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The Party Dress

by Feline

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© Copyright 2004 - Feline - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; latex; bond; cons; X

Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

As Laura walked into the study she knew where Steve would be sitting, without having to look.  He had been spending nearly all of his spare time for the last two weeks in front of that damn computer, ever since she had agreed to that stupid bet of his.

Despite her irritation she had to smile as she leaned over his shoulder to look at the screen.  He was eyeing up latex French maid outfits again, although “outfit” was hardly the right word for what he had found.  You really had to give the designers credit, the model somehow looked even more naked wearing the uniform than she would have been if she really was naked.  She really didn’t mind him having his fun, especially not when he was off at some other site.

Still, thinking about “that site” brought her back to the present, and tomorrow’s party.

“Steve, I have just received a phone call from Mary.  She wanted me to tell you that tomorrow evening will be fine, and that she is looking forward to your surprise.”

“Good” Steve replied in an off hand way, with the bulk of his attention clearly focussed on the computer screen.

At Steve’s dismissive reaction, Laura’s smile instantly evaporated, and her frustrated and angry mood returned in a flash.  “Good?  Is that all you have to say?  When were you planning on telling me you had invited one of my best friends to the party?”

With a sigh Steve reluctantly turned away from the screen, knowing that he wasn’t going to get any peace until he had dealt with Laura.  “I am sure you remember that we agreed I could invite anyone I wanted, within reason, so long as they weren’t connected with either of your jobs.  Mary certainly fits the bill, and I thought you would appreciate the company.  After all, nearly everyone else will be a complete stranger, just as you wanted.”

Staring down at Steve, Laura could feel herself getting ready to explode.  Seeing him sitting there, calm, relaxed and happy as he discussed her impending humiliation, and knowing that he was exactly right was too much for her.  With a strangled scream of “grrr” she turned and stalked out of the room.

Slamming the door of their bedroom shut on the way through, she threw herself down on the bed, wondering why on earth she agreed to that stupid bet in the first place.

Nearly everyone who knew her would have been totally shocked to learn what was going on.  Her Spanish mother had been the source of both her very good looks, and also her near total determination to be accepted for her mind, rather than her body.  Oh, that hadn’t been her intension, but it had been the result.  Her mother was quite the beauty herself, and had been quite up front with Laura as she grew up about just how easy it was to twist men around your little finger by dressing the right way, and leading them on.

At first Laura had happily followed in her mother’s footsteps, going through boyfriends like they were going out of fashion during her early school years.  All that changed with the onset of puberty, and her simultaneous discovery of her love of classical art.  Suddenly she wanted more from the boys that fawning attention, she also wanted someone she could talk to, someone to discuss things with, someone who understood art, and could discuss it with her!

She slowly came to realise that if she dressed and acted like an air-headed flirt, then she was never going to find the man of her dreams, so by the time she left home to study Classical Art History at University in Manchester she had transformed both her wardrobe and her whole way of being.  She was still an undeniable beauty, but she didn’t flaunt it.  She always wore modest outfits, hardly ever flirted, and sought out friends for their intellect rather than their desire to bed her.

After graduation she politely declined her parents many requests that she move back to the south-east of England and help out with her Fathers small but successful computer consultancy.  He was starting to branch out into website design and felt her artistic skills would be a valuable contribution.

With the arrogance of youth she had concluded that he was far too shallow for her to want to work with, being so preoccupied with appearances, her mother being the perfect example in her mind.  So instead she stayed in Manchester, took a crash course in becoming a teacher, and now 2 years later was happily working as a budding painter, and part time art teacher at the local college.

It was through the college that she had met Steve.  At 29 he was 7 years her senior, a rather plain man who shared her passion for classical art.  Over the next several months they had found themselves spending ever more time together, and came to see just how much they had in common.  Soon the inevitable happened, and they moved in together.

It was Steve who found and unlocked the wild tease deep inside of Laura, who had been locked away for so many years.  He used to joke that the only thing to rival his passion for art was his passion for kinky sex, and that really great kinky sex was an art form all of its own.

Rousing herself with difficulty, Laura grabbed her swimming bag, and headed off, knowing that sitting and stewing wouldn’t do her any good.  She tried to get in an hour or so in the pool every day, having loved the water since she was a little girl.  Also, Steve really appreciated the effect all of this exercise had on her figure.

As she climbed into her car, she ruefully admitted that this is what comes of demanding a boyfriend her intellectual equal, he was able to get her into all sorts of unspeakable trouble.

Two weeks ago had been a classic example.  He had tied her, naked of course, to one of the wooden chairs from the dining room, which he had carefully positioned in front of the TV, and in full view of the front window.

