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A Night at the Party

by Phileas

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© Copyright 2007 - Phileas - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; sbf; steel; display; bond; toys; cons/reluct; X

What has a model to do for a living? Ok, it’s not as if they pay me little money, but still it is at least quite weird.

Sure I have some fun, but every time my employer make it as challenging as it gets.

I work for Frizo, the creator of bondage tools and fetish clothing, and he uses me to show them off at party conventions and so on.

This time he made me a prank, but sometime, someone will have him pay also for this! I deserve it.

Right now the party is raging all around me and I cannot participate, oh well I participate only if someone comes up to me and tickles me. Other than that I’m an object. The thing that really gets my nerves is that I did this to me all by myself. Dammit!

The catch was, “Darling, you have to wear one of my contraptions in front of the audience, then you will have to wear it throughout the whole party!”

I’d asked, “Can I undress by myself?”

His smile was literally glowing, “Absolutely not, my dear!”

I have to tell the truth, I’m not uncomfortable, more like frustrated, that’s like it.

The party was in a Victorian Building and when I arrived before the other guests I was greeted by Anna, Frizo’s wife.

“Patricia, how are you? Please, follow me, let’s get you dressed.”

She conducted me to the first floor of the mansion where there was a dressing room arranged. It was already full of people.

Some I recognized, there was some model that Frizo was fitting with his clothing. I saw Carrie, a friend of mine, and she was wearing a latex bodysuit with a wide collar and gloves and socks attached. There were a lot of strings attached at various points in the suit, I wondered what was their purpose. You know the policy: if you don’t want to know, simply do not ask!

Anna helped me to a mirror and asked me to undress myself totally. Not a worry I was prepared, shaved, then she gave me a waist high girdle, it was in latex, some long latex leggings and a latex bra.

This was still pretty normal, at least from my point of view.

I’m not the latex type, I mean, I wear it from time to time, I even like it, but I’m not at all obsessed by it. I hear people wear it under everyday clothing, that is not my thing. Still I’m amazed by the way it behaves when you have it on.

At first is quite cold, then it starts to warm with your body, then it sort of disappears as if you're not wearing it at all.

And this was the way with the panty girdle, it hugs my ass, and my belly, it squeezes and it shapes, there are strings for the stockings. There I need Anna’s help to put them properly on my legs, but at the end my lower limbs are just some jet black pillars, I cannot help myself to touch.

Then Anna takes some shoes. Five inches stiletto, not so bad, I have seen worse, even worn some.

I put on the bra, it’s quite normal, form fitting, and after just a few minutes, I can feel, and see that my nipples are sticking out from the contact with the latex itself.

Anna gives me some gloves, latex too, and they come up to my elbows.

“Last thing, here is your hood!”

She gives me the hood, it has an hole for the ponytail so I prepare my black hairs to fit them through then I put it on. It has hole for the ears, for the eyes, for the nose and it’s completely open at the mouth.

Anna zips it and closes it on the collar.

“Mainly it is to hide your identity. Ok, you are ready to go.”

What? What kind of mind trick is Frizo playing with me. I was told I was to wear some of his things.

“Are you sure?”

Anna smiles. “Don’t worry dear, he has something in mind for you, he’s gonna call you later. You can go downstairs and join the party.”

As I walk to the stairs I look at myself in the mirror. The stilettos give me more height, I’m 1,65 metres, the bra makes my breasts stand out, not that I have to worry in that section. I’m a lady taken from a movie of Irving Klaw. The hood gives me the sense of mystery and a freedom to dress the part.

As I reach the floor, I see guests coming. All the men are in tuxedos, all the women are in latex, there must be a dress code! Some girls are restrained, sometimes with only a leash on a collar, sometimes more elaborate.

I find other models of Frizo's talking and drinking near the bar.

Steffi one of them asked me to help her drink, since her arms are enclosed in a reverse prayer armbinder.

“Does it hurt?” I ask, just out of curiosity, she is quite ginger about it.

“No, I’m a yoga enthusiast and I can keep this position even without it! It’s the chain that is driving me mad.”

I look at the rest of her outfit, it is a bodysuit with holes for her breasts that are jutting out. She has two piercings on the nipples connected by a chain, to the center of which there is another chain that connects the chains of her leg irons. Needless to say, every movement takes its toll on the poor nipples.

I put my feet under her chain relieving some of the tension.

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome! Now you are in my debt, I want you to help me during the party!”

“Help you in what? Do I have to keep men away from you in your killer outfit?”

We both laughed. It was true I was not restrained in any way and during the party I could guess I was going to be a hit with the guests.

“Don’t worry, I know Frizo is gonna have something for me too…..”

