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Perfect World: Business Trip Chapter 1 - The Dressing Up

by Querthe

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© Copyright 2008 - Querthe - Used by permission

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Chapter 1 - The Dressing Up

Angie woke-up slowly, knowing that also if the alarm clock that was ringing was set to eight o’clock on the morning, she had still a lot of time to wash and dress herself, take a cab and arrive at the airport to take the plane for Tokyo.

“Mmmmm, I have still quite three hours. The flight is at eleven thirty. I hope not to find too much traffic on the road…” she thought, throwing off the light green rubber bedclothes, that felt on the floor with a slightly rustling sound.

She sat up and stretched her slender body, her eyes still closed as savouring the last moments of sleep. She smiled, a closed lips smile due to the sticky silver duct tape piece that was adhering to her mouth, shutting it completely. She opened her big, blue eyes and focussed them on the alarm clock, then to the cabin luggage and the beauty case she prepared last evening.

“I will be there for a week, if everything will go as I want, but I prefer to travel light. I could always buy something there. I know that they have wonderful tailors and some quality of rubber that is hard to find here…” she grabbed with her fingers the edge of the tape and she peeled it away, letting the air touch her lips after a whole night. “I could afford some nice dress. I’m an important sale manager now, and if I will return with a certain contract signed, well, I will be more important…” she giggled, moving to the bathroom dressed only in her nightgown and in her transparent latex bathing cap.

“I bought it at the small shop near the office, but I have to say that the quality is really high…” she said to herself looking in the full mirror posed on the wall, freeing her wet hairs from the rubber, unsnapping the neck buckle that was holding it glued to her head.

In front of her there was a thirty-five year old woman, with long wavy dark blonde hair free to move on her shoulders and on her back, touching her shoulder blades. Her whole torso was sheathed in a crystal clear vinyl garment that left only her arms and her neck free from its’ suffocating embrace. The thick material clung to her skin, showing small drops of sweat produced by her heat and entrapped by the waterproof material now a little fogged. The nightgown continued down to her ankles, following her curves, moulding them to perfection and restraining her gait to something more than nothing, transforming her legs movements in a sensual shuffle. She smiled again, running her hands over the warm surface, then she sighed and moved to the bathroom, where with some difficulty she grabbed the long zip running on the back and undressed herself, discarding the garment and the bathing cap on the washing machine, quick followed by her panties and her bra, realised in the same crystal clear material of the nightgown.

When she exited the bathroom, she had already dried her hair and combed them in a ponytail fixed with a small red rubber band. As used to do since she was in her legal age, she used the time for the shower also for shave herself where necessary, appearing completely hairless if not for her head. She liked the smooth appearance of her candid skin, and she knew that also her colleagues liked her legs when she showed them encased in her transparent vinyl pantyhose. They were perfect with the black shiny rubber business dress with the frilly white latex shirt and the knee-length plain skirt.

“I thought I could travel with it on, but I decided for something less conservative. It’s an special occasion, I need a special dress, and the red one is the right one…” she said to her face while she applied some light make-up and some lipstick on her.

She sat up and opened the wardrobe, looking distractedly her black rubber jogging suit, her various vinyl, PVC and rubber garments she had for every possible event. For a second she stopped and smiled seeing the pink rubber dress she wore at her cousin' wedding, completed with a tape gag in the same light colour and armpit long mittened gloves.

“Nicole was wonderful that day. I never remembered a wedding more beautiful and full of happiness. Ah, how she was smiling when Thomas pushed the Wedding Seal over her lips and arranged her long plastic veil over her body…” she smiled sadly for a second, grabbing the heavy PVC dress hanging on the clothes-hook and posing it on a chair with the co-ordinated accessories. “Maybe one day I will be lucky as her… But for now, let’s enjoy my dress. It will not be an easy task to put myself in, but I’m a brave person. First, the underwear. I can’t go around only with the dress.”

She opened one of the drawers and extracted a soft pair of shiny panties made in thin and quite transparent rubber, completed with two long and custom made dildoes she bought in a specialised shop that took a mould of her, inside and outside to create a perfectly fitting underwear. She had seven of these, one for every day, but she used them only in the special occasions, wearing the normal ones everyone could find in a supermarket when at work or at home. She smeared some KY jelly inside the garment and inserted the plugs on her, giggling while moving her hips to settle better the underwear. A bra in the same material followed the panties, then she tore open a brand new pair of stockings made in thin grey latex and read carefully the instructions.

“Mmmm, it seems they improved the glue, so the stockings will adhere for at least three days without problems. It will be strange to take baths and showers with the stockings on, but it will be anyway better that to take them with pantyhose. I’m not still used to stay far from the bathroom for more than one day…” she smiled, sliding the first stocking on her left leg, aligning the false line on the back of her limb. The next minute also the second stocking was sheathing her leg, snapping with a fresh sound over her flesh. “In a couple of minutes the heat and the subtle layer of sweat I will produce will activate the special glue, and my legs will disappear…” she run her hands over the rubber, to check there were no wrinkles, then she grabbed the heavy dress.

It was a dark red high necked sleeveless PVC dress, closed on the back with a subtle zipper running from the knees to the neck. She wriggled slowly her body inside the tight fitting garment, remembering with pleasure she bought it a size smaller just to be sure to have it glued to her. Finally, after several minutes of struggling, puffing and sucking of the waist she arrived to sheath her inside the garment. She closed the tight corset embedded in it with the self locking laces, arriving to zip the dress up to the neck, a faint click to signal her the lock was closed and she was trapped inside the dress, that with its long hobbling skirt was erasing her mobility to ten inches stride and with its rigid neck removed quite totally her possibility to see around if not turning the whole body. She watched herself in a mirror for a second, locked the five inches high heeled pumps, then she took the final two accessories that went with the dress and put them inside her purse with the ticket and the home keys.

