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Pavlov's Girl

by Rubber Ballet

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© Copyright 2009 - Rubber Ballet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; machine; shoes; toys; cons; X

Jackie was dozing in bed. Suzzie was already up and pottering around the flat.

"Time to get up." said Suzzie. "I've got a prezzie for you - but you'll need to get dressed before hand"

Jackie liked presents.

"What do I need to wear ?" Jackied asked.

"Your thick black catsuit at least. Plus, I think, you should have a butt plug as well. I've got them here, if you're ready"

Sometimes Jackie hated Suzzie being the "early bird". She pulled herself over to the edge of the bed. Suzzie already had the catsuit talced up, and turned inside out.

"Feet first" Suzzie cheerfully said. Jackie scowled at Suzzie. Jackie offered her feet, and Suzzie started the task of peeling the catsuit up over Jackie's body. Once she reached Jackie's knees, she paused: "Can you stand on your feet yet ?"

"I don't think so, let me try" Jackie pushed herself off the bed, putting her weight onto her feet. "No." and she sat back down on the bed.

"OK, get on your knees, and we'll finish getting you dressed"

Jackie pulled back onto the bed, and knelt, turning her back to Suzzie. This wasn't as easy as it sounds, due to the catsuit hanging from her knees. With Jackie in position, Suzzie continued the task of pulling the catsuit over Jackie's body, pulling the thick, tight latex over Jackie's soft pale skin. Suzzie often joked with Jackie that her skin was pale because it spent so much time covered in latex. Slowly, Jackie's skin became covered in the black catsuit.

When Suzzie reached Jackie's waist, she stopped and untied the laces to Jackie's corset and pulled them tigher. Jackie's breathing became more laboured. As Suzzie was pulling on the corset laces, Jackie picked up the arms of the suit and pushed her hands into the ends. By the time Jackie got her arms into the catsuit, Suzzie had finished tightening Jackie's corset. The girls adjusted the torso of the catsuit, then Suzzie got to work on the zip. As Suzzie got higher up with the zip, Jackie bunched her hair out of the way.

"Done" said Suzzie, and Jackie released her hair, letting it drape down over her black latex covered back. "Do you want to do the plug, or shall I?"

"Hmm, you do it." Jackie leant forward onto all fours, presenting her rear to Suzzie.

Suzzie picked up the glass butt plug and covered it in lube. Jackie twitched as the cool lube touched her sphincter. Gently, Suzzie pushed the plug into Jackie's anus, until Jackie's anus sucked the last part of the plug in.

"What now ?" asked Jackie.

"To the sitting room" replied Suzzie. "You can slip these heels on to walk there". Jackie turned round and sat back on the side of the bed. She pushed her feet into the heels and stood up. "That better?" Asked Suzzie. Jackie nodded and the girls walked to the sitting room.

When they got there, Jackie saw some contraption setup in the middle of the room. The thick black dildo and the mains lead running to the mechanics gave Jackie half an idea of what the contraption was.

"Get down on all fours in front of it. You can kick your heels off if you like" Jackie did as she was told. "I'm sure you can work out what to do with this", said Suzzie as she presented Jackie with a black rubber item. Jackie took the item, recognising it as a latex hood. She started with the mouth gag, then the nose tubes, and then pulled the rest of the hood over her head. Suzzie helped tuck Jackie's hair in, and then pulled the zip, closing the hood over Jackie's head.

"Comfy?", asked Suzzie.

"Hmpf" said Jackie, nodding her head.

"OK, let's get you warmed up"

Suzzie started by massaging Jackie's breasts. Keeping one hand working on Jackie's breasts, she slowly worked the other down Jackie's body, first massaging Jackie's heavily constricted waist, then over her buttocks, and finally down to Jackie's inner thigh. Suzzie then brought her other hand down from Jackie's breasts to Jackie's crotch. Jackie was getting wet.

