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Next-Door Neighbor

by Cdpx

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Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; latex; corset; enema; harness; gag; chast; stuck; caught; bond; catsuit; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

The branches on the tree outside his window swayed in time to the rhythm of the cold winter wind as he drew his curtains on suburbia, shutting out the glare from the street lighting. He sat down in front of the television, waiting to be entertained by the one-eyed monster staring unblinkingly at him in the corner of the room. He sipped his cup of Earl Grey tea slowly, savouring the flavour, when her heard the doorbell ring.

He got up and walked into the hallway and up to the front door of his flat. He looked through the peephole and saw a female face with glasses on through the fish eye lens. Oh well, hope she's not selling anything, he mused. He opened the door as far as the chain would let him and looked out into the corridor at the figure. She was wearing leggings and a sweatshirt. She said brightly, "Hello. I'm your new neighbour, just moved in to number five, the one opposite you. Could I possibly borrow some coffee? You see, no one else is in, except you."

"You might as well come in and sit down while I get the coffee," he said.

"No, it's all right. I'll wait here," she replied.

"Ok," he muttered.

He sauntered into the kitchen, found a jar of coffee and then strolled back to the front door. "Oh, by the way, my name's Jack, what's yours?" he enquired.

"Oh sorry, I didn't introduce myself did I? I'm Helen," she replied.

"Pleased to meet you Helen," Jack said politely.

"Thank you for the coffee Jack," Helen said.

"That's all right, any time, after all we are neighbours," he said with a smile on his lips.

"I'll be only to happy to help you with anything in future," she said by way of a reply. "It's been nice meeting you, see you later," she said cheerfully.

"Yeah see you soon," he said and smiled. "Heh, here's the coffee," he remembered, "don't forget it."

"Oh sorry, thank you," she said sheepishly.

He looked at her quickly as he handed over the jar and noticed the strange way the light outside his door reflected off her ankle, peeping from between her trainer shod feet and Lycra clad legs. She walked back to her flat opposite and he closed and locked his front door.

He wondered what he was doing home on a Friday night. Glad he was tucked up warm and snug in his flat rather than battling the elements raging outside his window and walls. He thought about the way the light had caught her ankle. He expected to see hosiery or her bare leg but not, rubber! That's what it was he saw and that had now sparked his imagination. 'Well, well, well', he thought. 'Perhaps she's going out to a party or going to a trendy nightclub. That sounds like a good night out. No being a vegetable for her this evening', he mused. 'Here I am stuck in for the night. Oh well'. He turned the sound down on the television set and put a CD on the Hifi, turning the music up loud. He picked up his cup of tea and drained it to the bottom in three gulps. After half an hour he fell asleep.

He woke up with a start from his nap, the room not quite silent even though the CD he had chosen had finished thirty minutes before. He felt and heard music emanating from somewhere around him. He felt tired and so decided to slope off to bed early. He read for an hour, his eyes heavy with sleep and his ears soothed by the soft music playing in his room. He could still hear music coming from the flat next door. He dismissed it and thought nothing of it, as it wasn't disturbing him. His dreams that night were vivid, stark black and white images. Bodies standing still, clothed in sleek, glossy rubber and leather. Statues that spoke quietly and softly, mouthing something he couldn't quite hear.

The feeble rays of the winter sun barely made their presence felt in his bedroom the next morning. He pulled on his dressing gown and went into the kitchen to put the kettle on. It was strangely cold. He checked one of the heaters, it was barely warm. then he noticed that the timer on the video recorder was flashing. So, a power cut during the night, great. He walked through the hall and picked his mail up. It was mid morning. He brushed his teeth slowly, put the radio on and reached for the jar of coffee in the cupboard. He preferred coffee first thing in the morning and tea in the evening. There was no jar of coffee in the cupboard. Catastrophe! Wait a minute, he'd lent it the lady who lived opposite and she hadn't bought it back. What do I do? Go and get it or have tea instead? Decisions, decisions. I'll have tea and I'll collect it later on he thought. What a brilliant idea.

Clothed and shod he walked across the communal hall to Helen's flat. Just as he was about to ring the doorbell a man walked up the stairs and onto the landing he was on and said, "I've got a package here that was delivered to my house but it's not for me. Is it yours by any chance? Do you live in flat 5?".

"We'll I'll drop it in for you as I'm visiting," replied Jack.

"Oh, ok then. Here." he said handing over the soft brown package, "thanks mate." He trudged back down the stairs, eager to go about his business. Jack rang the doorbell and examined the parcel while he waited. It was a well wrapped and padded letter sized thing but it didn't weigh very much.

He waited for a minute but no one came to answer the door. He was about to start walking back to his flat when he noticed that the light in her hall was on. Perhaps there was someone in but they were busy, on the phone  or perhaps still asleep. He tried again. he waited yet another minute. He thought he heard some noise coming from the flat's hallway so he decided to look through the letter box and see if there were any signs of life. He pushed the flap in and peered through the gap.

