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Perfect World: Business Trip Chapter 4 - Tokyo

by Querthe

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© Copyright 2008 - Querthe - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Other /f+; latex; bond; toys; public; cons; X

Chapter 4 - Tokyo

The plane landing awoke the blonde, still restrained and masked as eleven hours before. She dozed off in a sort of daydreaming state, a condition she was used to have when taking a flight. A creaking sound indicated that Robert or someone other plugged her headphones.

“Hi, Angie? Do you sleep well?” Robert joked.

“Mmmghttt…” she mumbled trying to nod, but the long immobility had affected her neck muscles, rendering them numb. She thought that also the rest of her body and her arms in particular would have their difficulty to regain sensibility.

“Good, good. The captain already said that in ten minutes or something similar we will be ready to leave the plane. Do you need some help to free yourself from the seatbelts?”


“I think this is a yes. I will do you then I will move to your friend Molly…”


“Yes, we chatted while you were sleeping peacefully. She is a really interesting girl with so many interesting hobbies… a girl to marry.”

“Mgthttt? Nnnghtt, mmmmm.”

“Oh, jealous? Anyway it’s a little bit younger than I like. I prefer the older ones, like you.”


Robert laughed, then he started to peel off the mask from her face, removing gently the contact lenses. Angelina bated her eyes a couple of times trying to accustom them to the lights, quite shocked when her friend removed the plugs from her ears, the noise of the engines and the chat of the passengers roaring in her mind for some seconds.

“Give me a second to find your gag before removing the ball. You know, you could try the new ML gag from my company. I think you will be wonderful with a smooth surface where now there are your lips…”

“Mmgmhtt…” she tried to struggle to her bounds, but she found it useless, and could only see him find her ring gag and put it in his trouser pocket.

“Wait, wait…” he giggled starting to free her from the various straps, then helping her to stand, her limbs weak and trembling so much he had to help her to remain balanced.

“Mmgmghtt?” she mumbled when she finally regained enough strength to sustain herself.

“Immediately.” he answered, removing the soft and wet sponge from her mouth.

She worked her jaws and her tongue over her quite dry lips, then she smiled. “Thank you. I really appreciated what you did for me. It has been years since I was able to enjoy a flight like today. Normally a steward is helping me, but it’s not the same that having a man all for me…”

“Well, half of a man. He helped me a lot also. He is really a perfect gentleman.” Said Molly, walking near them, her face still entrapped in the fogged from perspiration complete hood.

“Beware of him. It’s a wolf under his sheep skin.” Angie laughed slightly. “So we arrived at our destination, and I think we will separate really soon, no?”

“Yes, I think so. My friend is at the airport to bring me to her home, while I think you are going to some deluxe hotel, isn’t it.”

We nodded.

“At the Geisha Hotel…” they said at the unison, then they looked each other in disbelief, laughing.

“Anyway, Robert, can you take from my bag one of my cards. So if you have some spare time to see the World Cosplay Contest, phone me, I will be eager to be your host, ok.”

“Thank you.” Smiled Angelina, seeing that the card his friend took was going right inside her bag.

After Robert found and retired his luggage, the two moved to the exit, having no problem at the customs area.

“So we are going at the same hotel. This is really a strange coincidence, no?”

“Yes, and I have to say that if the flight was only the start of it, how good will be my trip in Tokyo with you, well, I want to see the remaining of my stay.” Smiled the blonde.

“You know, you talk too much for my tastes. Can you please stop chatting?”

“If not?” she laughed, remembering the little joke he did when they were at the university. “What do you want to do to me, rude man?”

“I will gag you!” he answered, extracting her ring gag and showing it to her, that closed her lips shut, a big smile on them.

“Open, little baby.”

She shook her head as much as she could, but when he pinched gently her nose she struggled a little and opened her mouth, that was immediately filled with the short tube, the gag closed extremely tight over her lower face.

“Hhhhnnghh uuu.”

“Oh, but it’s not finished. While you are sleeping I did some shopping for you.”

“Hooobehht!” she mumbled seeing the long, transparent moulded object in his hands.

