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Party Installation

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2012 - Marcus - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; latex; catsuit; corset; bond; object; forniphilia; display; game; toys; bdsm; electro; urophagia; torment; cons/reluct; XX

First attempt at writing something for YEARS! Thanks a lot to JG Leathers and Grimly for being alive and giving the rest of us ideas and concepts to "steal". (Marcus is the owner of the website A Thing for Rubber:, so check out his great images and enjoy the rubbery goodness).


At 37 years of age Linda was not overly pleased with her sex life. Having had a few semi-serious relationships in her life none of them had ever lasted. She was not sure why, they just hadn't. The outside observer could have guessed it had something to do with her fetish for latex and BDSM but the recent relationships had been with men very much into that scene. Thinking yet again about what she thought was something wrong with her she dismissed it, as she always did, with maybe she never could relay what she really craved from her partners. She was not sure she even knew that herself.

Childless and with a good career in banking, she could at least pamper herself with good quality latex and BDSM gear and had become really good at pleasing herself when others failed to do so. Still,there was something missing.

She looked up and out of the window of the train that took her further and further away from the buzzing city jungle and replaced it with the more subtle low-key scenery of the suburbs. The advertisement on the website she most frequented had asked for a female willing to be part of a party as an installation. The list of prerequisites had been impressive but she had become hooked from the second she read them. Words such as fornifilia, immobile, bondage, long-term, latex, breath play, and stimulation had sent shivers down her spine. The words "must be able to endure" on the top of the list made them seem all that more charged with erotic sensation.

There were also words she did not feel that enthusiastic about. Wet for instance. She did somewhat enjoy looking at wet video clips online or as part of a live performance but had never tried it herself. The fact that she had answered the advertisement and was now on her way to be part of the party told her she might not be as bothered with the words on the list she did not like that much after all.

As she exited the train the platform was empty. At first she got a bit worried she might have gotten the station wrong but before she could think too much about it a couple appeared and came walking up to her.

"Linda?" The woman asked.

"Yes", Linda replied.

"So sorry we are a bit late. We lost track of time setting up your gear back at the house. Have you been waiting long?"

"No, just a few minutes."

"Well it is a real pleasure to meet you. I am Kate Still and this is my husband George."

Kate and George could have been around 45-50 years old and looked like the typical suburban couple. Nothing stood out in the way they looked, presented themselves or spoke. They were totally and utterly normal. They shook hands and when the formalities were over George offered to carry Linda's bag and they all walked out of the station and into the couple’s car. The drive to the house was not far and Linda thought it was for the best since the ride was done in complete silence. She started to get aroused thinking about what she had gotten herself into. Her payment for her 'service' had been paid in advance and she had gotten, signed, and sent back a contract describing her commitments, what limits she had set and finally a confidentiality agreement between the two parties.

The Still's house was situated at the end of a road with little or no overlook from any neighbours. It was a two story building on a slope with what looked like a cellar floor with its own entrance. George told Linda to go right inside the cellar where the party was to be held and also to get dressed as they had agreed on. Once finished she could just call up the stairs to the main floor that she was ready and the Stills would come down and set her up.

'Set her up'

The three words made her feel aroused in a way she never felt before. Could this be what she had been missing all along? To be used by strangers in ways she did not fully control. Sure, the contract stated her terms, but since she had given them free rein as long as she was not hurt permanently she also felt scared, in a rather good, erotic way.

The cellar was not a cellar at all but a floor with what seemed like a few rooms and a staircase leading up to the main floor. The living room she was now standing in looked like a small pub. White walls with framed photographs of the typical city themes you buy at a poster store. There was a small bar in one end with high chairs. On the opposite side there was the stairwell. Besides the stairwell a dark corridor lead further in to what she guessed were bedrooms or storage spaces. Embedded ceiling lights lit up the room and in the centre of the room three sofas made an open square towards the back wall. A low table was put in the middle of the wooden floor. There were no carpets.

It was, however, not the rather meek design choice that caught Linda's attention the steel bondage frame in front of the back wall was. It was placed so the occupants of the sofas would have a very good view of whatever was strapped into it. Two spotlights in the ceiling made it shine and was definitely the main attraction of the room.