He had often tied her to one or other of these chairs, since finding the set in a flea market.  The style was fairly old fashioned, solid construction using lots of dark wood, fettered slats for the back, shaped legs…  not that any of this had really mattered to Steve.  As he had confessed at the time all he saw was a heavy chair, with endless little points to snag a rope or two as he tied someone to it.

As she sat there, patiently waiting while Steve worked his magic with the soft white rope, she mulled over just how ludicrous the whole situation was.  Here she was, a successful up and coming artist, a strong woman who knew her own mind, meekly allowing her boyfriend to tie her naked to a chair, with only the heavy curtains between her and total exposure to anyone who walked past their house.

She had only questioned Steve about this position once, she simply didn’t have the heart to bring it up again.  He had looked like a little puppy who had just been kicked when she had pointed out that putting the chair in front of the curtains was an implicit threat, that she was on the cusp of being revealed, naked and bound, to the world.

In an injured voice he had pointed out that this was the only TV in the house, and they could hardly enjoy watching the movies of their previous sessions without the TV.  Anyway, the curtains were heavy, well drawn, and totally private.  Then he had looked into her eyes and asked if she really believed he would ever expose her like that, without her permission?

Her rational mind of course agreed with his logic, and she did trust him.  Still, in the back of her mind, in the secret dark corners she wondered, would he one day open the curtains and show the world what a wicked slut she really was?  With a rueful smile she started the car and had to agree that perhaps the real issue wasn’t Steve at all, but that she herself wanted him to reveal her, to show her off, to show people just how sexy, teasing and wild she could be.

If she was honest with herself, it was these dark and forbidden fantasies that had inspired her to start keeping a diary, a hidden diary that she had been filling with letters to Steve, telling him all of the things she was too shy to admit to his face, for the last year or so.

When she wanted that extra thrill while tied up and naked, she would imagine Steve stumbling upon the diary, while he was moving around the house, looking for things, and then acting out her forbidden requests.

God, she had even positioned the diary where just a single corner was left peaking out from underneath something innocuous, tempting, daring Steve to find it.  Only a few times, just before she knew he was going to play one of his “games” with her.  By the time she was released she was frantic to find the diary, to hide it, to burn it, to check that Steve hadn’t found it, and to make sure that he never could!  Yet despite all of the promises she made to herself, despite all of the oaths she swore, she never did, and a few weeks later she would put it where Steve might just discover it, once again.

As she moved the car out of the drive, and set off on the 20-minute drive to the pool, she found herself thinking back over “that” day once again.

The basic position had become an old and familiar friend.  Her legs spread, and tied to the front two chair legs at ankle and knee, making sure her pussy was exposed to any devilish little treats Steve might have dreamt up.

Next he would place several loops of rope around her tummy and chest, securely binding her torso to the back of the chair, making sure she had no wiggle room, no way to try and avoid his questing and teasing finger tips.  He always did her arms last, making her help him to get the earlier ropes in just the right position, teasing her with comments about how good a bondage slave she was, and how well trained she was, to meekly sit there and help her master tie her up.

His teasing comments always made her face blush, and her pussy drip with eager wetness in equal measure.  Everything he said was true, but it was also so alien to her public persona, to the person she had been working hard to become ever since puberty…

As Steve moved to secure her arms behind her back, wrists together and elbows as close as they would comfortably go he would congratulate her on how well her slave posture made her breasts thrust forward, large, round, sensitive and inviting.  He knew full well what effect his words were having on her, which only drove him on, always seeking new and exciting ways to spell out just how wanton and lust filled she was!

Of course, once he had finished the basic bondage, he was free to take his time adding as much extra rope as he wanted.  Sometimes he did, spending hours simply covering her entire body with loop after loop of rope, tying each of her fingers and toes individually, making absolutely sure that there was no possible escape for her.

Other times he would settle for the basic bondage, and instead concentrate on teasing her!  “That” day had been a teasing session.  He had started by telling her that Spain was playing England at football in the afternoon, and that he needed to have her “all dealt with” before the game, since he wanted to enjoy England’s victory.

Misplaced national pride, combined with feeling offended that he could possibly prefer to watch football over playing with her naked and shapely body had caused her to inform him in no uncertain terms that Spain would win, and she would thoroughly enjoy watching his team lose.  She didn’t let the fact that she was only half Spanish, or that she had grown up in England get in her way.

Steve, damn him! Had simply looked smug, and told her she didn’t know what she was talking about, while simultaneously making her groan with pleasure as he teased her pussy lips and clit with his oh so knowing fingers.

Over the next hour, as the haze of lust, and the burning desire for an orgasm came to dominate her entire being, she became increasingly irate with Steve.  Not only was he totally calm and unflappable in his certainty that England would win, he was also being uncommonly wicked, getting her far hotter sooner, and for longer, than normal.

