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Oh Crap Not Now!

by Lee

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© Copyright 2008 - Lee - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; catsuit; hood; susp; toys; stuck; cons; X

This is a work of my twisted little mind. It is fiction. Most of it anyway. I want everyone to please be careful when you do severe bondage. I want everyone to be around for our next adventure.



Friday morning and me with no date tonight. That don’t happen often. I decided to indulge in my 2nd favorite pastime. Self-Bondage. I had been thinking of new ways to get myself into tight inescapable fabulous bondage. I don’t use a release anymore since I discovered two of my co-workers Sheri and Lou were into bondage as well.

Whenever I feel the urge I call one or both of them and let them know. I tell them how long I want to suffer. I called Sheri and had to leave her a message. Lou I got and discussed my plans. I wanted about 3 hours. She assured me she or Sheri would check on me.

Now Lou was a little wild child. That’s why I left a message at Sheri’s cell and home. I know she never goes more than an hour with out checking. Lou might meet a hunk at Starbucks and disappear for several hours. Now that my safety was checked I proceeded to pick out my wardrobe. I decided on going with latex this time. I had just got in a new outfit and it will be perfect.

As always I got the Little Devils from their hiding place. I checked the charge and all the led’s were lit. Laid them on the bed next to the latex. I got the coconut lube from the bathroom and grabbed the Little Devils. I stepped into them and pulled them up to my thighs. A generous application to the Devils and I positioned them at the entrance of my love tunnels and started to slowly push them into my anus and pussy at the same time.

As the head of the rear Devil slipped in I had to gasp. I have gotten to know that pain was the beginning of a lot of pleasure.  I continued to push and had to through my head back and grab my breath. I had gotten a larger version and this is the first time I’ve had to enjoy them. It was at this point I remembered the Devil for the rear had a ball on it that was about a half inch larger than the dildo. Well that won’t be a problem for another few seconds. As I slowly inched the Devils into me the pain/pleasure was intense. What was I thinking ordering the x-large? MMMMMmmmmmm…..

I stopped at the ball and had to catch my breath. For a minute I thought I had let my eyes overload my ass. Ha Ha. I added a little more lube around the ball and thought about backing up and getting the smaller set. Before I lost my courage I turned and started to sit on the edge of my nightstand. I used my right hand to hold the edge of the stand. With the rear Devil on the edge I pushed on the pussy and started to lower myself down. As the ball started to spread my little flower to force its way in I experienced a pain level I had never felt.

I stopped and took a few deep breaths. I decided to use the other set and started to push up with my right to stand back up. Well there was a little coconut lube left on my right hand. My hand slipped off the nightstand and my full weight dropped on the Little Devil.

Now I love a little pain with my orgasms. It raises the pleasure level. But when that bulb broke past my asshole I saw stars. When I got my wits about me I was laying on the bed panting like a dog. I had managed to shove the pussy Devil in during the invasion.

I lay there a few minutes then decided maybe I’ll use this set. Cause I damn well wasn’t about to go back now. I was gonna get some pleasure from this monster if it killed me. Before I got up I rolled the panties up and got them smoothed out.  After a few more minutes I raised up to get off the bed. Wow. When I sat up it pushed on both of the Devils. I got to tell you I almost came right there.

I put on a black latex bra next. Then came the red latex catsuit. It was a full suit. Booties and hood included. The hood left an opening for my eyes. It came up over the bridge of my nose. There were good size openings that I can breath out of.  Then I did it again. I sat back on the bed to put my legs into the suit and got a second major rush in less than 2 minutes. That damn ball was right up at my g-spot. Damn am I ever going to get dressed?

I finally got the latex on and pulled up to my ass. I paused a moment and pondered the predicament I was looking at. I buy my latex just a tad small. I don’t like to see wrinkles, just the smooth lines on my body in that shiny, wonderful smelling latex. Plus the pleasure I get from a full body hug is tremendous.

You see where I’m going with this. I now had to pull this tight latex up over my ass. Now that in its self won’t cause too much problem but when I slip my arms into the sleeves and pull it over my shoulders it’s going to push that ball right up about where my g-spot is. I stood there looking down. Then decided what the hell. I was this far and pulled the latex up into place.

