and opened the zipper that ran the length of the body.  Inside of the bag Ann saw that there were some sort of internal sleeves that she could only guess were for her arms to fit in.

“Get in.” 

Ms. Ainsley’s stern command said to Ann that she had better do as told, and she quickly climbed onto the bed and positioned herself in the middle of the bag.  Ms. Ainsley then bent over and began to pull the zipper up on the bag, tightening the latex around her legs.  Stopping at her hips she then guided each of Ann’s arms into the sleeves and continued pulling the zipper.

“I think you’ve had enough touching of yourself for the night.” She said with a smile.

Ms. Ainsley finished pulling the zipper up Ann’s body until she reached the base of her neck.  Ann couldn’t believe how tight the latex had gotten around her body and she found it very difficult to move even a finger.  She was definitely not going anywhere until Ms. Ainsley let her out.

“Did you read the rule book, or did you go straight to playing with yourself?”

“No, Ms. Ainsley, I didn’t start playing with,” Ann started, “I mean, yes I did read the rules”

“Well, we will see about that won’t we?  I think a test in the morning will be in order.  And if you pass, then I shall let you out of the sleepsack.”

“You mean I have to sleep in this?”  Ann asked a little scared.

“Yes, my dear you do.  And to make sure that your mind doesn’t get sidetracked you’ll also be wearing this.”  Ms. Ainsley replied holding up a latex hood with two tubes attached to the nose.

“This should keep your focused on memorizing what is written in the rule book.  You will have no other distractions this way.”

“No, please, I don’t think I’m ready for that.”  Ann pleaded.

Ms. Ainsley didn’t bother listening to Ann’s pitiful pleas.  She took the hood and pulled it swiftly down over Ann’s head and took care to ensure that the nose tubes were properly positioned for Ann to breath.  Her pleas became muffled as soon as the latex plopped over her mouth and all but stopped as she felt the neck of the hood seal itself to her skin.

Plunged into total darkness Ann could barely hear anything.  She felt Ms. Ainsley adjusting the hood slightly as she smoothed out the wrinkles.  She then felt her boss sealing the collar of the bag over the neck of the hood as the zipper traveled it’s final few inches shut.  Completely covered in latex now Ann was shut off from the outside world.  Straining to hear what was going on in the room, she couldn’t even tell if her boss was still there.  She tried to speak but the tight latex hood muffled her words.  Try as hard as she might, any attempts to move or escape the bag were easily thwarted by the tight latex. 
She struggled in vain until finally she gave up, breathing heavily from her efforts.

If anyone had suggested this might happen when working for Ms. Ainsley, Ann would have called them an idiot.  That type of stuff doesn’t happen, she would have told them.  But her she was, naked, completely hairless, trapped in a tight latex bag with a hood on her head that only allowed her to breath.  Yet strangely enough, Ann wasn’t completely upset with her situation.  Sure the latex was tight and she could barely even move, but she also felt warm and safe.  This almost felt good. 

Would she have taken the job had she known what was in store for her?  Probably not, but here and now, trapped in the latex sleepsack, she knew she had made the right choice.

Closing her eyes she started to think about what tomorrow would bring.  She thought that she would wear the Modern Design Retro latex dress in the morning while with Ms. Ainsley after performing her chores in the Rubber Maids dress.  At dinner the Latex Spiral dress should do nicely.  Perhaps she would get some exercise in as well.

‘Tomorrow’s Tuesday,’ she thought sleepily to herself, ‘that means I need to wear red.’

Ann drifted off to sleep, reviewing the rules for her test in the morning.

Hopefully she would pass…

The End 


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