Linda put down her bag, passed the sofas, and walked up to the frame to have a closer look. The wooden floor creaked quietly as she moved over it. The frame was clearly custom-made for the Stills it might even have been home-made. The main part of it was two thick steel rods securely bolted to the floor. Between them was a thin padded board must be a backrest she thought. A bit over her shoulder level two twin rods went horizontally outwards from the main frames, for securing the occupant’s arms no less. All rods were moderately donned with thick rubber straps with locking buckles. Whoever was strapped in was going nowhere unless let loose. Around where the head would be a similar lightly-padded disk was placed between the main rods forming what must have been a head rest. Around it were, of course, more of the rubber straps.

Before she started to fantasize about being strapped into it she focused on her part of this evening and went back to her bag. Opening the zipper the lovely odour of new, well cared for latex and leather hit her nostrils. Getting more aroused yet again she quickly took all the items out of it and placed them in the order she would put them on so not to miss anything. She quickly stripped and placed her folded street clothes on one of the steps of the stairwell. This was it. She was standing butt naked in a house she never had been to, owned by a couple she just met and would soon be made into an installation for their and their guest’s entertainment. A feeling of fulfilment, expectation and happiness filled her.

Stepping up to the sofa she took out a large towel and a small bottle of silicone dress aid. Placing the towel on the floor and stepping on to it she richly applied the silicone to her whole body. Her totally shaved body, except for her head that is, was glistening in the lights. She took her black latex catsuit and started to put it on. It was custom-fitted to her and featured a 3-way zipper in the back through her crotch, with cups for her breasts that also had zips for easy access. She loved the hugging feeling of the suit as it engulfed her. A string through the zipper made it easy to close it even though it was placed in the back. Once zipped up she removed the string and continued to dress.

Next item was a pair of red thigh-high stockings with black trim. Her heavy red, rubber corset was next. It had been made extra thick as per her wishes and felt more like a strict leather corset instead of the often more forgiving rubber counterparts. She donned it with experienced hands and tightened it as best as she could in the back. To be tightened to her preference someone would have to do it for her but she had told the Stills she needed help with it. The four suspenders hanging down in front and the sides of the corset were fastened to the stockings to make sure they would not roll down.

A pair of red knee-high, patent leather, ballet boots was put on next. Made by an Italian shoemaker they, as well as the rest of her outfit, was custom-made to her measurements and fitted her perfectly. She cursed herself for forgetting to put them on prior to the corset since bending over with it on was near impossible. Since she had not managed to tighten the corset fully she had just about enough flexibility to bend over and tighten the laces. She sat on the armrest of one of the sofas as she always tightened the laces, always doing so in several sequences until the fronts met and made a perfect seal. She loved the feeling of her feet crushed inside them and forced into the extreme downwards angle.

Standing up, she pitter-pattered to a halt once she found her balance. The lacing had made her hot and she was staring to sweat. She would have loved to have a mirror to look in as she loved to see her transformation but there was none to be found in the room. Having caught her breath she picked up the next item, a black latex hood, with openings for mouth, nostrils and eyes. Zipping it up in the back she tucked it in tight under the collar of the catsuit. All that was left were her opera gloves in red latex with black trim, matching her stockings. Once on she paused for a minute and then called up the stairs: " I am ready."

As if they had been waiting with their hands on the handle a door opened at the top of the stairs and the Stills both came down the stairs.

"You look absolutely perfect and exactly as in the photo you sent that we agreed upon", Kate said and moved over to Linda. She circled around her touching the garments and with a very accepting look.

"This is some very, very good craftsmanship", she said and took Linda's hand leading her towards the bar and placed her on one of the high chairs.

"Now for your make up", Kate said.

As she opened a makeup case and started to make up the parts of Linda's face not covered by latex, having watched the two of them, George moved behind the bar and turned on some smooth lounge music. He then moved over to the sofa and took a seat where he could watch his wife in action.

Linda felt like one of those make-up dolls you get as a child well a very kinky version of them anyway. Kate was very good at what she was doing and once done picked up a mirror out of the case holding it so that Linda could see the results of her work.

It must have shown that she loved it since Kate suddenly said: "Oh you like it? I am so glad you do! "

"I love it", was Linda's reply.

The makeup was a mix of red and black matching the colours of her latex perfectly. Kate had managed to give Linda a 'fuck me now' look without making it look trashy or slutty.

Kate spoke again: "Now, from this point on you are ours. You will not speak unless permitted to, follow our instructions and let us do to you as we see fit as per the terms in our contract."

Linda almost spoke to say yes but stopped just in time to remain silent.

"Now move over to the bondage frame and George will add some final parts to your outfit."

Linda stood up and walked with relative ease over to the frame where George now was standing with a plastic box at his feet filled with what looked like bondage gear.