A cold draft of air mixed with the smell of sweat and something pleasantly musky but which he couldn't identify wafted up his nose. As he concentrated on what was in front of his eyes he heard the sound of small electric motor buzzing like a shaver. He couldn't see very far into the hallway because there was something blocking his view, a pair of eyes were staring back at him, intently, hopeful, expectancy etched in the dilated pupils. He blinked and pulled back from the flap, surprised by the sight. He wondered if they were human, so he had another look just to confirm what they were.

He looked in again, this time with some trepidation in his heart. He saw a human figure lying down on it's front with the arms reaching backwards and legs bent at the knee somehow tied to the wrists. The head was looking up towards him, staring back at him, a pleading look in its eyes. He looked closer at it and realised that it was a woman trussed and bound with various leather harnesses. She had a leather head harness with a two and a half-inch diameter red ball gag wedged tightly into her mouth stretching it wide open, spittle dribbling from the edges of her lips. A three-inch  wide heavy leather collar held her head up.

Underneath these two items was a rubber hood with the eye, nose and mouth holes. Her breasts were almost covered apart from her nipples, which peaked out from the rubber peephole bra and were forced high and proud by the leather and chain breast harness. Her nipples were a red colour with what looked flaked paint on them and were adorned by clamps with a spring and black tear drop shaped weight hanging from each swollen and tender looking nipple. Around her waist was a heavy, black leather corset. Her groin was covered by what looked like a stainless steel chastity belt with some sort of rubber lining. On her feet were six-inch stiletto heeled ankle boots, padlocks securing them to her ankles. She was hog-tied. Her legs and arms were smoothly sheathed in latex stockings and opera gloves, glinting in the uncompromising light given out by the single, naked, light bulb.

He stood up and moved back from the front door and thought for a moment. What should he do? What could he do? Phone the police or the fire brigade? He knelt down in front of the letterbox flap, a real life "what the butler saw" machine. His heartbeat began to increase as he watched her. He noticed that the floor was covered in some sort of soft matt material. It was rubber. He also noticed that she seemed to be on a hospital gurney with a large fat cushion underneath her, which was about six inches high and looked very soft indeed. A rubber covered mattress.

This time he noticed that emerging from her behind were two sinister tubes, one very thin the other as thick as a finger. Behind her was some kind of metal stand, which the thick tube went up and hanging on a bracket located about ten centimetres from the floor was a red rubber bag, which the thinner tube was connected to. What was all that about? A bound and gagged woman was bad enough but one with tubes in? He put his mouth to the open flap and whispered loudly, "It's Jack here, see if you can open the door." She tried to speak but the only sounds that escaped past the mean looking ball gag were not words. She tried to raise her upper torso but could barely manage to reach her eyes up to the letterbox. She slumped to the floor, dejected.  She also looked worn out and tired. 

Then suddenly something moved above her. he couldn't see where from as his view of her hall was somewhat restricted. A weight fell from the ceiling, connected to a chain, it looked like a plumb line, and remained suspended, rotating about sixty centimetres above and behind her. The low buzzing sound was still there but now he faintly heard the sound of water flowing down a tube. The large tube peaking from her bottom shivered. He looked at the bound figure in front of him whose eyes were only sixty centimetres from his but which had now grown bigger with fear. Her breathing became slightly more pronounced and her hips started to buck up and grind down into the thick padded cushion. The weights on her breast started to move up and down, side to side and occasionally tinkle when they struck the chains of the breast harness which bought about an involuntary shiver and quiver to full breasts and a twitch, a sudden grimace of her facial muscles.

More air was now trying to be taken in by the woman, sucking loudly so that it would force its way around the ball gag which caused more spittle to drool from her well stuffed mouth. He watched, fascinated, mesmerised by the impending orgasm he saw engulfing the prone figure. He couldn't take his eyes away from the tableaux because he was enjoying the spectacle, the strange intimacy he felt whilst staring at a strangers eyes. He noticed the grunting coming from the woman as she tried to force her hips through the cushion with such force and power that she might end up in the flat below.

She was breathing fast and shallow, hips pumping and grinding, breasts heaving and quivering, legs twitching, muscles clenching, bunching, flexing, straining, arms pulling her head up and forcing her to stare straight ahead and then down nodding like the novelty in the back of a car. Then from the depths of somewhere the most almighty roar began, which mutated into what would have been a scream of delight shattered the air but was blunted by the terrible gag. At the same time liquid squirted through the small of the two tubes causing it too jerk spasmodically and the bag at its end to shake. Then there was silence.

He spoke to her again, softly this time, saying, "I've had an idea. I'll be back in a minute or two."