“Just a little help to avoid spoiling your dress. You know, I think your beautiful PVC suit can't be ruined by your more than beautiful saliva. The vision of you is already too much exciting for me, and so it's better be in an intimate place for this kind of things." he said inserting and twisting the accessory, locking it in place, the closed pipe reaching the edge of her throat obliging her to fight against some gag reflex. She tested her possibilities to breathe, discovering the nose was the only way to stay alive.

“Hhhhaakk uuu. Hhhhk uuuuhhhuuuhh!”

“No, you are beautiful. Now I think it’s time to move to the hotel. You slept, but I need some rest, also if it’s strange, due to the fact here is more or less noon… Ok, I have my and your baggage, I think we can go.”

Angie shook her head.


“Hhhe mmeee!”

“Why? Ah, well, as you want.” he mumbled, uncuffing her hands.

She moved her limbs for some seconds, the sensation felt like she had two wooden arms, then she ran her mittened hands all over his cheeks and hairs, pushing a little his face against hers, until he understood and followed her movements, permitting to kiss him directly over his lips. He returned it, moving his tongue inside her hollow and blocked open mouth, tasting the sweet flavour of the plug mixed with her perfume, touching it and caressing her tongue, flattened under the smooth surface of his gift.

“Wow. I need to do more gifst to you…” he sighed, adjusting her tie and kissing again her neck, warm and perfumed while cuffing again her arms at wrists and elbows.

They walked outside, under a quite strong sun. The day was a little windy, and the chaos outside the soundproof building of the airport was quite unbearable, made of horns, motors and voices, with planes engines as a background music. Robert indicated a taxi, and he started to move to it, followed by her friend, that could do nothing more than shuffle slowly, her legs restrained by the dress that was sticking to her for the long wearing period. A local driver, dressed in a sort of uniform, greeted them with deep bows, then he took their bags and helped them to enter the car.

"Geisha Inn, doomo arigato."

"Hai, mister."

The trip went on without problems. When the car arrived in the city limits of Tokyo the velocity slowed due to the quite heavy traffic. Angelina smiled, seeing the happy face of Robert when the driver stopped to talk his strange English to use all his attention for the road.

“Mmmghtt, hhhhghhhh…”

“Shhh, silly one.” He whispered. “Yes, I’m relieved. I was finishing the arguments…”

She gurgled, the best of a laugh she could do, then she started to see again outside the car window, looking at the crowd around her.

"Hooothh mmmmooccchh ppplleeehhhh!" she said, pointing with her nose the people going up and down the city.

"Yes. Tokyo is a human hive. Look the differences between our female fashion and theirs." Robert said smiling, pointing his finger in the direction of a couple of girls that could were no more than twenty two, twenty three years old.

The woman took a look, and gasped in her gag. Both girls were dressed with apparently identical suits made of glossy rubber, one in blue and the other one in red. The garments were awfully tight and seemed directly painted over their skin, showing every single muscle and every single detail of their pretty figure. And the blonde and the black haired were walking in short steps, no more than five or six inches each time they shift a foot ahead another, due to the combination of ballet boots and ankle chains, but then the differences started. The blonde, dressed in blue, had rigid boots glued inside the catsuit, reaching her mid thighs, rendering her legs completely useless shaped columns, and her gloves were mittens with only the thumb divided from the other fingers. She was masked with a mothless and eyeless rubber mask that disappeared under the high collar of the suit. Angelina understood that the hair were only a wig that was part of the fitting mask.

“Heee hhhhsss hhhinnndhh?”

“Yes, she is blind and mute. That mask is quite thick, judging how it doesn’t follow her features but mould them. I can only guess that the plastic over the nostrils zone is the air permeable type, or she is really good to hold her breath. But the other one is really amazing. I never saw a bag as that…”

The black haired one was wearing over her free face, adorned only with a ballgag in red blocked under her hairs with a transparent rubber strap, a crystal clear, also if slightly fogged, plastic bag. A posture collar was trapping her neck and the edge of the bag, so it was airtight to her head, collapsing and ballooning every some couple of seconds. Also if her hands were free, covered only with gloves, the short chain of her handcuffs, linked to the ankle cuffs by a chain on the front fixing her wrists to the bellybutton height, she was quite more helpless than her friend, and the effect of the bag was quite frightening.