AAAAAhhhhhhh. Wow. Sure enough that Little Devil pushed itself right where I thought it was going to go. I fought back the urge and reached for my boots. These were knee high red ballet boots. Oh Shit! I had to sit back on the bed. As I laced those boots up…..

I got up and went to the closet to get my corset. I had spent a fair amount of time in these boots. I would put them on at after work and go about my night.  Nothing ruins a planned bondage session like falling flat on your face while your hands are cuffed behind your back. So I thought no problem.

Till I took that first step. Now for you men reading this I’ll explain. When I, or anyone for that matter walk in high heels the step is completely different from flats. How do I explain it. The legs stay a little straighter as we step. Now this causes our buttocks to do that dance everybody love so much.

That step is more pronounced the higher the heel is. Guess what it was doing with that damn ball. Every step I took would rock that ball up and down past my go button, sending a rush through my body. I grabbed the doorframe and took a couple of breaths. I thought am I going to make to the living room where I have the gear set up.

I grabbed my corset from the shelf in the closet. I have a rather large closet. A women can never have too large a closet. Want to get some serious ass for a while guys. Build your lady a super closet.

 I had the third bedroom converted to my closet. I’ll tell you about it some time. I laced the corset up and shuffled over to the puller. I hooked the laces into the grips and turned the tension where I wanted it. After I had the lacer installed I played with it a while and had the tension dial marked with the waist size I wanted.  I chose 22” and reached up and grabbed the overhead bar. That was a 4” reduction.

The puller stopped and I tied the laces off. I decided to put on a pair of shoulder length red latex gloves. I pulled the hood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I had three walls in my “closet” that were covered with mirrors. I could see myself from about every angle no matter where I stood. It always took my breath way to see myself in latex. I got the bottle of shine and spent a few minutes polishing myself up. A girl has to look her best. I pulled the hood down and headed for the living room.

I had set up everything I needed before I got dressed, thank God. I don’t think I could last through several trips to the closet and back. After Sheri and Lou became my bondage buddies we had a few more winches installed in the living room. ( read Then There Were Three). Four more winches to be exact. The contractor kept giving us that I know what this is for grin. He was cute. Lou drove him nuts. She wore nothing but a latex dress for 2 days. Had him tripping over stuff. I think she went out with him. The last day he had this shit eating grin on his face.

We had the guy build a padded platform that was about 24” high and large enough for two of us to lay on. It was covered in a little padding and naugahyde. There were holes through the platform for various things. Some of them had pipe flanges bolted to the bottom so we could screw a pipe into it for upright bondage.

When we weren’t using the poles there were plugs to screw in that matched the covering. Some of the holes were for tits and tease. Now I can be hogtied and have nipple clamps with weights hanging from them. And when we are in a hog tie we can position so we don’t have to have our heads twisted to one side. It had locking wheels. I had moved this under the winch I was going to use before I got dress.

I sat down on the platform and put leather cuffs on both wrist and just above both elbows. Each cuff had two straps that buckled. The buckles had locking rings. The cuffs for the ankles were extra wide. Separate cuffs went on each ankle. There were three straps to hold them on the ankle.

There were two straps that went through loops on each ankle cuff and held them together. There were d-rings on the sides and ends.  After strapping my ankles together. I took a 2” ring with a carabineer on it and clipped it to the d-rings that come off the top of the ankle cuffs. All of the cuffs were heavily padded. Everything that had buckles got small brass padlocks.

The elbow cuff had a ring and hook arrangement on them. I’m limber enough I can just about stretch back and touch my elbows together. The result of the reverse prayer position Sheri has been putting me into for the last 6 months. She loves that for some reason. And loves to leave me in it for forever. Says it will limber me up. I’ve been practicing so I could stretch back and hook my elbows together even with my eyes closed. The hook would snap shut so I couldn’t get it back out.

