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Perfect World: Business Trip Chapter 3 – The flight

by Querthe

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© Copyright 2008 - Querthe - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; toys; public; cons; X

Chapter 3 – The flight

The two friends chatted for a while, until they heard the call for boarding. Angie stood up, immediately followed by him. She moved her mittened right hand over her still wet gag that was resting on the table.

"Can I?" he said, indicating also the cuffs on a near chair.

“Yes. You will be really helpful, and I will be really helpless, no?”

“Yes. I like you that way. Do you still remember the university?”

“And how I can forghhh! Ghhhoootthh, shooo tiiighhh. Ithh’ssh hhooondehhhuuuhllll!” she gurgled enjoying the sensation of tightness that the gag gave her. She was not able to close it so adhering to her face, but the strong hands of her friend arrived to close the ring at least two notches more she was used.

“It’s not too tight, no?”


“Good, because I see there is still place for another notch…” he smiled, encircling her face with both hands and pushing on her side, until a faint clicking sound indicated the gag was tightened more than it was. Angie mouth started to drool uncontrolled.



“Nuuuu!” she tried to smile, her lower face distorted in a beautiful way, her eyes watering for the subtle pain arriving from her stretched jaws and the crushed cheeks.

“Now the cuffs…”

She nodded and turned to show him her arms, already vertical along her spine and pushed as much as she can one against the other.

“My way or as you was tied before?”

She thought for a moment, bending her head a little.

“Hooohh hhhay!” she answered.

“Ok.” He said, closing the cuffs over her elbows and on her wrists, waiting the device to close them as set by Angelina. When the system clicked, he override it snapping the cuffs tighter and reducing the length of the chains linking them, practically gluing her arms from hands to elbows together.

“Mmmmm…” she crooned. She knew that that way she would never arrive to remove the cuff with only the opening device, due to the fact the lock was at the moment covered by the chains themselves.

“Come on, Angie, we have a plane to take…” he smiled, grabbing her luggage and his overnighter.

The blonde discovered that the additional distress from her gag and the upright position necessary to bear such a rigid confinement of her arms were bringing to her brain also the strange sensation that her two dildoes created on her crotch. Each step she took was moving the intruders slightly in and out her cavities, arousing her at the point to bring some healthy red on her cheeks.

“I hope only not to have an orgasm right on the plane floor as happened one of the first times I used these dildoes, some year ago… Wonderful experience, but so ” she thought, enjoying the massage the one on the front was doing to her shaven pussy.

The plane was big and really comfy, and Angie noted that there was no a big difference between the business class and the economy class seats.
“Maybe a little more spacious…” she pondered.

Robert indicated their seats, but she moved along the aisle after nodding to him seeing the girl she met at the check-in.


“Oh, hi. You are really lucky, you know.” she said with her monotone voice. “You found a wonderful man near your seat…”

“Ishhh my fhhienndhh.”

“More lucky than I thought.”

“I beg your pardon…” said an hostess, stopping near the blonde that was blocking the aisle.

“Oh, shohhhy.” She said, squeezing her body between two seats to give the necessary space to the woman.

“I wanted to do the hostess, when I was young, and I did also a sort of  training, but at the end I preferred to leave…”


“Yes. Really hard. Look at them.” The four hostess that were moving on the plane were dressed in the same way, except one that was not a Newborn. She was covered with a blue cotton uniform with long sleeves, little trim of red at the wrists, the neck and the edge of the jacket, the knee length skirt showing her dark pantyhose and her two inches heels. Her co-workers were encased in a tight, long rubber blue hobble skirt stopping just under the ankles, so thick Angie estimated at minimum five millimetres. Due to the thickness and the length, they could only walk with mincing steps, no more than four or five inches each, balancing over six inches patent leather boots that disappeared under the gown and that probably, due to the rigidity of their legs, were reaching their tights erasing any possibility to bend the knees. Their upper body was covered with a long sleeved blouse with gloves attached, completed with an high neck that was hiding the edge of the open face hood, crushing their hairs to their scalp. “You saw the gloves. They are covering a rigid plastic mould of their fingers, blocking them in a prefixed position useful to hold in the right hand a glass and in the left one a little tray.”

“Nehhhehh notheetthh…”

“Yes, I know, they are trained to act as if they were free, not to put an eventual Oldborn in an embarrassing situation. You know, the fact to be free, not to be gagged, the lack of shiny clothes and so on.”


“Angie, I’m sorry to disturb you and your friend, but the plane is ready to take off, and we need to secure you before it.”

“Your friend is right. We can chat after, if you want.”

“Oh, yeessh.”



“Can I ask you a favour. Or better, a favour to your friend.”

“I will do all in my power for you, my dear. My name is Robert.” He smiled, doing a little bow.

“I would like to enjoy the flight as much as I can, but after the steward will fix me, I will not be able to move my fist or do anything, and so I will not be able to wear my hood.” She pointed with her eyes a little bag near her. “Could you please…”

“Yes, of course. I will remove also your translator and I will be the one to secure you, if you will permit me.”

“Thank you. See you after…”

“Sheee uuu…” smiled Angelina sensing long sticky trail of saliva running down her neck and dress.

The man removed the little device that was permitting her to talk, then he opened the little bag and extracted a perfectly clear small hood in the same material of the suit the girl was wearing. He examined it for some second, then stretched the neck opening and slid it over her head, snapping the tight edge against the high neck of the suit, creating an airtight seal. The tightness of the complete hood was obliging the girl to close quite completely her eyes, and the small, tiny holes near her nostrils were barely enough to bring her the requested air to survive.

“Mmmmghtth muuu…” she mumbled, the bag blowing a little before collapsing over her features, smoothing them but at the same time highlighting them as she was a plastic mannequin.

