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One Night Stay

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; M/f; fpov; latex; hood; bond; clamps; oral; gag; whip; enema; reluct; cons; XX

Cindy had sort of run away from home, she was twenty-three years old and felt just because she looked much younger didn’t give her daddy the right to treat her like a little girl. She had only been in the city once before having lived in the small farming community all her life so when she decided to leave her parents home after another fight about her coming home late there wasn’t much of a plan. She had started falling asleep an hour ago pulling over at the first hotel she spotted and even with her extremely limited experience she didn’t think this looked like a good place. “It’s only for one night” she muttered to herself as she parked her shiny little car, having always kept it spotless and running perfectly.

The desk was only a window with a clipboard hanging from a nail so she scanned the papers checking the boxes quickly yawning every few seconds. When she was done she rang the bell and watched a strangely dressed woman walk into the room behind the glass and yank the clipboard from the slot. The woman scared Cindy but she was too tired to even try to think, only repeating to herself “It’s just one night.”

The woman said “Are you sure you want to stay here missy?” irritating Cindy because she sounded like her father.

“I just need to stay one night” Cindy said much louder than she had intended, showing her ID through the glass.

As the woman took her credit card Cindy desperately wanted to ask what her dress was made from, it was so shiny and tight she was shocked at how it glistened, noticing the woman’s tall high heels Cindy thought how good she would look in them. “Ok, our one nighters get what we call the guest room, go around the corner to the first door on the right,” she said pointing around the corner.

Cindy stomped off ripping open the door seeing nothing but blackness, reaching for the light switch she felt a bag being pulled over her head. Cindy struggled briefly until she blacked out hearing two people talking as she slipped into unconsciousness about how she should be bedded.

Waking later Cindy could feel something deep in her mouth keeping it wide open and started to choke on it finding she couldn’t move her hands as she tried to push the thing from her mouth. Cindy became aware that her hands wouldn’t move feeling pressure all over her body. Cindy was becoming panicked, starting to struggle then thrashing, moaning and whining until she stopped flailing, gasping for air. As she panted she felt herself swaying back and forth like she was hanging in the air and began to slowly move each part of her body.

When she pulled her arm she felt something pull on her wrist the pull on the opposite ankle, testing both she found that both wrists were attached to her ankles. Wiggling her arms she could tell her elbows were crushed together behind her back and tried to move her legs finding not only were they bound to her wrists they were surrounded by something keeping them pressed inwards while forcing them towards her chest like she was inside a ball.

Twisting to one side she squalled into the gag as the weight of her body pressed her breasts into whatever container she was in making her nipples feel like they were being pinched off. Slowing her breathing as the pain eased she heard someone talking and began thrashing and grunting desperately trying to get their attention. Cindy felt hands on her face holding her head then a soothing voice asking if she was “Ok”. Cindy couldn’t understand why this person was asking if she was ok being she was bound and gagged hanging in mid air!

Cindy started twisting and fighting her bonds, moaning and grunting wildly screaming “NO!” having no idea that from the outside it looked and sounded like she was enjoying herself. When Cindy calmed down she hung gasping and wondering why this person couldn’t or wouldn’t help her. Then sudden realization hit her, this person was who put her there that’s why she wasn’t helping. Cindy continued testing the limits of her mobility swearing the “ball” was getting tighter the more she struggled.

Cindy heard voices again trying to slow her breathing so she could hear them, “Yes it's rubberized leather, it gets tighter as it stretches by check out time you’ll be able to see every detail of her under it.”

“What is the hood made from?” the other voice asked.

“It’s raw leather that has been soaked in water so as it dries it shrinks.” Cindy is shocked by the way they sounded like it was all normal. “I laced the hood as tight as possible so in a few hours it will feel like her head is in a vice.”

Cindy moaned around the mouth filling gag wondering why she was now someone’s captive what she had done to deserve this?

The women laughed again with one saying “Can you believe people pay me to keep them here like this, usually they only last the night but sometimes they can take it for a few days.”

“How long do you think this one will last?” the other woman asked.

“The way she’s struggling I’d give her another hour and she’ll be begging to be released, that’s when the fun really starts there is no release until check out time.” Both women start laughing as one walks over pushing the encased women making her sway dramatically and start to spin slapping her firm ass as she spun around making Cindy squeal loudly.

