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Out and About in Latex

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2018 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Lynn was walking through the mall occasionally stopping in different stores, ones with few people in them and sales people behind counters, the reason for being so choosy about which stores to go into was because she didn’t want anyone to get too close to her. The layers of latex Lynn was wearing under her clothes creaked loudly, to her, and coupled with the strong rubber smell she was afraid someone would notice that under her long sleeved turtle neck sweater and form fitting knit skirt she had on two layers of thick latex. The first catsuit always got her aroused driving her to step into the next one but over the years Lynn had learned to stop at two when she planned to go out finding the restriction of three or more suits too much to bear for any real outside adventures. Lynn had found out that they always forced her to cut short her trips ruining the feeling of being in public in her latex. Now she stands staring in the window of a small shop letting the slow hum of her vibrator tickle her wet pussy making her smile as she felt a trickle of sweat run down her back under the tight rubber.

Lynn had locked a thin leather collar snugly around her neck trapping the zipper under it with the zippers pull also through the small lock making it impossible to unzip the catsuits even if she had wanted to.  Feeling her wrist Lynn smiled again knowing that under the long sleeves she had locked steel cuffs around her wrists further limiting what or how she could remove anything. Lynn couldn’t stop herself when she was getting dressed, just like the ankle cuffs now locked on her and covered by her ankle boots Lynn needed more pushing the limits of her body and the limits of being discovered each time. She relished the restriction of the tight skirt making her take tiny steps in her high heels while it held her knees and thighs tightly together. The double thick knit material not only stretched tightly over her lower body but also had the added benefit of being very warm once she was inside making her sweat even more. The wide belt around her waist had been pulled very tight and with two locks hidden under the tail it would make removing the skirt or top difficult while concealing the rubber under it and caused Lynn to gasp slightly from the tension around her waist.    

Lynn continued to wander the mall, her confinement in her rubber had now been over four hours the last two while at the mall. She knew that the cold temperatures outside would keep the frozen key hidden in her wheel well inaccessible for at least another hour or more keeping her from getting into her car. The keys to everything else she was wearing and had in her purse was at home and made her shudder with a rush of anxiety knowing she couldn’t release anything until she got home. While Lynn was in a store her vibrator increased its humming telling her she had one more hour before it would start her on a mind numbing trip to multiple orgasms and she needed to be home for before that. Rubbing the small metal box that was in her purse holding the remote locked away from her prying fingers she thought about her options. Lynn was heading towards the exit when she noticed a new store that had PVC clothes in the window and went inside relieved there was loud music playing so she didn’t have to worry about her creaking rubber. The girl working there was wearing a tight PVC dress that covered her from her chin to her ankles with long gloves ending at her shoulders. The high boots under it were tall platforms making the already tall girl tower over Lynn as she came over asking if she could help her.

Lynn chatted with her and the girl showed her around the store even showing her the selection of collars and cuffs among the clothes on the racks. Lynn found a black PVC skirt that she knew would fit her perfectly that had a zipper that would run from her ankles to her knees restricting her stride severely. Holding it up to herself the girl offered her the dressing room but Lynn refused saying she knew it would fit getting a strange look from the girl making her suddenly feel very self-conscious and move quickly to the counter and paid for her new skirt and left the store. Walking outside Lynn felt that the temperature had dropped and shivered under the knit covering her body. As she walked slowly towards her car that she had parked in the farthest parking spot away from the mall with her arousal building she fought the tight rubber and skirt for each step. When she was far enough away from the building she pulled the gag from her purse, looking around to make sure no one was looking she straightened out the thin chains and smiled as she pulled it up to her mouth. The gag had been ordered from the internet, she had found it one evening after being pulled over wearing her ball gag harness and having to explain to the officer who had seen her gagged face the that it was a joke and she was fine. This gag was made from thin chains that had been designed to keep her mouth closed by making it uncomfortable to try to open it. Her favorite part was the plate attached to the thin metal bit that had a wide clamp with a pin. The pin would go through her tongue piercing and the small nut on top that allowed her to tighten the clamp firmly onto her tongue making it impossible for her to speak and would become painful in an hour or so.

Lynn tightened the nut until it was starting to hurt sinking the tiny spikes in the clamp into her tongue then pulled the chains under her hair. Holding them with one hand while she routed the chains around her face correctly she pulled the main one tight snugging the others as she fought to slip the small lock through the ends of the chain. Pulling on the chains increased her arousal causing her to pull the chain tighter sinking the others into her skin roughly before locking it closed. Lynn raised her head and fluffed her hair covering all the chains behind her head and some of the small chains around her face. She ran her fingers across her face feeling the chains pushing deep into her skin running above and below her lips making them look pouty before they connected to the main chain that held the small bit with the plate and smiled slightly. The chain running over her the bridge of her nose linked back to the main chain with the others causing it to pull down hard when she tried to open her mouth. The chain under her chin was attached to the bit and pulled it back tightly into her mouth and kept her from moving any of the other chains. Lynn loved the gag and had a hard time keeping her hands from rubbing it as she walked her arousal increasing as she thought about the large ice block in the freezer that held the keys to the gag and some of the other locks still in her purse. As Lynn struggled against her skirt to walk quickly she was sure she would orgasm before reaching her car and caught herself moaning slightly and giggled as she saw her car getting nearer. Reaching the edge of the first lot Lynn stopped in between two cars and quickly locked a short chain from her purse to her ankle cuffs pushing the tops of her boots down to allow access and limiting her steps to a few inches for the remainder of the trip to her car.

