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A New Me 2: The Transformation Begins

by Liz

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© Copyright 2014 - Liz - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; corset; boots; hood; defoliate; bodymod; bottle; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part 2: The Transformation Begins

I awoke the next morning on my bed, still wearing the things from the strange package I had received the day before. Groggily, I sat up and for a minute panicked because I couldn’t see a thing through the hood I still had on. After a few moments, the memories of the previous evening came rushing back to me and made me horny all over again. It was going to be a good day.

I reached up and felt for the seam between the hood and the catsuit. Once I found it, I managed to slowly peel it off. The gag had deflated at some point in the night, making it easy to pull out. Once I had gotten the hood off completely, I noticed that my head was covered with perspiration, making the room suddenly rather cool. My face still tingled the same way my whole body had after putting the hood on the previous night, but it was far less intense and I attributed it to having had the tight hood on all night. I then stood up on very shaky knees and walked over to the mirror.

Looking closely at my face, the first thing I noticed was that my skin had turned light brown. I didn’t think much of it though, figuring that it was probably just residue from the lube that had been inside the hood. I then peeled off the opera gloves to see that my hands were also the same color brown and had the same strange tingling effect as my face.

Next was the corset. Watching myself in the mirror, I untied the laces and unfastened the hooks, then unwrapped it from my waist. After tossing it onto the bed, I looked at myself in the mirror again. The thick latex around the waist of the suit had grown tighter, retaining the shape of the corset and keeping my waist squeezed accordingly, but without a single wrinkle. I put my hands around my waist as if confirming that it was still so small, then after a few seconds, turned around. Walking back to my bed, I sat down on the edge to pull off the boots.

Sitting down pushed the two dildos stuck inside of me deeper, suddenly reminding me of their presence. I let out a surprised gasp and a pleasurable moan as the feeling was by no means unpleasant. In fact, I was still incredibly turned on despite feeling physically exhausted from all the orgasms the previous night.

I then bent over and began to peel the boots off. They came off easily enough, but I noticed my feet had also turned brown and, as with the last bits of skin I had released from their latex imprisonment, they tingled. I put the boots to the side and stood up to take off the catsuit. A sharp pain ran through each of my calves as I stood flat-footed on the floor. I immediately went back up onto the balls of my feet and sat back down on my bed.

Figuring that my calves had probably just become acclimated to the seven-inch heels that I had worn all night long, I began to massage them and slowly tried to stretch them out by carefully bringing my heel to the floor. I managed to get part of the way down before the piercing pain shot back through my calves. This was a very strange phenomenon that I had never experienced before with any of my other high-heels and so I thought I would take it step by step by putting on a different pair of shoes with lower heels and working my way down to being flat-footed again. But first, I needed to take the catsuit off.

Still sitting on the edge of my bed with each foot still resting on its ball and toes, I stretched the neck of the catsuit open and began to peel it down. I carefully pulled it down over my shoulders before pulling my arms out. Continuing downwards, I found that the breast cups were considerably less empty than they had been when I put the suit on. Since the waist of the suit had shrunk, I thought that the cups may have also gotten smaller and didn’t give it much more thought.

Once I had my breasts out and the rest of the suit pulled down to my hips, I cautiously stood up. Balancing on the balls of my feet, I continued pushing the suit downwards. The dildos came out of each hole with no resistance, although the sudden movement followed by the emptiness I felt sent another wave of pleasure through me and caused me to let out a soft moan. Sitting back down on the edge of the bed, I pulled my legs free of the suit and tossed it aside onto the bed. Then I tip-toed my way to my closet and slipped on a pair of four-inch pumps before walking over to the mirror to examine myself more thoroughly.

My entire body now tingled as I looked at my reflection, making me strangely horny. What struck me first was that my entire body from the top of my head all the way down to my toes was a uniform, light brown. It was as though I had fell asleep for several hours in a tanning booth and it looked pretty awful in comparison to my normal pale complex.