The keys for all of the locks were in a box. Only Lou and Sheri had the combination. We all had this arrangement. Today I want a good hog tie. A strict hogtie So I plan on using the winch for lifting me up and at the same time the cable will pull my hands back to my feet. I could never get them there before. No matter how I tried.

I’ll be completely off the platform. It will pull me up. After a random time it will lower me back down. I set it for a minimum of 2 hours. Once it lets me down, I can get myself out of the hog tie, I think. But I have to stay dressed with the Devils running till Sheri or Lou comes rescue me. Only She always wants to torture me before the rescue.

I took the hoist cable laying on the platform and threaded it through the ring on my ankles and laid it on the platform. Next came the 2” straps. These were made of thick leather. First one went below the knees. The next one just above my knees.  Next one goes around my thighs. I cinch them all tight.

I picked up a new harness I had made just for this bondage session. There was a 4” strap that ran from the base of my skull to the strap that went around my waist. The leather divided to allow the waist strap to go through. There were d-rings anywhere I thought I needed them.

There was a 4” ring that was right in the center of my back. This ring had the 4” leather attached at the top and bottom. Where the 4” strap attached top and bottom there were d-rings sewn just above and below it.  On each side of the large ring were four 4” long 1” wide leather straps sewn on to the ring. These ended in buckles.

I had two large rings that were sized where I had to pull my tits through them to get the rings to the base of my tits while I was nude. A 1” strap that had d-rings sewn in at the top and bottom separated the rings so they were centered between my tits. 1” straps were attached to each ring. Two went over the shoulder and two went around each side. They went to the buckles at the 4” ring. A steel ring bra.

The buckles for this torture bra were in the back. They were designed to be tightened by another person. I had the buckles set now so I could pull it over my head like a shirt. It took some effort but I got it on and my girls into the rings. The latex made it a bit difficult.

As I looked at myself in the mirrors on the wall it was worth it. We had put mirrors along the walls in here as well. Some of the positions we get into don’t allow us to look around. Usually there is a mirror that we could see with.. The mirrors had patterns either along the edge or graphics like a tiger or horse, so people wouldn’t think we were weird.

At the top of the strap there were 4 heavy-duty snaps.  The matching snaps were on the collars.  I didn’t put it on yet. I double-checked what I had done and made sure everything I needed was in reach. I hooked the cable to the ring on the left cuff. Next I picked out a ball to gag myself with. I didn’t need a strap. I didn’t want to go overboard since this is the first time I tried this. I used the 1-½ inch ball.

 I put it in my mouth. It didn’t take a lot of effort. But it was a mouth full. All three of us were using the 2-½ inch ball just about all the time now. As I picked up the full latex hood I triple check. Everything here. I put the hood on and started to lace it tight. The hood was a thicker latex than the suit. It to was custom made for me. Sheri and Lou had one two.

The hood laced all the way down the neck to my shoulders. Once I it was tight enough I snapped the end of the collar on the wide leather strap. Once I pulled the collar around and buckled the two straps snug and put locks on them as well. Thank God all of them were keyed the same. It would take forever to get me out of this outfit.

As I clicked the locks shut I shivered. Nothing is coming off without Sheri and or Lou getting the keys out of that box. I found the 1” strap I had clipped to the d-ring at the top of the 4” ring. I tilted my head back and clipped the snaffle onto the d-ring at the top of my hood. This kept my head pulled backed so if I could I would be looking up so to say.

I found the remote and pressed the large go button. I heard the beep that acknowledged the program was started. This one button did several things. It started the DVD I had selected. A nice bondage forced orgasm flick with plenty of screaming. It activated the hoist and the Little Devils. Both had a delay time before they actually started. This allowed me to finish what I needed to do and get in position.

I tossed the remote to the couch. I sure couldn’t do anything with it once the cable pulled me up. It took me a couple of tries but I finally got my elbows hooked together. I attached the hook on the end of the cable to the d-ring on my other wrist. I lay down on the platform and rolled onto my stomach and waited.

It took about another minute till everything kicked in. I heard the winch start and then the Little Devils program kicked in. The winch was programmed to slowly reel in till it started to detect weight on it. It would pause for a few seconds then wind to the set height.

