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The door to the admissions room opened slowly as Janice peeked in, eyes darting about nervously. The room was rarely used at this time of night, but she couldn’t take any chances. This evening had been months in the planning, and nothing was going to stop her from achieving her desire.

Seeing that the room was unoccupied, she slipped inside and locked the door behind her. The ceiling sensors detected her presence and brought the lights up to full glow, revealing a desk and control panel to one side, with cabinets large and small lining every wall. But it was the cylindrical sarcophagus at the center of the room that fixed her gaze. This was the processing unit for unruly patients. It was designed to prepare them for admission to the asylum, outfit them with the required uniform and restraints, and place them in an appropriate cell or pod. It was of the latest design, quick, quiet and efficient, optimizing both patient and staff safety. It was known by the staff "The Pacifier", and it held a special allure for Janice.


She had first heard about these machines when she arrived at nursing school. They had ushered in a new era of psychiatric patient care, eliminating many of the dangerous and harsh methods used in the past. Physically violent or deranged patients who posed a danger to themselves or others could now be restrained quickly and effectively with a uniform tailored to their body and its needs.

The staff need only remove as much of the patient's clothing as they could without putting themselves at risk, then place them in the upright cylinder. Once the door slid shut the system would scan the patient, remove any remaining clothing and objects while identifying any prosthetics and implants. A general health scan would also be made to ensure the subject was in no immediate distress, the results used by the machine to inform the operator and make suggestions for tailoring the restraint. Once approved by the operator the processing would begin. Within a few minutes the Pacifier would have the subject completely coated in NuSkin, a synthetic compound whose resilience and antimicrobial properties prevented abrasion and aided in keeping the patient clean over longer periods of treatment. Accessories for hygiene, hydration and evacuation, administration of medicines and of course restraint and conditioning could be added as the Pacifier's operator deemed appropriate. The resilience of the suit was such that even the most vigorous thrashing would not damage it. A Pacified patient was guaranteed to be kept safe and secure for as long as needed.

She finally got to see a Pacifier in action when she took an elective course in its operation in her final year. The unit that the school had was an older model but the principles were the same. Patients put into the Pacifier would be stripped, sanitized, and given a coating of NuSkin from tip to toe. NuSkin, an elastic polymer, was an allergy-free synthetic that resembled latex rubber but was far stronger and more durable. Even the strongest patients would not be able to remove it without help. The suits were seamless, sanitary, skin-tight and, for all intents and purposes, permanent. They were color-coded dependant on the diagnosis and potential risk for potential harm to themselves or others.

The woman who rose from her chair at the control panel to lead the class seemed familiar. Janice had an odd feeling that she knew the instructor from somewhere, but she hadn’t had her in any prior classes and she was too old to be a part of her social scene. Social! That was it, Janice thought as she remembered a night out with her friends the year before, when they had a wild time in the city on the Sunday night of a three-day weekend that concluded with a stop at a club known for its hot dance nights and cheap drinks. They learned on arriving there was that it was also a lesbian bar on Sundays. Some of the other girls were a bit put off, but Janice, having never visited such a place, wanted to check it out. In the end they all went in, devil may care.

The club lived up to the hype, with a great DJ and drinks that had more than a few of them feeling delicate the next morning. But Janice remembered one woman on the dance floor whose moves really caught her eye. She was a bit older, perhaps, but was fit and limber and looked dazzling in her skintight black dress, moving with a sensuous self-assurance that enraptured Janice to the point that the mystery dancer caught her staring. Not losing a beat, she gave the younger girl a knowing smile and a penetrating gaze that all but hypnotized her. It was only when her friends grabbed her and insisted she join in a round of shots that she was able to break the spell. When she looked back a minute later, her mystery dancer had vanished.

