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New Latex Lover

by Mikel

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Storycodes: MF/f; latex; studio; model; photoshoot; catsuit; corset; armbinder; boots; collar; bond; toys; climax; reluct/cons; X

Jolene wanted to be an actress but a year after moving to LA she had only done one commercial even though she was a true beauty with large firm breasts a thin tan body and a face with large almond shaped green eyes and full lips that could melt the hardest heart, she had just not been getting the roles she had been auditioning for. Jolene’s rent was past due and she had to stop using the A/C in her small apartment because she could not afford the electricity, she had been auditioning so much that she had lost the waitress job near her apartment and was now desperate for earning some money.

Talking with her agent Jolene told her of her troubles, her agent had been in the business for many years and asked if Jolene was willing to do modeling. Jolene said she would do anything shy of porn, her agent said, “I have these clients that always need models and they pay very well but they are fetish photographers.”

Jolene let that sink in before asking “What kind of fetish? Wouldn’t that hurt my career?”

Her agent said “Mostly latex and bondage and no, it won’t hurt it because the nice thing about fetish is you can wear a mask or hood to cover your face, you would be surprised how many big celeb’s have done it and no one knows.”

Jolene had always enjoyed being tied down during sex, and always admired the look of latex but had never tried any because of the cost so inside she was jumping up and down but outside she was being careful because she didn’t want to ruin her career before it got started by doing something that would force her to be a outcast.

“Are you sure I can wear a mask and there is no sex involved?” Jolene asked cautiously.

“Absolutely sure, no one will make you do anything you don’t want but they do take their bondage seriously and if you are not willing they will stop the shoot and not hire you again, and remember they pay very well.”

Jolene agreed and asked her agent to set it up for her. Leaving the office Jolene could already feel her pussy getting damp as the thoughts of being restrained in latex ran through her head and went home and slipped her vibrator into her then used her the only piece of bondage equipment she had, handcuffs, and locked her wrists behind her back and struggled to reach the vibrator and brought herself to a wonderful orgasm as she dreamed of what was to come.

Two days later Jolene was standing in front of an unassuming building fidgeting in her high heels and short skirt wondering if she could go through with this or not when a young woman walked up and said, “HI, I’m Gina you must be Jolene”. Jolene nodded she was. “I knew it from the description I was given, wow you are beautiful.” Gina led Jolene in chatting as they walked into the office and sat down.

Jolene sat quietly signing the papers she was handed and listening to Gina talk about what they do and how they do it when Gina stopped and said, “Is this your first time fetish modeling?” Jolene nodded. “Well don’t worry John is very gentle but because of a scheduling problem he will ask you to be put into some difficult positions that normally we wouldn’t ask a first timer to do.”

Jolene swallowed as she smiled weakly and continued to listen to Gina. “Your agent told us about the mask, are you familiar with gags?” Jolene nodded she was even though she had only seen them but never wore one before. “Good, how claustrophobic are you?”

Jolene had never been claustrophobic in her life and in fact liked to be in small places for reasons unknown to her so she simply said, “I’m ok in small places.”

Gina smiled and asked, “Are you? Is your body pretty flexible?”

Jolene smiled knowing she practiced yoga daily and kept herself lithe and her firm body in shape and said “Very” proudly.

Gina led Jolene into the back and told her to slip into the catsuit hung up in her dressing room and put on the shoes, “There are some “distractions” laying on the counter if you want to use them” she added with a smile, “then come to the studio down the hall when she was done, if she needed any help just push the button on the wall and Gina would come and help and to use the lube supplied.”

Jolene nodded as she opened the door and was stunned by the strong smell of latex from the large rack of clothing hanging in the room, she found the catsuit hanging on a hook and thought the flesh tone was a little off for her, much paler than her own skin but stripped and with shaking hands rubbed the lube all over her body and slowly worked the latex up her legs. Jolene immediately liked the firm compression of the tight rubber on her feet and legs and smiled as she looked at the “distractions” lying on the counter almost taking one of the vibrators and stuffing her wet pussy with it but deciding not on the first visit, Jolene looked at the other items not knowing what they were for but thought they would be butt plugs and being she had never seen one she certainly was going to fill herself with one… yet, she thought as she rolled one around in her hand grinning.

