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Nina's Latex Wish Gone Wrong

by jeffapr202006

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© Copyright 2018 - jeffapr202006 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; discovery; lamp; genie; wish; latex; suit; boots; corset; posture-collar; gag; inserts; altered-reality; stuck; denial; climax; cons/nc; X

Nina was a very beautiful and sucessful professional, at the age of 25, she had it all. She was 5'10" had the bluest of eyes, long blond hair, D cup breasts, and a 27 inch waist. One thing about her was she enjoyed self bondage but with two roommates, it was hard to persue her passion which was very frustrating. There were rare instances when both her roommates would be out of town in which she could indulge in some self play.

One weekend when she was out at a flea market looking for something to spruce up her bedroom, she saw this faded lamp which reminded her of a genie lamp, with its long spout at the end and a small handle. Something pulled her to the lamp and it seemed like a great deal since the price was only $15. With some elbow grease, she would have a beautiful piece to put on her dresser. After a quick transaction with the seller, she was on her way home to clean up this corroded lamp.

When she arrived home, she quickly went to work cleaning the lamp. Both of her roommates were gone, so maybe after cleaning the lamp, she would have a short time for some light bondage. After about an hour she had the lamp shining beautifully after a bit of buffing with a rag. Looking at her reflection in the lamp, she saw a few smudges from the buffing compound, so she quickly used her bare hand to wipe them off when something unexpected happened.

A plume of smoke came out of the lamp and there was this erotic woman standing in front of her. She looked over at Nina and stated, "You have three wishes my master".

Nina couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing!

Quickly without thinking she stated, "I wish I had 10 billion dollars with no attachments, it is all mine in a bank account".

The genie stated, "Wish granted".

Nina went over to her computer and confirmed that she had 10 billion dollars in her bank account.

With this money, she could have everything she wanted, but not everything after thinking for a minute. She could wish for a something she could only dream about. She said, "I wish for a tight latex bondage suit that will keep me alive when I put it on, will not age in it, with dark eye lenses, severe posture collar, penis gag, a corset that will narrow my waist to 18 inches, with integrated 7 inch high heel boots with no platform on the soles, also it will have two large intruders for my private area which will keep me in an orgasmic fog, only able to have an orgasm once a day. There will be only one opening which is on the back side of the suit which will be a slider that will allow me to enter and exit the suit. The suit will allow me to close myself into it but will not let me open the slider no matter how hard I try, which will need to be opened by someone else. And lastly, no one will think that the suit is out of place, just like this is normal, I am in a life support suit".

With that, the genie stated wish granted and magically the suit she described exactly was laying in front of her. She couldn't wait to try it out and told the genie she will use the last wish later. The genie stated to just rub the lamp and she will be able to grant her last wish.

Quickly Nina disrobed and started to put on the suit, she was unsure if she would be able to put it on being so tight. But magically her feet glided into the tight boots with ease and she was able to glide her hands down into the thick gloves with no issues. Before thinking she tilted her head down to the thick and daunting hood, and it sunk into place with the gag going in to where it belonged and settled correctly like magic. Immediately she noticed she did not have to breath. Rubbing her gloved hand over her body, she used the right hand to close the slider at the base of her posture collar which was smooth as a breeze and her waist shrunk to 18 inches.

Once the slider was closed, both intruders started to put her mind into a haze as she fell on her bed. Reaching back to see if she would be able to open the slider, her gloved fingers could not get a grip on the slider. With this realization, she had the most mind shattering orgasm she ever had and passed out.

Several hours later Nina awoke in her suit, still in an orgasmic fog. She reached down to get more stimulation but could not get over the ledge to have another orgasm. She realized she could only have one orgasim a day in the suit which only pushed her arousal further. She needed to get out of the suit and luckly she heard her roommates at home.

Nina teetered into the living room in her sky scraper heels where both of her roommates were sitting. They both looked at her and said hello with no notice of her latex suit. She walked over to them and pointed back at her slider and said "mmmgph".