Now, that same woman was standing before her, the instructor for her class. Her black club attire had been traded for a starched white nurses uniform, her hair in a tight bun under her prim cap. And when the woman first saw Janice in the class, her quizzical look quickly melted into one of recognition, and for a brief moment she gave Janice that same penetrating look and flashed that same sly smile. Quick as it came it was gone, replaced by the serene confidence of an experienced classroom instructor. But that moment of recognition set Janice in a whirl. She didn’t think of herself as being attracted to women, yet this one was giving her a case of the vapors. Janice wrestled for self-control as the class began.

The instructor introduced herself as Miss Dalton, giving a brief overview of her history for their benefit. Her matter-of-fact air belied the fact that she was an R.N. with an impressive set of qualifications. It seemed she held every certification possible for someone her age, and belonged to several prestigious Societies and Associations. Janice went from amazed to enraptured, her prior nervousness evaporating. Miss Dalton was everything she wanted to be in her own nursing career. She was determined to make her best effort and be the top student in her class.

Miss Dalton then began with an overview presentation on the workings of the Pacifier. When she had finished, she turned to the class and asked, "Now, who would like to assist me in a demonstration? I'll need a volunteer to be our patient." The nurse must have seen the quick gasp of reaction from Janice, as she turned to her with a slight smile. "How about you?" Janice stood stock-still for a moment, then nodded her head slightly but quickly and stepped forward.

"All right, come over here" - Miss Dalton peered at her volunteer's name tag - "Janice. Hand me your ID, and take off your clothes. We wouldn't want to lose them in the machine, now would we?" Janice blushed furiously, but nodded and complied, then stepped naked into the open cylinder. A few titters could be heard from the other girls at the sight of their classmate in such a predicament. They watched her with amusement, telling her not to be nervous, but she knew her shivering and look of apprehension were not from fear. She could feel her body heating up, a flush on her skin, her nipples hardening. This was turning her on! She turned slightly and tried to cover up with her hands, hoping no one would notice.

The instructor bade everyone gather around the control desk, where she explained the readout for patient vital signs. A knowing smirk came over her as she looked up at the shivering student. "Our volunteer is a bit... nervous, aren’t you, Janice?" The girl could only nod. "Well, no worries, we'll be done soon." She turned her attention back to the rest of the class. "Now, here is how you will set up the patient's uniform and restraints. Color is automatically selected based on DSM-VII diagnostic codes, as are restraints and other accessories. You can assign multiple codes to a single patient You also have the option to override code-based selections if needs be. Don’t override unless instructed to do so by senior staff. So, let's set our patient up with this, and this code. And, just to show you how, we will override and add this extra option." There were some smirks and chuckles at that point, and Janice got a bit more flushed as she wondered what they were up to. She didn’t have to wonder long, as the instructor pressed a button with a slight flourish and, with a wink at Janice, engaged the program.

The door to the cylinder slid closed, leaving Janice in darkness. A red laser scan went quickly from tip to toe, then shut down, once again putting Janice in the gloom. Moments later she was startled by the feel of some kind of bag sliding down over her head, its opening clasping tight around her neck. She feared it might suffocate her, but as soon as it tightened beneath her jaw line a hose at its top filled it with fresh air, inflating it like a beach ball.

Then a series of nozzles sprayed her bare skin with something warm and thick that seemed to dry and tighten as soon as it hit her body. Soon she was encased from the neck down in a tight coating of NuSkin, thick and stretchy, an elastic second skin. It’s all encompassing touch was surprisingly sensual, and Janice felt a familiar heat begin to glow within her.

The nozzles shut down, and a bellows below her aided her suit's curing with drafts of hot air that sent tendrils up and down her like an endless caress. The bag was pulled quickly off her head and, as she gasped openly at the tightening coating on her skin, something spongy was just as quickly shoved into her mouth, pushed in farther by a strap that was tightened behind her head.

All this was too much, and she yelped in surprise as she reached up to remove this intruder. But as she raised her arms, her hands were funneled into the sleeves of some kind of heavy jacket. She discerned immediately that it was a straitjacket, as the sleeve ends were sewn closed. The coat was pulled tight and sealed at the back, then the arms pulled tight as the straps were fastened behind her. With the final addition of a blindfold Janice was left whimpering in darkness.