Wrestling the latex up her body she stuffed her arms into the sleeves and pulled the suit up over her shoulders, the suit making a popping sound as it slipped over her shoulders and pulled the front tight across her flat stomach and the formed cups up to her large aroused breasts. Jolene moaned slightly as the rubber closed in around her body enjoying the feeling of being swallowed by the rubber.

Jolene noticed the cups were not letting her breasts slid into them, looking into the mirror she could see the cups had seams around the bottoms and began to massage the rubber, as she rubbed she could feel the cups sliding over her breasts as they slowly filled the cups, Jolene kept rubbing, pushing harder while she leaned her head back and moaned louder until she could feel the seams against her chest and looked at herself again. Her breasts were now fully inside the cups and were being squeezed at their bases making them bulge slightly stretching the cups tightly over her large erect nipples, the sight made Jolene smile as she touched one nipple and could have sworn she felt electricity sting her body.

While she stood staring at herself she noticed the bulge hanging in front of her and pulled it up realizing it was an attached hood with eye and mouth openings with small holes for her nose, unsure about this item she carefully pulled it over her head tucking her long auburn hair under it until she was able to zip it closed pulling it tight over her face and making her completely unrecognizable.

Once the hood was in place Jolene felt more comfortable and reached back and pulled the zipper up her back until it met the collar a making the rubber stretch even tighter around her firm body. While Jolene admired herself in the mirror she heard a knock on the door and Gina say, “Once you have the suit on please do some stretches to get you and it warmed up, it will make the suit fit better also.”

Jolene agreed and started stretching and twisting really getting into the sensations the suit was giving her as she felt it slipping over her body. After a few minutes she looked at herself again and could see how the rubber had formed itself to her body making her breasts stand out more and even settling deep into her ass and making her firm ass protrude more from her thin frame. As she studied the rubber she noticed that now the shape of her pussy lips could been and as the rubber warmed to her it had become transparent showing not only her tanned body underneath but her unshaven pussy as well. Jolene was suddenly embarrassed and paced the small room trying to decide if she could do this or not.

Jolene stopped pacing when she realized she had been rubbing her rubber coated body the whole time and looking at her latex covered face her mind told her that she had to do it but not for the money but for how good it felt and she walked to the chair and sat down and slipped her feet into the steep shoes that had been left for her. Jolene was so distracted that she hadn’t noticed how tall the heels were until she went to stand and found she would have to stand on the balls of her feet, the added pressure on her toes made her groan and sit back down quickly. Jolene went to remove the shoes but found the thick ankle straps were actually locked on, she had just slipped the straps through their keepers and pushed the pins without even thinking they would be locked and now could not see how to remove them.

Gina knocked again and asked if she was alright and said John was ready, Jolene stood up and gingerly walked to the door and opened it looking down as Gina stepped in and said, “Wow! You look great!” Gina turned her around and said, “You even got it zipped correctly, you’re a natural.”

Jolene smiled a little and said, “Thank you, but these shoes are very uncomfortable.”

“They are supposed to be, but don’t worry you won’t be on your feet much!” Gina said as she pulled Jolene out into the hall and guided her to the studio.

Jolene walked very carefully, even though the hall was short by the time she had gotten to the studio her feet were actually feeling better. Jolene eased into the studio still looking down embarrassed by her attire and even though she knew her body looked good was still self conscious of her near nakedness. John walked up saying, “Beautiful! Just beautiful, your exactly what we needed for this shoot, are you ready to get started, it’s going to be a long day” he finished while he lifted her chin up and said, “Such wonderful full lips, too bad we are using gags during this shoot, maybe next time we can show them off.”

Jolene’s eyes got big at the word gag but Gina was already moving her to the first position while John got the other equipment ready. Gina had Jolene kneel on a large pad and said, “Just stay there, we’ll take care of everything.” Jolene smiled weakly glad to be off her feet.

John came up from behind and started working something up Jolene’s arms, once it was past her elbows he fed two straps over her shoulders before beginning to lace the arm sleeve closed, Jolene had never worn an arm sleeve before but had seen them on the web and always wanted to so she closed her eyes as she felt him pulling the laces tighter until finally her elbows were touching and she could not separate her arms at all. Looking down Jolene could see her breasts bulging out even further and her erect nipples looking like they were going to punch holes in the rubber and smiled as she wiggled her welded together arms behind her.