"Turn around please", he said and Linda complied turning her back to him. "I will place a modified gas mask over your face. Now do not be alarmed, you will be able to breathe in it just fine".

George took something out of the box and sure enough a gas mask was put to her face and the straps pulled over and tightened around her head. What he had not mentioned was that the full face visor was solid, making everything completely black. Linda was trying not to panic but it felt a bit scary not seeing anything. Suddenly she felt her hands being pulled forwards and placed on a pair of shoulders in front of her.

She heard Kate say: "Just relax. George will now tighten your corset as we talked about."

Linda felt her waist being reduced and her upper body and hips being crushed to the tightness she so much loved. George must have done tight lacing before as he quickly, and without what felt like much effort on his part, had her corset closed in fully. She was getting very aroused and could feel her pussy twitch as she revelled in the sensation her now very narrow waist gave her.

Her arms were put behind her back and what must have been a thick rubber single glove was put around her arms. After a lot of tugging and pulling she could feel two straps being placed over her shoulders, crossing over her breasts in front and buckled tightly again at the back upper part of the glove. Next a heavy duty zipper started to close the glove around her arms. First her hands and then her elbows. It was at this point that a knot in Linda's stomach made her aware that she was yet again getting scared, really scared. Kate and George were now both pulling on the glove at the same side as they forced her elbows closer and closer behind her back. Linda started to try and move away from them but the restrictiveness of her outfit and her ballet-booted feet made it easy for the Stills to keep her at bay.

"Stop moving bitch!" Kate shouted.

As Linda could feel her elbows actually touch she screamed and started crying. At the same time the zipper made it past her elbows and raced upwards to its stop at the end of the glove. She was placed with her back towards the frame and no matter how hard she tried to get lose the Stills had her in an iron grip. With one of them keeping her in place Linda could feel being strapped tight to the frame from her waist and upwards. She was trapped, and would not be able to get loose unless someone let her loose. She could feel her head being pushed backwards towards the headrest and several straps tightened around her head and gas mask until she could not move it at all.

Then there was nothing. The hands let go of her and she was left in her darkness to adjust to her predicament. She had stopped crying and somewhat calmed down when all of a sudden if felt like someone was putting a flashlight to her eyes. Instinctively she tried to back up only to be reminded she was going nowhere. Her arms screamed in pain as she put more pressure on them as she tried to move and she shut her eyes screaming, starting to cry again.

"Stop it with the childish behaviour slut", she heard George say, "and open your fucking eyes if you have not!"

Linda was too scared to disobey and slowly opened her eyes, letting them adjust to the light. What she saw was a mind fuck on a level she had never experienced. She was looking at herself. Seeing herself from a third person view, from the left and slightly above, she watched herself bound to the frame. On the faceplate of the gas mask a cord was visible running over her shoulder and down the frame out of view. The mask must have had some sort of video goggles inside of it showing a live feed from a camera. She could see Kate removing the arm bars of the frame and in front of her stood George. He raised his hand and quickly let it come down towards her face. Linda tried to move yet again and made ready for the impact only to see George stop just a few centimetres from her face.

"Good, you did as i ordered. Maybe we will go easy on you from now on", he said.

Looking at Kate they both started laughing at the thought.

"Now listen up bitch", he continued. "As you see, you will be able to enjoy the show just as we will. Let's call it a bonus shall we? I will now continue to set you up for tonight’s game. I hope you were honest when you accepted the position because we will fulfil it to the fullest from our side. The more you try and make what i am about to do you harder, the more effort I will put into it and trust me, you do not want that".

With that George stood up and walked out of the picture. Linda could see Kate coming up behind her and put her arms around her body starting to massage her now protruding, latex encased breasts.

"Oh how I love to have a little bitch bound in my house, to use as I please with no way to escape. I would love to know what is going through your mind right now but ignorance makes it so much better", Kate said.

She moved down her corseted waist, between her legs and started to open the 3-way zipper between Linda's legs. Moving in, she slid one finger into Linda's now wet pussy, making her moan in pleasure.

"You kinky little slut, you do love this don't you? Being a latex slut in strict bondage at the whims of others".

There was no denying it, her body did not lie. Although Linda was scared and in horrible pain she was horny as hell. The finger now exploring her soaking pussy made the unthinkable into fact. She did, partly at least, love what this woman was doing to her!

"Honey, don't spoil the goods!" George had come back in view with a new box of things.