She heard the canister door slide open, and the gasps of her classmates as she was revealed to them in her new restraint uniform. She felt exposed and nervous, but worst of all, she felt humiliated at how excited she had become. Janice was silently thankful that her new attire covered her entirely and concealed the signs of her arousal.

The voice of her instructor brought her back to the present. "Let's have a look at you, Janice. Hm, yes, seems to have gone well. Are you in any pain or distress?" Janice moaned through the gag and shook her strap-crossed head. "OK, then. Step on out, this way." Janice felt a hand on her arm, gently leading her out of the Pacifier. She took a few steps forward, then stopped at the unseen hand's urging.

Miss Dalton again addressed the class. "You are required to make a visual inspection of the finished application, to ensure patient health and safety, and to confirm that the proper uniform and accessories have been applied. In this case, everything seems in order. Tactile inspection may also be required to ensure restraints and other fittings are properly set." With that, Janice felt Miss Dalton's hands nimbly tug and pull on several straps of her restraints, reinforcing the inescapable hold they had on her, before coming to rest on her hips to gently but firmly hold her in place. It did not go unnoticed by Miss Dalton how Janice's breathing grew slow and deep as she lightly brushed her fingertips across her patient's NuSkin covering during her inspection.

Miss Dalton continued to address the class. "You will note that the subject has been given a red coating, indicating she is a violence risk and so must be kept restrained at all times. The straitjacket is made of the same material as her coating, but thicker and equipped with fasteners. A gag and blindfold have been added to prevent spitting or biting, and to both calm and disorient her. This is as much for her safety as yours. Normally, a patient in this scenario would immediately be taken to an isolation room and kept under evaluation for anywhere from a few days to several weeks. In this case, we will only keep her this way for a few hours. For science, of course." Janice could swear she heard the smile in that last statement, and the titters of a few of her classmates. She yelped with surprise when she heard it. Hours! How was she supposed to wear this all day? No one said anything about that!

Furiously she began to writhe and squirm, fighting her bonds, shouting through her gag. Several sets of hands fell upon her, holding her tightly. The feeling of so many hands on her helpless form nearly sent Janice over the edge, the heat building beneath the second skin of her uniform. This was becoming too much!

The instructor spoke again. "Very good, ladies, hold her tight! Patients could easily harm themselves when excited. You'll need to isolate her before we can continue. Bring her over here, we can insert her into this isolation pod for the time being. Good thing we had one on hand, eh?" A few snickers arose from her classmates as they picked Janice up and slid her into some kind of padded box. She writhed inside, shouting impotently through her gag as the wave crested. The door was swung shut with a "thud", as Janice was overtaken by a shattering orgasm.

Outside, the instructor peered in through the tiny observation port, watching with a satisfied smile as her student's rubberized form buckled and stiffened. Turning back to the chattering class, she clapped twice to gain their attention. "That demonstration seems to have gone all right, didn’t it? Now, would anyone else like to try?" Her smile grew a little bit wider when several hands went up.


Three more of the young ladies would enter the Pacifier that day, and though none would be as strictly restricted as Janice, all got the same coating but in different colors. One, a petite exchange student from Italy, even asked for the straitjacket to be applied, much to the amusement of her peers. When the demonstration had concluded, the instructor sent the three volunteers to another room to be removed from their suits, and sent the others home. Soon she was alone in the room... alone, with Janice.

The instructor grabbed a bottle of water out of a cabinet and walked over to the isolation cube. She unlocked and opened the hatch to find Janice lying on her back, breathing slow and deep through her nose, her hair soaked in sweat. She recognized the signs: Janice was deep in subspace. Almost wanting to leave her there, she finally reached in and, with a tug of her straitjacket, pulled Janice to the hatch so that her head and shoulders were resting at the edge. A weak, pleading moan was Janice's only response.

With practiced fingers the instructor reached behind Janice and undid the straps holding in her gag, then pried it loose with a wet popping sound. Janice's tongue darted after the departing intruder, then made an attempt to moisten her dry lips. The blindfold remained in place.

