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Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuits; hood; boots; first-time; outdoors; party; cons; X

"It's gonna be an unusual party. There will be music, films, drink, food and dancing. Everyone all dressed up. You'll love it. It's in two weeks time. Be at my place by six and I'll take you there."

That's what she'd been told. Great a party, just what I need at the moment, a chance to let myself go. I wonder what was meant by being "all dressed up?" Is it going to be a fancy dress party. I wasn't told. Perhaps I don't need a costume as one's going to be provided. Yeah, that's it. Brilliant. I'm being taken there, even better, that means I won't be driving. What a great night it's gonna be.

She arrived just after six. The street was busy with shoppers on their way home, arms laden with plastic bags bearing free advertising. The frustrated ones, looking angry and upset, their hands empty. The army of shop assistants rushing homewards to throw off their uniforms and return to being civilians. The door opened and a smiling face ushered her in.

She followed the figure which was clad in a red dressing gown. Her denim legs and trainer shod feet propelled her into the front room. There was something different but she couldn't figure out what it was. It was the feet, they weren't bare, they were wearing boots. Odd for someone who looked as if they'd just had a shower. Oh well.

"Why don't you go and have a shower and then join me in the bedroom and I'll help you to dress."

"Yeah all right", she replied. "Um, should I keep these clothes on?" she asked.

"No, don't bother, no point really."

After she had showered she padded into the bedroom, hair encased in a fluffy towel and her body likewise, feet warmed by the thick rugs on the floor of the bedroom. She dried her hair as best she could with the towel. The door opened and she turned round to look.

In front of her stood a strange, smooth, black figure. The surface of its skin glistening under the light. The head was covered and but a mouth and eyes smiled. Her eyes took the whole of the figure in, the image burnt on her retina, etched in her brain.

"Like it?", she heard from somewhere in the distance.

She stared, open mouthed, arms limp by her side, eyes scanning the glossy surface of the alien creature before her.

"Ok, I'll help you to dress."

She unwrapped herself from the towel. She looked at herself in the mirror on the wardrobe opposite and stared at the rubber clad figure's reflection in the mirror. She admired the smooth outline, thinking about what it would be like inside such a costume.

The dark figure moved behind her and showered her body with white powder which cascaded over her like a waterfall, leaving a circle of white on the rug she was standing on. A black lifeless rubber form was handed to her. She looked at it in amazement like it was alive. She brushed her fingertips over the material, feeling the cold, smooth exterior on her warm skin.

She looked at the article she held in her arms. "Where do I start?", she asked.

"At the bottom, where else." Was the reply.

So, she unfolded it and held it up in front of her, gazing at the finish. She put her right leg into the suit's right leg, followed by the left one. She felt the cold, rubber enveloping and then covering her warm, white feet, then calfs and finally thighs. She smoothed the wrinkles and air bubbles out until there was a glass like surface covering her legs. She could see the outline of her toenails, now rubber covered and black. She wriggled her toes just to reassure herself that they were hers.

There was no zip at the front she noticed but there was one at the back which she saw started at what would be the top of her head and ended in the small of her back. She eased her fingers, hands, arms and torso into the suit, slowly feeling the rubber pressing and holding her skin in place. The surface was smoothed for her and now resembled a second latex skin. The mask hung in front of her face, its black maw dark and threatening as if hiding some secret in its depths. She pulled it over her head.

It was a snug fit, moulding to the contours of her face.

She looked into the mirror and admired the black clad reflection, noticing that only her lips and eyes were visible to the outside world. The zip was pulled down to small of her back, enclosing her in the rubber suit. Her nostrils sniffed the rubber aroma surrounding her body. She was helped into a pair of patent six inch stiletto heeled lace up ankle boots.

She watched, in fascination, as her new skin was cleaned and shined, seeing the light reflect off her surface. Some deep red lipstick was then painted onto her lips, glossy and shiny as the rest of her.

On the back of the motorbike, the cold wind did not bother her in the slightest, insulated from the outside world as she was, motorcycle helmet and leather jacket half hiding her appearance from passing motorists.

Walking from the motorbike, she felt strong, tall and powerful, striding with grace towards the entrance to the club. She felt like a new person, a different kind of person, a new being.

Once inside she felt as though she had been born again, she had come home at last.



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