Now Lynn walked carefully, the chain barely letting her step a few inches at a time before stopping her making her smile again and draw her leather gloves from her purse to try and help stop her from getting any colder. After putting on the gloves she had the last chain in her hand and with her head quickly getting foggy from the building climax she fished the remaining locks from her purse. Lining up the small holes in the wrists of the gloves she locked the chain between her wrists pulling and twisting her pinioned hands. Now her hands were held about eight inches apart, her ankles only a few inches and chains surrounded her head keeping her mute and making it painful to even try to open her mouth as the vibrator turned up again making the now very aroused Lynn moan loudly and try to focus on her car that now seemed to be getting further away. For another twenty minutes Lynn struggled with her chains before reaching her car gasping from the exertion and reached under the fender and pulled out the small box and tried to open it finding it still frozen shut. Lynn groaned as she quickly figured out the temperature change and kept it from melting meaning she was stuck until it melted. Lynn leaned against her car turning her gagged face towards the mall and groaning again knowing she couldn’t make the long trip again with her hands and feet chained together and the tight chains running across her face.

As Lynn realized how helpless she really was the first orgasm rushed through her body making her throw her head back and moan loudly while her body shuddered inside the latex. After the orgasm faded Lynn stood gasping, the feelings of another orgasm quickly building inside her making her pull at the chains. She had been holding the frozen box in her hand and could see the leather was wet from the melting ice and closed her hand and began pacing around her car shuffling slowly as she waited for the ice to melt. Lynn was now very cold the knit material doing little to block the cold and tried to stand out of the wind as her orgasm grew near shuffling around to the back of her car sitting on the bumper to enjoy her next orgasm.  When the climax hit her she tried to scream opening her mouth pulling the chains hard around her face making her whine as the pain from the chains across her nose and mouth increased. Raising her hands to her face and even through the leather she could feel how deep the chains had been pulled into her skin and moaned knowing she had screwed up making them that tight and wished for the ice to melt faster. For the next hour Lynn was tortured by multiple orgasms as she shuffled around her car watching the sun set and hoping she didn’t attract the mall cops with her pacing. Lynn was unable to sit due to the need to feel her body sliding around in the cooling latex and the restrictions the chains put on her arousing her more.

Checking the box Lynn felt the lid open squealing around the steel holding her mouth closed she banged it against her car knocking the small ice block out onto the ground. Carefully she took her pointed heel and crushed the remaining ice from the key and climbed into the car. Grateful to out of the cold wind that had been cutting through her knit dress Lynn sat shivering slightly for a minute. Lynn started the car before getting settled and looking at herself in the mirror and seeing her face already had red lines under the tight chains and her lips were pushing out of them much further than she had ever seen them reinforcing her opinion that she had locked it on too tight. After wrapping the seat belt under her arms she drove off still shivering. She had driven with her hands and feet chained many times and once she stopped shaking she was able to drive home with no problems parking in the garage and shuffling to the freezer taking the large block of ice to the sink and turning on the hot water. Leaving the water running she went to the bedroom to get undressed only figuring out once she was there she could only remove her boots, belt and skirt giggling about how it was a waste of time to shuffle in here but removed the belt then kicked off her boots as she wriggled out of the tight skirt.

Walking on her toes Lynn went back to the kitchen and turned off the water to let the sink empty before refilling it with more hot water and went and curled up under a blanket on the couch while she waited. Laying under the blanket she was warm and comfortable, the vibrator had died completely on the way home so she was able to quickly fall asleep as her exhaustion hit her. She slept in her rubber with her hands and ankles chained together and her face laced with thin chains keeping her mouth shut and her tongue throbbing in its clamp. Waking the next morning Lynn jumped up and retrieved her keys removing the chain from one wrist as she shuffled to the bathroom dropping the collar along the way then the sweater remembering she couldn’t remove the latex with her wrists still locked in their cuffs as she stood prancing in front of the toilet. Finally able to unzip the rubber and pull it down far enough to remove her plug and relieve herself, groaning through her closed mouth as she did.

During the following weeks Lynn remembered her adventure smiling even at the painful parts and remembered how long it took for the red marks on her face to go away and started wanting to do it again. She was out shopping one Saturday wearing only one catsuit under her clothes when she found a life sized mannequin that was missing its head in a thrift shop. She had been thinking of a new adventure and this would make it easier to set up her new harness and bought it. In a small hardware shop she found several hundred feet of small but study chain that was on sale and purchased it along with two sets of six locks each set being keyed alike, thinking now she could get started. Lynn’s idea was to make a chain body harness that would encircle her entire body making it impossible for her to remove any part of the suits even if she tried to cut them off wanting to force herself to wear them for one full week.