Kate withdrew her finger, leaving Linda panting and longing for more stimuli. What followed next was a series of extreme additions to Linda's situation. First Kate put a urinary catheter in her. Having never had one in, Linda tried to squirm as best she could but Kate finally had it where she wanted it. It left a burning sensation in Linda's urinary tract and it felt very strange, yet very arousing. Next George put a steel dildo and butt plug into her lower parts. Generously lubed, they still took some work to get in. Linda had never been so filled in all of her life. They had cords coming out of them and were tightly and firmly held in place by a steel rod attached to the frame between her legs.

Linda was getting more and more accustomed to her situation and she had started enjoying herself again. As she flexed her vaginal and rectal muscles around the large intruders she thought back on Kate's finger in her pussy. Her daydreaming was cut short when she felt and saw George attach a large tube to the air inlet of the gas mask. A pretty stale smell was noticeable one that she could not place. It was not horrible but not too pleasant neither.

Before she could ponder too much upon it her legs were put together and strapped down. Next George unzipped both of her breast cups and attached two evil clamps to her now engorged nipples. Linda let out a small cry of pain but George seemed unaffected by it as he just zipped the cups up again. The added pressure as the zippers closed made Linda's body tighten, this time out of both pain and pleasure. As George moved again Linda could see that now there were also wires coming out of her breast cups, disappearing behind her along the frame. She was now truly a living installation.

The Stills stood and watched their new addition to their downstairs lounge and it was Kate who broke the silence after what felt like minutes.

"If you tuck her in tightly i will get the padlocks."

Linda could only watch as George started at her feet, tightening every strap to what felt as the breaking point for both strap and buckle, all the way to the straps around her face. The straps now dug deep into her latexed body. A soft moan left Linda's lips as she adjusted to the new strictness of her bondage. He also pulled on the straps to her gas mask making it fit even tighter to her face. Kate came back into view and handed George a handful of chromed padlocks. Taking one side each they attached one padlock to each of the buckles. With every click Linda fell deeper into her submissive state, her pussy and ass twitching in unison with the monotone rhythm. She was in bound, latex, submissive heaven.

Once done, George went out of view and up the stairs, leaving Kate downstairs. She went over to the table and picked up what looked like a TV remote. She moved up close to Linda and let her left index finger run along her bound form. She spoke: "Now we will leave you here in wait for our guests to arrive, but don't worry. I can imagine that just standing there would be a bit boring, not that i should know or anything. See you soon".

As she ended her sentence Linda could just about see her right hand press a button on the remote and the live feed inside her gas mask went black.

Total silence.

It felt like minutes to Linda but could only have been mere seconds.

Suddenly the plugs in her lower parts sprang to life. Linda jerked hard against her bondage but the movement was barely noticeable to anyone looking at her. An onlooker would, however, have had no trouble hearing the moans of pure pleasure escaping her lips. The setting was low but strong in force. Linda quickly got more and more aroused and shortly wanted the vibrations to pick up in speed so she could cum. The pain from her arms, the numbness in her feet and the difficulty breathing in the corset and tight bondage was all but gone. By god she wanted to cum.

She was brought back to reality by a door bell. The Stills were obviously with her down in the lounge again since the door was opened and a symphony of greets and pleasantries could be heard.

"Oh my god! You found someone who agreed to your freaky advert?" someone suddenly said out loud, making the chit chat end abruptly. The voice was female.

"Oh hell no, that is a real person in there?" a male voice asked.

"We did. Let me present you to Linda, part of our entertainment for tonight", Kate said.

Linda could feel hands all over her body as the guests must have run over to inspect her. She felt so degraded and vulnerable as Kate explained how they had come in contact and how she now was bound and at their mercy with vibrating plugs in pussy and ass, able to look at her own fate through the video goggles.

"Never thought you would find a sicko that would let anyone do this to them. She must have had a tough childhood or something. Parents hitting her or maybe?" a male voice said.

Linda felt herself getting angry as she heard these typical prejudices. However she could do nothing about it.

"Do you really care?" George said and got a no in reply followed by a group laughter.

"Who wants something to drink then?" George continued.

A tall order of drinks ranging from beer to cocktails was taken up by George. Before he could get around to get them Kate interrupted him and said: "Now you have not forgotten that we all have to drink the special cocktail first?"

The room became filled with disgusted objections but Kate simply stated: "Now now, since we found a subject to help us do our special game night, something NONE of you thought we would succeed with, you are going to come through on your end of the deal. Come on, it is just one small glass and it is practically tasteless".