Quickly Robert tightened the several seatbelts distributed on the seat, encircling her ankles, her now united legs under and above her knees. He gently grabbed her right wrist, blocking it by another strap at the armchair. The left wrist was strapped after some second, then he fixed cruelly tight the last two straps, pushing her neck and her forehead close to the seat, immobilizing her until the end of the eleven hours flight or until the steward or someone would decide to release her.

“Mmmmm…” she crooned.

“Now it’s your turn, my dear. Do you have some special request?”

“Heee mee…”

“Sorry?” he asked again, while fixing the woman to the seat near the window.

He had not freed her arms, at the moment crushed between her back and the seat, but he removed her gag, in his left hand his handkerchief ready to clean and dry her face when the hard ring leaved her mouth with a slurping sound.

“Thanks. You little bastard!” I joked. “I say you to free me, not to leave me bound this way. You know what will happen to me…”

“No. What?” he smiled

“You know!” she replied, red as a tomato thinking at the moment the movements of the plane, her dress, and over all her plugs united to her bondage will would bring her an orgasm just in the middle of the flight.

“I’m waiting for it. I want really see it. I’m sorry you won’t be able to see the moment…”

“Robert… Robert, what have you done?!” she asked.

The plane internal loudspeaker croaked something barely understandable. Angelina saw that the hostess moved to special designed seat to accommodate their rigid legs, strapping their body to that sort of vertical rubber bed until only their hands and arms were free. The Oldborn simply seated on a crew seat and closed the seatbelt diagonally over her chest.

“Robert, I said what did you do?”

“Nothing, nothing… You noted that this company still accept Oldborns also if they have strict dress rules as the steel boned tights boots and the Smiling gag…”

“Smiling gag?”

“Yes. Look at the hostess, there…” he indicated one of the three girls trapped by the seatbelts. Her hands searched in a small pocket on the special seat and she grabbed with her rigid plastic fingers a sort of half mask made of transparent plastic with an automatic lock. With some difficulty she encircled her lower face with that from the base of the neck to the eyes, covering also her nose. When the gag was fixed, internal little transparent wires started to move, tightening the gag over the whole face and distorting her lips until she was gagged with her lips slightly opened in a smile. “That is a Smiling gag. There are small hooks that grab your lips and pull them in the correct position, while an inner layer of plastic is filled with pressurised air to cling to your skin and erase any type of movement or sound.

“Wow. How do you know so much about this gag? It seems you…”

He nodded.

“I’m the one that sold them to this company…”

“I understand…” she said. “But so you are a possible competitor…”

“Could be, could be…” he answered. “Ah, your relax pack is arrived.” He said while a steward moved quick to their seats consigning a black plastic vacuum packed bag.

“You didn’t do this. Why you asked for it?”

“You don’t like it?”

“No, at the opposite, I love it, but…”

"Oh, take it easy. You will pay back me in Tokyo, maybe in a restaurant..."

She nodded slowly after some second, the best nod she could do with her head blocked and her neck quite strangled by the seatbelts.

“Good. Now open wide, and say goodbye to the plane for the flight duration…”

Angelina opened as much as possible her mouth, that was filled with a fresh mint flavoured rubber foam ball, slightly contoured to follow at the best the internal form of the mouth. The dimension was a little bit bigger than she was used, causing her a delicious pain in her jaws, little butterflies starting to wander on her stomach. A small and short pipe was protruding from the ball and from her lips, closed over the soft intruder, an inch or something just in the centre of it, giving the possibility to Angie to breathe also with her mouth but with some difficulty.

“Breathe with the mouth…” Robert said to her, pushing transparent plastic plugs on her nostrils.

Some second after two compressed transparent rubber foam earphones with annexed earplugs entered in her ears, expanding and reducing to nothing her hearing.

“Mmmghtt, nnnhhh…” she mumbled, only the vibrations from her chest an evidence for her she was creating noise. He showed her large polarised contact lenses. She smiled with her closed lips while he applied them over her whole eyeballs, blinding her completely also if externally it was clearly visible her eyes. “Mmmmmghttt…” she crooned, bating her eyes a couple of time. She was starting to get lost in her inner world, and she sensed as if she was in a dream the thin but unstretchable layer of adhesive vinyl Robert put over her face from under the chin to her forehead, leaving only her hair uncovered, her ears totally sealed under the moulded surface. There were no holes at all if not for the pipe, to permit at the wearer to survive. She enjoyed the clinging sensation, and she discovered the mask had blocked opened her eyes, her eyelids not covering the lenses, that at the moment were held rigidly stopping also her eyes movement just in front of her, as she was a life-like mannequin. “Mghttt. Nnnghtt…”

Robert plugged the earphones jack to the specific plug.

“My dear, be quiet, or I will be obliged to use some strong measure for silence you. Do you remember Economy?”

“Mmmghtt, nnnghtt…” she tried to answer, remembering perfectly what he did to calm her after she discovered to have obtained the best vote on the exam.

"Have a good flight." whispered Robert, then he moved his face and push his warm lips over her open and at the same time double sealed eyes. He moved his lips to hers sucking her sealed mouth, blocking her air intake as long as he knew she could bear without having an orgasm.

“I remembered well. If you changed you limits, I think you could have been in trouble, no?” he smiled, before unplugging the earphones, leaving her silent, immobile and with only the touch as senses.

"Mmmnngghhhh!" she answered, enjoying the sensation of helpless, the lack of movement and the strange feeling she had each time she took the airplane. “The feeling to have always, but Robert was not to know this, the deluxe package applied by the steward, the joy of not having the possibility to speak or move myself for all the flight is terrific, and I enjoy every second of it. But if this is done by a friend, well, it’s all another music…” she smiled, the plastic creaking slightly following her movements.



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