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The Perfect Catsuit

by Pegusas

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© Copyright 2011 - Pegusas - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; stockings; encase; cocoon; stuck; mast; climax; cons; X

Jane had just bought new pair of latex stockings from her local adult shop, they were a new brand and very expensive. She had been told by the sales assistant that they were very stretchy and very tight fitting without being too restrictive and the longer she worn them the more figure hugging they would become. She had been so excited when she got home she closed all the curtains and stripped off as soon as she got inside.

She tried them on, pulling them on and then pulling them up, they glided over her silky smooth legs. They seemed to fit like they were made for her, she pulled them all the way up to her pussy and they still seemed to be able to go further. Then Jane had an idea, “I wonder if one would fit over both legs?”

After stripping them off she pulled one of them slowly back on over both feet, she pulled it on softly and gently, these were dear and she didn’t want to rip them. Her feet fitted in fine so she slowly pulled the stocking up over her legs, the latex stretched to combine her legs and it didn’t feel too tight.

Jane pulled them right up over her thighs, continued over her tight bottom and up her slender waist before it stopped. Her legs were now covered in tight, thin black latex. She caressed her legs and her bottom; getting wet at the electric sensations but managed to resist feeling her pussy...just!

Then she had another idea, “I wonder if the other one would fit over the top of me?”, though it would mean cutting a small air-hole for her nose so she wouldn’t suffocate. She considered it for a minute, and then decided what the hell…!

It was difficult to punch a hole in the latex, it just seemed to keep stretching but finally she managed it and cut a small hole with an extra sharp knife. She rolled the stocking up in her hands and pulled it down over her head, immediately she was plunged into total darkness. She hadn’t thought of eyeholes but didn’t really want to put any more holes in it anyway.

After getting the one hole over her nose she pulled the stocking down her neck. Getting it over her shoulders was more difficult. She had to grab the stocking at opposite sides and pull it over her shoulders, wriggling them and pulling them in to help. She managed to get it over and then pulled it further down. It got a little easier now with her body narrowing in from her shoulders, keeping her elbows in she pulled it over her breasts. Her nipples became had become stiff and erect showing right through the latex, though no-one were here to see.

Once down over her breasts the stocking popped over her elbows and down her back at the same time. She felt a lot more enclosed now and the stocking seemed to be snugger around her torso. She pulled on the stocking more now and, with a bit of dexterity, got her hands so they were pushing the stocking down now instead of pulling. With a final push she got the top stocking down over the bottom one, making sure it was pulled down as much as possible all around, she brought her hands back up.

She couldn’t believe they had been stretchy enough! They had been sold as one size fits all but didn’t think they could go this big! She moved her hands around under the latex, writhing and squirming with pleasure. Her hands found their way forward and before she knew it she was having one of the best orgasms of her life.

She lay there all night playing with herself, she had never felt like this before, she never wanted it to end...

By the morning she had worn herself out and decided it was time to get out, she felt around for the join with her hands but couldn’t find it! She started to get a little freaked out, she pulled and tugged but there was no opening, the two stockings had somehow fussed together as one!

She pulled and clawed at the latex, but it would only stretch and the spring right back down. After a couple of hours she gave up and lay there, masturbating to take her mind off her plight. The midday sun started to pour through the window, the heat was intense and the black latex was sucking it up like crazy. Jane could feel the heat building up inside but could do nothing about it, and then she felt the catsuit start to shrink all over her body!

The catsuit started to contract all over her body, the heat molding it to every contour of her flesh. By the end of the afternoon when the sun had finally passed by her latex encapsulated body the catsuit looked like it had literally been painted on her, it was so tight and revealing.

Underneath Jane had totally given up on trying to get out, the suit was far too tough to pierce with her hands. Even though it was so tight it still seemed flexible and she had no problem breathing and... playing!

She continued to pleasure herself as often as she could, she never seemed to tire of it, she didn’t know if anyone would ever find her and come to her rescue.

Right now, she didn’t think she even cared!! 



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