John smiled at Gina knowing that most of their models would have been complaining long before their elbows met and hoped they had found their next full time model. Gina came up in front of Jolene and said, “I’m going to put this in your mouth, if you have any problems or questions hum happy birthday and we will stop and remove the gag, but try to only do it for emergencies, or it will take much longer to get the shoot finished, OK?” Jolene nodded as she opened her mouth and let Gina slide the large phallus into it and buckle it tightly around her head.

While Gina was buckling the gag John was locking a long spreader bar onto Jolene’s ankles forcing them about two feet apart, once they were done they smiled at Jolene who knelt helpless on the floor looking up at them and for the first time realized she had just let two complete strangers tie and gag her and she had no way to release herself of anyone to help her. Jolene started struggling and twisting in her bonds hearing John say, “Whoa save it for the camera!”

Jolene looked up at John how was smiling as Gina brought a mirror closer and she could see herself in her now completely transparent latex, small pockets of sweat moving around under it, the tight gag covering the bottom half of her face along with the hood making her totally unrecognizable as she stared at her huge breasts swaying as she twisted her arms in the tight sleeve. “You like it?” Gina asked as Jolene calmed and nodded her head, “Good because this is just the beginning.” Gina said smiling.

John said he was ready and Gina pulled the captured Jolene to her feet and once she was stabilized left her standing in the middle of the set, Jolene was already struggling to stand in the heels and spreader bar and was concentrating so hard on that she wasn’t moving until John said, “Need you to struggle” Jolene looked at him puzzled and he said, “I tell you what, if you can get free I’ll pay you ten thousand dollars and you can leave if not you’ll stay bound until we finish and maybe a little longer, deal?”

Jolene really had no choice so she nodded and began to fight her bonds, twisting and grunting as she staggered in a circle showing her perfect body and the items she wore for almost an hour before she stopped and stood panting through her nose, her feet killing her from being forced to support her weight at add angles from the spreader bar and her shoulders sore from being pulled back so firmly.

John and Gina had been smiling the whole time as each filmed her escape attempt and knew they had a star amongst them, Jolene finally dropped to her knees and whined through her gag being totally spent as Gina moved towards her and removed her gag and asked if she wanted something to drink, Jolene nodded as John removed the spreader bar and lifted Jolene to a chair. Gina returned with a cold bottle of water and help the bound girl drink it while she said, “That was wonderful, you really are a natural, you rest a minute while we get the next scene set up and we will go again.”

Jolene looked at her weakly, not sure if she could go again but not wanting to be set free yet either and nodded ok. Gina and John busied themselves for a few minutes before walking back up to the bound girl and said “Ready” as they both descended on her without waiting for an answer, Gina wrapping a thick posture collar around Jolene’s neck and pulled the straps tight making Jolene whine as she felt it tighten against her throat, while Gina buckled the collar John had removed Jolene’s shoes and was sliding thigh high boots up her latex coated legs and was lacing them tight. Jolene was thankful the steep shoes were gone but felt her feet being forced into another steep angle and knew her relief would be short lived.

As John laced the boots Gina stuffed another large gag into Jolene’s mouth and buckled the multiple straps tight forcing it deep into her mouth and making Jolene have to tilt her head even further back. John grabbed the bound woman and forced her to her feet leaving her standing as Gina went to get the mirror again, this time Jolene had to lean forward to see herself and felt her approaching orgasm get closer as she stared at the helpless girl trapped in thigh high leather boots that made bending her legs difficult and walking in the stiff leather and tall heels all most impossible, her head held firmly immobile by the thick collar and her mouth filled with a gag that was larger than the last one and held in by straps encircling her entire head and her arms still trapped tightly together by the arms sleeve.

John attached a short chain between her ankles before smacking her on her latex covered ass and said, “Let’s go, I want to see desperation or you may never get released!” Jolene struggled bending and moaning for another hour still unable to get any freedom, her feet were throbbing as were her shoulders, she was getting the hang of moving in the tight boots and was trying to walk around when John came up from behind and forced her to her knees and quickly connected the D-ring on the arm sleeve to the chain between her ankles effectively hogtieing her.

Jolene moaned as she pulled on the chain as John and Gina urged her on as she pulled and twisted until she fell with a loud squeal onto her side and lay panting until she heard them saying, “Come on keep moving, you have to get free or you’ll be tied up for the rest of your life!”