"Here, have some water, just a few sips." She gently cradled her student's head and dribbled a bit of water into her mouth. Janice drank sloppily, the cool water dripping on her shiny carapace as much as in her mouth. When she could speak again, she asked, "How long was I in there?"

"Oh, a little over two hours. How do you feel?"

"Exhausted. Why did you leave me in there so long?"

The instructor smiled. "Because, hun, you were enjoying yourself, weren’t you?"

There was a long pause as Janice realized that her teacher knew everything, how she had been enthralled by the suit, overwhelmed by the restraint. The hands that were cradling her head moved down to caress her arms and shoulders. After a long pause, she gave a slight nod, moaning softly in delight.

"I'm glad to hear you say so, or at least moan so. But, I'm afraid we have to end things for now. School's over for today, and you’ve certainly learned a bit about yourself, haven’t you. But now, I have to get you out of this getup and back to the real world." Janice could not help herself as a forlorn whine came from her lips. The instructor was sympathetic, giving her shoulders a squeeze. "Oh, don’t be sad, hun, there's plenty more lessons in your future if you want them. And I think you'll be a top student, if today is any clue. But now we have to get you presentable." She lifted Janice's blindfold, and with a smile looked her in the eyes. "Any questions?"

"Yeah", said Janice dreamily. "What's your name?"

Her instructor smiled again. "I'm Nurse Dalton, but you can call me Gladys."

"Nice to meet you, Gladys." Sharing a laugh, Gladys pulled Janice from the cube.


Janice and Gladys would get to know one another much better in the ensuing months. There were several more chances for Janice to aid Gladys in her demonstrations of the Pacifier, which Gladys justified by pointing out that a human subject gave her opportunity to demonstrate more of the advanced features than could be done with the usual demonstration dummy. They even worked out a "work study" program with the Dean that allowed her to earn extra credit as a volunteer intern.

Janice was also on hand to help Gladys with the occasional "calibration" of the suddenly temperamental machine, which was acting up a lot, especially on nights and weekends.

But as the school year drew to a close, Gladys announced that she would be leaving, first to travel, then to take a senior position and return to full time nursing. Janice got to join her in the demo room one last time before she departed with a farewell that had them both a bit misty. But Janice had to put her feelings aside and study for her final exams. Her yearning to have Gladys share the Pacifier with her again grew and grew, but the closest she got was to operate it on a mannequin as part of her certification test. It was a test she passed with flying colors, of course, being almost as familiar with the system as its designers, and it put her at the top of the list for new hires.

She lost contact with her friend and mentor over the summer. She felt hurt and confused that Gladys did not keep in touch, even if she was traveling overseas. Doubt gnawed at her. Had she said or done something wrong? Her voice mail and email went unanswered. Eventually, she tamped down her feelings and focused on her career. The days were passing, and she needed a job.

It wasn’t long after graduation that Janice was able to secure an entry level position as an admitting nurse at a prestigious private sanitarium. This hospital, located in what had been the grand mansion on a former patient's secluded estate, treated the elite of society for all kinds of mental illness. The facility was said to be top rate, employing all the latest techniques and equipment. Her application had been accepted unusually fast, and before she knew it Janice was driving through the gates of the old estate.

Her first day orientation was conducted by the admissions supervisor, Nurse Dora. The tour took up the entire morning. She learned that the facility has numerous wards, ranging from a substance abuse clinic (currently hosting several celebrities and sports stars amongst its jet-setting denizens) to the short-term observation wards, to a wing where long term and even a few permanent residents were kept.

There was also a brief look down a set of stone steps to a basement ward she was told was no longer in use, where the few dangerous patients were once isolated from the rest of the population. "People who went down there usually didn’t come back up", Dora said grimly, and Janice shuddered as they closed the door again with a loud metal clang. The place spooked Janice badly, so much so that she imagined she thought she heard a muffled groan come faintly from behind the closed door. Too many late night horror movies, she told herself as they walked away.