Using the dummy she carefully made loops around it starting with the neck then proceeded to work her way down making loops around the upper chest then below the breasts with three more to its waist. Lynn continued making loops but using her own legs to get the correct size so they would fit her thighs and calves snugly ending with loops around her ankles that could be opened then slid them up the mannequin’s legs pinning them in place. Now finished with the loops she started connecting them with vertical lengths of the chain using many rows to hold the loops correctly onto the dummy’s form. When she was finished she was amazed at how much chain she had used but could see the chain would hold her in her rubber from her wrists to her ankles. Each connection was made using open links that once they were squeezed shut would be almost impossible to open leaving only the loops around her torso open in the back to be closed with the locks and her wrists and ankles to be locked to her steel cuffs. Lynn worked for three days to get the chains perfect finally stepping back admiring what she had done. Lynn decided to add three more chains that would run between her legs tightly forcing her to keep whatever plugs or vibrators inside herself during the entire adventure and making her endure enemas and urinating through the hollow vibrator. Both of these she hated doing but was willing to endure it to be sure she was completely secured in her rubber.

Lynn waited for the perfect time, every time she passed the dummy she dreamed of chaining herself up and while she waited she had found a way to keep her from chickening out. She would send the keys to a service that would hold the package for a designated time before sending them back to her. With everything in place Lynn finally could wait no longer getting so aroused she slipped the chain gag into her mouth snugging the tongue clamp and wrapping the chain around her head. Lynn pulled it just tight enough to keep her from being able to open her mouth very far before it pulled painfully across her nose and face. Lynn then inserted her vibrating plugs and stepped into her first catsuit. This suit had cut outs for her breasts and would hold them tightly around their bases, it also had small openings for her pussy and ass. The suit was slightly thicker and held her body much tighter that her other suits compressing her tightly.

The next suit would cover her breasts with formed cups and after slipping small nooses around her erect nipples tying them just tight enough to keep them erect Lynn pulled the suit on stuffing her hands into the sleeves and pulled up the zipper. After aligning the small holes over her pussy and ass Lynn, now fully aroused thought I want one more suit. Thinking “I’m not going to do anything too strenuous and I can cover it up” she pulled her newest catsuit out. Having only worn it once and breaking her own rules about no more than two suits at a time. Lynn knew she should have stopped with two suits but her arousal was telling her she could do it and her body listened as she began to wrestle the thicker rubber onto her body knowing this suit would cover her completely. The small hole in the hood for her hair to be pulled through and the small openings around her eyes and under her nose were the only parts that would be uncovered. Her hands, feet and most importantly her mouth would be covered in the thick rubber. She had worn it once before and found that if she did get into trouble breathing she could pull the rubber away from her face and breathe through her mouth and nose so she wasn’t too concerned about that.  What she was concerned about was feeding herself and hoped the flexible hose she had tried worked as it had during her tests she had done without the hood.

It was very cold outside now so she could wear a heavy coat and face mask and not receive too many strange looks and hoped she could make the few trips into public she had planned without any problems. Now fully encased Lynn unwrapped the chains from the mannequin’s body and stepped into the chain harness, noticing first that her legs fit much tighter as she stuffed them into the chains. Using her steel cuffs around her ankles she locked the lower chains to the cuffs closing the chain loops above them. Lynn had also never felt the full weight of the chain harness and was struggling to lift it up her body. She was finally able to get her arms into their chains and flopped the harness up around her torso. Standing in front of the mirror Lynn locked the collar snuggly around her throat then locked her wrist cuffs on locking the chain harness that ran down her arms. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath and looked at the shiny chains wrapped around her body, the contrast of the silver and black looked wonderful and drove her on making her reach back and begin pulling the chains tightly around her body and locking them one by one.

Lynn wrestled with the chains for an hour before finally getting the last lock on and had to sit down to rest before buckling her six inch heels onto her feet and sat panting through her nose. She stared at the alien figure staring back at her through the small openings over its eyes and almost came from the view and realization that she was now really locked into her rubber and didn’t have the keys. Almost immediately Lynn noticed how tight the chains were and how difficult it was to take a deep breath or bend her body but just smiled under the hood as she buckled her shoes on. Lynn knew she would have to take them off in a few hours from the intense pain they would cause her being forced to walk on the balls of her feet and the severe arch they would be forced into. Once her shoes were buckled tightly she stood up and pulled the chains connected to the waist harness between her legs. Lynn made sure the holes were still lined up since she had to pull really hard to get them connected to her waist in front finally locking them in place with three locks. Now Lynn was completely trapped in her rubber cocoon and stood on her shaking feet while she stroked her rubber and steel coated body until she was moaning and had to sit down to let the orgasm rush through her.

Lynn was lying back on the bed panting while she thought “Wow and that was without any vibrators on, I’m really going to enjoy this” and tried to sit up. Sitting up was more difficult than it should have been as she struggled she found that with her crotch chains connected it had pulled all the others tighter making it impossible for her to bend her torso as the chains dug deeply into her shoulders and pulled harder on the collar. Lynn smiled at the new challenge and used her hands to help her sit up finding that they too were harder to bend than expected but she was finally upright and pushed herself to her feet. Lynn walked around the room getting used to her new body and the restrictions the chains and rubber put on it. Lynn walked to the kitchen deciding to find out now if she could feed herself arriving in the kitchen panting from the pressure of the tight rubber and even tighter chains. She pulled a bottle of her “food” from the fridge and stuffed the hose through the nose hole of the hood and fiddled around with it until she was able to make it go into her mouth and squeezed the bottle forcing the thick liquid into her mouth.

