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One Gum Lane A Fantasy

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2008 - Latexx - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m+; latex; bond; display; bagged; cbt; mast; cons; X

I was still asleep when the doorman rang.  “The new couple is here,” he said.

I rubbed my eyes and yawned.  “Tell them to park their car in a visitor slot in the garage and I will meet them in the lobby in 10 minutes.”

I took a quick shower, dressed and took the elevator down to the lobby.  A man and a woman were waiting next to four suitcases.  “I’m Jasper Smith,” the man said as he shook my hand, “We apologize for being early,”  He was short, skinny and looked a bit frightened. 

The woman moved forward and grabbed my hand.  “I’m Ms Roberta,” she said in a husky voice.   She was taller than her husband and had a grip that made me wince.  “We have our moving van coming in an hour, so I wanted to get here early and make sure everything is ready.” 

“No problem,” I replied.  “I’m John Waller.  Why don’t we go up to your condo and then I will show you around.”  They nodded and we took the elevator up to the fourth floor; Ms Roberta carried two of the suitcases, Jasper and I the other two.  “There are 30 condos and 20 rooms on 8 floors,” I commented.  “Most of the condos are owned by full-time residents, like you.  The rooms are generally occupied by either visitors or part-time residents.”

We arrived at the fourth floor and entered their condo.  Theirs was the middle-sized one, two bedrooms, a study, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.  Some of the condos are smaller, like mine, with only one bedroom; nine of them have three bedrooms.

“Tell us, are all the condos owned by rubberists?” the woman asked.

“Yes, that’s an absolute condition.”

“What is your position?” the Ms Roberta asked.

“I’m a member of the board of directors.” I replied.

“Are you single?


They took off their coats and left the suitcases.  We took the elevator up to the ninth floor where we have a restaurant, a bar and a lounging area.  “The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and also has room service.  The bar and the lounging area are open 24 hours a day,”  I said.  “As you can see, some of the members and guests wear rubber even here.”  There were some 20 people in the lounging area;  I introduced the new couple to each group.

“You have both straight and gay member, I take it,” Ms Roberta said.

“8 straight couples, 29 single straight men, 3 transvestites, 5 women, 11 gay men and 4 lesbians,”

Large TV screens were turned on in three of the corners of the lounging area.  “Apart from satellite TV we have two in-house channels devoted exclusively to rubber,” I commented.   “One shows DVDs the members have collected or made themselves, the other comes from the rubber dungeon in the basement.  All channels are also available in the condos and rooms.”

“Can we see the dungeon?” the Ms Roberta asked.

“I thought we visit a few of the condos on the way down, then the ground floor and lastly the dungeon,” I said.

“I can’t wait,” she said.

We took the elevator one floor down.  I explained to them that each condo and room has three lights next to the doorbell.  If the green light is on you are invited to just walk in; the amber light tells the visitor to ring the doorbell and a red light means “do not disturb”.

I went to the first amber light and rang the doorbell.  A man opened the door; his entire body was encased in a heavy rubbersuit with attached boots, gauntlets and hood..  He was gagged and wore short chains on his wrists and ankles; the chains and the gag were secured with padlocks.  “This is Manny Sommer,” I said. “He has an appointment with our rubber mistress tonight.  In preparation he has to spend 12 hours locked in rubber.”

“How delightful,” Ms Roberta exclaimed, “but who makes sure he doesn’t unlock himself between now and tonight?”

“He dropped the keys into a lockbox this morning with a witness.  There is no way he can get out until the mistress lets him.”

“Can we see his condo?”

Manny nodded and invited us in.  The single bedroom contained a rubber-covered bed and racks hung with rubber garments were everywhere.  The large-screen TV in the living room showed several men and women hung up in rubber bags.

“Good luck tonight,” Ms. Roberta said to Manny.  “Come and see me sometime when you are not already packed up.  I have my own techniques.”  Jasper made no comment.

We left Manny’s condo and I rang the bell at the second amber light.  A young couple answered and I introduced them.  “They just got married 2 weeks ago,” I said.  Ms Roberta shook hands and Jasper just nodded.  I was relieved that she didn’t come on to the young man.

At one condo on the seventh floor there was a green light.  We walked in and found a man tied up in a rubber bag.  Ms Roberta was visibly excited and wanted to know who had tied him up.  I told her she could talk to the man in the afternoon when he was out of the bag.

On the 6th floor I introduced them to a woman who has set up a rubber-garment business in her condo.  She has several items ready-made on racks and in drawers but most of her garments are custom-made.  Now Jasper finally spoke up and started to discuss with Nancy some special bondage garments he had in mind.

My cell-phone rang and the doorman informed me that the moving truck had arrived.  Ms Roberta said that she would handle it.  I brought her down to the delivery door and told her to call me when she wanted to resume the tour.

At 3 p.m. she called me and said they were ready, would I come to their condo.  Theirs was on the same floor as mine, so I walked right over and rang the bell.  Ms Roberta opened the door, dressed in a bright red rubbersuit, wearing tall rubberboots and elbow-length latex gloves.  She invited me in.  Boxes were still piled ceiling-high in the hallways, but the living room was all set up.  Jasper sat on the sofa;  he was encased in a black rubbersuit with attached rubberboots and over this a heavy black rubber straightjacket.  His head was covered by a heavy black rubber hood with a gag.  His penis and balls were tightly covered in black rubber and a leash was affixed to his balls.