They finished the tour in the admittance room for difficult and dangerous patients. Janice let out a slight gasp at the spotless room with its state of the art equipment. It all looked showroom new! Occupying the center of the room was a Pacifier of the latest model.

"And here is where you'll be much of the time, This system has all of the latest features for patient restraint and safety. It also employs the newest type of NuSkin, which can be adjusted to match the patient's bio needs so well that it could be worn for months, though we've not had a need to test that claim yet."

Janice was a bit breathless. The memory of her sessions with Gladys were crawling back to the surface. "It’s all so... perfect! Er, I mean, it looks like it's never been used. Was it recently installed?"

"A few months ago, but then, we pride ourselves on having the latest and greatest, and in keeping it in perfect working order. Even so, you'll want to keep a close eye on the system while it's in operation. We've noticed some odd glitches in the software, selections randomly added or deleted. You have to be on top of it at all times. That’s why we hired you, Janice. Your certification scores were nearly as perfect as this machine. Why, one might say you have an... affinity for it." The tone in Dora's last sentence was lost on the new nurse. She was too enraptured by the Pacifier before her, and by the possibilities it presented. A germ of an idea was starting to sprout in the dark corners of her mind.


It had taken some time for Janice to realize her scheme. She had to learn the rhythm of the place, not only the official schedule but also the little tics and quirks of the building and its staff. For instance, there was one night watchman who was so regular on his rounds that you could set your watch to him, while another was habitually seven minutes late for everything. There was an orderly who had some kind of OCD (she sometimes wondered why he wasn’t a patient) and nervously checked every locked door, window and cabinet in a room before leaving, even if he had just locked it himself. Little things like those had a way of ruining the best plans. The last thing she needed was to be discovered in the midst of her intentions.

In the meantime, she threw herself into her job with enthusiasm. The facility was a select one, and as such there were not a lot of admissions that required such restraint, but she wanted to be prepared when one came in. This happened about two weeks after she started when a patient was admitted for severe substance abuse problems. The son of a wealthy industrialist, he had become addicted to drugs and had been sent there for rehab. But on his arrival the young man in his twenties had begun to show serious signs of withdrawal and became delusional, striking out at members of the staff. They decided to put him through the Pacifier to prevent him from hurting himself (or them).

Janice was on duty when he was admitted. It was pure happenstance, as she had volunteered to take an extra shift. Within minutes the burly orderlies had stripped the struggling young man and put him in the booth. Janice selected the restraint level and began the process. In a short time to booth opened to reveal a form coated from the chin down in pale blue, struggling impotently against a reinforced tube of the same color that restrained him from the shoulders to the knees. A pair of thin hoses stuck out from between his legs, and a set of soft restraints held his ankles together. A blindfold and tubes for breathing and feeding completed his head gear and assured his compliance.

As the orderlies left the room with their charge, strapped to a gurney and still twitching slightly despite his restraints, Dora came in to check up on their new hire. She studied the new patient as he passed by, smiling slightly as she nodded in approval. "I see you handled that one easily. Any issues?"

"None at all. The isolation seemed to have had a bit of a calming effect on this one. We might want to consider piping in some soothing music in the future, maybe even some subliminal instructions, see if we can improve upon that."

"Mmm, good idea." Dora came around to examine the control panel. "You made some interesting choices of restraint. Why the oral intubation?"

"Removes the danger of aspiration during withdrawal, makes feeding easier, and besides, he looked like a spitter. We can administer relaxants if he has any issues."

Dora hid her amusement at the casualness with which Janice explained her decision. "And the plumbing?"

"Odds are he will be restrained as such for several days. This ensures his safety and his comfort."

Dora smirked a bit at that last one. "Safety, yes. I'm not so sure he would agree about comfort, especially given the size of the bung you used on the enema tube. And I noticed you used one with both vibrating and electro-stim features. Any reason why?"

Janice got slightly flustered at the question. She wasn’t entirely sure why she had done that, either. She certainly couldn’t admit to her own preferences for it! "Er, well, the patient will be immobilized for some time. I wanted to be sure we had some options. The vibrating massage will aid in loosening the stool should he require a colonic, while the electro-stim can be employed should he require reinforcement for his behavior modification."