"OK, come back a bit" ordered Suzzie. Jackie complied and shuffled back slightly. She stopped when she felt the dildo at her bum. "Hang on there, let me adjust it." Suzzie adjusted the height of the dildo and gently pulled Jackie's hips back. Jackie pushed her hips back and moaned as the dildo slid into her wet pussy. Suzzie got hold of Jackie's ankles and put them into ankle cuffs on the machine. As Suzzie was working on the ankle cufs, Jackie was gently sliding herself up and down the dildo.

"Ready?" Asked Suzzie

"Hmmm" Came Jackie's reply.

Suzzie flicked a switch and the machinery sprang into life, the dildo now moving in and out of Jackie. Jackie moaned in time with the dildo's movements. Suzzie stood up to watch Jackie enjoying the machine. Jackie quickly came. She managed to lean forward enough to give herself a brief rest before pushing back onto the dildo for another orgasm. She continued for another five orgasms, when Suzzie switched off the machine.

"You can remove the hood now, if you want". Jackie reached round, unzipped the hood and pulled it off her head. Suzzie released Jackie's ankles from the machine.

"Enjoy yourself?" Asked Suzzie. Jackie turned her head to face Suzzie.

"Yes" she replied. Her expression was a mixture of exhaustion and pleasure.

"I'm off to work now. The day is yours. I'll see you tonight". Suzzie picked up her bag and coat and left the flat.

Nine hours later Suzzie came back home. Jackie was sat at her computer, working.

"Back on your hands and knees", Suzzie said to Jackie.

"What, no 'Hello, how are you ?' No welcome home kiss ?" Jackie was not impressed. "Do you want me plugged again?" asked Jackie.

"Might as well, as it's sitting there on your desk" replied Suzzie.

Jackie stood up, pulling herself off the plugs attached to the seat of her chair. She picked up the glass plug from the desk, crouched down and pushed it into her anus. "Same as this morning?" Jackie asked.

"Basically" replied Suzzie.

Jackie got down on her knees, removed her heels, and picked up the hood. She shuffled back, putting her ankles into the cuffs, and sliding the dildo inside herself. She worked the hood over her head. Suzzie once again helped with the zip. Jackie then felt something being tied around her thighs.

After a few minutes the machine sprang into life and Jackie was on her way to another orgasm. After she came, she tried to slide forward off the dildo to give herself a rest. She failed. She realised that Suzzie must have tied her thighs to the machine to prevent this. With no rest, the orgasms came thick and fast. After a while, Jackie was starting to loose her mind. The orgasms were getting too much for her. She realised that they hadn't agreed a safe sign, as Jackie was gagged. She reached round the back of the hood to undo the zip, only to find it padlocked on.

"One more orgasm" Suzzie said. It didn't take Jackie long to come again. Suzzie then switched the machine off and released Jackie from the machine and removed the padlock and hood.

"Hello gorgeous. Did you have a nice day?" asked Suzzie.

Jackie turned to Suzzie, and Suzzie came down to Jackie's level and the girls kissed.

"All the better for seeing you" replied Jackie. "What did I do to deserve that ?" asked Jackie.

"All in good time."

The next day, things were back to normal. Jackie lazing in bed with Suzzie going off to work. Working from home had it's benefits. The long lay ins were Jackie's favourite. Around four o'clock Jackie got a text message from Suzzie. "Be home in 45 mins. Get ready like yesterday" Jackie couldn't work out why Suzzie was giving her all these orgasms for free (she usually had to earn them) but she was going to enjoy it whilst it lasted. She went and got dressed in her black catsuit. Getting dressed on her own took much longer than when Suzzie was around to help. The corset stopping her bending at the waist didn't help either. The catsuit finally on (except for being zipped up which she couldn't do on her own at all) she got to work on the glass butt plug. Shortly after this was in, Suzzie came home.

"Hello. I see you're almost ready. Let's zip you up" Jackie turned round and Suzzie did the zip on the catsuit.

"Not much for small talk again today, are we?" Said Jackie. Suzzie picked up the hood and gave it to Jackie, ignoring her comment.