"Mmmmnnnggghhh!" Angie shouted, fearing for the life of the girl, that were walking in small steps, enjoying her situation and guiding her companion along the city.

"No fear, miss." The driver answered at her frightened whining. "The bag is made by the newest plastic our Fashion Makers developed. Also my daughter has one of them, and she wears it practically always if not for the meals and the shower. It is a compound air permeable but only if the percentage of oxygen inside the bag is lower of ten percent, so the wearer can breath but always stale air. It gives at the girl or at the woman a drunk-like sensation. Youngs like this kind of paraphernalia, they can wear them outside and inside the school."

“They go to school that way?”

“Yes sir. They can wear things as gags, bags, masks and so on, also chains or armless or legless corsets, as long as they don’t interfere with the uniform. We are really fixed with uniforms for our students."

"Like those?" asked Robert.

"Hai, mister. Those ones are from the Female school of Tsukiku, a private one. I’m sure you know that there are school as this one that follows the girls from the elementary to the end of the university, and the classes are made by girls of different years of birth, organised following their progresses in the program and not their age, so it's easy to see classes where the only sound is the voice of the teacher and some girl still not Newborn."

“Ahhhhnn hhhe Hhhooohhhoonnn?”

“There are so few in Japan that are virtually disappeared. There is no clue of Oldborns in the last twenty years. I think there is some village on the mountains or in some isolate point were the Oldborn decided to live, more or less as Hamish in America.”

“Exactly sir. Ah, you are lucky. You can see a class of girls, women and a female teacher. She can’t speak, obviously, so she is equipped with the synthesiser.”

“Look Angie, some of them is wearing a mask also. Wow, they are really beautiful…”

She turned her face for see the group of uniformed women. All them, if not the teacher, were dressed in the classical Japanese school uniform, except for the material, due to the fact that the younger ones were wearing them made in cotton or nylon or so on while the older ones were wearing the same fashion but in plastic or shiny rubber. Quite half of the girls, about fifteen were masked with a white smiling face with red rounds over the cheeks and blue or green manga style eyes. Some of the masked girls was also bagged or chained, and the ones not masked were gagged with ring gags or tape or other gags in various fashions. Also the teacher was wearing her uniform, a dark blue kimono dress made in thick rubber, close at the waist and at the knees by rubber strips, tied as big bows, giving her an hourglass figure and forcing her to walk in tiny steps, going as fast as her students.

The younger ones, looking the older ones with eyes full of envy, have to stop each ten, fifteen steps, waiting the teacher and their schoolfellows. The woman's face was hidden under a lot of shiny tape, the same dark blue of her dress, leaving only nose and eyes free, covering also the hair styling them in a sort of fetish braid or ponytail. Her arms were tied on her back, the left hand touching the right elbow and vice versa, held in place by thin rubber bands buckled at wrists and elbows.

"The teachers of that school are very well paid, but they have to stay in that attire as much as they can, because the whole cost of tape and so on is takes away to their salary, also the dresses are school property. One of the teachers of my daughter stays in her dress made of transparent vinyl and rigid plexiglas for a whole week before removing it for sanitary purposes, cutting only the tape over her lips once a day for drink and to eat. I think also that teacher will do the same."

"Nice person. And nice position..." said Robert, looking how the breasts lean forward the woman body.

"Mmmnnnnghhhgg!" she mumbled, trying to show envy.

"Don't be preoccupied, Angie. My eyes are only for you." he smiled. "Oh, by the way, how the girls can see with that mask? It seems with no visible holes for eyes or nose…”

“It’s a one way plastic. They can see, but you can’t see them. The material is not perfect, so they effectively don’t see really well, and also their breath and their hearing is impaired, but it can be managed quite well after a while you have the mask glued to your face.”

“I see. Where I can buy a bag and a mask like those?"

"In a normal store for clothes. I think now you can find them also in some superstore…"

After ten minutes the taxi stopped, the door opening to let the two exit the car. Angie insisted, and with her big eyes and some slurping and erotic sound she arrived to pay the taxi instead of let Robert do the gentleman. They moved on the hall, where immediately a girl arrived near them to meet them.