“Let me show you the bedrooms,” Ms Roberta said.  “The smaller one is Jasper’s.”  I saw a narrow, rubber-covered bed with a rubber sleep-sack on it,  a wooden bondage chair, a vacuum bed, an inflatable bag dangling from the ceiling and three racks crammed with rubber garments.

“I take it Jasper is not only your husband but you full-time rubber slave,” I commented.

“That’s the agreement we have.  He craves being a rubber slave,” she answered.  “He is impotent and can only have an orgasm if he is in rubber and either masturbates or has his dick massaged.”

We walked into the master bedroom.  There were two beds, one of which was covered in rubber.  “He doesn’t mind if you play with other men?” I continued.

“He doesn’t have anything to say about that,” she replied.  “I married him because he is rich and as long as I fulfill his needs he is very happy.”

We went back to the living room where she grabbed Jasper’s leash.  Jasper quickly got up and followed her; we went down to ground floor.

In the extension on the rear of the building I showed her the indoor swimming pool, the sauna, steam room, showers and the massage room.  A rubber-clad man was swimming in the pool and Ms Roberta went over to him and engaged him in a conversation.  Jasper just stood there, unable to speak and probably unable to hear. 

A second man, wearing a heavy rubbersuit, came out of the steam room.  She immediately went over to him and started a conversation; I was too far away to hear what they said.

After a while she came back and I said, “I’ll show you the dungeon now.”

“I have already seen the dungeon,” she answered.  “I went and talked to Mistress Marina as soon as we were finished unpacking.  We are going to have a joint session tonight after dinner.  I hope you are going to be there.”

“What you mean by joint session?” I asked.

“We are going to show how rubbermen should be treated, together.  Everybody is invited”.

I shook my head, astonished at how fast this woman was operating.  “Would you like to see the rest of the floors now?”

We ascended to the fifth floor, with Jasper still in tow, and then worked our way down to the second story.  She rang the bell at every door which showed an amber light, introduced herself and invited the occupants to the dungeon after dinner.  At every green light she simply walked in, leaving us standing outside.

I ate dinner with two other board members in the restaurant and discussed Ms Roberta.  Both of them thought she was just the kind of member we wanted, but I voiced the opinion that she was too aggressive and would cause trouble.

After dinner everybody drifted down to the dungeon.  This large sub-basement is filled with every kind of bondage equipment  we could find: cots, beds, poles, winches, crosses, chairs, hammocks, bags, tables, cages, coffins, pressure cells, bathtubs, stocks, whipping horses, stirrup chairs, etc.  One third of the area is a viewer’s gallery.  And it is an inviolable rule that everybody entering the dungeon must be dressed in nothing but rubber.

Not wanting to be a spoiler I went to my condo and dressed accordingly: A black rubbersuit with attached hood and gloves, rubber boots and heavy green rubber overalls.  Neither the suit nor the overalls had crotch zippers and they allowed me to attach small locks so they could not be removed without the keys.  I didn’t trust Ms Roberta and I had no intention of becoming her slave.

The dungeon was crowded; there were no seats left in the visitor’s gallery and there were already some 15 “victims” tied up in a variety of ways.  Mistress Marina and Ms Roberta had been joined by two of the wives.  All of the men in bondage had their cocks and balls exposed and the four women took turns either massaging or torturing them and intense moaning filled the huge room.

Every few minutes one of the women walked through the visitors section and picked out a new victim.  Willing or not, the man was then tied up, to the applause of the viewers.

After about two hours I was the last one left in the visitors section.  I knew I should have left then but I was too enamored by what was going on, watching the mass of rubbered, writhing and moaning bodies.

Then, suddenly, Ms Roberta and Mistress Marina came over, lifted me up and carried me over to a bondage pole.  There they inserted a gag into my mouth, put me into a tight rubber bag, strapped me to the pole and casually went back to what they had been doing before.

After about an hour I wanted to have an orgasm very badly and I began to masturbate.  When she saw what I was doing,  Ms Roberta came over and opened the zipper of the bag, affixed two rubber straps to my wrists, pulled them trough a hole in the back of the bag and closed the zipper again.  Then she pulled the straps tight so that my arms were pulled away from my penis.

Unable to move or masturbate, all I could do is to watch the four women at work.  They moved from victim to victim, keeping them stimulated.  At random intervals they would grab testicles and squeeze hard or pull on them until the victim screamed.

Just before midnight, they began to massage longer and one man after another started to explode into massive orgasms.  After a victim had shot his load he was released and, totally exhausted, went away.

Finally, a 1 a.m., Ms Roberta, Jasper, myself and Manny Sommer were the only ones left in the dungeon.  Ms Roberta released us, though she left me locked in the rubber bag,  She put me on a cart and the four of us went up in the elevator, to her condo.  There she first put Jasper to bed in his bedroom and let him have an orgasm.  I was put on the second bed in her bedroom, still in the bag and now blindfolded.  The arm-straps were released so I could masturbate.  I heard Manny and her get into her own bed and begin to fuck.

I masturbated all night.




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