“Now only the gloves are missing and I’m ready to go…” she said to herself, moving the armpit opera thumbless mittened gloves made in the same material and colour of the dress along her arms. Small plastic cuffs embedded were closed at the wrists and at the top of the gloves trapping her upper limbs inside the waterproof material, that was already let her sweat quite heavily.

She waited only ten minutes, the time necessary to double check the house and the documents and baggage, before the taxi driver rang the belldoor.
“Yes?” she asked, opening the heavy door.

“Taxi for the airport. Are you Miss Angelina Navarre?” said the driver, a bald man in his fifty with an old yellow T-shirt, dirty jeans and a baseball cap with an ads of a well know fast-food.

“Yes. I'll grab my baggage and we can go.”

“May I can help you?” he asked, observing the light dancing on her sculpted by the plastic dress. Also if he was used to see dresses as that, he was always attracted by them as a bear with the honey.

“Thank you.” She answered, indicating with her mittened fingers the cabin luggage and the beauty case. “I need to switch on the alarm and with my gloves is not the easiest task.”

“I imagine…” he said starting to move to the elevator. “I will wait for you in the car…”

”Thanks.” She smiled, starting to push the code on the alarm panel, then closing the door on her back and shuffling slowly along the corridor.

“Can I see the flight ticket? I need to know the terminal…”

“Terminal two, intercontinental flights…”

“Thank you.” Exclaimed the man, starting to drive into the traffic.

The time passed slowly, as slowly was advancing the vehicle. Angie decided to wear the last accessories, knowing that at the check-in there was necessary only the ticket and there were trained hostess able to take care of women alone. She extracted from her purse a special hard steel ring-gag lined with black rubber with two long transparent straps and a pair of specially designed handcuffs, made in the same stainless steel of the gag but lined in red plastic to match the dress. She inserted the big gag in her open lips, designed to cover also the inside of her mouth for a couple of inches, stretching her jaws to her limits and beyond. When finally she popped the ring on her teeth, with some difficulties she united the two straps until she heard a little clicking sound that indicated the locking system was activated. A small whirring noise started and the straps tightened slowly crushing the gag to her lower face.

“Mmmmghttt…” she mumbled when the device stopped, leaving her mouth perfectly opened and posed in a sensual kiss inviting way, due to the mould made in red shiny rubber covering the real lips.

“Ah, considering your attire, I guess this will not be a holiday trip…”

“Mmmmghtt, nnnnuuu.” Angie mumbled, occupied to search the right way to close the cuffs on her. She snapped one of them to her left wrist and over the elbow, watching how the silver little chain connecting the two pair of cuffs was shining under the light of the sunny day.

“Good, I was sure they would be perfect with this dress. They will not be comfortable, but surely they are stylish…”

She moved the two arms on her back, and with a quick movement of them, denoting long experience, she closed also the other metal device on her right wrist and elbow, aligning the arms on her back along the spine. The metal cuffs clicked in safety mode, avoiding to close too much over her blocking the circulation.

“It seems you are used to travel alone and in formal attire, miss…” said the driver while the car was stopped at a crosslight.

“Mmmgmhtt…” she tried to smile.



“You will travel for work?”

“Yeshh…” she nodded. She sensed something warm starting to run from her mouth to the external lips, and she tried to swallow her saliva, but she began to drool, the trail running slowly going down over her rubberized neck. “Thanks to my fixation of tight dress the neck too is glued to my neck to let the liquid move between the latex and my skin…” she thought.

"Where do you go? America?"

“Gnuuu…” she gurgled, trying to let him see the ticket, where there was printed the final destination. He was looking at the red light, waiting it would turn to green, and she had no possibility to attire his attention.

“No? So Africa… No, you are not gong there, you are overdressed. Then Asia.”


“Ah, a wonderful place, or so I heard. Where? China?” he continued to ask, starting again to drive inside the traffic.


“Japan. Sake and geishas. Osaka?”

“Nnnnn…” she moved her head from side to side. The saliva was making silver trails over her ample breasts sealed in two hot and sticky layers of plastic, as was doing the sweat, pooling at the end of her back, ready to fall down on the floor when she will sit up.

“So Tokyo.” He mumbled. “Ah, finally we are out of this horrible traffic jam. Be sure, madame, we will be at the airport in a hurry…”

“Thhhannn uuu.” She smiled as much as she could do.

The driver helped Angie out of the taxi being sure to watch her struggles to maintain the balance with her arms cuffed behind her back, her legs hobbled and her waist rigid as a post due to the tight corset.

“Cash or credit card?” he asked

“Chhedith hhhard. Cooodd uuu taaahhe iith hoom my hhhse?” she bubbled, indicating the beauty case.

“Yes. External zipper?”

She nodded, while he opened it, took the little plastic card and slid it. When the bill appeared, he put it again in the bag with the card and closed the zip.

“Have a good trip, miss.”

“Thhhankk.” She said, seeing the car leave. She had already her beauty case slung over her shoulder, and with some effort she grabbed with her cuffed and useless mittens the cabin luggage, starting to walk in tiny step to the departures entrance. She glanced at the big digital clock over the airport building and mumbled happily.

“Good, good. I have still time to arrive at the desk. Last time I arrived in delay and I had to hurry up not to lose the flight. I was in a sweat when the hostess gave me the ticket…” she sensed something cold running between her dress and her skin. "Well, I'm already in a sweat!" she giggled. “And I love every second of it…”



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