Cindy feels like she’s going to be sick from the spinning and swinging and starts to struggle again wondering why she was feeling horny thinking she liked the feeling of being slapped on the ass. Cindy feels the ball tighten again cursing herself for struggling whining from increased tension on her nipples still not realizing her nipples had been clamped. When the women returned they started stroking and rubbing Cindy’s compressed body commenting how tight the case was “Look!” one of the girls yelped “You can clearly see the nipple clamps!”

Cindy’s head was thrashing and twisting while she moaned desperately, wanting the women to continue stroking her body, wiggling and whimpering making both of them laugh, finally hearing “I think she likes it!” and feels both women rubbing her body through the material. The more they stroke her the more she moans squealing when the first crack of her ass being whipped then giggling hearing the women laugh loudly and suddenly getting whipped by both. Cindy was lost in the sensations of her building arousal not caring she was helplessly bound by strangers or nobody knew she was trapped just the feelings of being helplessly bound and whipped.

When the orgasm crashed in on Cindy her screams were loud and high pitched and her whole body flailed inside the material she was encased in. Cindy hung limp gasping from the orgasm listening to the women laughing, giggling herself at how she had reacted wondering if this is how being desperate felt. Cindy was left alone again drifting in and out of sleep. Each time she woke she would struggle until she remembered where she was thinking each time “It’s only for one night” remembering that the women had said she’d be freed at check out.

“Did you think you could con me sweetheart!” she suddenly heard, “Did you think I wouldn’t run your card?” feeling a painful swat on her ass. Cindy was confused thinking, that was the card dad had given me, it was always good.

The person kept whipping her, alternating from her clamped nipples to her ass and thighs yelling “You’re going to pay for this!” Cindy was getting scared as the whipping continued increasing the pain but also making her hornier. Cindy was shaking her head “NO” but yelling into the gag and hood “YES!” wanting the whipping to continue.

Cindy was whipped to the verge of another orgasm when suddenly it all stopped leaving her flailing in her prison, whining and grunting, wiggling her body trying to entice anyone to whip her some more. Cindy hung limply for hours feeling the whelps form on her skin and the pain from them increase, moaning from the growing pain, wishing something would happen. Cindy’s world was crushing in on her, every part of her body ached she could no longer move any part of herself even her fingers felt like they were welded in place. The once pleasurable pain in her nipples was now making her weep silently under the hood that was crushing her head forcing her to bite harder on whatever it was holding her mouth open.

Cindy could only think about being free desperately trying to cry out but the intense pressure of her prison would only allow her to take quick shallow breaths. Cindy was relieved when the hood was suddenly loosened and pulled from her sweat covered head looking wide eyed at the imposing looking woman in front of her. “You came in here knowing what kind of place this was being shown our hourly rates then gave me a stolen credit card” Cindy started shaking her head “No” still amazed at her own bodies reaction to the woman’s tight shiny clothes and the incredible high heeled shoes she was wearing but it was her tiny waist below her bulging breasts that impressed her the most.

The woman held Cindy’s face in her hand “You know how long it will take for you to work off one night of pleasure with two of my girls?” Cindy shook her head “No” again. “A long fucking time,” the woman said flatly taking a breath the woman stepped back thinking about how pretty the girl was. She had noticed her looking longingly at her clothes and seeing the huge damp spot in the bag covering her pussy knowing by the aroma it wasn’t urine. She also thought about how her two girls had raved about her stamina and how much she seemed to enjoy the punishment. “Maybe, if you act right I could let you work for me for a while,” Cindy was nodding her head “Yes” thinking maybe she would be cleaning or something.

“You understand you would literally be starting at the bottom” another head shake from Cindy. “You would have to go through some thorough training then maybe, just maybe we could let you entertain some of our clients.” Cindy was ok with the training part but was suddenly re-thinking when she heard entertain clients. “I’ll give you a day or two to think about it, during that time we’ll start your training; see how much you can really take.” Cindy was left without the hood watching the woman strut past her and out the door moaning as she watched the tight material stretch as she walked away in the dress wondering if she would ever be that beautiful.

Cindy hung helplessly, slowly turning, seeing the edge of a mirror and hoped she would continue turning so she could see herself, starting to sling her head in the direction to continue her turn. When she could finally see her reflection she gasped seeing she was hanging in what looked like a leather bag. The fabric had formed to her bound body showing every detail of her and the bonds that she had been placed into. She continued turning stunned by how small the crushing power of the bag had made her noticing the wet spot and blushing because she knew it was from her orgasm.