"You know the position." Jackie got into position in front of the machine. Suzzie lubed up the dildo and Jackie slid the cold gel covered dildo into her pussy. The girls were getting the hang of this now. Jackie was quickly tied to the machine and Suzzie then zipped up (and padlocked) the hood. The machine sprang into life and Jackie's natural juices soon started flowing.

After her first orgasm Jackie noticed Suzzie playing with her nasal breathing tubes. Suddenly this intense smell filled her lungs. She couldn't work out what it was. She guessed that Suzzie had connected something like an aroma bag to the tubes, but she couldn't place the smell. The well of the next orgasm soon took her mind off the smell.

"Oh, by the way. Level one safe sign: Hit the floor three times with your hand. Level two, five times"

Jackie nodded acknowledgment. Jackie's mind switched between trying to figure out the source of the smell and coping with the onslaught of orgasms. Jackie finally admitted defeat and hit the floor three times with her right hand.

"Wimp. I want two more orgasms from you before you finish, and I'm not stopping until then. Not even for a level two sign"

Suzzie was good to her word. After the second orgasm she switched off the machine and released Jackie. Once the hood was off, Jackie opened up the aroma bag and saw a pair of Suzzie's plimsoles.

"Why?" asked Jackie. Suzzie ignored her and went to the kitchen to fetch tea.

The rest of the week followed a similar format. Jackie having to endure the machine forcing her to orgasm whilst breathing the smell of Suzzie's plimsoles. The only difference, was that Jackie was connected to the aroma bag from the start, not after the first orgasm. Jackie soon gave up asking Suzzie what was going on. Suzzie ignored all of Jackie's questions on the subject. Jackie was slightly concerned about what was going on, but she was in no pain and they still enjoyed a loving relationship.

The routine carried on into the following week. The difference this time was that Suzzie started spanking Jackie with a plimsole. Suzzie started off gently, with just a few strokes of the shoe, but by the end of the week Jackie's bum was getting spanked for the whole duration of the session. She was also still being subjected to the aroma bag.

Over the next month, this ritual continued. Suzzie sometimes varied it slightly (maybe only using the aroma bag or only spanking, or at different times of day) but the basic format stayed the same. Suzzie still ignored Jackie's questions. Their lives carried on as usual, just with this extra routine in their day.

One day, the girls were out shopping. Suzzie wanted a new dress for a party they were going to the following week. After a few shops Suzzie found something and decided to try it on.

"Will you come and zip me up?" Asked Suzzie. Jackie nodded and the girls headed off to the changing rooms. Once in the changing room Suzzie got undressed, kicking off her plimsoles and removing her jeans and t-shirt.

"Here, hold these" and she gave Jackie her clothes and shoes. Jackie fiddled with Suzzie's plimsoles.

"Zip me up please", Suzzie said as she turned her back to Jackie. Jackie obliged and zipped up the dress.

"Do you like it ?" Suzzie asked.

Jackie lent over and whispered in Suzzies ear: "I'd want to go to bed with you if I saw you in it". The girls giggled. Suzzie took one of her plimsoles from Jackies hand.

"Do you think I could wear these with this, or should I get something else?" Suzzie asked, waving the plimsole close to Jackie's face. Jackie smelt the aroma of the plimsole.

Suzzie pushed Jackie into the corner of the cubicle, pushing the plimsole closer to Jackie's face, making her fill her lungs with more of the smell. Suzzie reached down with one hand to Jackie's crotch and slid a finger inside her wet pussy (Suzzie liked Jackie to go without knickers for just this reason) Jackie stifled a moan "I'm going to make you come" Whispered Suzzie. "No screaming"

That was easier said than done for Jackie. One of the reasons that most of her hoods had gags in them was because she was such a screamer. One hand worked Jackie's crotch whilst the other held the plimsole against Jackie's face. Jackie quickly reached climax and only just managed to stifle a scream. Suzzie removed the plimsole from Jackie's face. Jackie caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her face was flush and her chest was working hard to catch her breath against her tight corset. Suzzie licked the fingers that had been in Jackie's pussy.

