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Pain Slut

by M88

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© Copyright 2014 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; online; voy; kidnap; captive; latex; catsuit; corset; cuffs; harness; gag; hood; mask; predicament; bond; underwater; toys; climax; cons; X

Rebecca was a lovely looking girl with short black hair and blue eyes. She was tall and slim with nicely rounded boobs and a rock like ass. She was a well liked and happy 22 year old girl living in Oxford. She was laying naked in her nice comfortable warm bed whilst on her apple laptop. Rebecca was being a dirty little online slut as she talked about her fantasies on a fetish website. She was also watching hardcore bondage porn and playing with herself. Rebecca was in her only bondage dream world and openly started talking about her dark kidnap fantasy. She even went as far as putting her home town and appearance on to her time-line. Anyone could view her profile and look at her fantasies and fetishes. Rebecca had no idea it would come back to haunt as she loudly orgasmed to the conclusion of the bondage video.

Rebecca lived alone in a small city centre flat and worked nearby in the local bank. She needed to walk to work each week day through a dark short cut. Rebecca had been asking for trouble and about six weeks after she had posted her kidnap fetish fantasy, she was taken. She had been walking through the dark short cut when she was grabbed. She was listening to loud music at the time and had no idea someone was behind her. She went missing on the Friday evening on her way home from work. But was not reported missing till Wednesday night. She was long gone by the time the police investigated.

She had been jumped from behind and incapacitated with a strong and fast working liquid that sent she straight to sleep. The person's hands over her mouth and around her wrists was the last thing Rebecca saw. She had blacked out before he threw her into the waiting van. She was restrained with zip ties and driven off into the unknown. She was taken to a small seaside village near Southampton in an run-down house right next to the seafront, where she was kept bound all night long. She screamed as loudly as she could, but the house was miles from anything or anyone.

Her body was covered in tight zip ties which meant she had no hope of escaping. She was left crying on the cold wooden bedroom floor, her hair dropping over the tears running down her face. She stayed up all night waiting for her kidnapper to break into the room. Around 3am Rebecca could no longer stay awake and she fell asleep. 14 minutes later the door was rammed open and a mountain of bondage equipment was dump on top of her. Rebecca was covered in a sea of rubber, leather and steel. He cut her free and as he left the room, he ordered her to 'get ready' or she would be made to pay.

It suddenly hit Rebecca that she was living out her fantasy. She had asked for this and had wanted all the bondage equipment around her. She loved the idea of Stockholm syndrome and wanted to play a part in her downfall. This was what she had always wanted and with that she started getting ready.

First was a light blue full rubber catsuit with hands and feet built-in. This suit was way too small from Rebecca, but thanks to a river of lube she was in. Just as the suit reached the top of her legs she pushed a glass dildo and butt plug into herself. The suit was crushingly tight fitting as it pressed itself against her body. Then it was a beautiful leather corset in a perfect white. She placed the corset around her body and pulled it unbelievable tight. She picked up a white leather body harness with yellow highlights next. The harness worked it's way up from between her legs to her shoulders. Running around her body in small leather diamond shapes it was an amazing harness.

She then pushed a large rubber ball into her mouth and wrapped electric tape over it. She covered the bottom half of her face in multiple layers of tape. She then worked the tape from under her chin and went vertical around her head. She had done an amazing job with her gag and knew she wouldn't be talking any time soon. She then worked ear plugs deeply into each ear and pulled a light blue rubber hood over her head. The hood only had two holes built into it for her breathing through her nose. Deaf and mute she continued getting ready by applying leather bondage cuffs to her body. One by one she placed them over her ankles, above and below her knees, groin, stomach, above and below her breasts. She then placed a large neck corset around herself and tied it up.