The next thing I noticed was that my waist was thinner and my breasts were fuller than usual. In fact, my waist had retained the dimensions of the corset without so much as a fold of skin anywhere to be seen. It was as though my skin had shrunk and grown tighter around my waist just as the latex of the catsuit had done. I ran my hands from my hips up over my new waist, then cupped my noticeably larger breasts in amazement. They felt much fuller and firmer than they had ever been and almost appeared fake. I stared for a long time at my reflection in disbelief before deciding to go take a shower to try to get the brown gunk off me.

The shower felt good, but try as I might, I could not get any of the brown residue off my skin. Instead, it appeared that I was shedding. The water pressure from the shower seemed to be tearing all of my body hair out. The landing strip I had trimmed my pubic hairs into was gone and the stubble on my arms and legs and in my armpits was also gone. In fact, all of the hair from my neck down washed away by itself and with absolutely no pain. In its place, my skin felt smoother than after any shave and the electrifying feeling I got by rubbing my hands over my bare body caused me to travel to a new world of ecstasy, making me lose my balance and almost fall over as I stood in the shower on the balls of my feet.

Resting against the tiled wall, I began to rub myself again. I couldn’t control myself anymore as I grabbed a cylindrical bottle of shampoo and slammed it into my pussy without so much as a thought. I slammed it in and out, in and out, and finally back in so deep that only the cap stuck out as a rubbed myself to an orgasm that blackened my vision and weakened my legs so that I was forced to sit down on the shower basin.

After a couple of minutes of recovering, I pulled myself back up onto shaky knees. Turning the water off, I reached down and noticed that the shampoo bottle had completely disappeared inside of my pussy. With all four fingers and my thumbs, I reached in and pulled it out slowly, deliciously. I moaned as it came out, still surprisingly horny.

Putting the bottle away, I reached down between my legs and felt my pussy. It was gaping wide open and try as I might, I could not get it to close. The gape was even larger than the shampoo bottle had been which explained why I hadn’t had any trouble at all with the bottle. Reaching behind me, I pulled my butt cheeks apart and felt my butt hole. It too was gaping wide open and despite all of my efforts, I could not get it to close. I thought back to the large dildos in the suit and, with that in mind, stepped out of the shower with the intention of examining them.

I dried myself off, slipped on my pumps again and wandered back out into the bedroom. There I had a close look at the dildos in the catsuit. There were thicker and longer than I had remembered them being when I first put the catsuit on and I thought that because they had stretched me open all night long, they might be the cause of my gaping holes.

Being the kinky girl I was and with no desire to have an accident in my pants, I sauntered over to my stash of butt plugs and chose a two-inch one to fill my gaping butt. I lubed it up, then stuck it in without a problem, but it wouldn’t stay. It fell right back out. My two-inch butt plug was simply too small for my gaping hole and I couldn’t seem to clinch my butt hole tightly enough to hold it in there. I looked through my collection again and pulled out a two and a half inch one. After lubing it up, I stuck it in and it stayed, although I felt like I would lose it at any time. To prevent it from falling out, I slipped on one of my tight latex thongs, before going back to the mirror to examine myself again.

Although I was still an odd shade of brown, I thought my body had never looked so good before. My skin was so completely hairless and so smooth that it was almost shiny, my waist was smaller than I had ever known it to be, and my breasts were larger and firmer than I could have ever dreamed about without implants. The four-inch pumps accentuated my feminine curves and the darker skin irradiated my bright blue eyes.

I was horny all over again and began to masturbate through my latex thong. I stopped quickly though because I had decided to not come anymore during the day so that I could fully enjoy another night of latex and all that comes with it later that night. Giving myself a perky wink in the mirror, I whirled around and headed to my closet to get dressed for the day.

I pulled on a pair of very tight fitting jeans which only served to push the butt plug further into me and a t-shirt that used to be form-fitting, but was now too tight over my chest and too loose around my waist. Since my breasts were so firm and stood out from my chest by themselves, I skipped the bra entirely. I wouldn’t have had a bra large enough to fit them now anyway. To complete the outfit, I put on a pair of sandals with five-inch heels as I was still unable to walk flat-footed. With that, I was ready for the day.


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