He went back into his flat and proceeded to search it for a broom. When he found it in the kitchen he exclaimed, "Brilliant." He then rushed back out and across the hallway after having removed the brush end from the broom leaving him the handle. He opened the flap and said, "Listen. I'm going to pass you this broom handle which I want you to grab and then use to open the door with."

She looked at him incredulously.

"When I've fed it in can you rest it against the door. That'll make it easier to move."

He passed the handle through the letterbox guiding it towards her fingers. Once she had grabbed it he fed it through until the entire length was now in her flat. It rested against the front door. She slowly raised it up until it hit what sounded like a chain. So the chain was on. He heard it being scrapped back and then  she jerked her wrist and the chain came loose.

"Brilliant. You're doing really well, you can do it," he said trying to encourage her.

She stopped to catch her breath and rested. This time the broom handle dropped a little lower and she attempted to pull the thing away from the door. He heard the crack of metal and the crash of the wooden handle as it fell on against the wall and then plopped to the floor. The door opened ! He was right, her flat had the same type of door lock as his, an Ingersoll one. 

Jack pushed the door slowly and found it blocked. He pushed it back far enough so that he could squeeze in. He quickly closed the door and then looked down on the hapless, bound figure on the trolley. He looked at her closely, stared in fact and noticed that behind the rubber mask it was his neighbour Helen. Her eyes stared intently at the package in his hands. He looked around him and noticed that the front of the trolley was directly under the flap of the letterbox.

Now he could see that the large tube was connected to a red rubber bag hanging on the end of the metal stand. He saw the chain and weight dangling behind her and noticed that the end of the chain was connected to a valve, which was on the large tube by the bag. The weight had water dripping from it. On the ceiling he saw a coiled chain with a ring of keys on one end which was stuck there with some strange clear substance which looked like wax.

He began to open the parcel in front of her eyes. Three cold keys dropped onto the trolley in front of masked face, her face lowered so that she could see them outlined against the black of the rubber sheeting covering the trolley. Jack picked them up. Helen mumbled and began to move her hips up and down. Jack picked up the smallest key and inserted it into the lock on the back of the chastity belt. It was neoprene lined and opened three ways, two side parts, that fitted around her waist and the crotch part which he pulled open. His nostrils were suddenly assaulted with the odour of a wet, musky and sore looking vagina. He saw the large base of the vibrating dildo, which he saw had a crude timer on it. He turned it off and heard a sigh of relief. He took the larger keys and unlocked the ankle and wrist cuffs, which were joined together via a chain.

Jack stood, unsure what to do next. Helen stretched her legs out and reached behind her to deflate the larger tube, and pop it out and then remove the catheter from her urethra. Helen then undid the head harness and removed the ball gag from between her stretched lips and massaged her aching jaws. "Can you get my dressing gown from my bedroom?" she asked, swinging her legs over the trolley. Jack retrieved the gown.

When he came back he saw her walking unsteadily towards the bathroom at the end of the corridor. He handed her the gown. He stood waiting in the hall, not sure if he should make his excuses and leave or hang about, but for what? He wasn't sure at all but his curiosity was aroused along with his libido. "So how come you had the keys?" Helen asked.

"They were misdirected. Someone from down the road came up here just as I was knocking on your door to ask you for the jar of coffee back that I lent to you yesterday. The parcel got sent to someone else," he answered.

"Oh, I see," she said. "I'm really glad you turned up. That was a relief," she sighed. Then he heard the sound of the shower going on so he sat down in her lounge.

She eventually emerged from the bathroom, face flushed but relieved and her hands full of the bonds that she had been straining against earlier. "How about a cup of coffee then?" she asked cheekily.

"I'd love one", he replied bursting out laughing.

They drank their coffee, the sound of her stereo the only noise in the flat, both voices still and quiet, unsure of what to say, an awkward silence hung in the air like a balloon, regulating the supply of coffee to their lips. When they had both finished all Jack could manage was a weak, "Well I guess I'll be off then."

"I suppose so," came Helen's quiet reply, barely heard above the music.

As Helen was about to close the front door on Jack, he said, in a mock Michael Caine voice, "If it wasn't for a nosy neighbour you might have been in a little trouble." 

"I'll let you know the next time I'm going to do that," Helen said boldly.

"That's a deal then," Jack said with a glint in his eye. "I'll maybe see you later?" he asked.

"I think so," she said, eyebrows raised.

Jack was busy throughout the day, shopping, cleaning, eating and walking his feet ragged. He arrived home in the evening, worn out and tired. He slept in his armchair, the television on and unwatched in front of him. He was awoken by the sound of his doorbell, a soft, almost gentle ring which eased his brain into consciousness. Standing in the doorway, tracksuited and trainer shod was Helen, face scrubbed and gleaming. "I just thought I'd let you know that I might need waking up in the morning," she said.