Satisfied she wouldn’t have to cut the hood open around her mouth she put the bottle back and walked around the house again before sitting down to watch some TV before heading out to the store for her first trip outside. Sitting was not comfortable, the chains pulled deep into her crotch and ass and made her have to sit very erect so she laid on her side trying to find a comfortable position. Lynn shifted and twisted every few minutes as each new position would begin to hurt her somewhere even making her lassoed nipples begin to ache until finally she gave up and got ready to go out. Lynn had decided to wear her knit skirt again with only her heavy coat and of course the ski mask, carrying the coat to her room before sitting again to remove the shoes. Lynn tried to bend forward to unbuckle her shoes and found she could not bend far enough to reach them. Laughing around the gag she tried to raise her foot to her knee and found she couldn’t raise it far enough either.

Now Lynn was worried, she knew she couldn’t kick the shoes off, the multiple straps she had buckled so carefully and so tightly would never let that happen so she tried to bend again this time flinging her body forward. Lynn stopped as she began squealing from her pussy and ass being pinched hard and the collar tightening around her throat. Lynn sat panting as she tried to figure out what to do, soon her feet would be throbbing and after that pure torture and she didn’t think she could take it for a day much less five. Five she thought to herself, no it would be seven, as she counted the days in her head then gasped as she thought maybe nine! If the box didn’t make it by Friday then it would be Monday before she got her keys and instantly Lynn went into a panic attack as she struggled with the chains and rubber covering her body. Calming herself Lynn still sat on the bed panting as she admitted to herself this is what she had really wanted and even though the painful shoes had not been part of the plan she would have to deal with it since she appeared to have no choice anyway.

Pulling the tight skirt up her legs she stood and wrapped the parka around her pulling the ski mask on before raising the hood and pulling the drawstring tight. She looked in the mirror and hoped that no one noticed her pitch black face under the hood and mask and wobbled her way to the garage picking up her gloves and purse along the way. Lynn had decided she would go to the store to pick up her needed supplies and decide later if she could go out on her other trips or not. Driving in the heels and with the restricted vision made Lynn drive very slowly making it take much longer to get to the store. Arriving she was panting from being held so firmly erect and from her nipples throbbing again but was able to park her car surprised at how many people shopped this late. The walk to the store was painful and slow and the ski mask was making breathing more difficult but she made it and grabbed a cart and shuffled up and down the aisles. Her high heels made loud clicking noises as she walked in her tight skirt and large jacket getting long stares from everyone in the store. Half way through the list Lynn was sweating profusely in the tight rubber as she struggled to walk in the tall heels and tight skirt. The heavy coat was making her feel like she was trapped in a sauna and the ski mask was making her feel light headed. Taking almost two hours to complete her list Lynn finally stood in the checkout line when she realized she would have to remove her winter gloves to get to her card to pay.

While the cashier checked her groceries Lynn removed her glove and fumbled with her purse as her rubber covered fingers desperately searched for the card then slipped it into her gloved hand. While she pulled on the other glove she dropped the card watching it skitter under the cart. Lynn knew she couldn’t bend to pick it up and also knew she couldn’t ask someone to pick it up with her tongue trapped between two metal plates and her mouth chained shut so she stood staring at the card for several seconds. Luckily a nice man two people back came up and picked it up and handed the card to the cashier. Lynn was so relieved she just shook his hand briskly and tried to mumble thank you to the man just as the cashier finished ringing her up. Now outside again Lynn felt the cold air hit her body and moaned in relief from the intense heat she was feeling in the store as she took her tiny steps towards her car and cursed herself for wearing the tight skirt promising herself she wouldn’t wear it next time.

Bending to load the bags into her trunk was painful and as she was loading them the man stopped beside her and said “I like your shoes, not many women can wear them that high”. Lynn turned to face him and waved her hand before shuffling to the driver’s door. The man stopped her and handed her a card and said “Call me when you are able to speak” with a wink before turning and leaving her alone beside her car puzzled if he really knew why she didn’t talk to him or if he was just flirting. Lynn drove home and parked her car grunting each time she had to bend to pick up the bags and ripping the coat and mask off her leaving them in a pile on the floor.  Lynn was exhausted and went to her bedroom and lay back on her bed grunting as the chains pulled tight again forcing the plugs deep into her and pulling her collar tight before falling asleep.

Lynn woke several hours later the pain in her chest and mouth making her moan deeply as she rubbed each. Her chest was hurting from the tight chains digging into her and her mouth was hurting from the chains holding it closed and the clamp on her trapped tongue. After rubbing herself she stood and went to the bathroom and before relieving herself she looked in the mirror and noticed the rubber over her face now looked like it had been vacuum formed to her showing the outlines of the chains surrounding her head and her pouty lips in between the thin chains, even her smile could be seen as she stared at herself. Once her bladder had been emptied Lynn stepped carefully to the kitchen, her aching feet and calves making her whine with each step. Reaching the fridge she took a bottle and went to the cabinet and got several aspirin and after crushing them she stirred them into her mixture and inserted the tube into her mouth and squeezed the contents into her throat. After her meal Lynn tried to watch TV again but still couldn’t get comfortable so she started dreaming about being trapped in her outfit for weeks and weeks being forced to serve a stranger while she suffered inside her hot cocoon.