The group agreed Kate was right and it sounded like they all were sitting on the sofas having drinks and chatting along.

Linda was left to herself and starting to lose her mind due to the constant simulation. It made her approach an orgasm but was way too weak to take her over the edge. In spite of this she figured there were two couples, both male and female, who apparently did not share the Still’s tastes in extreme entertainment. Now and then someone would laugh at another of the guests for losing focus and just staring at her. She felt so exposed.

All of a sudden the vibrations stopped and as Linda released a disappointing moan the video goggles came back to life. The angle of the camera had slightly moved so she now saw the whole group in their sofas and herself in the background.

Kate spoke: "Ok, anybody not remembering how tonight’s game works?"

Linda saw both of the other females raise their hands.

"Right", Kate continued. "You are competing in a typical ‘who knows most’ game. I will read out questions and the first who knows the answer quickly presses their buzzer and is allowed to answer. If the answer is correct you score a point and I will ask a new question. If you answer incorrectly you lose a point and the question is still open to the remaining four contestants. If anyone knows the answer they press their buzzer. It continues until I have a correct answer or none of you knows it".

Everyone nodded in agreement that they understood the rules.

Kate continued: "Now, this would not make the game any different from other times we have played it, so here is tonight’s twist. Every time you press your buzzer a shock of electricity will be sent to Linda over here. The quicker you press, the more painful will be the shock. Linda has shock points at her breasts, anus and pussy. Once you press, any one of the points, a mix of two of the points or finally all of them will shock her. Where and how many points shock her is random".

Linda felt like she was gutted alive, up till now, the somewhat scary, degrading yet sensual experience, just took a nose dive towards pure and utterly horrific. She would be shocked in her most vulnerable parts.

The group cheered and laughed at the thought of bringing pain to her. They might not be kinky but they were at least all sadistic in some form.

Kate spoke again: "We can't just shock our poor subject all evening that would be real cruel. So whenever someone gets a question right the vibrators will start and for every question that the same contestant gets right the power will increase. If the winning streak is cut by a wrong answer the vibration will stop and will not be turned on again until I get a new correct answer. Shall we start?"

As the group cheered again and settled themselves in the sofas, buzzers held high, Linda could see all five contestants had a buzzer each with wires running towards her and the frame. Before she could contemplate on her situation Kate read the first question: "What colours are in the German flag?"

Linda saw one of the girls hit her hand on her buzzer. She could swear she actually heard the current build up for a split second before it hit her. She tensed up like a violin string and jerked as much as her bondage let her. She screamed at the top of her lungs as her breasts and pussy felt like they were on fire. After what felt like a minute, the pain was gone just as fast as it had hit her. Most of the group looked at Linda in awe and shock as the female who hit the buzzer answered:

"Black, red and yellow. "

"Correct!" Kate announced and pressed the remote.

The vibrator sprung to life and Linda let out a loud moan.

"She is a horny, little bitch isn't she", the girl now in the lead said. "I will take you to heaven winning this game, you just watch!"

"Next question. What is the highest mountain in the USA?" More hands but the same girl was fastest. She was even faster than the previous time. Linda felt only her breasts explode in pain this time. It was much more intense than the previous time and she became scared and started to cry. Answer: Mount McKinley. Another correct answer, vibrators turned up another notch.

Heaven and hell followed. Pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure... After what felt like days Linda started to realize the pain actually got her more aroused. She had been taken to the edge of cumming at least once, but a wrong answer from George had stopped the vibrators just short of what must be one of the most powerful levels. Linda was convinced he was wrong on purpose.

Since the group were downing beer after beer, drink after drink it was no surprise to Linda when one of the men suddenly excused himself and asked which toilet to use.

"The one just up the stairs labelled Downstairs Lounge", George replied.

The group stopped the game and followed the man going upstairs with their eyes. Next they focused on Linda as if they were waiting for something. The vibrators were on medium power and Linda could not focus enough to figure out why she was so interesting all of a sudden.

It was the sudden effect of no air coming in her gas mask that got her attention and sharpened her senses. The following surging sound in the gas mask hose and a strong smell were the last clues she needed. She was not only their pain and pleasure toy for the night, she was also their urinal. She was about to scream in protest when a stream of hot, fresh male urine hit the area around her mouth.