She had worked out since that all of this was deliberate, but at the time she wasn’t thinking so clearly.  So instead she had uttered those oh so fateful words, “Spain will win, just you see, I bet you!”

Steve had paused in his ministrations just long enough to tell her not to be so silly, point out that she didn’t know anything about football, which was true, and to refuse to take any bet she offered under such “distracted” conditions.

If her arms had been free she would have hit him!  As it was she had to content with just calling him several unmentionable things, reiterating her challenge, and pointing out that no mere man could have such a distracting effect on her!

Laura would have hung her head in shame at the memory if possible, but she had to keep her eyes on the traffic.  He had played her like an expert, knowing just how stubborn she could be, he had used her own bloody mindedness against her!

It had taken her 20 minutes to make Steve agree to take the bet, by which point there was no way she could back out, her pride would never let her, even now, no matter how much she wished she had never said anything.

Checking the clock as he accepted, Steve informed her that they still had 2 hours, and settled down to work out the terms of the bet with her.  After hearing her demand that he repaint all of the rooms, Steve settled down to “think” about what he wanted should he win.  Looking back, she was sure he already knew exactly what he wanted from her, but he make a good show of working through several options, before setting on the party.

If he won, they would hold a party, for a small and select group of his friends.  She was to be the star attraction at this party, since she would be dressed in an outfit of his choosing, and tied to the wall for the entire evening.

Even in her distracted state it didn’t take Laura long to realise this meant she was likely to be basically bound and naked in front of a large number of Steve’s friends and colleges.  It wasn’t too hard to get Steve to agree to no guests from her work, or anyone who could get her in trouble.

However the outfit proved to be far more of a sticking point.  He simply refused to accept any of her restrictions, and kept on accusing her of trying to back out.  After half an hour, getting desperate and frustrated, and not just from his attentive fingers, she suggested they agree on one of their favourite sites, and he could select an outfit of his choice from them.

Agreeing that this might work, he went off to fetch their laptop, so they could agree on a site.

Laura instantly vetoed most of his suggestions, especially since most of them didn’t do any outfits at all!  For god’s sake, his second suggestion only sold cages!  While privately she had always considered the idea of being locked naked inside a small cage to be a fun fantasy, there was no way she was agreeing to that for the party!

Finally they agreed on, since at least they did have outfits.  True, most of them oozed sex, but by this time Laura had come to accept there was no way around that particular outcome, should she lose.

Of course, Steve refused to let her pick the outfit, or even to have any say in it at all.  However, given he was once more hard at work with his fingers, teasing and caressing her pussy, Laura didn’t really care.

In fact, now that the terms of the bet seemed to be well established Steve seemed to forget about it, and instead turned his full attention to her naked, exposed and helpless body.  The next hour seemed to fly by, while also taking forever, all at the same time.  Laura’s regular plea’s for release, for orgasm, were simply ignored.  Instead Steve teased her by pointing out that if she was much louder in her requests the neighbours were likely to come round and help.

Finally it was time for the start of the game, and Laura received some relief, in that Steve pulled up a second chair, and settled down next to her to watch the game.  His stray hand, caressing and wandering over her breasts and pussy for most of the game helped to keep Laura interested, despite her complete disinterest in football.  The only thing she cared about was the final score, and winning the bet!

Nearly two hours later she had her answer, a clear and decisive two – nil victory for England!  Steve turning to face her and asking if she still wanted to go through with the bet nearly made her scream.

Sitting there, knowing that if she said yes she was going to be offered up as some bound sex symbol for everyone to stare at and drool over.  God, it was exactly what she wanted, but she wasn’t sure she really wanted it.  She had been sitting, steaming and stewing over these thoughts, getting progressively more frustrated and horny ever since the final score had been announced 5 minutes ago, but she was still no closer to a decision.

Taking refuge in her stubborn nature, and feeling frustrated by Steve, who was managing to sit there, all calm and relaxed, while she was being torn in two by the conflicting feelings, she suddenly found a focus and channel for all of her emotional stress.  “Yes” she nearly shouted, “of course I want to go through with the bloody bet!  Have your fun if you must, but remember payback can be a real bitch.”

“As you wish” he replied, his calm and relaxed state only serving to further frustrate Laura.  “I had best get started picking out your outfit then”, and with that he got up and left the room, taking the laptop with him.

For several moments Laura simply sat there, stunned.  She could hardly believe he had just turned his back on her so easily, especially when she was feeling like this!  Didn’t he know that she was dying for an orgasm?  Didn’t he know how desperate she was to feel his penis sliding deep inside of her?

