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Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; hood; inflate; cuffs; bond; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

As I took the package from the delivery man's hands, I was sure he must have an idea to its contents from the excitement on my face. I shakily signed the clipboard he carried and he wished me a nice day with a knowing smile on his face. I muttered some banality and closed the door with the package cradled in my arms. I leaned my back against the door and slid to the floor. Tape and brown wrapping paper flew in all directions as I eagerly tore open the box. 

The first thing I came to was the waybill, which I quickly scanned. Good, no backorders! Soft white tissue paper rested on top of what I knew was the prize. I carefully lifted it away and inhaled the unmistakeable scent of latex. Lots of latex. I stuck my hand in the black rubbery pile of goods and pulled out the first piece. It was an inflatable hood. Three tubes dangled from it, two with bulbs for inflation. I knew that the remaining latex in the box was but one item, the catsuit I'd been yearning for. I put the hood aside and stood up. I lifted the catsuit out of the box and let it unfold. It also had a tube with a squeeze bulb dangling from it, however this tube swayed back and forth between the legs. 

Out of habit, I peered in the box one last time. I knew I had only ordered two items, but habits are hard to break. Sure enough, under one more piece of tissue paper was a third item. What in the world? It was a bulky sealed manila envelope. I laid down the catsuit and ripped it open. A small note was the first thing I fished out. It thanked me for my order, said it hoped I enjoyed my purchase as well as my bonus gift. I stuck my hand down in the envelope further and felt the unmistakable feel of latex. I pulled out the item carefully and examined it. It was a pair of crotchless latex Bermuda shorts. How delightful! 

I gathered up all the items and placed them gently back in the box. Lifting the box, I kicked the wrapping paper and tape to one side and dashed through the foyer and up the stairs to my room. I laid the garments out on the bed and tossed the box to the side. I rummaged in my closet for a few moments and pulled out the items I already had to make the outfit complete. I took one more longing look at the ensemble before heading to the master bath to bathe, shave and powder my body. 

While I was soaking in the relaxing steamy bath, I heard my husband's key in the front door. I heard the familiar squeak of the massive door as it opened and then my husband's voice, "Ooh hoo!" He must've seen the tape and wrapping paper and known that the items we ordered had arrived. Since the kids were at Grandma's for the weekend we could play to our hearts' content. I heard him head for the laundry room to ditch his work clothes. Clinking and clanking from the kitchen let me know he had decided to fix a snack before coming upstairs. I finished bathing and shaving and climbed out of the tub. I towelled my body dry and dried my short dark hair with the blow dryer. I put the towels down on the floor and began dusting myself with the talcum powder. 

Before I could finish with the powder I heard my husband enter our bedroom. I listened as the bed squeaked as he sat down on it and I could hear the sound of him moving the items on it around as he inspected them. As I came back into the bedroom I could see the gleam in his eyes. He looked up at my freshly powdered body and said, "Well what are you waiting on? I can't wait to see you in these!"

We both laughed for a moment and then I crossed the room to stand in front of him. I kissed him quickly and replied, "Me either!" 

"So where did the shorts come from?" 

"They sent them as a bonus gift with our order." 

"I'm impressed. We'll be ordering from them again then." 

I nodded my agreement, and sat beside him on the bed. He lifted up the catsuit and held it out to me. I took it from him and slid my foot into one of the legs. The latex hugged my foot and ankle snugly. The thickness of the rubber was just right and felt wonderful as I slid it up my leg a bit. I put the other foot into the second leg of the garment and stood up. My husband helped me to work the suit up my legs and thighs. When we got to the crotch with its vaginal sheath and inflatable anal rod, my husband decided that that should be the last thing before he zipped me up. He lifted the front of the garment and helped me get my arms down into the gloved sleeves. He then gently pushed the vaginal sheath into place and inserted the inflatable anal rod. I was getting so worked up! He deftly pulled the zipper up and as he did so the latex hugged my torso tightly. The suit fit like a second skin. Delightful! He ran his hands over my latex clad body, working out any air bubbles and smoothing what few wrinkles there were. I could tell he was getting worked up as well from the sizeable bulge in his jeans. 

He smiled and picked up the Bermuda shorts. "What a bonus!" he grinned. He helped me keep my balance as I worked them up over the catsuit. The squeeze bulb and its tube that had been dangling between my legs was now held against the small of my back by the top of the shorts. I saw him gaze at the bed to see what should come next and his eyes came to rest on the leather corset. It is heavily boned and quite restrictive. He smiled and reached for it. I merely turned and held on to the bedpost for support as he slipped it around my waist and began to draw it tight. The front of the corset has hooks and eyes so it doesn't have to be relaced each time it is worn. Whoever thought that up deserves a great big hug and a pat on the back. As the laces were drawn tight in the back I had to hold tight to the bedpost to keep my balance. My husband is a strong man and he was determined to reduce my waist to its smallest size. I felt him doing something different than normal when he reached the last few inches of laces though. He must've sensed my curiosity because he told me that he was working the bulb for the anal rod through the laces so he could reach it more readily. Clever. 

At last he was done with the lacing. My waist must have been at least four inches smaller, maybe more. I couldn't bend at the waist anymore due to the heavy boning in the corset, but I could sit. I sat down on the bed somewhat gingerly due to the anal rod, but I wasn't overly uncomfortable. My husband then proclaimed that I should be wearing some shoes to protect the feet of the catsuit. He looked at the bed and scowled a bit, not finding what he was looking for. He went to the closet and pulled out the shoes I dreaded the most. The heels were a good seven inches. The toes pointed straight down to the ground. They were torture shoes and it was impossible for me to walk in them. He grinned wickedly and knelt in front of me like the prince in Cinderella, holding the first shoe out for me. I lifted my foot off of the floor and he worked the shoe onto my foot, lacing it tightly. He did the same with the other shoe. Now I was unable to stand, so I sat meekly on the bed awaiting his next move. 