She wanted out... NOW. Linda pulled and shifted as much as she could but she was going nowhere. Around 30 or so straps made sure of that, each of them locked with individual padlocks. Holding her breath, the level in the mask steadily rose and was soon over her nostrils. She had no choice... to breath she would have to drink it. Tears flowed down her latexed cheek into the piss as she closed her eyes and swallowed. The stale, salty taste made her sick to her stomach. Two small swallows later she could at least breathe through her nostrils.

Linda opened her eyes just in time to see George hitting his buzzer sending a surge of electricity through all three electro points. Breasts, ass and pussy.

She screamed.

The following seconds Linda was in panic as she had almost choked on the warm urine. She swallowed as best she could between the coughs and finally settled down and started breathing normally. The urine level was just under her lips if she opened her mouth in full but could not get any more into her mouth unless her head was tilted. She would just have to live with the fact that the gas mask was always going to be part-filled with urine from this point and onwards.

Having some knowledge of re-breathing and gas masks she figured that the outlet valve in the mask was reversed or stopped in some way. Otherwise it would have been emptied as she exhaled. It did not.

The torture continued. More of the group went frequently to the "toilet" to relieve themselves and Linda came to the conclusion the special drink must have been some form of diuretic.

Pain, vibrations, piss, vibrations, pain, pain, pain, more piss, vibrations...

Linda was so beat into her submissive state it all started to get her extremely turned on. She even longed for more piss to drink, faster answers so the shocks were more painful and with more wrong answers to keep her unsatisfied. The catheter had started to make sense since she had herself pissed at least two times. She wondered if she was set up to drink her own urine and had kept a lookout for toilet visitors the last time she let go. No-one was upstairs and a short moment after she started to pee she was getting more through the tube. Unless there were more people in the house, she was drinking her own piss.

She felt like a dirty freak in latex. A pain and piss slut whose only role in life was to please and entertain her tormentors. Sometime while she was having these thought, making herself more aroused, George was having loads of luck with his questions. The pace of how fast he answered increased in unison with the power of the vibrators increasing and Linda was taken closer and closer to orgasm. George was on fire!

The last thing Linda registered was the sound of yet another flush of piss coming towards her, the streak of warm piss hitting her face, the gulps of urine coming down through her as she manically swallowed it, and finally the combination of all electrodes firing as George hit his buzzer again to give a right answer.

Inside her personal version of heaven and hell Linda was pushed over the edge. She had been so close numerous time during the past three and a half hours. Her senses were totally cut off due to the power of the orgasm that hit her. A scream of pure, raw, human ecstasy stunned everybody who stopped and stared at the orgasmic installation next to them.

Linda was aware of three of the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced before she blacked out.

As she came around and opened her eyes she could see the guests leaving. Kate came over and spoke: "You have been a real treat tonight and we are very, very pleased with your performance. We will now take you down and bring you to one of the back rooms where I will help you get undressed and put you in a hot bath. You are sleeping here and we will drive you to the train station in the morning when you feel up for it, OK?"

Linda could still feel and smell the last of the urine in the mask. Sense was coming back. Sadly that meant her brain started to acknowledge the torture she had been through. Her feet were killing her, she could not even feel her arms or hands, her breasts, pussy and ass felt like they had been put under a sand grinder for hours. She was totally spent. Totally spent, but happy. She was not sure she would EVER try something like this again but she was thrilled she had done it.

She had come a bit closer to what she really craved.

Just as Kate was about to unlock the first padlock the door flung open and a gang of youngsters more or less fell through the door.

"Jake, what is going on here!" Kate yelled.

"Oh sorry mom, we thought it would be more fun to take the party to our... "

Kate's son stopped dead in his sentence, and along with his mixture of male and female 20-something years old friends, stood transfixed staring at Linda.

"No way, NO WAY!... fucking hell mom... you found one who agreed?" Jake yelled.

"Yes we did., This is Linda and she has been a lovely part of our game night". Kate replied.

As the new group of youngsters pointed at Linda, laughed and whispered among themselves, Jake pleaded to his mom to keep Linda as she was for him and his friends.

Linda could not believe her ears and she heard Kate finally succumb to her son’s whining.

As Kate went upstairs, showing one of the boys the toilet, Jake explained the rules and Linda's involvement to the rest of his friends. As she started yet again to cry, now more of exhaustion rather than anything else, she could feel the gas mask tube rattle again.

A new wave of warm urine hit her face and she started to swallow. As she did she felt a soggy component added to her cocktail. It was cum.

As she saw one of the boys hitting his buzzer she knew she was in for a very... very long night.


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