It was well over two hours, hours filled with mind numbing TV, and constant frustration both as how she had been left, and that Steve didn’t once respond to her quiet yet earnest calls for him to get his “lazy fucking arsehole back in here and finish what he had started”.  She dare not call too loudly for fear that the neighbours would here, and ask what all the fuss was about.

The last two weeks had been the longest two weeks she could ever remember.  Steve of course was taking everything in his stride.  She had tried denying him access to her body, but had been unable to keep that up past the first week.  The constant fantasizing about what this party might hold, wondering if he had found her diary, praying he hadn’t, wondering how he was going to show her off, and to whom…

It was keeping her pussy in a constant state of wetness, even as it frayed her nerves and left her edgy and uptight.

Plus those websites!  Steve seemed to have a new personal mission, to find and explore every single website that sold kinky, perverted, or simply revealing outfits, and to parade the best of the lot in front of her.  He was always asking her how she felt about this or that outfit for the party.

For all the different styles and types of outfits he had shown her, not one of them was available at, and not once did she find him visiting the site.  If he was trying to use reverse psychology to make her study the site day in and day out, in a desperate hope of guessing what he was going to pick it was working!

By the end of the second day she was nearly certain he was going to pick the “Mistress Spanking Dress” (  ).  Not only did he consider her bottom to be one of her best features, she knew that he often fantasised about spanking her in public.  It was perfect.  Well, it was perfect for him.  She would probably die of shame if he made her wear it, yet every chance she got she would return to the site and look at the dress, fantasising about being made to wear it, paraded around in bondage, teased, having her naked and inviting bottom teased and pinched by every single party goer…

Oh god!  Finally pulling into the car park at the swimming pool she was in desperate need of a cold shower before her swim.  At least the party was tomorrow and the waiting would be over.  Surely he had picked the spanking dress.  But what if he hadn’t?

For the thousandth time that day she tried to put all thoughts of the party out of her head.  Instead she rushed to change, and attacked the pool with uncommon vigour.  Two hours later, totally exhausted, she finally emerged from the pool, too tired to care any more, just wanting to go home and sleep.

Finally Saturday dawned.  Suspecting that she was in for a long evening, Laura treated herself to a sinfully long lay in, not emerging from her bed until nearly 10:30.  Finding a brief note from Steve resting on her alarm clock, saying that he had gone out to organise some things, and that he would be back around 2pm, she decided on a long hot bath straight after breakfast.  After all, she wanted to look her best for her coming out party.  She smiled to herself at the thought, not realising just how right she was.

After soaking in the hot water and bubbles for nearly an hour, Laura emerged and lovingly shaved both her legs and her under arms, before laying out several different sexy outfits on the bed.  What to wear?  After considering several different options, she finally decided to just go with nothing, and slid her arms into an old and very comfortable bathrobe.  After all, she told herself with a shrug, what’s the point of getting dressed up only to be undressed and re-dressed as soon as Steve is ready?

Having made her decision, she settled down with her latest romance for a quiet read.  She did briefly consider doing something to help prepare for the party, but that was Steve’s baby, and anyway, she was doing ample by agreeing to provide the entertainment.

By the time Steve arrived home she was deeply engrossed in the tangled love life of Dr Adrian West, and the two ward sisters who were both relentlessly pursuing him.  She looked up to acknowledge his arrival, but instantly returned her attention to the book.  It was rare to have the time to just read without any distractions, and she had already decided not to waste a single precious minute of it.

Laura was vaguely aware of Steve moving around in the background, but since he seemed content to let her read, she managed to tune him out and was nearly two thirds of the way through the book when he finally disturbed her, telling her it was time for her to start getting ready.

With a degree of reluctance Laura put the book down, before standing up tall and triumphantly throwing the robe open, to reveal her naked body.  While she may have lost the bet, she saw no reason to give Steve the satisfaction of seeing her blush, or look nervous.

However, much to her surprise Steve was totally unmoved by either her gesture, or her nakedness, and instead simply analysed her with his critical workman’s eye, as if she was nothing more than a half finished sculpture he was crafting.

“The first thing is to get rid of all of that pubic hair,” Steve declared in a totally matter of fact manor.  “Come on, come on, we need to get a move on if we are going to have everything read in time.”

“But why” Laura asked, puzzled at Steve’s comment, and upset that he had totally ignored her show.

Seeing that Laura wasn’t following him, Steve moved back across the lounge, and gently grabbed her left wrist before literally pulling her to the bathroom.  “We need to make sure you cannot get caught in the zipper” was all Steve would say on the subject.

“What has got into him?” Laura asked herself, as she suddenly found herself sitting on the bathroom floor, with her legs spread wide, and Steve kneeling down, gently trimming all of her hair prior to shaving her.  She was well aware that this was a common male fantasy, but Steve had never expressed any interest in this before.