"Indeed." Dora nodded approvingly. "Well done, Janice. You handled this one like a pro. I'm sure our new Administrator will be most interested to see you in action when she arrives." And with that, the older nurse left the room, before Janice could see the curious, scheming expression forming in her countenance.


The weeks went on and no opportunity arose to put her plan into action. She started to despair, but luck was with her. Months into her time at the asylum, near the end of her term, a Monday holiday meant that a three-day weekend would happen with all of her "red flag" employees taking time off. She immediately volunteered to fill in for the admitting nurse on the Friday evening shift. By doing so, she ensured she would have access to the Pacifier exactly when she wanted it, and no other obligations for the following three days. Janice was going to have a little holiday of her own, right at work.

What's more, one of her fellow students had been accepted as a trainee the week prior. It was Camilla, the Italian girl who had volunteered to be Pacified that first day with Janice. In fact, hadn’t Camilla also volunteered to be the subject for another demo later in the semester? She had a hunch that their new hire would be a lot more sympathetic to her scheme should she need assistance, so she convinced Camilla to also work that holiday weekend, and take a shift monitoring what would be her room when her period of restriction was scheduled to end. It would be in the early hours, long before the day shift arrived, so the risk of discovery was minimal. And, she mused, perhaps her hunch about Camilla was right, and she might at least gain a sympathetic minder, if not a new playmate. Janice's thoughts drifted back to her time with Gladys, and she had to stop her hands from wandering. She tried not to be too hopeful about Camilla, and she knew it wouldn’t be the same as her dear instructor.


The Friday of her weekend of ecstasy began with a trip to the salon, where she instructed her stylist to chop her shoulder-length brown hair down to a short, spiky 'do and dye it a shiny black. She was feeling daring and decided it was time for a change. Besides, she mused, short hair would be best for her weekend attire.

Then it was back home, to shave and scrub every inch of her body. Janice wanted no complications to mar her weekend of fun. Even though it would only be a few days and the NuSkin was amazing at keeping the wearer clean, she couldn’t stand the thought of developing a bad smell – or worse, an itch she could not scratch! As a precaution she also trimmed her nails as close as she could. Wouldn’t do to cut through the material from the inside out. She left a note for her roommate saying she would be gone all weekend, put on her uniform and drove to work.

And now the hour had finally come. The asylum would not be admitting anyone over the weekend except on emergency, so she expected her night shift to be uninterrupted. Janice kept a nervous eye on the security monitors at her station, but the only movement inside or out was the usual post-dinner medication and lockdown, and the predictable rhythm of the orderlies and night watchmen. A car did pull into the employee lot rather late, but it was a holiday weekend and she assumed someone had been delayed by traffic or some such.

Midnight came and went, and the sanitarium was a quiet as a tomb. Shift change would not be for another hour, and she had prepared a note for her relief saying she had been called away to assist in a ward at the other side of the mansion. With a final, nervous glance at the monitors she darted quickly down the hall and entered the Pacifier room.

Her hands trembled slightly in fear and anticipation as she activated the console. A soft hum filled the room as the console went through its startup routine, while lights above the cylinder hatch showed the chamber's self-check status. It was a long few minutes as Janice waited anxiously for the machine to ready itself, and she glanced sharply at the hallway door more than once as she imagined her discovery. But the allure of the Pacifier was too great, and she was too far along to stop now. Soon enough the machine indicated its readiness with a soft chime and the display of its configuration panel.

Janice began entering the details for the new "patient". She listed herself as a "Jane Doe" who had suffered a psychotic episode and was now here for evaluation. The info on her chart was generic, designed to keep the usual snoops and gossips disinterested. But the instructions for "Jane's" restraint were quite specific and elaborate. Janice gave it all the once-over before submitting. Was she going overboard, especially this first time? Maybe, but her memories of her adventures with Gladys and the warm glow that they created, radiating from her midriff to the tips of her fingers and toes, was overriding any trepidation. In for a penny, she thought.