Thoroughly aroused Lynn returned to her bedroom and took the remote for her vibrators and turned it on high knowing she had limited time until the batteries died and she wanted to get herself off quickly so she could use the vibrator more later. With the vibrations making her orgasm grow near quickly Lynn flung her captured body onto the bed and rolled back and forth as she gasped for air. After only a few minutes Lynn was moaning and grunting as the orgasm washed over her leaving her gasping and light headed as her rubber covered hand searched for the remote and turned both off. Lynn moaned quietly for several minutes before drifting back to sleep dreaming of being kept on the edge of an orgasm for days and not realizing just how close to that dream she would get. For the next two days Lynn whined and moaned as her body slowly became accustomed to her bonds, even her feet and legs had stopped hurting. Her only complaint was that her chain gag was starting to hurt her face and tongue and her lassoed nipples would on occasion start throbbing if she moved in the wrong way.

Lynn had now been encased for four days her body had stopped sweating as badly but her feet and hands felt water logged and ached constantly. She was still unable to bend far enough to reach her feet so she could do nothing to ease her discomfort there having only had a few panic attacks having poking a small hole in both the rubber gloves covering her hands and squeezed the sweat from them allowing them to dry out and start to feel better. As she swallowed another bottle of her “food” she desperately wanted to cum again but knew from the last time that the batteries were already getting weak and she might have only one time left to use them. Lynn was worried she would be left horny for too long before the keys arrived so she decided to arouse herself further by doing a little self bondage. Collecting her gear Lynn went to her bed and first strapped her large corded vibrator tightly against her rubber covered pussy. Setting the timer to come on in one hour she took a small ice block and tied her keys to it and attached it to the top of the bed post. Now she was ready, she reached down and turned the vibrator to high thinking she would need that much stimulation to get her off through the layers of thick rubber and strapped her thighs to the bed post.

She continued strapping her chained body until she wrapped the last strap around her neck pilling it against her throat locking her head and neck to the thick post. Looking around quickly checking that all was ok she pulled the rubber blindfold down then took the short chain and locked it between her wrists, the final click sending waves of pleasure and anxiety through her body. Lynn stood shifting her weight from foot to foot as she waited for the vibrator to turn on. In her blackened world time stopped and she knew something had gone wrong and began to struggle and pant. While the straps creaked and held her firmly in place a faint click was heard and the vibrator turned on shaking her insides making her squeal. Lynn hurt her face as she involuntarily tried to open her mouth to scream as the vibrator was running directly on her clit and the bottom of the vibrator trapped inside her. Lynn was struggling violently as the climax neared making her twist and wiggle in the straps enjoying herself immensely when the vibrations started to diminish and in a few minutes could no longer be felt in her pussy but she could still feel it on her thigh.

It only took a few seconds for her to figure out the vibrator had slipped in its straps and had moved away from her aching pussy. Lynn struggled fruitlessly for almost four hours only making herself more frustrated. She finally accepted she was not going to be able to cum and slumped in her bonds while her fingers flailed behind her back constantly searching for the key. Lynn was now exhausted and hung limply as she let the leather straps hold her up. Lynn wiggled and twisted in the tight thigh straps that were holding her knees close together so she couldn’t spread her feet far enough apart to be able to bend her knees and push the vibrator back up to her pussy. The strap around her throat was pulling tighter so she could hear her heart beat in her ears and felt her head start to spin and made herself stand up straight again easing the tension on her neck letting her breathe easier. The tight rubber encasing her body had now formed to her whole body even showing her erect nipples and her pouting lips as she struggled inside it waiting for her key to drop into her hands.

When the key finally dropped she had been strapped to the pole for over six hours and was more frustrated than before she started.  As soon as her hands were free she reached around and pulled the vibrator back up to her pussy before releasing the straps holding her to the pole. Lynn turned to climb onto the bed immediately taking the straps and wrapping them around her legs as she lay on the mattress pulling them as far up as possible locking them tightly together. A desperate Lynn tucked the loose end of the chain still attached to her right cuff under the chains around her waist and quickly locked it to her left cuff. The short chain making her hands unable to move away from her waist and keeping her legs welded together. Lynn rolled over onto her stomach and as the pressure increased on her nipples she squealed again and rolled onto her side. Her lust inspired plan was to try and sleep until the timer turned on the vibrator again and she could struggle to a wonderful orgasm. The flaw in her plan was as she rolled over she had yanked the plug from the timer ensuring that the vibrator would not start up again. Another problem was since her hands were held so close to her pussy she would not be able to remove the tight rubber blindfold to see that she had also left her key dangling from the top of the bed post about two feet above the mattress.

Lynn struggled briefly before her exhaustion took over and she drifted off to sleep, her dreams were again filled with frustration and being forced into rubber servitude never being allowed to orgasm again making her moan and whine while she slept. Lynn woke over twelve hours later sore and disoriented as she tried to move her hands to her face and found they were chained to her waist. Lynn started struggling and trying to scream for help only causing herself pain as the chains around her face held her mouth closed making her whine and continued to struggle for ten minutes before she calmed down and remembered why she was bound. Giggling to herself Lynn wondered why the vibrator had not come on and rolled onto her stomach again letting the pain from her nipples radiate while she thought about where the key had been left. Lynn couldn’t remember where the key was and tried to reach up to remove the blind fold finding that she couldn’t get her hands more than a few inches from her waist. 