For all of her doubts and questions, Laura didn’t object, and quietly went along with Steve’s demand.  There was something about his cold and unfeeling attitude towards her that was stirring her deep inside.  Before she had really started trying to analyse her feelings about all of this Steve had finished, and had left the room to collect her outfit.

“This is it, the moment of truth” Laura thought to herself as Steve returned, carrying a surprisingly large cardboard box and a large bottle of talcum powder.  “What does he need that for?” Laura wondered, there was hardly enough to the mistress spanking dress to cover her, let alone to present a challenge climbing into.

Steve’s sudden flurry of activity as he covered her legs, hips and back with talcum powder really confused her, this simply made no sense at all.  Then he turned, and from the box he unfurled a large pile of shining red latex.  It took Laura several moments to make sense of the shape as Steve held it up and shook it out, since it was the complete opposite of what she expected.  She burst out laughing as she recognised it, a cat suit!  Steve had got her a full body cat suit in red latex!  Through the giggles she managed to squeeze out, “is that it?  is that the outfit you want me to wear?  And I thought you were going to pick something revealing”, and with that Laura once more dissolved into squeals of helpless laughter.

All of this worry and stress over what?  Nothing, nothing at all.  Steve remained quiet, impassive, almost cold as she laughed, only waiting for her to calm down enough to be able to stand still before he undid the long zip down the front and gestured that he wanted her to start climbing into the suit.

As she slowly worked her legs into place, adding more talcum powder as she went, Laura considered her new outfit.  It was certainly figure hugging, but no more so than her swimming costume, and it certainly covered quite a bit more.

It was only after she had worked her arms into place, and Steve was working the zip up her front, smoothing the latex as he went, that she realised that it was going to leave rather a lot of cleavage showing.  Her suspicions were confirmed when Steve bucked the collar around her neck, outlining a truly wonderful view of her cleavage in the shining red latex.

Still Laura considered, it wasn’t really any more daring that a few other things in her wardrobe, if you ignored the fact that it was made out of latex.  As she moved around a little, getting used to the feel, and letting the suit settle fully into position on her body she realised what Steve had meant about the zip.  The zip didn’t just go right the way down her front, it continued through her crotch and ended up just above her bottom, almost at the small of her back.  Feeling down her back she quickly confirmed that yes, it was indeed a double ended zip.

She started to feel the first tremor of unease.  Surely Steve wouldn’t unzip her at that end, not in public.  But why had he been so concerned to make sure that she was clean-shaven?  Looking to him for reassurance, she saw that the same stony, almost distracted expression was still on his face.  Perhaps it hadn’t been such a good idea to laugh at his choice of outfits after all, she thought.

“Stand still, and spread your legs a bit, I need to polish your suit” Steve suddenly announced.  Laura moved quickly to obey, not asking what he meant, hoping this would help to mellow his strange mood.

For the next twenty minutes Laura simply stood there, her bare feet slowly starting to get cold, while Steve slowly and methodically worked his hands over every square inch of her suit, working a cloth and some liquid over the latex.  “This should be feeling sexy” Laura told herself, being caressed all over.  But it wasn’t, not at all.  There was no real sense of tenderness, of love, simply of a job that had to be done, so it was being done.

Laura came back with a slight start, and realised that she had been drifting, simply waiting for something to happen.  Looking around, puzzled, wondering what had brought her back to earth she saw Steve, thankfully with a slight smile on his face, offering up a new pair of 3 inch high heels, bright red of course.

As she slipped them on Laura offered up thanks that they weren’t too tall, just in case Steve was planning on tying her standing upright.

Moments later Laura saw that her concerns were well founded, as Steve took her hand and gently let her into the lounge.  He had cleared the end wall, taking down the paintings, the single shelf, and the hanging plants, to reveal the large wooden cross that was fixed to the end wall.  Normally it was hidden, and appeared to be nothing more than an artistically shaped support for the plants and artwork.  However, when it was revealed, like it was now, its true purpose was far more obvious, it was ideal for holding someone fixed to the wall, spread eagled, exposed, and very well displayed.

Knowing what was coming next, Laura moved to stand in front of the X, pressing her bottom into the X’s centre, and leaning back into the wall, giving Steve her best “come here and take me” expression.  She was reassured to see an answering smile, and a clear swelling in his trousers.  “Perhaps he is just preoccupied with the preparations for the party” Laura reassured herself, as she watched Steve collect several long coils of their favourite soft white rope.

Starting at her waist, Steve started to work the rope back and forward, moving towards and down her left leg, wrapping the rope securely around each of the small hooks that were screwed to both sides of the wood.

Taking deep breaths, Laura let her head fall back and rest on the wall while Steve secured her in place.  She always loved this feeling of the rope weaving across her body, its tight, secure and unyielding grip holding her firmly in place, removing all control, and with it all responsibility from her.