 I was holding the cable in my fingers. I felt the hoist take it and took a deep breath. I felt tension on my legs then almost immediately my hands were pulled up and back towards my feet. It was working just liked I thought it would. The hoist pulled was purposely set for slow. I wanted to ease into this strain.

I felt the hook reach my feet and my whole body started to go up. MMmmmm I lost myself as my body stretched to its limits. I was just about off the mat when I dropped a little. Not much, just enough to scare the shit out of me. My hands were laying against my legs.

The hoist came to a stop and my body bounced a little. UUUUhhhh I almost climaxed. The Little Devils ran almost to full throttle paused and came back down.  GGGGoooooddd that ball is going to be my new lover. OOOhhhhhh this is going to be intense oh oh yes No. NO. Those damn Devils.

For those that don’t know the Little Devils are battery powered, have temperature sensors, blood pressure sensors, and I swear they know when you want a little more. They can also give you a shock. Everything from a little jolt to a rapid fire burst from Oh. Oh.  OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh shit they hhhhhhddddd to be reading my minddddddd. As they backed down I tried to catch my breath. What now. Oh yea. They have a random program they run. Ugh Aah. Wow.

In the auto mode if you have it selected. They can by their sensors tell when you are about to cum. Unless you select a fixed time they won’t let you cum. Some times for a long time. I couldn’t remember how I set that daaaammmmmmmm Oh hhhhhuuuhh. Oh Fuck. What was I thinking. Shit forget it. OOOhhhh MMMMMMMy HHHHHHeavens. YYYYYYYYYes. NNNNNooooooo. Damit. I was breathing heavy now.

Crap you sadistic bastards. They dropped back to almost nothing. As they buzzed just enough to keep my attention. I tested my bondage. I strained against the straps. MMMmmmmmm. My movement’s wwwwwweeeeeerree Oh. That damn wonderful ball. I moved some MMMmmooore, Yes. God I want to MMMMMMmaaaaaarrryyyyy it. OOOOOHHHH. The Devils gave me a shock.  My body shook from it. I move my hips like I was fucking. Ooh Yes that fffffeeeeells ssssoooo gooood. UUUgh my whole body jerked again. As I moved the ball would rock back and forth past my g-spot. Shit Shit Shit. OOOOoohhhh. I struggled more. MMMmmmmmm. The Devils were working AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH UUUUhhhhhhhh. That damn wonderful ball started to vibrate on its own. DAAAAammmmmnnnnnnnnnn. Yes, Yes, YES. Just a little longer.

My body was AAAAAHHHHHH MMMMMmmmmm bouncing on the cable. OOOOOOhhhhhh GGGGGGgggggggggg Oh Oh OOohhhh Oooooohhhh Myy GGooddd. UUUUUggggghhhh.

I was trying my best to fuck the Devils. A dddddddddd Oh Yes. Yes. difficult task hanging like a catfish. The Devils started to give me a series of shocks. Oh Please, Please, Please. AAhh AAhhh Yes Don’t Stop. Don’t DON’T STOPPPPPPP.

AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh IIIIIIII ammmmmmmm C C CCCCCCCCCCoooooommmmmmmiiiiiinnnnngggggggggggggggg. OOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhh SSSSSSSSSSShhhhhhhhhiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttt.

My mind was enveloped with the intensity of this orgasm. UUUUUUUHHHHHHH MYYYYYY GGGGOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. IIIIIttttt It It SSSShhhhhhhiiiiiiiitttttttttttt. It seemed like forever till the Devils let me come down. As I tried my best to catch my… catch my…shit what was I thing. AAahhhhhh. Damn.

I was hanging there exhausted. I could feel myself slowly swinging UUUUUghh Damn my whole body jerked as I came again. An after shock Kind Oooooffffffffff AAaa Uhuh. Oh damn Yes. OH yes. Yes.

As I finally started to calm down. The Little Devils were at rest. My hips were still moving trying to milk a little more out of them. It felt good but they wouldn’t come back on so I stopped trying. I hung there swinging when I heard the hoist start and I was going down. Thank God I was totally exhausted. I wanted to find that remote and turn the Devils off. Then wait to be rescued.