Lynn cursed herself for not taking the time to put her key nearby and began struggling again as she tried to figure out how to get to the key she knew she had left hanging on the bed post and currently was out of reach of her tethered hands. Rolling around on the bed Lynn tried to position herself near the bed post. She almost slid off the bed before she realized she couldn’t get close enough with her legs bound the way they were without sliding off first. She began tugging at the strap holding them so tightly together desperately trying to move the strap around to where she could unbuckle it and be able to stand again. Lynn was panting as she tugged at the strap and after an hour she could feel the buckle and started to work on it and in a few minutes had her legs spring apart. She groaned as she rolled over and rocked herself up to her feet then shuffled over to the bedpost and groped for the keys and quickly unlocked her wrists.

Lynn removed her blindfold and looked at the cord of the vibrator and saw it was unplugged and grunted at her stupidity and taking shaky steps she moved to the kitchen and stuffed the straw of another bottle into her mouth and sucked down the contents. After her feeding she looked at her lap top and saw she had now been bound for six days and should be getting the keys any day. Carefully she opened her front door and looked out for her package not seeing it she withdrew closing the door and shuffled back to the couch and watched TV for a few hours. Lynn got bored and paced around her house wanting to do something but not willing to venture out again even though her desire to be bound in public was nagging at her. As the sun set Lynn’s stomach started grumbling and she knew she would have to perform an enema or deal with more cramps so she went to the bathroom and inserted the tube into the plug set deep in her ass and opened the valve and groaned as the liquid filled her insides.

Lynn waited with her stomach cramping for ten minutes before removing the tube from the plug and listened as her bowels emptied themselves making her feel much more comfortable before she repeated the procedure making sure she flushed herself completely then replacing the cap for the plug. Looking at herself in the mirror Lynn smiled under the hood as she could see every detail of her trim body through the layers of rubber even her swollen pussy lips could be seen under the chains splitting them. Lynn ran her hands all over her body enjoying the feeling of the rubber and deciding to use the remaining batteries to bring herself to as many orgasms as they would allow her to have. Lynn went back to the bed taking the remote she lay back slipping the blind fold back on and locked her hands to the dangling chain still looped around her waist chain. Turning on the vibrators she felt her ass and pussy begin to shake driving her quickly towards a climax. Lynn began struggling as her climax grew near pulling hard on her cuffs and moaning loudly as she rolled and twisted on the bed.

Lynn had thought her climax would come quickly but after a half an hour she could feel the vibrators beginning to slow and whined behind the rubber over her mouth hoping she could still climax before they stopped all together. Lynn was laying frustrated and struggling to move her hands away from her waist as the vibrations slowed to barely being able to be felt making Lynn moan loudly out of frustration.  Lynn struggled fruitlessly for another hour before exhaustion set in and she fell asleep laying with her hands cuffed behind her back and blindfolded. Lynn slept through most of the next day only being aroused by her stomach grumbling from hunger and her arms cramping. Lynn fought the chain holding her arms together for a few minutes before locating the keys and releasing them then sliding the blindfold to the top of her head and staggered to the kitchen and sucked another bottle of her food into her mouth.

As she sat eating she whined and rubbed her rubber coated breasts, the nooses around her erect nipples were hurting badly after her night of bondage. Lynn continued to rub herself enjoying the feeling of her rubber covered body arousing herself more until she was gasping and moaning while she thrust her hips into her hands harder. Lynn finally slumped in her chair as she realized she could not bring herself to an orgasm with the dead vibrator inside her and slammed the bottle hard on the table before stomping into the bed room and stepping into the long tight PVC skirt she had purchased at the mall. Lynn had worn it before and with the zipper closed could only take very short strides and with the limited stretch of the PVC the dress was very good frustrating her. Lynn found the only problem she had was as she walked with the zipper all the way up it would slowly lower itself making her constantly have to pull it back up when she wore it out so she could walk with an almost normal stride.

After the skirt was on Lynn pulled her turtle neck sweater on taking her wide belt she pulled it tightly over the skirt and the sweater and locked it. Lynn was now determined to do at least one of her challenges thinking that her sitting around was what was making her unable to climax and hoping spending some time outside in total frustration might push her over the edge. Lynn’s face was feeling almost normal under its rubber and chains so she took another latex hood that left her eyes and nose uncovered and wrestled the tan latex over her head.

Once on Lynn could feel it pulling very hard on her face because of it trapping her pony tail under it making it pull harder on her chin and neck. Almost ready Lynn texted a cab company she had used in the past having explained she was deaf and mute and ordered a cab to pick her up and take her to the mall again using her credit card on file so she wouldn’t have to speak or exchange any money. As she sat texting the tighter than usual dress was making the plug move further into her filled and sore ass arousing her more and making her grind her firm butt into the chair for several minutes before she jumped up and grabbed her long hooded coat. Lynn wrapped it around her buttoning and tying the sash before wrapping her lower head and face with a thick scarf and checked her look in the mirror. The hood and scarf covered almost everything leaving only her black rubber covered eyes showing but someone would have to look at her directly to see anything was wrong. She smiled and grabbed her purse and put the chain for her wrists and their locks inside with her phone and went outside to wait for the cab. Lynn didn’t bother to look for her package knowing the delivery schedule was much later and walked to the curb in the freezing cold safely inside her warm latex cocoon feeling the familiar anxiety she craved from being bound in public.

