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Perfect World: Business Trip Chapter 5 – Dinner out

by Querthe

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© Copyright 2008 - Querthe - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; corset; breathplay; toys; public; cons; X

Chapter 5 – Dinner out

She opened her eyes some minutes before six in the afternoon. She tried to look around, but the fogged rebreather bag she was wearing since she fell asleep was denying her any possibility to see something more than shadows and lights through the clear plastic material now completely covered with sweat.

" Mmmghtt… Mmmmghtt… " she mumbled inspiring a little more than the necessary to enjoy the sensation of plastic quite glued to her skin and to remove the fog, that coalesced over her skin permitting to her eyes to look at the alarm clock.

" Five minutes to six. " she thought, sitting up on the bed and massaging her body, enjoying the slippery sensation of the cold sweat over her hot skin.

" No way to go back to sleep. It’s better if I take a shower and I prepare myself for dinner. I want to try that new garment… " she tried to smile, her lips blocked by the adhesive tape over them.

With some difficulty she moved into the bathroom and she peeled away the hood, then the dress and the gag as a last thing, while the hot water was creating a warm steam filling the room with the perfume of the delicate bath gel. Angie enjoyed a ten minutes long hot shower, washing her hair and all her hairless body, paying attention to her glued stockings, playing a little with her secret flower that was howling for attention after all the stimulation of the flight, the dildo and the kiss of Robert, but she stopped before reaching her peak, panting heavily air and steam, her eyes closed, her hands trembling, her mind crying for the deny of the total joy.

" Not now. It’s not yet the moment… " she said to herself closing the water and grabbing a big towel.

When she returned to the room, she was naked and perfumed of fresh rose talc powder. Humming a little tune she opened her luggage and extracted what she intended to wear. Smiling she grabbed another pair of panties, similar to the ones she had on the flight for material and thickness, but with no plugs on the inner surface. They had two long hollow tubes, closed at the extremities, that were carefully inserted by the woman inside her lower cavities like two strange condoms.

" I know, my dear, that you would prefer something alive and pulsing, but for now please… " she said to her vagina. " Please be satisfied by the quicksilver filled plugs of the corset. I love them, and sometime I hope to find one day a person that will have the same dimension of them. But I think it will be a dream… So perfectly shaped for me, not too big, not too small…"

She sighed, grabbing the second item. It was a heavy, cumbersome, quite frightening corset with a strange appearance. It has a quite long neck, breast cups to enclose completely hers and short legs, enough to touch the knees. It seemed made of rigid black and shiny latex, but the weight and the consistency reminded Angelina that inside it was reinforced with stays in stainless steel, double boned, with the only exception for the breast zone and the buttock zone. She sighed unlacing the long black metallic wire that was crisscrossing the back of the item, and stepped inside the hollow legs, paying attention to push in the right places the two long and jiggling manhood copies that slid easily into their places, fulfilling her and letting her gasp, half for pleasure, half for surprise when the rear one bumped over the front one, separated only by her tender internal flesh.

" My… I hope to be able to bear this pleasure until the end of the day, or I will be so embarrassed to come during the evening. " she smiled, bending and pushing her arms inside the holes at the side of the corset, stretching her neck to let it rest inside the upper part of the garment. " Good. " she panted, her lungs already restricted by the unlaced device, her breasts filling the half sphere  that were moulding them and massaging them by hundreds of small and soft rubber protuberances that were covering the whole inner surface. " Now I have only to close it, but I think that not having a man that could help me, I have to use the facilities provided by the hotel."

Walking in a strange way, her hips fixed by the corset stays, she moved near the device she used to unlock her cuffs, and switched it on, turning the selector to the position tagged “Corset”, then pressing the button until on the display of the machine appeared the flashing green words “Painfully closed”. She turned to give at the equipment her back, and fixed the loose extremities of the metallic and thin wire on the hooks appositely created to do the job. Some seconds after the corset started to be tightened around her torso, down to up and then at the opposite, slowly but mercilessly, until she sensed that she was near to fainting from the compression all around her body. The machine emitted a metallic sound, indicating it had finished, and she moved unsteady from it, directed to the full mirror on the wall, grabbing along the way a small mirror she had moved from the bathroom to the bed." Mmmm, not so bad… " she gasped, looking at her back using the two mirrors.

The metal wire was tensioned at its maximum, the two edges of the corset completely closed, quite sealing her body inside. The neck corset was stretching hers, removing any possibility to move her head on the sides, and bending was impossible, quite as breathing, due to the five inches reduction at her waist, the compression enhancing the sensations on her crotch. She moved her fingers at the height of the bellybutton and pushed a quite invisible point, that clicked, rotating a quarter of round. Immediately her neck become a little less rigid, and also at the hips she could have some movement, also if limited by the always present stays.

" Now that I can move, I have to finish my dressing. This is only my underwear. " she smiled, and started to put over her head a long sleeved leotard made of flesh toned rubber, tight and thin, enough long to cover the neck corset and the upper part of the device, that disappeared, quite invisible, leaving only the legs uncovered, due to the fact that the crotch was layered by a perfect copy of a shaven pussy. Smoke grey vinyl pantyhose were put over her already sheathed legs, the waistband just under the button that was permitting to lock and unlock the mechanisms inside the corset, the lower limbs practically rigid due to the double layer of waterproof material over them. – Mmmm, wonderful. – she smiled, moving up and down the hands over her legs, enjoying the suffocating sensation, searching at the same time to remove the few air bubbles trapped inside.

