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Party Favour

by RubberJake72

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© Copyright 2009 - RubberJake72 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; catsuit; party; bbw; oral; mast; toys; cons; X

She called me, early in the afternoon, "Can you do me a favor, I'm having a party tonight and I wanted your help to serve and tend bar, Please say you will?"

"Okay," I replied. We'd been friends some time, and I never minded helping out with things like this for her.

"Thanks, and one more thing, would you wear the catsuit, you know which one I mean, it's a "special" party..."

Thinking, I did know which catsuit she meant, I had only just gotten it, and had modeled it for her on cam the other day, so she knew what it was like. But if it was a party, it might be a bit risque to show off all of it, so I added a pair of black latex briefs to the bag , the ones that had side zips to make them easy to remove, just in case. I went and showered, shaved and otherwise cleaned up, and headed to her house, to help her get ready for the night.

She greeted me with a hug and a lingering kiss when i knocked on her door. We swiftly arranged platters and servers and set up the small bar area, giving me the occasional brushes and teases that soon had me straining inside my jeans. Though we had played together many times online, never in the flesh, but had met several times for lunch or drinks, or just to spend time, I wondered if tonight might mean something different. She shooed me into the spare room, telling me to get dressed in my suit, as her guests would be arriving soon and she didn't want them to see me "uncovered" so to speak.

Alone, I swiftly stripped off my clothes, then, taking the suit out of the bag, I shook it out, unzipped it and laid it open on the bed. Taking the bottle of J-lube I began coating myself in the slippery goo, starting at my feet and working my way up my body, the time I expected to spend inside the suit just talc wouldn't do, and to tell the truth I preferred the wet, squishy slippery feeling of being coated in the stuff.

Grabbing the suit, I slowly slip into each foot, smoothing the legs as I pull it up on me, until the suit reaches my crotch, grabbing out the Ky and Wet, I squirt a generous helping of each into the sheath, and liberally coat the other, before inserting them into their appropriate spots, then i resume pulling the suit on up, settling the crotch and wait properly before putting my arms in and starting to zip up the back. I pulled out the hood, and with a quick wipe of gel over my shaven head, pulled it on, making sure the breathing holes lined up and the eyes were properly sited, before zipping it closed and tucking the flaps under the collar of my suit, and then pressing the final sheath inside. Pulling on the short gloves to complete my suit, I quickly buffed it all over to bring out the shine, then pulled on the zippered briefs, no need to display everything..

Just as I finished she knocked on the door and stuck her head in, "All set?, Oh, wow, it looks even better in person. but where is?..." she asked as she inspected my polished black body, the supple latex molded to me. "Oh, nice with the briefs, no need to show off those, yet."

I wondered about that "Yet' as she led me out into the living room, and introduced me to her guests that had already arrived. I began to tend the bar, mixing and serving drinks and hor'devores as more guests arrived, until there was a crowd of 20 BBW filling the room, all dressed casually, chatting and staring at me, almost hungrily. What exactly was going on tonight? I wondered, as i smiled pleasantly, or tried to, the rubber sheath filling my mouth made all expressions the same.

She came over to me and told me to follow her to the middle of the room.. walking behind her until i noticed i was in the center of the room. She told me to get down on all 4's and of course i obliged. My cock pressing hard inside my sheath throbbing. Her friend opened a suitcase next to me. I lifted my head to see all kids of adult toys. Toys ranging from anal stimulators to dildos to strapons, even handcuffs, chains and straps. She then said "Thank you for coming to the party ladies and a special thank you for our model who will be demonstrating." My cock pulsated when she said next, "Now ladies don't be shy who is first to try one of these toys out on our handsome submissive model?"

Stripping off her blouse she pressed her breasts to my rubber lips, having me suck and lick on her nipples, as she unzipped my briefs, pulling them free and revealing the surprises of my suit to the assembled BBW.. a rubber sheath, enclosing my cock and balls in glistening blue rubber, a similar blue sheath lining my ass. Taking a medium sized vibrator from the toy case, she lightly stroked it with some lube before running it over her breasts, then slid it in and out of the rubber sheath lining my mouth, and then slowly slid it into my ass.

"Now then, ladies," she said, "here he is, ready for you, you're encouraged to try out any of the toys with him, just be sure to use lube, and while you may play with his cock, try not to make him cum, and you may not use his cock other than with your hands, but his mouth is quite available, now have fun."