These thoughts scared Jolene and she struggled harder turning herself onto her stomach as she fought her bonds and gasped for air until she could no longer fight and lay moaning as John and Gina cheered and unhooked her legs and lifted the exhausted girl to the chair again and began unlacing the boots and removing the gag. Jolene sat panting though her mouth as Gina unbuckled her collar and John removed her boots letting her flex her toes and feet while Gina gave her more water. It had now been four hours since Jolene had arrived and Gina asked if she was hungry. “Starved” Jolene gasped. Gina smiled and said “We’ll get some food in you before we finish” and walked off leaving Jolene sitting in the chair encased in latex and her arms trapped behind her.

Jolene sat catching her breath and flexing her cramped feet for a few minutes before asking, “Can you release my arms?”

John smiled and said, “Did you escape?” Jolene looked down and nodded no. “Then you stay as you are until we are finished, remember”

Jolene nodded again and sat quietly twisting her shoulders as her climax swelled again. Gina returned a few minutes later and helped Jolene eat a light lunch and drink some water before John said, “Ok let’s see if we can finish up for today.” Gina smiled at Jolene and whispered, “Your doing great” and left with John to get the last set for today’s shoot. Both returning Gina moved behind Jolene as she wrapped a half hood neck corset around her neck but before lacing it John stopped her and said, “Remember the gag.”

Gina stopped and dashed in the back room returning with a gag that looked much smaller to Jolene and stuffed it into Jolene’s open mouth and fed the tubes through the small hole in the front of the hood. While Gina laced the hood John had slipped Jolene’s feet into another pair of thigh high boots, these forced her feet into a en-point position and would compress her legs firmly when he finished lacing them, meanwhile Gina had laced the hood and neck corset tightly making it impossible for Jolene to move her head at all and squeezing her cheeks over the top of the hood.

When John was done with the boots he lifted Jolene up to her pointed toes eliciting a moan from her filled mouth as she steadied herself on her pointed toes, Gina slipped a leather strap under the straps holding the arm sleeve up and hooked them to an hoist and raised it until Jolene’s arms were eased up keeping her straight. Jolene whined as the tension on her shoulders increased and fought her bonds until she felt Gina and John wrap something around her body and Gina hook it together in front, once it was closed in the front John began pulling the laces compressing Jolene’s body from her arm pits to her knees.

As John tightened the body corset Gina made sure Jolene’s ample breasts were forced through the openings it the front. Jolene moaned and whined as she felt her body being smashed and her breathing became more difficult but was enjoying the attention Gina was paying to her breasts, kneading them and tugging on her nipples as the leather covering her chest grew tighter. Once John had Jolene’s body compressed into the shape he wanted he measured her waist and smiled and said, “Seventeen.” Gina smiled at Jolene as she stared into her eyes and began tightening the corset openings around her breasts.

Jolene could feel the bases of her breasts being squeezed more and moaned loudly as the feeling became uncomfortable only to have John attach a pump to one of the hoses sticking out of the hood and say, “Your too nice Gina” and started pumping the gag up. Jolene’s eyes got big as she felt it growing inside her mouth and began whining and squealing as John continued to pump expanding the rubber in her mouth until she could no longer make any sounds and the rubber was touching the back of her throat and pinning her tongue to the bottom of her mouth.

Jolene was panting hard through the small hose in the gag and the small holes in the hood as Gina continued to tighten the holes in the corset for her breasts until the large orbs were turning purple under the now much tighter latex and her nipples were clearly visible making Gina say, “If they get any harder they will burst through the latex!” smiling at Jolene making her blush under her hood while Gina rubbed the bound girl’s erect nipples. Jolene was really uncomfortable but was also enjoying the attention and restrictions placed on her so she quietly struggled as the two moved around her checking things before John started retightening the corset making her struggle harder as she twisted helpless until John said, “Done, should be sixteen now.” As he measured her restricted waist and smiled at Gina.

Jolene was gasping for air, her pinched breasts were heaving in their openings as John made her turn, forcing her to move her pointed toes several circles before lowering her arms. Jolene was wincing as her full weight was put on her toes and John helped her to take tiny steps around the studio. Jolene tried to hum happy birthday but nothing coherent would come out as John kept walking her around until he finally said, “I’m letting go, you need to struggle like your life depends on it, because it just might, you will stay bound as you are until I get all the shots I need, so get to it.” as he walked off leaving the teetering girl to fight for balance. Jolene stood still gasping her body rigid from her shoulders to her knees her legs laced tightly inside thigh high toe boots her numb arms still trapped in the arm sleeve and her head made unmovable by a tortuous half hood neck corset laced tight enough to make her feel like she was being strangled.