He found my set of elbow length latex gloves in the pile left on the bed and added a second layer of rubber to my already gloved hands and arms. My manual dexterity would be severely hampered by this I knew. Evidently he knew it too, because he dug around for the wrist length latex gloves next. Soon I was wearing three layers of latex on my hands. So much for doing anything detailed with my fingers. 

I knew what the last item would be and the thought of it excited me as well as frightened me. He picked up the inflatable hood and looked at me. "You know once you have this on you won't be able to back out of spending the weekend like this." I just nodded. A rush of pleasure ran through me at the thought. It took a bit of work to get the hood on, but he finally had it started over my head. He inserted the breathe-thru pump gag into my mouth and pulled it the rest of the way down over my head and neck. I was completely blind now and my only source of air was the breathing tube. I could feel and taste the uninflated gag in my mouth. 

I could hear the muted sounds of my husband gathering items off of the bed and the tinkle of keys. I felt him putting ankle cuffs on me and locking them in place. They were followed by locking wrist cuffs and then by a bondage belt. He ran his hands over my shoulders a moment and then placed the locking collar around my neck. "You are my little rubber fuck toy now." I shivered with the thrill the words brought to me. "Place your hands on the sides of your head." 

I did as was told and felt the hood start to inflate. The inner layer of latex began to mould itself to my face as the air forced it tighter and tighter against my skin. Soon the hood was inflated to the point where I could no longer open my eyelids. My hands felt as if they were holding a beach ball. That is when I felt the gag in my mouth start to balloon up. It filled my mouth completely. My husband directed me to try and say something. All I could produce was a tiny bit of sound around the huge gag. 

A few moments passed as my husband cleared off the bed. He then laid me back on it gently and used the wrist and ankle cuffs to chain me spread eagle to it. I was helpless. He began moving his hands over my rubber clad body and commenting on how sexy it was. He moved his fingers over my crotch teasing me unmercilessly. He slid his fingers into the vaginal sheath as he moved his mouth to my latex covered pussy. I could feel the heat of his mouth and the pressure of his tongue, but even though he stayed there a while it wasn't long enough to allow me to come. It was maddening. I was so horny, but there wasn't anything I could do about it. I couldn't even speak to beg him to let me come. 

When he knew he had me worked into a frenzy he unchained me from the bed and put me down on the floor on my hands and knees. I felt him grab the squeeze bulb at the small of my back. He gave it three pumps at first and the rod in my ass felt as large as the largest butt plug I'd ever had in. Another squeeze and I was sure it was as big as it could get. My asshole was throbbing and I began to try to crawl away. 

"Don't try to get away from me slave. There will be consequences if you do." With that he gave the gag in my mouth another pump of air, pushing my jaws even further apart. I stopped trying to crawl away immediately. He reached down under me and began to finger me through the latex. I was in heaven again, the rod and the gag momentarily forgotten. Just as I thought I would come for sure, he inflated the rod in my ass some more. 

We continued like that for what seemed hours. He would purposefully and skilfully get me relaxed and to the brink of orgasm and then inflate the rod in my ass yet again. At one point he knelt behind me and pushed himself into the vaginal sheath, fucking me doggy style, only to give the anal rod's bulb two squeezes as he came. I couldn't help myself, I tried to crawl away, and that resulted in a third squeeze and another squeeze to the bulb on my pump gag. 

I think he must've known it was all I could stand. He lifted me up onto the bed and once again tied me spread eagle to the bed. He allowed me to rest there for about an hour I guess, and then he asked me how my ass was doing. I couldn't reply and he knew it. He asked me if I could stand some more inflation if I were allowed to come. I shook my head no. He teased my crotch with his mouth, bringing me once again to the brink. He asked me the same question again. In my desire to come I shook my head yes. He returned his mouth to my latex covered pussy and slid his hand under the small of my back to grab the squeeze bulb. He brought me to the brink three times, giving the bulb a squeeze with each. My ass felt as if it had a telephone pole up it. Finally, he let me go over the edge to orgasm, deflating the anal rod as I came. He then deflated my gag and my hood as well. 

He undressed me piece by piece and I was finally free of my latex prison. He allowed me to shower quickly to remove the sweat from my body. When I returned from the shower he tied me to the bed yet again, this time in the all fours position with a spreader bar between my knees. He then proceeded to fuck my stretched out asshole with abandon. When he was done he undid my arms and legs but left the spreader bar in place. 

He had me waddle to the bathroom and lifted me into the tub. He tied my wrists to the shower curtain rod securely and prepared an enema for me. He told me I had to hold it or we'd begin the entire day's activities again in the morning. He inserted the enema nozzle into my rectum. It used to feel large, but now I could barely feel it slide in. He let the enema bag empty into my bowels rather quickly and I could feel the pressure building. The instant he removed the nozzle I felt water gushing down the insides of my legs. My ass had been so stretched that it was impossible for me to hold the water in. He showered me off with the shower massage and he untied me. He removed the spreader bar from my knees and held both of my hands.

He looked me in the eyes and said, "Let's go to bed. You'll need your rest for tomorrow." 



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