Suddenly my body bounced. OOOOhhhh Sshit another tremor went through me like lightning. God Enough. The hoist had stopped. I hung there spent. My mind took a little time to come down from the clouds. Every time I moved I would come a little. UUh Oh.

I realized I couldn’t hear my bondage movie. Did it run out. What the fuck fuck ahh. With my head in a hood I couldn’t tell what was going on. I couldn’t hear Oh Shit not now. Then I heard that. A fire truck horn and siren sounded like it was right out side my house. The firehouse was 3 doors down. Then I heard the ambulance.

 Why wasn’t the DVD playing. I had it set for loop. I hung there for what seemed like forever. I heard the movie come back on and the smoke detectors chirp. Oh Shit the power had been out.

Beep. Oh No. No it can’t be. Was that the remote for the hoist. As I hung there I got my answer. I heard the hoist start and my body bounced a little as it went up. Oh Crap Not Now! The devils started up again in tease mode. They had felt the motion from the hoist going up.

NNNNooooo what the hell. As the hoist stopped and the Little Devils started to climb the mountain, in the background I heard the phone ring and the answer machine click in.

Hey having a good time. This is Sheri. I have Lou with me and we are on the way over.  The hoist came to a stop. 

OOOhhhh NNNooo Yes Yes AAh

We will be a while getting there. The cops have your entire subdivision blocked.

UUUhhhhhh Oh Oh Oh. Shit Shit.Ugh

He said a truck and a car got into each other. A Telephone pole is down and


there is fuel all over the ground.

Ah Ah Ah SSShhhhiiiittttt. OOOOhhhhhh NO NO No. What did she say. I was shaking from the spasms. In my highly MMMMMMmmmm Oh Oh. YYYess Shit aroused state this is DDDDDrrrrrrrrr Driving MMMMMMMEEEEEEE Oh my God Yes.

When we asked them how long the guy said he had no idea.

OOhhhh NNNNoooo Shit shit. AAAAAAHHHhhhhhhhhh.

They have to get the fuel up and move the car and truck


It could be a couple of hours.

NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO I’ll be DDDDDeeeeeeeaadddddd by then.

You should be finished and resting on the mat by now.

 AAAAAAAaaahhhhhhhhhhh GGGGooooodddddd Shit SSShit.

Sorry you will just have to wait till we get there to let you out of your gear. So you’ll sweat a little more. And with a giggle she hung up.

As I bounced around on the end of that cable with what had to be the fourth major orgasm and at least a dozen little ones since I was lifted back up. I wondered if a girl can die by orgasm.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SSSSSS SSSSShhhhhiiiiiitttttt. I could hardly catch my breath bbbBBBBBBBBBB UUUUggghh before another one came along.

God I gotta marry that BBBBBBBBaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllll.

It took Sheri and Lou almost 4 hours to get to my house. That had me 6 hours “On The Hook” as Sheri likes to put it. The Little Devils had ran out of battery. Thank you Jesus.

As I heard them come through the door I could hear they were upset. The words were almost a mumble. I heard Sheri scream “get the remote and get her down.”

As I came to rest on the mat I heard Sheri again. “ I have the keys.” One of them unhooked the strap to my head and laid it down on the mat. As they were trying to get the locks open every touch caused me to cum, even if they just brushed against me. “Try to hold still girl.” I couldn’t tell who said that. But I had to laugh to myself.

My legs started to come down to the mat and my arms were unhooked. They rolled me over and removed all the straps the straps.

They unlaced the leather hood and slid it off. Lou pulled the latex hood off. Sheri swore she could see me smiling even with the ball gag still in.

We laugh about it now. Sheri refers to it as “on the hook time” But Sheri made Lou and I promise nothing that strict while alone. Lou swears she is going to break that 6-hour record. She just hasn’t gotten past the ball. She is just crazy enough to do it though.


I hope you enjoyed the tales of Sheri Lou and I.  There will be more.



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