"I think I'll get this dress" Suzzie said to Jackie, in a matter-of-fact way. "Can you unzip me please?"

Jackie was still catching her breath, but reached over and pulled down the zip. Suzzie got changed back into her jeans, T-shirt and plimsoles, and they left the changing room. As they left the changing area, the assistant gave them a hard stare.

"Do you think she heard me?" Asked Jackie "No, but your red face and slightly wobbly legs probably gave the game away" replied Suzzie, grinning from ear to ear.

Once again Suzzie altered Jackie's routine. Before, Jackie was being hooded and attached to the aroma bag when on the floor in front of the machine. Now, Jackie was being hooded and attached to the aroma bag in the bedroom where she was getting changed into her catsuit. Not being able to see much out of her hood, Jackie had to be led to the machine by Suzzie. Walking, almost blind, in heels was not easy. The other devices (butt plug, aroma bag & corset) didn't help either. Jackie got down on the floor and Suzzie guided her onto the machine. Suzzie was hardly needing to lube the dildo any more, Jackie's juices flowing sufficiently enough for Jackie to slide straight onto it.

The morning of the party arrived. Once again, Suzzie got Jackie dressed in the bedroom and led her to the machine. Once again, Jackie slid straight onto the dildo. Jackie started working the dildo even before Suzzie had tied her to the machine. By the time Suzzie had finished tying Jackie to the machine, Jackie was close to her first orgasm. Suzzie sensed this, and waited for Jackie to slow down after her orgasm before switching the machine on.

With the machine on, Jackie was subjected to another period of intense orgasms. Jackie soon started sensing her mind & body weakening from the relentless stream of orgasms. She hit the floor three times. Suzzie ignored it. Another orgasm rocked Jackie's body. Jackie once again hit the floor three times. Again, Suzzie ignored her and the machine continued it's relentless pounding of Jackie's senses. After the next orgasm Jackie couldn't summon the strength to hit the floor. It was taking all her strength just to stay up on all fours. Another orgasm rocked her body and her arms collapsed, unable to keep even her tiny body off the floor. This only made things worse for Jackie as the dildo was now rubbing much harder against the butt plug inside her. Jackie came again. She wasn't sure if she passed out, but she didn't remember the machine stopping.

Jackie lay on the floor, as her mind (& body) started recovering from their ordeal. Suzzie knelt down next to Jackie, having untied Jackie from the machine. With one hand, she stroked Jackie's rubber-clad head. Her other hand slipped down to her own crotch. She slid her hand inside her rather wet panties. "I'll have to start going without panties at this rate" thought Suzzie as she started fingering herself. Suzzie looked up at the clock on the wall. She felt slightly guilty. Jackie had been subjected to the machine for well over double the time she usually endured. No wonder she'd collapsed.

By the end of Suzzie's second orgasm Jackie was starting to stir. Suzzie removed Jackie's hood and turned her onto her back. Sitting astride Jackie, Suzzie bent down and slowly started to kiss Jackie. After a few moments Jackie responded and the girls were soon embraced in a passionate kiss.

Jackie pushed Suzzies head back slightly.

"Why did you not stop the machine when I hit the floor", asked Jackie.

"I thought you could cope with a bit more." replied Suzzie.

"But I gave the level two sign. I couldn't cope"

"No you didn't. You only hit the floor three times, on both occasions"

Jackie pondered this. Suzzie may have a cruel streak, but she wasn't a liar (Jackie wouldn't trust her if she was) but Jackie was certain she'd given the level two sign. Maybe she was farther gone than she realised.

As the evening arrived, the girls got ready for the evenings party. Suzzie put on her new dress, and Jackie put on a micro skirt, jumper and killer heels over her tight corset and stockings. Just as they were getting ready to leave Suzzie reached down and fondled Jackie.