Cindy her one roommate said, "Nina, what is it you are trying to say?"

Nina replied "MMMMPH!" while pointing at the base of the strict neck corset and trying to grasp a hold of the slider.

Becky, her other roommate, said "Hey silly, what are you trying to do?".

Nina, tottered over to the desk making squeaking noises. She grasped a pen which was hard to do in the thick gloves and and wrote down, "can you please open the slider on my back so I can remove this suit?" and then walked over to her roommates and gave it to them.

Becky said, "What are you talking about? That suit keeps you alive and I'm not going to be the death of you. Stop talking silly, that is just how you look and you know it. Don't get depressed again because you are not like everyone else!"

Nina, not wanting to panic went back to her room to get a photo to show that she has not always been in this suit. Slowly going back to her room, her suit was creaking loudly. When she got to her photo album and opened it up, Nina's eyes bulged out behind the dark lenses in her hood. Every photo of herself was of her in this suit, even ones at the beach. Opening up her purse and pulling out her drivers license, the photo also was of her in her suit. She tried to shake her head from side to side in disbelief but her neck corset wouldn't allow it. Maybe someone she didn't know would open this infernal suit she thought.

As quickly as Nina's booted feet would take her, she made it outside, again no one looked at her differently covered head to toe in a latex bondage suit. She had a sign she made that said "PLEASE HELP ME, I JUST NEED SOMEONE TO UNZIP MY SUIT!" But everyone she went up to just ignored her, to them she just had a death wish. Frustrated, she reached back in a fit of rage and struggled with the slider on the back of the suit when a police officer came up and stopped her attempts. He said, "Stop trying to hurt yourself, do I need to take to you a mental hospital for attempted suicide?" Nina just said "MMMPH!" and tried to look at the officer with worried eyes but he could not see anything behind the dark lenses.

Going back to the apartment was hard, defeated and she was resigned to use her last wish to get out of this awlful suit that she put herself into. Going to the lamp and rubbing it with frictionless motions with her gloves, making a loud squeeking sound. All of a sudden the Genie came out and stated, "Have you made up your mind on your last wish?"

Nina quickly wrote down on a note pad. I wish that my roommates will let me out of my suit when I ask them. The genie stated "wish granted" disappearing back into the lamp and then the lamp vanished. Nina was looking forward to getting free of the suit as well as being able to see better with the dark lenses hindering her sight. Nina went back to living room as quickly as she could and picked up the note she wrote earlier and showed it to Cindy.

Cindy just shrugged her shoulders and said "Ok, I'll unzip your suit, but you should know what happens......" Nina didn't understand what that meant but was anxious to get out.

When Cindy pulled the slider down, Nina could tell something wasn't quite right. The air hitting her back through the open slider felt like a burning sensation. Not wanting to waste any time as she was being frustrated by her intruders, she reached up and pulled the hood off letting it dangle in front of her face. The same burning sensation hit her bald head when it came out. Nina could barely see since everything was so bright to her, turning around to a mirror, she gasped out loud after seeing her reflection.

What she saw was that her hair was completely gone, more shocking was her eyes were almost white, the blue eyes were gone, her skin had no pigment to it, and her mouth was shaped in a round circle when she left her mouth at rest. Holding her gloved hand up to her face, she screamed but only came out as "WHHHH?". She also was having a hard time keeping her head upright, it seemed as though her neck muscles were not as strong as they were before she put the suit on. What also shocked her was that she could not get her lungs to function and she started to feel dizzy. Cindy quickly pulled the hood over Nina's head and pulled up the slider. Nina collapsed in a chair behind her.

Cindy said "I told you so!" as she was walking out of the room. Nina was trying to think about the situation when the realization of what happened hit her like a ton of bricks. The genie thought she literally wanted a life support suit and when she put it on, the suit changed her body to rely on the suit. Looking over at the mirror, she saw her new body, one that is inside the thick latex bondage suit that she will never be free of. She started screaming in her mind when she realized she used her last wish and the lamp was gone.


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