After a while we actually sense that the party had started; there was a lot of people around us. And Anna came with a trainer gag for Steffi and fitted her with that, then she carried her away in the party.

Being alone at the bar I was instantly approached by a man.

“Who are you, mystery lady!”

I took a good look at him, handsome, blondish hair, in a tuxedo. He was very conscious of his appearance and immediately put an hand on my legs, that I proceed to pick and put away.

“I’m a mystery yet to unfold, don’t you think?”

“What a stern response, young lady, is this the respect I deserve?”

In gathering like these sometimes you may find someone whose approach is not so subtle or gentle in that case, the only option I have is to dismiss the guy.

“Sorry, Master, but my Master says I have to respect only him and him only.”

As soon as I say this Anna appears and tells me it’s my turn.

I’m conducted into another room under a flash light, there is Frizo and there are a lot of things around.

“Here is our model, an applause for her will you please.”

“Now my dear you have to demonstrate to our honoured guests how a girl prepares herself to wait for her Master.”

I limit myself to nodding at him. With a very theatrical move, he unveils something he has on a table behind me. They seem like part of an armor.

“It’s the ultimate self bondage, so lady we start with this.”

And with that he hands me a sort of steel briefs, they are hinged between the legs and there is a pole sticking out in the lower part of the briefs. I open my legs and ease them in position. They enclose my crotch practically covering my girdle. I see that there are some locks on the side.

“Do not worry lady, you just need to push and the latches on the side will click shut by themselves.”

I push and “Click” they close.

I look closer at it, it is an high waist chastity belt and what worries me is that there is no keyhole to see. I can feel the pole poking between my legs, it reaches my knees.

“How that is gonna open, sir?” I asked dutifully.

Frizo smiles and takes something from his neck: it a chain with a sort of a fork attached to it.

“This tool is the only thing that is gonna open the ensemble and it’s on my neck! By the way, put your legs in here and pull up.”

With that phrase he gives me a “8” figure in steel with an hole in the center. With some struggle I get one foot in a hole and the other foot in the other. As I pull up I figure that the central hole is for the pole between my legs.

It fits quite loose as I pull it up my knees. Then I hear a click and it has stuck in place just over the knees.

“The last part for the legs.”

He gives me another “8” instead of a hole, in the center there is another hole that, I figure, is gonna connect with the one at my knees. It takes some struggle but I’m able to fit my ankles in that contraption and as it click its connection I can see that my legs are blocked straight.

“We will not have you wander so, please come here.”

With small steps I reach him at the platform, it’s a metal square, half a meter wide, on the center there is a pole. Right, it’s going to connect with the one from my crotch!

I go right above it, I lift myself on tip toes then when I come down I can hear the now familiar click.

Now I’m stuck in a place.

Frizo hands me another thing, it’s a bra made of steel, it has two cups and a strip of steel that circles my torso. I apply it and the strips closes.

“Don’t you think it’s a match?” He says directed to the audience and he hands me a strip of steel and tells me to connect the waist of the belt to the center of the bra.

Click. Click.

Another strip to do the same for my back.

Now it’s time for a collar that rests on my shoulders and connects in front and in back with the bra.

“A good slave is silent, there you are my lady.” And he hands me a steel gag that connects with the collar.

In the end I cannot move my back, I cannot touch my breasts and I cannot protest my situation. Great, just great.

He gives me another pole and instructs me to connect it to the rear of the collar.

After clicking in place it stands out on my back. It has two holes in the end, obviously for the wrists and it has a sidebar that can slide up and down.

The sidebar is very large and it has two holes on its ends.

“Now, fit your arms in the sidebar and pull it up.”

I struggle and I pull it up so that it goes over my elbows. It still quite large so I can barely move my arms around.

“Move your wrists in the manacles, then close your elbows.”

The sidebar is telescopic, it has a spring mechanism that permits me to close my elbows. I struggle until I hear the now haunting “Click”

As I relax I can feel that the elbows have been drawn very close and in doing so they have push my hands further down the manacles.

I’m stuck.

I cannot move anything, I’m entirely bound in steel and all by myself.

“Struggle my dear, thrash on it.” Frizo is enthusiast.

The audience cheers him clapping their hands, some people come close to inspect my predicament, and then they turn to Frizo to order a copy of this contraption for themselves.

And me?

Frizo is going somewhere else and I’m stuck here. Let’s say, apart for the elbows all the manacles are quite loose. I’m pretty comfy, I have to admit but still, I’m stuck and since the party started right away I’m gonna be stuck for a long time.

I’m bored!!!!

I tell you, it is true, Time really dilates when you have nothing to do. I’m quite aroused by the situation but I cannot gain so much turn on. You see, I read some stories in the ‘net in which some girl gets off while tied thinking about a mysterious pirate that tied her up and is gonna ravage her to fuck her brains out to kingdom come.