As there were no orderlies on duty (nor would she want them to be!) she selected the auto-delivery option. This was a new feature designed especially for their system, an automated gurney that could follow a preset path through the hallways to a designated room. It was meant for use when there were not enough staff at hand to move a patient quickly, but in reality it didn’t get much use. Janice hoped that its passage would go unnoticed in the wee hours and she would arrive in the reserved room anonymously, before her shift relief arrived. The day shift would then see an entry in their task lists to attend her and hook up the needed monitors and tubing. Her fellow staff would spend the weekend attending her and not even know it!

Her setup complete, Janice confirmed the instructions and set the Pacifier into operation. The door of the cylinder slid open silently, inviting Janice to enter. She nearly shook herself out of her clothes as she fumbled to remove them not fast enough. Hastily shoving her uniform and ID into a patient goods bag, she snapped the closure shut and scanned its bar code to ensure it was brought to the room with her. Then, standing naked before the open cylinder, she let out a deep breath and stepped inside.

The system sensed her entry and, after making sure there were no obstructions, slid the cylinder door shut, sealing it with a muted clack of latches. The admission room grew silent, with only the hum of the Pacifier... and the whir of the security camera, returning to its usual position.

Inside the machine, Janice stood silently, awaiting the start of her processing, eyes closed despite the darkness, legs and arms spread slightly to aid the NuSkin application. Her heart was pounding in her chest, breath coming quick and shallow as her nipples hardened and that wonderful glow grew into a liquid fire oozing between her hips as the red tracings of the laser scanner took her measure.

Assured that the subject was ready, the Pacifier set to work. Armatures worked in the darkness, fitting her breasts with thin cones of NuSkin that were wired to electrically stimulate or punish her nipples. A flexible panel with a short nub was eased into and over her labia, while a hollow insert was nuzzled against and into her anus. Even lubricated the intruders were a strain to take, and Janice let out a moan as they filled her.

A hood came down and covered her head and face from the sprayers, which began laying a thick coating of NuSkin on the rest of her. She splayed her fingers and toes to aid in the process, even moving her feet around to ensure the soles were covered. As it dried, carbon fiber bands with restraint attachment points were added to her calves, thighs, wrists and elbows. A second NuSkin application sealed them to her, impossible to remove.

The hood was removed and Janice opened her mouth for the expected gag. Instead, she was surprised when two armatures clasped her wrists and held her in place as a rigid, mask-like mould was pressed against her face, and a tight helmet came over her skull. Each grew hot as her head was coated in NuSkin, sealing her head in a tight hood of the same rubber coating as the rest of her body. When the two-part mould split and pulled away, Janice had been transformed into an anonymous mannequin, only her eyes and mouth uncovered.

"What the hell!? This isn’t -" Her outburst was cut off by the fitting of a tight, high collar that clasped her neck in an iron grip and forced her head up with a startled "ack!". She struggled against the armatures as they forced her arms up and funneled them into the sleeves of a fitted, heavy duty NuSkin straitjacket. The back was zipped up tight as the arms were wrapped around her waist and secured behind her. A crotch strap was fed between her legs and secured tightly at the back, forcing her concealed intruders even farther into her. Janice growled and grunted in frustration as she writhed futilely against her bonds, the restraint points of the jacket jangling from the effort. More armatures came from above and fitted a harness to her head, filling her mouth with an expanding breather gag and sliding a padded blindfold over her eyes. The armatures then receded and all fell silent, but for the apprehensive exhalations Janice made through the tube of her gag.

Outside, the Pacifier prepared for the delivery phase by moving the automated gurney next to the cylinder, which was opening to allow a pair of external armatures to reach inside and grab hold of the restrained inhabitant by the shoulder points of the jacket. Slowly and gently they drew her out of the tube and lifted her onto the gurney, lying her on her back. The armatures detached from her strait jacket and spent several moments attaching and tightening the gurney's straps over her, leaving her secure and immobile.

