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A New Kind of Love

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2012 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; gag; bfold; hood; bond; electro; nipple; toys; denial; climax; cons; X

Kim wondered what the hell she was doing slowly getting dressed to have sex?

The firebrand had been a fighter until she met someone rather different from the people she had known. His deep soft tones had so taken her from proud biker to sexual slave. Her curiosity had her so aroused she had fingered herself to climax on the plane. A woman on the plane seemed to know exactly what she had been doing as she smirked at Kim from her seat. It didn’t help as Kim was in full flush. But it wouldn’t have helped if she had known.

Kim pulled and puckered the latex opera gloves up her arms trying to get them smooth ready for her Latex stockings. She had spent a good hour and a half in a bath. She had shaved every part of her body that Kim could find. Master was very detailed as to what was expected of her. The talc she had been given helped the latex slide on and again pulling and puckering was necessary to get the stockings on. Kim wondered again why she felt like a total slut seeing as Master had never once used the word.

Kim thought it was because she had never worn latex stockings, (or opera gloves) for as long as she could remember she looked at the black shapeless form on the bed and wondered what the fascination was with the latex, Kim felt her newly shaven body which was silky smooth she looked into the mirror and threw her head forward and them back taking her hair with it her body looked different, and as she looked one last time she caught the blackness of the Latex behind her.

Kim picked up the Latex she had heard so much about, it felt cold and lifeless in her hands. She sat on the end of the bed and pulled the cat suit over her stockinged legs, she eventually had to stand as she pulled the suit over her ass. She stopped for a moment as Kim remembered what Master had said about hiding hair, a hair band was looped over her hand and as she pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail she was reminded of what Master had in mind for her. Kim had seen the pony for the first time yesterday, and it was smaller than she had imagined. It was all open and ready to lock around her, trapping her until her Master was ready to allow her out!

Kim realized she was wasting time as she saw the first trickle of wetness drip from her mound. With renewed vigor Kim jumped up and pulled the rest of the suit up over her shoulders and continued to pull and pucker and tease the latex smooth around her body. Before Kim zipped herself up she threaded a piece of leather bootlace through the ring on the zip. She then took the open helmet from the bed and pulled it over her head, Kim looked like a little kid that had tried to dress herself she smirked at her reflection and made good the helmet, straightening it and pulling it until it was as smooth as the rest of her.

Kim had to put her boots on, but these were not the boots she would have normally have worn. These were stilettos, only a three inch heel but different enough for her to look carefully at them. Master had picked them out as they were a wide fit. Master had only half jokingly said, “There’s no point being in pain whilst I punish you!”

Kim smiled at the obvious contradiction, as she slipped the boots on. For all the differences they were comfortable and not as high as she had feared.

The last thing Kim was expected to do was put her gag in her mouth, this was her act of submission. The first hurdle she must cross. She looked at the gag, it was substantial. A breather gag similar to the one on Masters profile but without the overhead strap. Kim looked in to the mirror at her reflection, she knew how badly she had craved this moment. She had made it! She popped the gag into her mouth and did it up at the back of her head. Kim look at her reflection again, as she touched the gag trying to ajust it to make herself perfect for Master.

As she walked slowly out the bedroom her new boots tapped on the tiled floor, the whole house was tiled as you would expect from a farm house, she climbed the few steps through the kitchen to Masters room.

Master was at his desk tapping the keys of his computer, Kim knelt on the floor into the position of a slave, kneeling with her legs apart head bowed with her arms tucked into the small of her back. Master did not look up or acknowledge her presence she felt as she was meant to, his slave, his plaything, his submissive…

Master finished and turned, his feet either side of her. His finger touched her chin and she looked into his eyes. “I need to finish you little one!”

Master got up out the seat and picked up another helmet and cleaned it before putting it over Kim’s head, this was more substantial than the open face helmet Kim had on already. He slipped it over her head, her hearing getting more and more difficult as the layers mounted. Master clipped a blindfold onto the new helmet and Kim’s world darkened and became far more sinister.

“You trust me to do the things I think you crave?”

Kim thought for a nanosecond and nodded. Master touched her arms and she unfolded them and held them aloft so that Master could prepare her. She felt something being slipped over her hands and done up so Kim couldn’t move her thumbs, she realized she was wearing mittens. Master tapped her shoulder and gave a simple order.

“Stand up!”

Blindfolded Kim could not see but Master put his large hands on her shoulders, and guided her up he walked her a few paces and turned her around and held her by the hips. He was looking at her, she felt his gaze cut through the latex and slice through her heart.

“Very Nice!”

She felt something being wrapped round her hips. She wondered what it could be? A corset! What! She had never, ever thought in her wildest dreams she would ever have worn a corset. As Master slowly tightened it around her waist she pulled herself in as much as she could to accommodate the corset. Master spent an age tweaking and tightening her newest friend. Eventually Master walked around her and… Silence! She wondered if he was still in the room with her, he was!

“Absolutely stunning!”

Master held her hand up over her head, he clipped her to the frame and for the moment left her like that. He started strapping a leg spreader to her ankles pulling them apart, the pull on her wrists just pulled her and she realized she was trapped, for his use, and his use only, suddenly Kim felt a hand unzipping her crutch zip and taking the zip back to it’s furthest point almost to the coccyx. Master pulled some latex gloves on and must have coated his hands in lube as Kim was doublely assaulted from front and back. Master was lubing her for the next test of faith.

Master eased his hands into her secret places and she shuddered at the touch as he slipped two plugs into the front and back they were big but not huge, she thought she could take bigger, probably she could have, but she had missed Master’s intention she felt something being stuck to her skin less than an inch away from her clit. Master danced a finger close to but missed touching her.