Jolene moved slowly around the studio as she flexed and twisted her arms behind her unable to do much else and keep her balance for twenty minutes, stopping and gasping Gina helped her lay down and said, “Rest a few, then we’ll try again.” Jolene stared into Gina’s eyes trying to plead with her but Gina walked away leaving her to wiggle on the floor. John came back and picked Jolene up sitting her back on her sore toes and said, “Try again.” Jolene didn’t want to try again so she just went limp and leaned against him. John said, “One more try and I’ll let you out, unless you want to stay like this overnight.” Jolene looked at him and could see a little smile so she straightened herself out and teetered away from him to cheers from Gina.

After another thirty minutes of struggling John yelled, “That’s it! that was great!” Jolene ignored him and continued to wander around the studio using her lower legs to move her rigid body and struggling furiously with her arm sleeve as her climax was near and she desperately wanted it. Gina smiled at John who left the cameras running as Gina walked behind Jolene and messaged her breasts and pinched her nipples, Jolene rubbing her trapped arms against Gina’s body twisting and moaning until finally she leaned back on her fully and Gina could feel her body twitching as the orgasm overwhelmed Jolene and her gasps decreased as she blacked out.

Jolene awoke with a start, finding herself on a bed in another set she tried to sit up but the corset kept her from being able to but she realized her arms were free and the half hood was gone, relaxing she rubbed her breasts and could tell they had been freed from the tight bindings also and breathed as deep as the corset would allow feeling very satisfied as she rubbed her leather covered body and hoped Gina and John would have her back. Jolene couldn’t see her feet but could feel they were still encased in the thick leather that held them en-point but didn’t care as she lay back stroking her breasts and feeling her tiny waist for another hour before forcing herself to stand and waddling into the office finding the two editing the video and cropping the pictures.

Both turned and clapped for her as she smiled under her latex hood, John asking, “Ready to be unlaced?”

Jolene looked down and asked, “Do we have to right now?”

Gina handed her a bottle of water and said, “Wear it as long as you like.”

The two returned to the editing while Jolene watched amazed at how she looked and knew she was a new latex lover finally meekly asking, “How much does the catsuit cost?” John asked why. “Because I would like to get one someday”

“Well my dear you can keep the one you are wearing, my gift to you” Jolene smiled as John said, “I’ll bet we have lots of things you would like and I’ll make one a gift every session you do with us, if you want to come back”

“I do, I enjoyed most of today a lot.” Jolene blurted out turning red after Gina said, “Yeah we know”

Jolene stayed dressed in the corset and toe boots for several more hours as breathing and walking became easier for her and forcing herself to have another orgasm while she slowly wandered around the studio and played with some of the props before asking to be released so she could relieve herself. The feeling of the corset being unlaced almost gave her another orgasm and dashing to the bathroom in the toe boots didn’t help either. As Jolene was unlacing the boots and putting on her short skirt and high heels over her new latex deciding to not wear her top she couldn’t help herself when she slid one of the vibrators into her soaking pussy before zipping the latex closed again, unable to find the remote she decided that it would be enough for it just to be there for the ride home.

Before leaving the studio John handed her $1500.00 dollars and said, “This is a bonus, you don’t have to share with you agent. We’ll call you direct next time, enjoy the suit.” Gina asked, “are you sure you want to wear it home, it can be….distracting” Jolene smiled and said, “That’s what I’m hoping for and if my neighbors don’t like it tuff” Gina kissed her good bye and Jolene walked to her car.

The cool night air was making her skin tingle under the latex with the pockets of sweat moving as the suit cooled some and the inert phallus sliding around inside her making her arousal grow again, she dropped into her seat totally exhausted but totally satisfied her aroused breasts proudly on display through the transparent latex making her smile as she looked at them. As she started the car the vibrator came to life making her squeal, looking at the studio door she could see Gina and John standing in the door Gina waving a small box that Jolene knew was the remote and smiled thinking I’ll return it when I come back and drove home, having to pull over twice for her orgasm’s.

Finally arriving home, the walk to the building and up the stairs were made difficult by the humming vibrator trapped in her pussy but she made it to her apartment dropping onto her bed and letting the orgasm wash over her while she stroked her latex covered breasts before falling asleep and dreaming of her next session with Gina and John and hoping she can get a gag from them next time and maybe stay bound longer.

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