Well, doesn’t work for me.

I need stimuli. Even mechanical, not a fanatic here!

There are people walking around me and as still I am I feel like I’m a painting in a museum. A man caress's my ribcage. The contact of his fingers with my skin send shivers through my body. I try to wriggle free but I’m hopelessly stuck there.

I open my eyes and I see that he is looking directly at me like he wants to spy my reactions. Being bound and still heighten my feelings so I can sense his fingers going from my ribs, exploring my armpits.

I’m helpless I cannot move, I cannot talk, I can only moan with pleasure.

He simply stares at me, not talking himself. Without warning he pinches my nose, closing my nostril. I try to scream because he caught me off guard.

I struggle to break free immediately with a sort of a rage. He is relentless, I feel tears from my eyes wetting my cheeks.

I can breath because the gag is not tight enough to block my whole mouth, but the fear and the tension is so high that the intake doesn’t seem enough. I force myself to calm down. I look at him.

“See, bitch, you have learned how to behave. Was not so hard, was it?”

I look at him, he leaves my nose then he goes away swiftly as he came.

Alone, aroused, overexcited, but alone. Dammit.

Unbelievable, I was aroused by being at the mercy of a complete stranger! That is not so normal, don’t you think? After a while I come down from the arousal.

Still bored! The party is still going on and I see Steffi conducted by leash by someone.

Then I hear a voice.

“Look, a mystery unfolds.”

Not him! Not him, the man at the bar. He puts her hands on my stomach, and I cannot swat them away! His face remains near my ear.

“So your Master put you back in check? Did you disrespect him as you did with me at the bar before?”

He takes some of my skin on the inner part of the leg and pinches it. Harsly.

The pain is quick and sharp. I try to scream, to call for help but the gag is tight and the music is loud.

“Don’t go away, I’ll be back in a minute.”

As he goes away I try to budge but the steel is unyielding.

After a while he returns and he has something in his hands, he deposits something on the table on which there were the pieces of this contraption.

“Frizo is a master of is craft but you see, last summer, I did a few lesson in pick-pocketing, so you see, I’m a sort of a master too.”

Dangling from his hand I can see the chain and the tool to open my trap. Holy shi….. the only protection I had is gone.

I try to break free, to scream but steel is steel. I try to move my weight, left and right to fall. Sure it’s gonna hurt but there is a chance someone will help me.

He puts one foot on the platform, it stops my rocking.

“Stop it, or it will be worse.”

I freeze as he gets two latex gloves and fits them on his hands.

I’m terrified, frozen in shock.

He takes the tool and opens the chastity belt, the rear part. I can feel his hands on the latex girdle I’m wearing, he caresses my buttock, I try to move but the rest of the contraption still blocks me.

He puts his fingers under the hem of the girdle and pulls it down.

I scream with all the strength I have in my lungs when I feel his hands exploring my crack. He smears something on my anus, he enters it first with a finger then with two.

I hear him whispering.

“This is gonna hurt a little.”

I feel something pressing on my anus, I try to resist but he is stronger than me and after some struggle he wins my resistance. I scream at the top of my lung as he lodges a dildo up my ass. I feel full as the widest part gets to rest behind my sphincter. It hurts like hell and immediately my body starts to cramp in the vane intent to expel the damn thing.

The blondish son-ofa-bitch comes in front of me and disengage the front part of the chastity belt. He has a vibrator in his hands.

“Guess what? Where shall we put it?”

With the hands he parts my labia and inserts the thing in my pussy. Then he pulls up my girdle actually capturing both of the intruders in me.

“I was forgetting…..”

He opens the cup of my breasts then he takes the tool to open the outfit and put it inside my girdle.

Omygoddessss…… I’m gonna be stuck.

I cry as he closes the two halves of the belt.

Then he removes my bra and fixes some clips on my nipples. I scream again for the sharp pain but I know it’s gonna be worse when I will have to take them off.

He put my latex bra back in place then he closes the outfit.

The final click is like the final word on a punishment.

“So, missy, the two friends I have installed will wake you at random intervals and you have batteries until tomorrow morning. So now you can keep your mystery, don’t you?”

With that he gives me a loud swat in the back and goes away in the night.

During this I’m alone with my torture, sometimes Frizo comes near me but all he checks is the platform and ignores my wails. I think I doze off to sleep from exhaustion then I wake up because the music has stopped.

Frizo comes to me. I want him to open the damn thing.

“Patricia, I have a problem, I lost the tool to this thing, and I do not have a spare with me, you will have to wait just another hour then we will pick you up in the truck and we bring you back to my lab. Sorry dear.”

Oh, shit.



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