Kim was getting very comfortable in her new suroundings until Master fired up the E-Stim! She had missed that one! The fire inside was soft but it was there! Master laughed!

“You have never had much patience have you? This might teach you that it is a virtue! I’ll leave you bubbling away for a few hours! But don’t worry there’s no chance of you coming, it will turn off when your pulse reaches 105bpm! And It won’t start until the pulse drops! I’ll keep an eye on you!”

Kim started mewing as the E-stim started it’s work! He must be joking, surely?

He wouldn’t strap her here for hours would he?

Kim felt her soul being aroused………………

Several hour later, Kim was in a high state of arousal, every twisted nerve was screaming at her for climax, but there was no climax! Just the ever present E-stim which kept her on edge. She was in darkness and the focus of her world was the pulsing of her crutch, she lost the idea of time. It was just the stimulation of her which was important, she had counted the amount of times the thing had stopped on her but she had just lost the information somehow, It wasn’t like there was anything else to think of!

In one move the plugs disappeared from Kim’s crutch, Master had a ring screwed to the underside of the plugs and a bootlace! He just swiftly pulled the pair out and the instant loss of Kim’s friends was immediate. Kim was swaying trying to locate the plugs, not knowing that Master had pulled them quite intentionally. He touched her wet labia and she refocused on what was happening her state of crazed torture looked like it was going to get worse as Master gently strapped up a thin leather crutch strap through her legs and tightened it so she was acutely aware of it!

Master tightened the strap and put another two straps through her legs and these were tightened. Kim squirmed trying to get comfortable with the new intruder, Master got up from next to her and unzipped her nipple zips, Kim had been so busy getting the latex on she had missed the fact that they were there. Kim held her breath as Master teased her nipples to stiffen them and cried a little cry as he clipped the nipple clamps on her. She felt her hands made useless by the mittens being unclipped from the frame and Master allowed her arms to drop by her sides.

He put his hands on her shoulders indicating she should drop to the floor which she did, he picked up one of her legs and crossed it over the other, preventing Kim from closing her legs which meant no squirming! Master locked some chain from the frame to a strap he laced above her breasts but under her arms. She would be less inclined to wander, but Master put a strap around her ankles preventing all movement.

Master cupped her head and kissed her head and disappeared again, she could hear the music of Lynryd Skynrd softly in the background, her strap was itching and she couldn’t begin to scratch her itch she just kept mewing and swaying on her chains. It dawned on her that she could be left again for hours to dwell upon her bondage, the second her Mewing turned to cries Master cupped her chin.

“How much faith do you have in me then little one?”

She tried to make sense she really did but the slurping noises she made caused a smile on Masters face. Masters imagined face disappeared from her minds eye as Master removed the nipple clamps and after the blood had rushed back to reclaim her nipples! Master simply waited for the blood to return and then clipped even stronger clamps to her nipples Kim shreked into her gag Master cupped her head and almost whispered, “fight the pain it will pass!”

Kim winced as the pain caught her. Her first reaction was to pull them off, but considering her mittens were locked behind her that didn’t look likely she grinded her teeth and the pain subsided to be replaced by endorphins which consumed her giving her a rush like no other!

Master started laughing as she shuddered in pleasure, he knew what was happening to her.

”That’s why the confusion between pain and pleasure Kim, First It’s pain then pleasure most can’t see the pleasure because they’re frightened by the thought of pain !”

Kim could only wonder at Master’s words as she winced under the cover of the helmets as the pain took a new turn.

“More E-stim!” She thought as her nipples ached with the power of electrickery making every atom of her body go into overload. Kim felt herself getting ready for climax but it all stopped! Again!

Panting in her Latex she could only guess what Master had in store for her, she had long forgotten time and the outside world. Her previous life became a distant memory Kim could hear only muffled sounds the vague feeling that music was playing which flashed through her mind before refocusing on the nipples as they restarted their shock treatment!

Master tapped her shoulders and said, “Stand up!”

Kim stood up slowly and Master putting his hands on her shoulders guided her to the Pony.

“Slowly on your knees Little one!”

After Kim had dropped to her knees Master carefully locked her ankles in place. Gently pushing her torso down until Kim realized she was bent over the pony. All that remained was for Master to lock her wrists in place and she was in total bondage! Master had still left the E-stim on her nipples, she realized her ass and pussy were on show to Master and sure enough she felt two dildos being firmly pushed into place. It suddenly occurred to Kim that they might be E-stim as well when they started and shocked her to the core!

As before they would drive her almost to climax but stop just before she did! Kim was still believing that the next time would be different but each time exactly the same thing happened. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours and still it went on unrelenting.

Several hours later Kim was truly in Subspace she hadn’t wanted to, she wasn’t sure what it was exactly but she was there floating in heaven. Suddenly, the intensity grew and Kim couldn’t tell if she was feeling pleasure or pain. She realized too late as she climaxed she shook to the very core, her soul was ripped apart as she spasmed and twisted on the pony for release!

As she lay in front of Master still attached to the pony Kim was spent. She had given her all in the name of her Master who had played her, toying with her until she was ready. Master touched her arm and slowly brushed her breast trying to bring her back. Kim shuddered and moved her head she was back!

Master started to remove the outer helmet and then the gag, Kim could see the light again. She blinked as the outer helmet was removed getting used to the light seemed to take ages but was only a few seconds.

“Well Slave, did you enjoy dipping your toe in?” Asked Master.

Kim was still trying to focus on his face, it took her about a minute to come out of it and focus on Master.

“Sorry Master, did you ask me something?”

He smiled, “Welcome back little one! Welcome back my Slave!”


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