The cab arrived shortly after she reached the curb and she sat in the back quietly enjoying each bump the car drove over making the plug in her ass arouse her more while her breasts and nipples sent small jolts of pain at the same time. The cab dropped her off in front of the mall and the driver sat and watched the strange girl with the blackened face wriggle inside before driving off. During her cab ride Lynn had started to sweat again from the heat being on so high and stood outside the mall entrance for several minutes cooling herself before she walked in. Thinking of her challenge to walk the length of the mall, ride one of the escalators and actually buy something before she left she headed to the escalator so she could fulfill one challenge. The escalator was a challenge due to the crowds normally on it and the speed at which she would have to step when she reached the end so she wouldn’t trip. Her heart was beating furiously as she stepped onto the moving steps in between two couples. As she rode up she glanced around noticing the mall was packed and thought it must be from the cold weather and grunted to herself at how much more difficult it will be with people shoving and bumping into her and felt her pussy tingle as she thought about it.

Staring at the end of the escalator watching the teeth slip from sight Lynn carefully timed a quick hop-step and made it off the scary ride gasping and smiling to herself for accomplishing one of her challenges. Lynn was walking through the mall to reach the other end feeling pretty good about herself even as she was bumped and pushed along with the crowd. Nearing the opposite end Lynn sat down to give her body a rest and to catch her breath and sat listening to her heart beat as she panted through her nose staring at the people as they walked by. Lynn sat noticing some of them looking at her all wrapped up in her heavy coat with the PVC pulling tightly across her knees and the six inch heels poking out from under the hem realizing that her latex covered ankles could be seen clearly from the skirt riding up as she sat and jumped to her feet letting the dress fall again. The thought of her being spotted gave her a rush and she stood moaning and flexing her dripping pussy around the inert plug inside her for several minutes before someone bumped into her bringing her out of her trance.

Lynn walked up to the escalator and stepped quickly onto it only realizing once she was on it that she was looking down on the people standing in front of her chatting. The two below the ones in front of her turning around and looking up could see her rubber covered face clearly so she turned sideways and watched the people move around on the floor below hoping no one had noticed her. The ride took forever for Lynn as she listened to the peoples conversation change to the strange person behind them and prayed they didn’t want to talk to her. Reaching the bottom Lynn turned towards the couples and could see they were all now looking directly at her. Lynn’s heart rate doubled thinking she was caught but they all turned and stepped off the escalator and moved out of her way as she concentrated on her hop step maneuver and then as quickly as she could walked away from them. Lynn stopped in front of a large window to look behind her and watched the four walking away occasionally looking back at her while she felt her climax grow very near and stood panting. Lynn finally looked at herself realizing her scarf had fallen down exposing much more of her face and knew they had seen the latex covering her mouth and the black latex covering her eyes and nose. This realization made the building climax give her body a shudder and forced her to moan loudly through the latex. The pain from her face harness almost pushing her over the edge as she reached up and adjusted her scarf and turned away from the window.

Lynn looked around trying to find somewhere she might purchase something, she could feel both plugs slipping around inside her as she walked. The sweat she was producing was making her slip inside the rubber more and keeping her on the edge. Noticing the “Gothic” clothing store she stepped into it moving quickly towards the back and stood looking through the dresses on the rack trying to build up the courage to pick something so she could buy it and leave when the sales girl came over and greeted her. Saying “That’s one of ours isn’t it?” Lynn had been lost in her thoughts and didn’t understand what she was saying until she pointed at the skirt poking out from under the long coat and Lynn nodded her head never turning towards her.

The girl cheerfully said “We have several new items in that same material over here if you want to look at them” and turned to lead her towards the rack of clothes. Lynn followed her mostly because she was entranced by the extremely tight dress the girl was wearing and watched her firm ass swing side to side as she walked. The girl stopped and said “What size are you?” Lynn held up four fingers as she looked at the floor, “A four, lucky you, I would not have guessed that with you in that coat and hood, would you like to try this on?” she said holding up a bright red PVC dress that looked very similar to the one she was wearing. Lynn looked at the dress shaking her head no as she reached out with her gloved hands and felt the material before noticing the girl had on long latex gloves that matched the dress perfectly. Lynn’s pending orgasm had her panting and as she stood staring at the girls rubber covered arm and hand she moaned slightly then took the dress from the girl and walked to the counter. The girl made a face as Lynn walked away meeting her at the counter and watched Lynn pull a glove off then reach into her purse. As she was pulling out a credit card the girl noticed not only the latex covering her hands but the thin chain with the lock dangling from the card before Lynn could shake it off and hand the card to her.

The girl smiled as she took the card and leaned towards Lynn and whispered “I love the feeling of latex, don’t you” Lynn distracted by her aching pussy looked straight into the girls face and shook her head “yes”. The girl could now plainly see Lynn’s face covered by latex and smiled warmly as she rang up Lynn’s purchase finally bagging the dress and telling Lynn “We have many more items in latex if you’re interested, even latex corsets”. Lynn was very excited as the girl talked to her leading her towards the back of the store knowing the girl had seen her face and didn’t scream or run away. When they reached the latex items the girl spoke softly and asked “Are you completely covered?” Lynn highly aroused nodded “yes” and the girl squealed saying “I’ve always wanted to go out completely covered, the only reason I opened this store is so I can wear it in public without having to worry about being stared at”. Lynn looked at a few items nodding as the eager girl asked her questions showing her a very stern looking corset before Lynn waved her hand pointing at the door.