It always took ages for Steve to secure her to the frame, the hooks being less than a centimetre apart on each side, the loops of rope formed a tight and regular cross hatched weaved up and down her body, supporting her as they secured her, helping her to hold this otherwise difficult position, with her feet spread a good three feet apart, and her arms spread out equally above her head.

Finally though it was done, and as Steve stepped back, and moved the small stepladder to one side, he caressed her exposed cleavage with his fingertips.  As her breath shuddered in and out of her, Laura considered that perhaps this was the better outfit after all.  While the mistress dress would have left her bottom totally exposed and vulnerable that hardly mattered while she was so tightly secured to the frame.

“There, now just the final finishing touches” Steve commented.

Feeling curious, Laura watched with interest as Steve produced the cardboard box that had held her cat suit.  Once again she burst into laughter at the sight of her outfit, but this time it was a more gentle, loving giggle.  Steve had produced a headband with a pair of cats ears on top, covered in short red fur.  It made sense, cat ears to go with her cat suit, but at the same time it seemed so light hearted and childish that she just had to laugh.

The black half mask that followed, clearly designed to suggest feline features was more of a surprise.  Laura considered this odd pair of items as Steve stepped up and first secured the mask on her face, positioning it so that she could see out of the eyeholes, before adding the headband.

Glancing at his watch and muttering something about being nearly on time Steve returned to the cardboard box and produced a simple leather collar with what looked like a small glass jar hanging from it.  Laura had very little time to analyse what she was seeing before Steve had moved forward, and was fitting the collar around her neck.

Laura watched as Steve stepped back, and spent several moments simply admiring the sight of her.  Meeting her gaze, he said, “The mask and the vial of liquid are to help ensure your privacy.  The vial contains a liquid that will dissolve your cat suit, so I suggest you stay very quiet, since every time you say something for the rest of the night I will be forced to drop one drop of the liquid down your lovely cleavage.  The more you say, the more of your suit will be dissolved away, and the more exposed you will be, in front of all of our guests.”

Seeing that Laura was about to speak he stepped forward and placed a single outstretched finger across her lips.  “Shush, you lost the bet, and this is all part of the outfit.  Just be a good little centrepiece and everything will be fine.  You never know, you might even enjoy tonight.”  With that Steve turned and walked off, leaving Laura alone with her thoughts.

Was it possible that Steve had found and read her diary after all?  There had been no sign of it until now, but this, this thread of exposure to strangers, while she was bound and helpless to prevent it…  it was straight out of her favourite, and most private fantasies.

But if Steve really had found her diary, if he really was going to act out her fantasies, her letters to him, then this was only the beginning!  Oh god!  Please god, let Steve be telling the truth, let this be part of the outfit.  Certainly she had never seen anything like this liquid on the website, but she had only bothered to look over the pictures of the clothing, to assure herself that the things Steve kept on showing her during the last two weeks weren’t really options.

Yet even as she tried to tell herself this wasn’t what she wanted her pussy was dripping wet, and starting to spasm, as if it was milking an invisible penis buried deep inside of her hot wet vagina.

Closing her eyes Laura tried to get control of herself, tried to convince herself that she didn’t want this, tried to tell herself that she really was the prim and proper woman she worked so hard to appear.  Somehow though, standing here, dressed like a sex toy, tied to the wall, and awaiting god knows what, her body wasn’t listening to her.

The sound of the front door bell brought her back to the here and now with a sharp shock.  The guests, they were starting to arrive!  Oh god, Mary was going to be one of the guests?  What would she think of her after tonight?  Laura wasn’t worried that Mary would be shocked, after all, Mary was the one who was always trying to get Laura to loosen up and try something “new and different”, which always seemed to involve handcuffs.

No, it seemed most unlikely that Mary would be shocked, but what would she say to their mutual friends?  Despite all the talk of a more open and tolerant society she was sure the school board wouldn’t take kindly to rumours of what she got up to.

The voices were loader now, clearly several people were moving around the house, but no one had opened the door and come into the lounge yet.  Was it possible Steve was just teasing her, and that he was going to keep the door shut all night?  Even as her mind clutched at this hope her body didn’t really believe this, or perhaps didn’t want to believe this.

It was very hard to judge time, with no visible clock, but Laura guessed it had been at least half an hour since she had heard the first voices.  Since then the front door had opened and closed several times, and the number of voices had gone up each time.  It sounded like quite a fun party was going on.  Every time she had heard voices just outside the door she had broken out in a cold sweat, whether from excitement or fear she could not tell.

Suddenly the door was flung open, and Steve stood there, framed in the doorway, with a crowd of people milling around behind him.  “If you will all come this way, it is time to introduce you to my assistant for tonight.”