The dress in itself was waiting on the bed, a black sleeveless figure and two long tubes. She massaged the black rubber, smooth and shiny, a layer of special compound to remove the need to polish the material each time she used the garment. She inserted her left leg on the trouser of the suit, then the other leg, moving slowly the rubber to seal for the third time her limbs. The zipper run from the crotch to the high neck, covering the neck corset and the leotard, cupping with its thickness and length part of the chin and the rear of the head. She combed her hairs in a chignon, then she proceed to cover her arms and hands with the long and tight opera gloves.

Someone knocked at the door. She looked at the watch, discovering it was five after the six.

" Robert?"

" Yes, my dear. Are you still naked, due to the fact you have still your speech?"

She moved to the door and opened it, smiling, seeing him in a wonderful smocking.

" Just the last thing. You arrived just in time to help me finish my dress. Do you like it?" she asked pirouetting.

He nodded. " I like it, and I like you…"

" Stupid… " she blushed. " Come inside and help me with the restraints."

" I don’t see cuffs or gags. Were I can find them?"

" Oh, just over the bed. Take the two long plastic bars, the circle in transparent rigid PVC and the black hood."

He smiled, understanding. " And for the arms? The bars?"

" Yes. The gloves have special pockets. Just put the bars inside them, and my elbows will be blocked straight."

He did as she said, caressing her limbs while doing the task, enjoying the moment to change in an helpless person a wonderful woman. He smiled showing the rigid gag, that he pushed inside her mouth until it popped in place, leaving her lips completely open, her tongue free to move as her saliva to fall on her chin.

" Heeehh huuu."

" Your welcome. And now the hood. But your legs seems too free for me. And you have no shoes."

" Hoohhee."

" Oh, you know my preferences for the shoes. Do you have any ballet shoes?"

She nodded and moved to the luggage, extracting a pair of long boots, black as the rest of the outfit.

" Wonderful. Can I? Oh, yes, I have to do it, your arms are a little useless…"

She sat on the bed, and Robert didn’t say anything about the fact she opened completely her legs like she was a dolly. With tenderness and some lust he put the supple boots over her legs, closing them with the zippers, that were padlocked with tiny silver locks he found on the beauty case she indicated with her hand.

" Whhh hhhee?"

" Why three? You will discover quickly. You have still a zipper, no?"

She looked at him quizzically, the she opened her eyes and nodded eager.

" Good girl. But before, the hood. I don’t like to see your dress smeared with your saliva. And more than this, I want to be the only one to see your lips…"

She blushed again, while she started to sense something in her crotch, a strange but pleasurable sensation. Their eyes meet, and he blushed also, smiling while he stretched the thick black rubber hood over her head, covering completely and rendering it a sort of mannequin-like face, with no eyes, mouth or ears, only some feature and no nostril holes.

" Can you breath?" he asked anxious, seeing the completely closed surface.

She nodded, turning.

" What?"

She moved her head up and down, flapping her arms trying to reach her neck, but with no luck.

" What? Ah, now I understand." he said, looking at the regular fog created over the rubber surface of the dress neck by her breath. " So your nostrils are tubed here… Wonderful. But it seems a trouble to breath…"

" Heeeshh. Haaat hhooo ooooddhh..." she mumbled under the rubber that was stealing all her senses apart her hearing, anyway impaired. She turned again.

He smiled, licked her cheek, savouring the particular taste of the polished rubber, then he clicked the last padlock in place, erasing her already null possibilities to remove the hood or the dress.

" Mmmmmhhh… " she crooned, putting her right arm near the bellybutton, arriving to touch with her stretched fingers the special device, activating it.

" What was that noise?" he asked, then he saw how her head was held rigid, and he saw her legs completely immobile if not under the knees. " Ah, a Dollycorset. Wonderful. You really are a surprise, my dear Angie. I loved the advertisement, how the girl was held rigid, her legs immobile, her breath removed… But seeing on a real woman, well…"

She smiled under the hood, nothing visible externally, and pushed her hands in front of her, finding his trousers, and his erection. He jumped apart.

" Angie… You are not acting as your name says… " he chuckled, grabbing her wrists and putting them on her back, while his lips pushed over the mask part under her closed and tubed nose. While kissing her, that tried to answer with all her forces, he extracted from his trousers pocket a pair of handcuffs, blocking them over her wrists. "Now you are safe. And my crotch also, little naughty baby…"

" Mmmmghttt…"

" I know you like. And I would like to continue this wonderful play, but my stomach is saying I need food."

" Mmmghh, mmmmghh."

" You too, yes? Good. Do you like Japanese traditional food?"

She tried to nod, and with some effort she arrived to do it.

" Good. I already called a taxi. Can we go? Clench your fists, it’s better than nod."

She did so, and they moved from her room to the hall, Robert guiding Angie, moving his hands up and down the corseted body, her stride impaired, her feet held in an en pointe position by the long boots, her arms rigid and useless as her sight. He touched the button at her waist when she had to enter in the taxi, giving her the possibility to move her hips and sit. When she was comfy, he blocked them again and seated near her.

" Mmmghtt?"

" Oh, not so long, but maybe I can find a way to let the trip more interesting and less boring… " he said, putting the left hand around her neck, blocking her possibility to move the head, while with the right hand he closed the two holes she was using to breathe.

Angelina started to fight against him, tried to breathe, but the union of the tight corset, the lack of oxygen and the sensations arriving from her filled plugs were too much to bear, and with a muffled howl she had an orgasm while passing out.

" Thank you… " were her last thoughts.



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