Lynn waved good bye at the girl and started walking to the door as she followed her asking her more questions, Lynn moaned loudly as the feelings of being discovered and the frustration of being unable to speak to a kindred soul was making her orgasm start to peak. Lynn walked out of the store as quickly as she could not noticing the zipper had already worked itself down about half way and was making her strides much shorter as the PVC closed around her calves tighter. Lynn continued to walk quickly only thinking about getting outside and cooling herself off not noticing she had left her glove and new dress on the counter of the shop as she continued to walk as quickly as she could towards the door her high heels clicking quicker with her narrowing steps. Lynn finally stopped to catch her breath and stood panting when she looked down and saw her latex covered hand in front of her and panicked and shoved it into her pocket looking around to see if anyone else had noticed and tried to figure out if she should go back for it or not. Lynn started walking slowly as she thought about the glove and her new dress when she felt her calves rubbing against one another and tried to pull them apart knowing the zipper had slid down and from the way it felt was around her calves and soon would slide the rest of the way to her ankles limiting her steps to a few inches.

Lynn’s panic had dashed her orgasm slightly because she knew she couldn’t reach the zipper to pull it back up and with her limited steps it would take her hours to walk back to the store and back to the pickup point for the cab. Lynn grunted as she continued to walk towards the exit, within a few steps she felt the zipper close all the way limiting her steps to only a few inches and grunted again as she continued to struggle to the door. Lynn was sweating profusely when she reached the door and could immediately feel the cold air on her body when she stepped outside and stood moaning from the relief as she texted for the cab to come get her. The wait was going to be thirty minutes so Lynn wandered around the exit struggling for each step wishing her arousal would increase more as she paced in circles trying to think of how to arouse herself further and wishing her package was at home when she got there.

Lynn was starting to get cold when the cab pulled up, she started to shuffle towards it seeing a large man dash past her and open the door and start to get in. Lynn squealed loudly and tried to hurry but the man got in and slammed the door and Lynn watched it start to drive off making her squeal again as she raised her hand waving at the cab. Lynn stood at the curb dejected knowing she would have to wait again when she heard the cab squeal to a stop and watched the driver get out and open the back door and the two men start to argue. She started shuffling as fast as she could towards the cab waving her rubber covered hand and squealing, the plugs shifting inside her with each step making her feel like she was getting fucked in each hole and making her pant harder. While she walked she watched the men finally get into a pushing match and the driver forcing the other man to the curb and pushing him to the ground. Lynn reached the cab as the driver opened the door for her apologizing to her and helped her climb into the backseat.

Lynn sat back gasping as the driver yelled something at the man who was walking away and climbed in and drove off explaining the confusion and apologizing again. Lynn waved it off and sat enjoying the heat and bumpy ride, her legs crushed together under the layers of rubber and the tight PVC dress only starting to get hot just as she arrived at her house. Lynn climbed out waving to the driver again and shuffled towards her house. Checking for her package and finding nothing making her grunt and moan as she opened the door and pushed her way in peeling the coat and scarf off as she walked in. Lynn was desperate to cum and grunted and moaned loudly as she tugged and pulled at the rubber encasing her trying to pull it off through the chains encircling her body. Lynn was frantically struggling as she fell onto her bed gasping as she continued to fight against the rubber and pulling on the chains covering her aching pussy reaching for her vibrator and pressing it against her crotch. Blindly turning it on finding it still not plugged in and throwing it against the wall screaming making the chains pull tightly across her face causing her to yelp in pain.

Lynn lay thrashing for twenty minutes before falling asleep dreaming of multiple orgasm’s and being teased and tormented making her sweat and moan in her sleep while she tossed and turned only waking after dark feeling calm and comfortable inside her rubber cocoon. Lynn sat up and pulled the outer hood off her head before going to the kitchen and forcing another bottle of her food down her throat. Her feet and legs no longer ached and even her nipples seemed to feel better and she rocked back and forth feeling the plugs shift inside her realizing she had lived her dream of being encased and teased and smiled under the rubber over her face looking at the clock. Lynn sat adding up the hours until the small box should arrive and she could free herself, if she wanted, that was the question now, if she wanted to release herself. She knew she would have too but this had been the longest she had ever spent encased and since she had gotten past the panic attacks and sexual frustration and was now at the point where she was actually comfortable she didn’t know if she wanted to let herself out or not. 

Lynn spent the evening cleaning up her house and equipment shuffling slowly around in the tight PVC skirt, taking the broken vibrator and sitting it on her garage bench hoping she could fix it once she was able to use her hands freely again and laid back down and slept until her phone ringing woke her. Dazed from her nap she picked it up mummphing into it hearing a familiar voice saying “I have your new dress and glove at the shop whenever you are able to pick them up, just ask for Jen when you come in and I hope everything is ok”. Lynn smiled under her hood mummphing again before hanging it up. Lynn decided to check for her package shuffling slowly towards the door her high heels and tight skirt still restricting her steps making Lynn think she might be able to get used to the limited stride as well. Opening the door she poked her rubber coated head out the door and saw the small box lying on her step and darted out grabbing it jumping back inside and stood thinking about if and when she would use the keys. Sitting the box down and running her hands all over her body feeling the chains and rubber she sealed herself in almost nine days ago Lynn smiled going back to her bed and stretching out. Lynn went back to sleep dreaming of having several major climaxes at the hands of her new friend deciding once she was free she would visit Jen but this time she would be able to speak and put on the dress and try on the corset she had picked out.                                   



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