"Welcome to Geisha Inn, dear customer. Please, follow me."

Smiled Robert, reading the inscription in gold on the stainless steel tag over the left breast of the maid. “Ok, as you want.”

She bowed slightly and started to shuffle slowly inside the hotel, the luggage of Angie and Robert grabbed and transported by a boy in a old fashioned uniform. The girl legs were trapped inside an ultra shiny, ultra tight skirt in plastic, perfectly transparent as her armbinder, blocked in position by straps that ran across her shoulders and under her crotch, through a slot of her skirt. Under the first layer of plastic, she was wearing a combination made by a sleeveless shirt and pantyhose realised in golden vinyl. The neck of the shirt was so high to arrive at the chin, and she was gagged by a large, golden strip of tape running from ear to ear and covering also her little nose. Angelina looked at her for some second, until she discovered she was breathing slowly, with the air arriving to her lung in short, puffs. Her hairs, black and long, were styled in a braid and covered by something that looks as a layer of transparent and rigid shellac. The material was covering also her forehead and her eyes, blocking them open and shiny as a japanese cartoon character, the tears from the long period she was dressed in her uniform trapped between her eyes and the shellac covering, giving them a more fairy aspect.

"Welcome to our hotel, Mr and Mrs...?" asked the clerk, breaking the thoughts flow of Angelina.

"I'm Mister Hollier, and she is Miss Aguin."

The man searched some second, then smiled.

"Yes. Rooms three-two-two and three-three-six. The maid will show you all you need. Please enjoy your stay here."


“Hhhhanng huuu!”

The two followed the maid and the boy with their luggage until they arrived at the third floor, discovering that the chambers assigned to them were quite one in front of the other. Robert smiled. He opened his door, and the boy put his bag inside. Then he moved to Angelina room door and opened it also, permitting to the boy to system the luggage before exiting, consigning the key to the man.

"Can we help you in some other way?" the boy asked in a quite perfect English.

"No, thank you." Answered the man, starting to extract some money from his pocket, but he was surprised to see the two persons leaving without a word.

“Well, it seems we can only do a thing, no?” he said, yawning.

"Yeeesh. Shheee uuuuhhhh laaaathhheeehhh!" she gurgled, kissing his cheek and rubbing her gag all over it.

"Ok.” He murmured, showing a false sadness. “See you later. At dinner?"

She nodded eagerly.

"Seven P.M.?"

She nodded again and entered in the room using the key Robert put on her mittened hands. She closed the door on her back, sighing for the mixed sensation of tiredness and excitation she had due to the special panties and the flight. She wanted to sleep, but also to bring herself over the limit. She saw the standard device to free arms and feet from ropes, tapes or cuffs and she used it to open the handcuffs. She then unbuckled the gag, stretching her jaw, finally free after quite twelve hours of rigid pleasure and pain. Slowly, quite thinking she was seen by a secret lover, she peeled away her opera gloves mittens, freeing her sweating hands and arms.

"Now, set the alarm-clock for 6 P.M. What time is it? Half past one, good, I have the time for a nap, also if I should stay awake to absorb the jet-lag. But I’m really too tired." She said, moving her mouth, that for the long period leaved open was still not completely under her control, and long trail of warm saliva were running down her breasts escaping from her mouth corners. “Oh my, I’m really in a mess…” she giggled, cleaning her mouth with a paper tissue and searching in her beauty-case for something to stop her mouth drooling.

She smiled finding her preferred black vinyl two inches wide roll of tape. Quickly she tore a long strip and placed it over her closed mouth, adding another two diagonally to complete the gag. Satisfied, she undressed herself and sealed her body inside her travel nightgown, a simple dress with long sleeves and gloves attached that was covering her down to the ankle, leaving them free to move. She moved the hood over her head, aligning the five or six holes over the nose and mouth area to be sure to breath also if with a lot of difficulties. Mumbling on her gag, the hood ballooning and sucked to her face every second, she jumped on the king size bed and in a couple of minutes she was sleeping as a baby.



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