Laura was only vaguely listening to Steve introduce her, she was intent on scanning the faces, trying to work out if there was anyone here she knew, and if Mary was here.  Suddenly she spotted Mary, near the back of the group, as the people started to divide up and spread out around the room.  Her 5’6” figure was dressed in what looked like a skin tight Lycra little black dress, that was so low cut at the front and so short in the skirt it hardly qualified for the description dress.  Just as she was focusing on Mary, and her movements, something about what Steve was saying caught her attention and she started wondering what he was explaining.

“A very shy assistant, so in order to protect their identity I am not allowed to even reveal their gender, let alone their name.  Now we all know how it is at these do’s, always looking for something to say, trying to strike up a conversation with some innocent bystander.”  For some reason that produced a ripple of laughter from nearly all of the guests.  “So, to help remind my assistant to remain silent there is a little reward hanging around their neck, which will be used every time they say something.  After all, we wouldn’t want them to let slip any clues to their sex would we?”

By the end of Steve’s speech the whole room seemed to be giggling, or in many cases laughing out load.  Laura was starting to wonder just what sort of party this was, and if everyone was on something.

Looking around the room it started to dawn on here that everyone was dressed strangely too.  There was a LOT of skin on show, Mary was quite modestly dressed in fact by the standards of this crowd, and all of the outfits seemed to be made of latex or leather, with Mary’s Lycra dress being the single exception.  Even Steve was dressed in a pair of tight black leather trousers, trousers that she didn’t even know he owned.  Like most of the men, and a couple of the women, he was bare from the waste up.  What was this?  Was Steve planning some form of orgy or swingers party?

With a loud yelp of surprise Laura’s attention was grabbed by the sensation of someone massaging her pussy through the suit.  Even as she was looking down to see who was feeling her up, she heard Mary’s voice calling out, “does that earn your assistant a reward?”  It was clear from the giggly tone of voice that she was having fun, and was probably quite drunk already.

Before Steve could reply she continued. “I bet your assistant is female, and I know just the way to prove it” suddenly Laura realised Mary was looking right into her eyes, smiling at her, she knew who she was!  “Don’t I?”  Even as Laura was vigorously shaking her head no, Mary was bending down and tugging at the bottom of the zip, working it down her bottom and between her legs.  Mary kept on tugging until the zip reached her belly button, and then she gave the suit a slight tug, to part the edges of the zip, fully exposing her naked, and freshly shaved pussy!

Mary’s eyes were fully of mirth, while Laura didn’t know what she was feeling.  The only thing she was sure of was that she didn’t want it to stop.  Leaning close to her ear, Mary whispered “You know, you are going to have to be punished for keeping this a secret from your best friend for so long.”

Turning back to the room, she asked “Well, did that yelp earn your assistant a reward or not?”  As she was speaking, she backed up close to Laura, and brought her hands behind her back, bringing all of her fingers to bear on Laura’s exquisitely sensitive outer pussy lips.  As Laura drew deep breaths, and fought to keep silent, she couldn’t help but wonder if Mary was this good with her fingers drunk, what was she like sober?

Laura was vaguely aware of Steve speaking, but she was far too distracted to pay much attention to what he was saying.  Suddenly there were a lot of shouts of “YES” and “go on, reward her”, including one man shouting “just stripper her naked and give us a show”.

Trying hard to focus on Steve, and to put Mary and her simply incredible fingers out of her mind, she was aware of Steve moving towards her saying that “well, the crowd has spoken, so it is time for your first reward.”

As Steve reached her, Mary turned and moved to one side.  But instead of removing her hands as Laura had half hoped, she removed one, but started to finger fuck her with the other, while everyone looked on, and several people egged her on.  “No, please no” Laura quietly moaned, feeling an imminent orgasm building, torn between the sensations Mary was causing, the shame of her position, and her need to be exposed in front of these people.

“There!  You heard that didn’t you?” a gleeful Mary exclaimed, her fingers stopping as she focussed on the idea of getting a second reward for Laura.

“Yes I did,” confirmed Steve, putting on a stern expression.  “It looks like it is going to be a long night for my assistant.”  With that he gently manipulated the small glass jar, pulling a dropper out of the top, and carefully let two small drops fall right down between Laura’s heaving breasts.

As the liquid made contact with her skin she couldn’t help but cry out.  It stung, and burnt, and it was rolling over a very sensitive area!  “No, before anyone asks, that doesn’t count” Steve explained to cries of dismay.  “The liquid is a little irritating on my assistants skin.  Perhaps someone with some ice in their drink would be willing to contribute an ice cube or two to help sooth my assistant?”

