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The Party to Start it All

by Kylee Latex

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© Copyright 2017 - Kylee Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; cd; latex; maid; corset; hood; heels; F/m; padlocks; stuck; chast; public; cartrunk; gag; hogtie; party; servant; cons; X

I have written a story about how my and now missus got together and how it all started for me. It is my first time writing. I hope you enjoy it.

The day had arrived. The day of my birthday. I'm going to be that big 30. My best friend (Harley, 30, blonde), arranged a little party for me. As the day approached I was told there was only one stipulation. Everyone had to fancy dress with a twist. The fancy dress had to be something of the opposite sex. So as a male, I had to fancy dress as a female.

The day had arrived, and I was getting excited. I received a text from Harley. She told to get ready and she would be around in 20 minutes, to pick me up. I decided I was going to go as a French Maid but in latex. First I put on a pair of black frilly knickers. Next came, the latex maid outfit. It was a struggle to get on but I managed it slowly. Then a zipper corset completed the outfit. The only thing left was the maid hood. I placed it over my head and pulled the zipper down. Man, I was so excited and horny. I wanted to release myself there and then. Admiring myself in the mirror, the doorbell rung.

Harley let herself in, she looked amazing. She had dressed up as a plain builder but she was sexy. Harley looked at me and admired my look, telling me how fantastic I looked. I started putting some high heels on, when Harley came up with an idea. She crept up behind me and clipped a padlock onto my corset. Then as I turned around, she grabbed my head and placed another one on my hood. "There, that will make sure you can't take it off!" Harley said.

Somewhat annoyed yet, happy with the idea I went along with it. Once I had laced the knee high boots up, I said to Harley "Why not, lock the boots on as well?" Within 5 seconds with boots had been locked. Now I was really horny.

Harley noticed, I was getting a little excited. Searching through my room, "I know you have a chastity here somewhere".

Shit, how did she know? Harley explained that she had 'accidentally' found my case with all my gear in before. "Found it". Fondling me firmly, she locked my cock away in chastity.

"Geez this is going to be a good night isn't it? I asked.

"You have no idea" Harley said.

Making our way out to the car I couldn't but notice the look from my neighbours. I could feel their eyes staring at me. As we sat in the car, Harley asked if I could travel the car journey differently.

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"Follow me". She lead me to the trunk of the boot and whipped it open. Pulling out some handcuffs, which were then used to cuff my hands behind my back. As I adjusted to the metal feeling on my wrist, a gag was pushed in my mouth. "MMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH" was all I could say. Then being forced into the trunk, lying on my front. My legs were subsequently cuffed together then the two pairs of cuffs locked together.

"We won't be long and we will be at the party" Harley said as she laughed and got in the drivers seat.

The car journey seemed to take forever. I never noticed this many bumps in the road before. Upon arriving I was unloaded out of the boot, the hogtie was undone, but the cuffs remained in place and I was marched into the venue for the party. Inside everyone was waiting for me to arrive. "SURPRISE" everyone shouted as the lights came on.

After the surprise, everyone started drinking and having a good time. The music started and the buffet was brought out. "Mmmmmmmppppphhhhh". I tried asking Harley a question.

When she stopped me and proclaimed. "I know you wanted this for so long. For your birthday I decided to make a wish come true. I am keeping you as my personal maid for the night, maybe longer".

"Mmmmmpppphhhh", was all that came back. All night I waited on Harley hand and foot.

As the party started dying down and everybody had almost left. I was taken to the middle of the room. Harley then undid my ballgag and kissed me on the lips. "Thank you for a fabulous night".

"I guess it now time to untie you and let you free".

Without even thinking, I answered back "I'm sure we can come to some arrangement".

"What you mean?" Asked Harley.

"Well I wanted this for so long and don't want it to end".

With that Harley made me a proposition. That I went the rest of the week as her maid, then we could make this a regular thing.

"You're on" I replied back.

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