She was now ready for the second part of her bondage. The base bondage set up was done and dusted and now she need to wait for the rest of her equipment. 10 minutes later her kidnapper entered the room again and dumped another hump of toys in front of her. Each of the leather cuffs needed a padlock to restrain them together. She also had a set of four metal handcuffs all chained together as an added layer of bondage. Plus a full face driving mask, oxygen tanks and harness. She quickly added the padlocks to the cuffs and used the metal cuffs on her hands and feet. The chains kept her hands down by her side and were padlocked to her stomach cuff. She was now solidly bound and was having the oxygen tanks strapped to her back and locked to the leather bondage harness.

She was then walked out of the house and to a small waiting boat. She could only take small steps and was breathing heavily by the time she reached the boat. The boat was right outside the house, but in her bondage it was a hard walk. He was wearing a full dry suit and driving equipment as he moved the boat away from land. Breathing through her nose Rebecca knew what was coming as they found an isolated cave and went inside. The small cave had a floating platform standing in the centre of the water.

The upper part of the platform was made from thick metal with a large pole pointing skyward which was covered in a plastic harness. There was a metal box placed on a smaller metal pole right at the front of the platform. Rebecca knew she would be restrained to the large metal pole and left helpless. The bottom half of the platform was made from rubber which could be inflated or deflated. When the rubber was deflated the platform would sink beneath the water.

Rebecca was taken out of the boat and lifted onto the pole. The oxygen tanks had a small gap between them and her body. The pole was the perfect fit as she was moved down it. The oxygen tanks had been locked to her body harness and with the help of the plastic harness she was locked to the pole. It was hard work to reach the straps through all the driving and bondage equipment, but he soon had them done up. She was now trapped to the pole. Her hands could just about reach the small metal box in front of her, it was then the man spoke.

"I enjoyed reading about your fantasy online and I hope you enjoy it in real life. You should know what happens next."

Rebecca hoped he was joking or had charged her dream. But the second he pulled the driving mask over her face, she knew it was her story. The platform would be sunk beneath the water and she would have to wait for the keys to be released. The keys were locked in the metal box and had been put on a timer. After 3 hours the box would open and she would need to grab the keys and use them. The only problem was her oxygen tanks would run out of air after 3 hours as well. Unless she controlled her breathing. But that would be hard work with the sex toys deep inside her.

Her plastic bondage harness stopped her from escaping the platform and the cuffs stopped a lot of her arm movements. The panic was added to when the driving mask was closed around her face. She was now breathing in the precious air from the tanks as the mask was pulled tightly in place. A second later she was heading towards the bottom of the sea. Dropping down 15ft she was now resting on the seabed.

The butt plug and dildo was vibrating at a brutally high rate. She struggled to control her breathing and gave into an orgasm or two within the first 13 minutes. The glass driving mask was covered in condensation and the restraints kept her tightly bound. She was in an odd predicament of unpleasurable pleasures. The feelings from her pussy and ass were amazing. But the feeling of panic and the consistences of her happiness stopped her from enjoying it to max.

She could only be freed by waiting for the keys to become available. She would then need to use one of the keys to inflate to platform, thanks to a keyhole right next to the metal box they were in. She would then need to find the key to her handcuffs and remove her face mask.

She was living her life by the second. At any moment her keys or oxygen would show her 3 hours had gone passed. Her pussy was wet and willing her to give in and go out in a blaze of glory. Her brain was telling her to kept breathing as slowly as she could. The torture was just what she wanted, when she first talked about her fantasies.

Her mind was working overtime to make should she kept her focus. Which was not easy as another orgasm hit her hard. It was then the keys suddenly popped out of the box. Rebecca acted as fast as lightning as she grabbed the keys and started trying them one by one in the keyhole. Amazingly she inflated the platform with only the four key she used.

On the way up she continued to try the keys to save same time. And once again she was lucky and undid on of her handcuffs. She broke through the top of the water and back into the cave. Her freed hand raced up her body to the driving mask and forced it from her face. She had ran out of air just as she did so.

The next day or so was all a blur. She was shocked to wake up back at her house. She knew it had not been a dream as she was still wearing all of the fetish gear.


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