She stared at the gag strapped to her face seeing it had a small hole in the center but covered her entire mouth and lower chin sealing it completely. After a few hours of hanging, finding struggling wasn’t even possible anymore, Cindy hoped she would begin her training just so she would be released from the bag. At some point she fell asleep dreaming the strangest dreams waking when she felt something being pushed into her mouth. Cindy opened her eyes to see a different woman standing in front of her with what looked like part of her gag in her hand.

Cindy felt with her tongue finding most of what was holding her mouth open was gone feeling only a ring of some sort wedged behind her teeth. The woman looked mean as she set the part down and started putting on a belt and when she turned around Cindy gasped again at the huge rubber cock coming from the front of the belt. The woman said “First time or not you will learn to suck cock and you’ll do it quickly.” Cindy had never had a cock in her mouth, she knew her friends had done it listening intently on how they did it and how much their boyfriends enjoyed it but she had never had the nerve to do it.

The woman forced the cock into Cindy’s gaping mouth, shoving it all the way to her throat before pulling it back out, repeating it until Cindy was choking. Cindy was given instructions on what and when to do things being told the quicker she learns to do it right the better off she would be. For days Cindy was faced fucked for hours at a time given only short breaks then whipped before the start of another session for failing the one before. Cindy was trying but couldn’t get the hang of the rhythm or stop herself from choking, failing every time she was forced to suck the cock.

Cindy had been their captive for over a week now, still encased in the hanging bag only having an enema performed twice and a tube shoved deep into her pussy for her to pee through. Each night the large woman would return telling her if she didn’t start to learn something she would be left encased forever and whipping her close to an orgasm leaving the young woman frustrated and helpless until the next day when her training resumed. During the night one of the girls came in and sat down next to her talking softly as she stroked Cindy’s encased form spending a lot of time circling Cindy’s enlarged labia driving Cindy to moan and flail uselessly. The younger woman continued talking to Cindy, sliding the chair up to her face before removing the center of the gag again and wrapping her legs around Cindy’s head.

For hours the woman talked to Cindy explaining exactly what she wanted her to do and correcting her until finally Cindy heard the woman panting and grunting pulling Cindy’s head tighter to her. Cindy knew she had made the woman climax continuing to do exactly as she had learned quickly making her scream again. The woman told Cindy as she held a vibrator to her imprisoned pussy “If you would do that with your trainer you would be on your way to freedom already.” Cindy moaned, whimpering, as the woman stroked and pressed on the clamps almost sending Cindy over the edge then dropped the vibrator and walked out leaving Cindy alone and helpless on the edge of another orgasm.

The next day Cindy did as she had been instructed, quickly developing her skills until after ten more days she was told she would be entertaining a guest tonight and if she did well she might be allowed to orgasm herself. Cindy’s head was covered with another hood that was made of thick rubber leaving her mouth exposed and each time a new client would arrive someone would adjust the bag's height and she would suck their cock until they were dry and panting. By the next morning when her hood was removed Cindy saw the big woman standing in front of her being told “Well last night you didn’t cost me money, now get some sleep you have another long night tonight,” and the rubber hood was stretched back over her head.

Every night was the same, Cindy spent it sucking and licking anything put near her mouth and each day she was told she wasn’t costing her money. A few months later one of the clients was leaving the “hotel” he noticed a familiar looking car setting in the parking lot. His friend asked what he was looking at, “My daughter used to drive a car like that, but she kept it spotless; she would never let it look like that.”

“How about that bitch in a bag she could suck the chrome of a trailer hitch couldn’t she?” The two men laughed, comparing notes on how good they thought she was.

Cindy had finally earned her money back, it took a month before she could hold herself upright staying in one of the rooms at the hotel. When she was able to walk again the tall woman came to see her asking what her plans were, “I want to be you, someday will you teach me?”

The woman smiled “I can, but it takes a lot of training and none of it’s as easy as you have had it so far.”

Cindy smiled, “I hope not.”

“Why don’t you take the night to think about it?” the woman said, leaving Cindy alone in her room. Cindy was incredibly horny she had not been able to cum but the one time and even her friend had only teased her promising, “One day it’ll be your turn.”

It’s only one night, Cindy thought with a smile as her friend entered the room carrying some new shackles with her dangling them in Cindy’s face.


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