He looked at his watch, it was already evening. "Is that the time, I've been asleep for ages," he wailed.

"Do you want to lend a hand?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure, I'll be with you in a while. I've got a few things to sort out. See you in a mo. I'll ring the bell," he answered.

He followed her into her bedroom, heart pounding in his ear. He had a plastic bag clutched to his chest. "Why don't you wear this?", he asked and deposited the contents of the bag onto the bed. She picked it up and let the cold material caress her fingers as she looked at it. She stripped off and applied talcum powder all over her body. She put the black latex catsuit on, slowly and carefully, letting the shiny latex envelop her body tightly. As she did so she explained the going on in the morning. She had started early in the morning, knowing that the postman always called early. Except that today, as Jack explained, it was a different person, the normal one was on holiday. She was very careful when pulling the legs of the suit over her thighs and then over her crotch as the suit had a built in solid butt plug, dildo and raised knobled clitoris stimulators. She smiled wickedly.

She enjoyed the smell, touch, feel, of latex on her smooth shaven skin. The keys for the chastity belt and cuffs would have come through the post for her to use to unlock herself except that the address on the parcel meant that sometimes mail was delivered to the same house number rather than flat number. She was careful when she inserted her nipples into the built in star shaped rubber nipple stimulators. She had spare keys in the bedroom and some on a chain affixed to a chain on the ceiling above her but which was stuck to it with wax. The electricity had gone off and so her heating hadn't started when it should have thus melting the wax later in the morning.

She carefully slipped the built in eyeless mask over her head, inserting the two breathing tubes into her nostrils, the rubber plugs into her ears and the solid rubber gag into her mouth. The vibrator was on a simple timer and had a base flange which curved around to touch her clitoris with a little teardrop shaped rubber nodule. The valve for the enema was released by a chain held affixed to the stand the bag was on by being frozen in ice, which melted late in the morning when he arrived rather than much earlier on. She'd always loved enemas as they filled her up, she loved the thought of an alien presence in her anus,  and also the pressure on her bladder, which she found stimulating. The catheter was just in case she got the urge to urinate. A feeding tube dropped from her rubber-enclosed mouth like the nectar-feeding probe of an exotic cocooned butterfly.

She was wrapped in a rubber world, the only contact with the interior of her room was the air being sucked in by the twin breathing tubes and the feeding tube. Jack sat down on the bed and shod her feet with calf length ballet boots, laces pulled tight. Each boot emphasising her high instep and squeezing her ankles and calves. He then laced her into a rubber corset, reducing her waist by four inches and fitting just below her breasts and above her crotch. He then placed neck, wrist and ankle cuffs on her, each lined with rubber.

He stood her up, her body standing in a straight line, from her pointed toes on nine-inch heels to her erect head. He walked her slowly into the front room and lay her down on the rubber sheet covered floor on her stomach. He snapped the wrist cuffs together then the ankle ones and the attached the wrist and ankle cuffs to each other. Lastly he fastened the neck collar to her now joined wrist and ankle cuffs, pulling her head upwards and her legs and arms off the floor, leaving only her stomach in contact with the carpeted floor. He surveyed his work from all angles, checking the finished article.

It was already late in the evening but he was feeling quite wide-awake. Helen was squirming on the rubber floor, her hips bucking slowly up and down, rotating sensually. He went over to the figure on the floor and turned it over. He rubbed his hands roughly over her latex covered groin and heard the air in the breathing tubes rasping quickly and loudly. Her hips were thrusting up and down, her legs squeezing together and then releasing in an effort to grip the dildo and constrict the life out of it, thrusting into the air, towards his waiting hands, the rubber surface bumping into his palms.

The breathing increased in volume and the hip thrusting got faster and stronger. He pressed his fingers strongly against where the dildo and anal plug were on the figure writhing on the floor in ecstasy, her head and knees the only points of her body in contact with the ground. He picked her up and turned her back over onto her stomach again. She continued pounding the floor, her body moving slowly across the surface of the floor as she increased the speed of her gyrations, her head and neck pulled up and down, the latex showing the sweet outline of her clenched buttock cheeks, muscles and ligaments relief maps on the tight rubber, heels touching her latex clad back, digging into the corset, her breathing erratic and rasping through the rubber tubes. He heard a loud exhale and saw her body twitching uncontrollably on the floor.

He picked her up and took her into the bedroom and lay her on top of the bed on her side. He left the flat and went to bed. He awoke bright and early with the birds and went to her flat, where he let himself in with her key. He made her a cup of coffee and took it into her bedroom. She was still there on the bed, so he gently shook her. She moved slightly. He put the feeding tube into the coffee and heard sipping sounds. It was a neighbourly thing to do, to pop in for coffee, he thought.  



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