"Tonight, I'd like you to wear a pair for rubber pants. No dildos, just rubber pants".

Jackie headed back to the bedroom and dug out a pair of rubber pants. She didn't often wear pants nowadays. Suzzie liked Jackie to be ready for pleasure at any time. Suzzie reached down and again fondled Jackie, this time through the rubber pants.

"Mmmm. Nice. Let's go" The girls briefly kissed and left for the party.

When they reached the party, the host welcomed them. "Hi Suzzie, Hi Jackie. Come on in. Can you put your coats and shoes in the spare room, then join the rest of us. We're about ready to eat"

The girls went to the spare room. They took their coats off and laid them on the bed. Suzzie kicked off her plimsoles. Jackie bent down to remove her heels. As she bent over, Suzzie picked up a plimsole and spanked Jackie. Jackie jumped at this. She turned round to glare at Suzzie. Suzzie ignored her and spanked Jackie another five times. Once she'd finished, Suzzie grabbed Jackie by an arm and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Once of Suzzie's hands moved down to Jackie's crotch, and Suzzie felt Jackie's juices flowing underneath her rubber pants.

"Are you two going to join us, or are you going to spend the evening shagging in there?" Came a voice. The girls smiled at each other.

Suzzie helped Jackie remove her heels, and helped Jackie walk on tip-toe to join the others at the table for food. Once they got there, they found that they'd been assigned seats at the table and they weren't next to each other. They weren't totally happy about this, but it was too late to protest.
They sat down and Suzzie quickly got into the party mood. Jackie took longer - she was still highly aroused with no prospect of relief. It wasn't until the main course that Jackie's sex drive calmed down.

After the meal the topics of conversation round the table were varied. Jackie heard a mention of an unfamiliar name.

"Who was that?", she asked. "I've not heard of them. Do they live round here ?"

"It's not quite what you think." one of the guests replied. "Pavlov is dead, and he performed conditioning experiments on dogs."

The guest went on to explain the basis of the conditioning training that Pavlov performed on his dogs. Suddenly, during this explanation, a light came on in Jackie's head. She turned and stared at Suzzie.

"Something wrong, dear" asked Suzzie. Jackie scowled at Suzzie. She wanted to ask her many questions, but across the diner table at a party was not the place. She'd have to wait.

The end of the party came and Suzzie helped Jackie walk on tip-toe back to the spare room to pickup their shoes and coats. Jackie slipped her heels on.

"Ah, I can walk again at last" Jackie said. As she picked up her coat, she saw Suzzie slipping on her plimsoles. Suddenly the story of the dogs came flooding back into her mind.

"Have you been conditioning me?" Jackie asked Suzzie. "Have you been conditioning me to become aroused by your plimsoles?"

Suzzie thought for a moment. Jackie had worked it out. There was no point in denying it. "Yes. I thought it would be a good way to get you aroused without you having any direct physical contact"

"So what was the plan then? Train me, then arouse me with your plimsoles and not give me any chance of relief?" Jackie was thinking back to the start of the party where she'd be as horny as hell but unable to do anything about it.

"No, it doesn't quite work like that. If you use the stimulus too much without the reward, the association breaks down. You have to constantly reinforce the association between trigger and reward. However, you can occasionally use the trigger without the reward to tease the subject."

Suzzie removed one of her plimsoles and offered it to Jackie. Jackie took it and took several deep breaths, filling her lungs with it's aroma.

"Now you know what's going on, does the trigger still work ?" Ask Suzzie.

Jackie took one of Suzzie's hands and put it between her legs. Suzzie rubbed Jackie's rubber clad crotch. It was obvious to Suzzie that Jackie was highly aroused. Suzzie smiled. "I take that as a yes" said Suzzie, grinning from ear to ear.

"I think we should go home and do some 'reinforcement'", said Jackie. Jackie handed Suzzie her plimsole back, and the girls made their way home, eager to work on Jackie's 'reinforcement' training.


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