It soon became quite a blur, of BBW in various stages of undress, examining toys, trying various ones out on me, fondling me or caressing my rubber clad body. Ass's, pussies, breasts and ample curves all paraded by me, hands touching and squeezing me, fondling my hard cock, secure in its rubber sheath, toys sliding in and out, it all soon became a whirling blur. Next thing I know, I find myself alone in the guest room, the house is quiet, the door shut, my hood off. The door opens and my friend steps in, her blouse open still, carrying a glass.

She comes over and sits next to me on the bed, handing me the glass, saying, "You must be thirsty after all of that, it sure seemed like you were enjoying it all."

"How did i end up back here?", I asked, "and you didn't remove my hood out there..."

"No, " she replied, "when it seemed you passed out, I had several of the guests help carry you in here, I removed your hood to let you cool off after they had left, it seemed like you had quite the climax from it all. Everyone has gone home, but I wanted to let you rest, and I really wanted to thank you, for helping me out, and making the party a success."

"Well... mmmmph," I managed and she leaned forward and kissed me soundly.

"I've waited and wanted a long time to do that," she said, as she pushed me back onto the bed, moving to straddle my hips, reaching up to cast away her blouse as she leaned forwards once more to kiss me deeply, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tightly to me as her lips parted and our tongues probed one another. I stroked her back and caressed the sides of her breasts as we kissed passionately for what seemed like hours, my arousal increased (which I'm surprised there was any more available, having already cum once)

She noticed this as well, and pulling away, stood up to remove her slacks and panties (which were quite wet), before coming back to the bed, and straddling my legs, taking my hardening cock (still in its rubber sheath) she began to lick and suck it, teasing me with her mouth, as her other hand crept between my legs and began to explore the other sheath lining my ass, sliding one, then two fingers easily in and out of the lube still filling the rubber canal.

I moaned contentedly and ran my fingers over he face and through her hair, then tugging at her shoulders, got her to turn around and face the other way. Her thighs spread on either side of my head, her dripping sex positioned above my face, she resumed her assault on my cock and ass, as I grasped her hips with my hands and began kissing along her nether lips, reveling in the scent of her arousal and the juices collecting there, parting them gently with my tongue I taste her nectar as I lick along her wet slit, reaching her clit I gently circle it with my lips, lightly nibbling on it and sucking it, hearing her moans as she sucks harder on my engorged cock, I lick back the other way, avoiding the wet hole of her pussy, feeling the heat coming from it I lick up and circle her ass, gently kissing the rosebud before pushing my tongue up through the tight ring.

She pulls off my cock, sitting upright and grinding against my face as i continue to tongue her ass. She squeals as I continue to lick her backdoor, the gets up off of me, turns around facing me and hands me back my hood, "Would you wear this, and lick me, I watched you do it at the party and I *must* know how it feels."

Quickly pulling on my hood, I zip it up and slip the sheath into my mouth, taking a deep breath through my nose I extend my tongue out through the rubber to lick her lips once again, sliding along in her copious juices as my tongue enters her, licking her wet depths, her creams running over my rubber. She arches her back and moans deeply as she grinds her pussy against my face, and i feel her muscles contract and wet fluid gushes out over my hood.

She smiles and leans down to kiss my face, and licks some of her nectar off of my hood, "I believe it is your turn now," she says, as she scoots back down my body, then raising herself up, she slowly slides down onto my rubber sheathed cock, burying my hardness inside of her, wiggling around on top of it until she is comfortable. She raises herself up slowly, almost completely off of me, the slides back down, again and again. I buck my hips against her, rising to meet her thrusts, filling her deeply as i grasp her hips, and caress her breasts, knowing that this will not last long, i thrust harder back into her, feeling my passion rise, bucking and squirming, holding it as long as I can, until like a volcano I *CUM*, exploding into my sheath again and again, a low moan inflating the sheath of my hood, bubbling it out, as she shrieks and moans in response, her pussy contracting against me as she succumbs to her passion as well.

She slumps down on top of me, gently pulling my hood off against, and kisses my flushed, sweating face; "Thank you for this," she whispers, "I have wanted this for a long time, and am glad that I have finally gotten to have you and given you one of your own fantasies as well."

I wrapped my arms around her once again, holding her close: "And thank you as well, you have given me two things I have always wished for."




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