Then the arms retreated, leaving the bound and encapsulated new patient with her thoughts. She was irked by the unexpected additions to her outfit, but admitted they had the benefit of ensuring her anonymity. She wasn’t sure what the NuSkin would do to her hair, but she supposed that if she must, she could wear a wig, or tell everyone she had shaved her head in support of a cancer patient. Eventually, she set aside her concerns and allowed herself to drift into the trancelike reverie that the Pacifier treatment induced in her, awaiting the gurney's movement to her weekend room.

Janice was startled out of her rapture when her blindfold was suddenly removed. Two figures loomed over her, looks of amusement on their faces. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw that one was her supervisor - and the other was Gladys! The former spoke with mock surprise to her peer.

"Why, Administrator Dalton, look what we have here! A patient in the midst of being admitted. Where do you think the attending nurse went?"

"I'll bet she snuck off for a cigarette or something. Naughty, naughty. We should cover for her and finish up, so that she doesn’t get into trouble." She turned and locked eyes with the whimpering Janice, and spoke to her with the gentle smile that a cat might give a tasty mouse, as her finger lazily traced the outline of one of Janice's breasts through its NuSkin prison. "Don’t you worry, dear, you're in good hands. As the new Administrator of this facility I can assure you that we'll make sure you get the care and attention you so badly need. From this point on, I will be personally handling your treatment, no matter how long it takes." With a wink and a bit of a laugh Gladys replaced Janice's blindfold, stroked her cheek, kissed her forehead, then straightened up and walked to the control console, the head nurse at her side. Writhing in her restraints and mewling loudly through her gag, Janice began to tremble excitedly as she listened to their out-of-sight banter.

"I told you it would be her."

"Yeah, I really thought it was gonna be that little Italian one."

"You hoped it was going to be the little Italian one! I knew better. But, seeing as we'll have an immediate opening in Admissions, well, one never knows."

"I'll keep my fingers crossed! Now, let's get your girl set up."

The two nurses went over to the console. Dora scanned the screens. "Vitals look OK. Wow, she picked the heavy duty package, all the fixings. And check out the instructions for the staff: 'Violently psychotic, requires maximum restraint' hit the jackpot with her! She wants all of this. Oh, this is going to be so much fun!"

Gladys reached for the keyboard, . "Let me add a few more details." She began typing. Dora read aloud over her shoulder. "'Disassociated from reality. Patient is a fantasist, imagines herself to be a figure of authority such as policewoman, doctor or – hee hee – a nurse! Has become extremely upset and physically threatening when challenged. Will require 24/7 restraint and isolation from other patients. Schedule for daily intensive treatment sessions, including wet packs, electro-aversion and intensive physical therapy, as needed.' Oh, Gladys, that’s perfect!"

"Yeah, and we'll assign ourselves as her personal caregivers, under supervision of Dr. Bombay."

"Mmm, with him being away on a six month sabbatical, we'll have our hands full."

"Won't we?", Gladys said slyly, and the two shared an evil cackle. "But look, there's a typo in her original form. She was only committed for three days. A patient this serious would never be sent here for such a short evaluation."

"I agree. Obviously the admitting nurse made a mistake, and meant 30 days. Here, let's update that now. Who was it that checked this patient in?"

Watching as Janice writhed against her restraints, embroiled in a heady mix of fear and desire at hearing the new depths of her incarceration, Gladys' voice took on a sing-song of ridicule, her words directed at the writhing, helpless form before her. "Oh, one of our new hires, a gal named Janice. I remember her from a class I taught. She seemed nervous and easily distracted. I guess we'll have to discipline her for that, once she returns from that family emergency that called her away so suddenly. I hear she won't be back for at least a month."

"At least!", Dora confirmed brightly, as Gladys activated the vibrators in Janice's lower inserts, sending the helpless girl over the edge. Lost in ecstasy, Janice thrashed against the straps of the gurney as it lurched to life, taking the new patient to her isolation room as her reunited lover's musical laughter filled her ears.

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