Steve’s news produced a round of cheers, and half a dozen people all moved forward, their drinks to the fore.  In a matter of moments there were half a dozen hands all caressing Laura’s breasts through the latex, teasing her nipples, and trying to fit as many ice cubes as possible into her heaving cleavage.  Things weren’t helped at all when Mary got hold of one of the ice cubes and applied it to her clitoris, making her jump as much as she could, which was very little, given the tightness of her bonds.

This show both broke the ice, and set the tone for the rest of the night.  Steve never strayed far from her side, but he never once stepped in to protect her either.  True, no one ever did anything too nasty, but she was often sobbing, either because her desperately desired orgasm was once again being withheld, or because of another dose of her “reward” was trickling its way down her cleavage.

Soon she forgot all about the possibility of the liquid dissolving her outfit, its effect on her skin was far more immediate, and far more concerning.  The problem was Mary, she seemed able to read her like an open book, and not only kept up a steady teasing of her exposed pussy, but also oversaw a constant stream of guests, all of whom seemed more than eager to try and “guess the sex of the assistant” by groping her breasts, thighs, pussy, in fact any part of her that they could reach.

However when ever she got too close to an orgasm Mary would call out a warning, and everything would instantly stop, which invariably resulted in another desperate sob, cry, or as the evening wore on, long and pathetic session of begging on Laura’s part.

It didn’t matter what she said, the only “reward” she ever received was another drop or two of that dreaded liquid, normally followed by another eager handful of ice cubes, as if anyone still needed an excuse to have a good feel of her breasts.

Eventually Laura realised that no one was molesting her, and that it was strangely quiet.  Slowly she opened her eyes, and tried to work out what was going on.  With effort she made out Steve and Mary, but no one else was visible.  “The party’s over, its time to get you down from there and into bed” Steve explained.

At any other time Laura would have had a host of questions, not least of which why was Mary still here?  But not now, not in this state, all she cared about was the thought of getting down and lying in her bed.  Her arms and legs were so sore from the prolonged bondage, she was so horny, so tired…  all that mattered was the thought of lying down.

Moving quickly Steve released first one arm, and then the second, as Mary helped Laura to stay upright while Steve set to work releasing her legs.  Held up between them, almost crying with the pain of the muscle cramps she hobbled along towards the bedroom.  Collapsing on her back she was vaguely aware of someone tugging at the zipper of her suit, but passed out before she worked out if it was Steve or Mary.

It was early afternoon on Sunday before Laura started to wake up.  She found herself naked and alone in bed, still sore from yesterday, but nothing too bad.  She had felt worse after a prolonged bondage session at Steve’s hands.

Seeing that it was already so late, she decided that another half hour in bed wouldn’t make any difference, so turning the radio on and setting it to something gentle and soothing she rested for a while longer, thinking back over last night, trying to sort out her feelings about the whole experience.

Not really any further forward after nearly an hour of rest, and masturbating to four orgasms thinking about it, she finally got up, and pulled on her bathrobe before setting off in search of something to eat.

She wasn’t totally surprised to find Steve and Mary sitting together in the kitchen, chatting, presumably about last night and her.  Well she could hardly blame them since things had definitely changed!

After pouring herself a bowl of cereal and milk, and grabbing a banana she sat down at the kitchen table, and noticed both Steve and Mary looking at her, with great big grins on their faces.  “We were just commenting on how much fun you were having in there” Mary said as she gestured towards the bedroom with her head.  “We could hear you quite clearly, it was four times wasn’t it?”

Blushing bright red, and desperate to change the subject, Laura turned to Steve and asked, “what ever happened to my suit?”

“Oh, it’s laid out in the lounge drying off.  We washed it out last night after putting you to bed.”

“But, but” started a puzzled Laura, “what about the liquid?  You said it would dissolve the latex.”

“I was only teasing you.  It was simply a mixture of mild curry powder and itching powder in water.  Something to get you all hot and bothered, but quite safe, especially in the tiny amounts I was using.  You didn’t really think I would expose you like that did you?  Not without your permission anyway.”

Stunned, Laura simply sat for several moments looking back and forward between Steve and Mary.  Steve was looking all concerned, hurt that she might have thought such things about him, while Mary was sporting a massive and rather evil grin.

“But what about Mary, showing my pussy off like that to everyone?”

“Trust me, it was just as much a surprise for me as it was for you,” Steve replied, ignoring Laura’s rude snort of disbelief.  “However, when I saw how much you were enjoying it, I saw no reason to intervene.  Also by the time I realised what was happening it was too late to protect your modesty.”

“Oh god” thought Laura, “so all that happened without Steve finding my diary.  Or did he find it and put Mary up to this?  Surely he isn’t that devious, is he?  I REALLY must destroy the diary, tomorrow perhaps, after I write just one more letter, to Mary this time…”



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