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The New Assistant

by Allatex

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© Copyright 2001 - Allatex - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; discovery; secret; cupboard; latex; clothing; boots; dress; coat; caught; bond; rubberdoll; boxed; enslave; stored; cons/nc; X

When Barbara entered the box room she again smelt the same noxious smell as before and soon realized that it was this smell giving her the head ache, being some what nosy Barbara began to search for the source of the pungent smell & was surprised to see it came from a wardrobe, in the corner of the room.

Once opened Barbara found that the cupboard was empty.

'What was causing the smell?' she thought and continued to examine the cupboard.

Whilst trying to move it away from the wall she heard a small bang inside, when she opened it again she found the back of the cupboard was a door which had swung open when she had tried to move the wardrobe and that behind it was a hidden room.

Peering in to the gloom Barbara thought that she could make out something in the darkness but wasn't sure what. Hanging down in front of her was a light pull, so she pulled it and was almost thrown back at sight that confronted her for in the secret room, she saw three large wardrobes & a high couch, like a doctors couch, except this one had straps attached to it ! A chair which also had straps attached to it and in one corner a black sofa and a low table with a TV and a video on it .

After examining the room for a few minutes, she approached one of the wardrobes and opened it, inside the wardrobe wasn't what you would normally find, spare sheets, pillow cases and such like, but lots of shiny garments, it was then that she realized what the smell was it was RUBBER!!

As Barbara looked through the wardrobes full of rubber things she saw there were dress's; coats; skirts; catsuits; hoods; masks; straps and some things she couldn't even guess at what their purpose was and all of them made from red or black rubber .

Soon Barbara came to the tall cupboard which was set apart from the rest, as she stood in front of this wardrobe, she grasped the handle and pulled it open, as it did so a light came on like a light in a refrigerator.

The sight that greeted her made her jump, for inside was a woman or at least it looked like a woman at first, then she realized that it was one of those inflatable rubber sex dolls that you could see advertised in girlie magazines, except that this one hadn't been inflated and had just been strapped up, and appeared to be hanging on some sort of coat hanger with its feet some 12 inches above the floor of the box.

But what the doll was wearing was even worse, for the doll was wearing a long shiny black rubber trenchcoat, tight high heeled black rubber boots and tight black rubber gloves, also around the doll's lower face a wide rubber strap had been pulled tight which made it like a sort of gag, though why you would want to gag a doll she couldn't quite work out .

Reaching out to touch the collar of the coat she found that the trenchcoat, boots, gloves and all the straps that held the doll were made from thick but very soft shiny rubber. As she felt the collar of the long black rubber trenchcoat she saw that on the back of the collar was a thick ring also covered in black rubber, which was how the doll was hung up in the box, she realized that at a distance the coat would look just like a long leather coat so no-one would give you a second glance if she was to wear it on the street. It was then that she realized what she was thinking and thought, 'What am I saying, if I were to wear it on the street!'

Looking at her watch she realized that she had been exploring the hidden room for nearly an hour, looking at the doll in the thick black rubber coat, with the black rubber boots and hadn't finished doing the housework, so putting every thing back she closed the secret door and went on with the housework.

All the rest of that morning, which had begun as any other morning that she came to clean Mr. Johnson's, she thought about the rubber doll hidden in the room and the long thick rubber coat and decided that one day she must put it on, just to see what it felt like to wear. It was about noon that Mr. Johnson rang, and said he had to go to another meeting in London and would not be back till late that evening, but that he would ring to tell her when he would be back to let her know what time his train would arrive at the station.

Barbara could not believe her luck she would have the rest of the day, so after putting the phone down she hurried the house work and had it finished by 3 0'clock. Next she went down and locked the front door and came back up into the box room, soon she had opened the rubber dolly's box and had lifted down the doll with the rubber trenchcoat. Looking at the coat she saw that it reached to the ankle, was double breasted, with straps on the wrist's and shoulders and was soon undoing the rubber straps that were around the doll, once she had removed them, she undid the rubber covered buttons on the long rubber coat.

As Barbara opened the long rubber coat she found that the doll was also wearing a tight knee length dress made from thick black rubber like the rest of the things the it wore. Now she had the coat open Barbara saw the boots reached all the way to the hem of the black rubber dress and continued even further up the dolls legs. Once she had removed the rubber coat from the doll, Barbara unable to resist any longer she picked up the rubber trenchcoat and held it against herself, examining the coat she found it was thick and felt very soft as well, before she knew what she was doing, she had slid her arms down the rubber sleeves of the coat and pulled it on

As Barbara walked around the room the rubber coat made a swishing and slapping noise that Barbara loved, soon an idea popped into her head, 'Why not try on the whole rubber outfit?' she thought.

So a few minutes later she was unzipping the long black zip on the front of the rubber dress. Soon she had removed all the dolls things, when she had done so she found that the doll had a tear in its rubber skin on one of its arms. 'No wonder it wasn't inflated with a tear like that!' she thought and then began to undress herself and was soon naked.

As she picked up the dress she noticed that the inside was covered in talcum powder, 'Must be to help the rubber slide on.' she thought.

Seconds later she had begun to pull on one of the long rubber boots, but found it would not stretch on to her foot, so she put it down, went to the bathroom, found some talcum powder brought it back with her, covered her leg in it and tried again . This time the rubber boot slid on to her foot and reached up to her thigh, as she pulled up the zip, the rubber boot became very tight, moments later she had them both on. As she stood there she could see how her legs had become sheathed in a skin of tight black rubber, at first Barbara could hardly bend her legs but when the thick rubber of the boots got a bit warmer they became very soft and easy to move around in.

'Now for the dress!' she thought and picked up the rubber dress, holding it up she saw it was a simple sheath dress with long sleeve's and a front zip which went right up to the neck, where there was a wide rubber strap which acted as a collar of the rubber dress.

Soon Barbara had again covered herself in talcum powder and had slid both her arms into the tight rubber dress, pulling the two sides around her body she began to pull up the zip, as the zip was raised the rubber dress became very tight across her thighs and bottom. Grabbing hold of the zipper again she began to pull up the front zip as she did, it got tighter across her breasts and shoulders, at one stage Barbara thought the zip would not close but with a finale effort she managed to get the zip to the top.

When it had zipped right up, she stood in front of the long mirror and examined how she looked, as she stood there her ample curves made the zip begin to unzip. This happened several times as she stood there, so finally she pulled the zip right to the top and used the 3 inch wide strap collar to secure the zip.

As she stood there she began to run her hands over her rubber covered body, next she pulled on the dolls black rubber gloves which reached to her elbows, they were a bit too small but once on they felt all right, then stood for a while looking at her reflection in the full length mirror on the other side of the room.

"Well well this kinky rubber stuff looks better on me than it did on the doll!" she said laughing to herself.

'What would Mr. Johnson say if he could see me now, he probably wouldn't even recognize me, come to think of it, if I didn't know it was me I wouldn't have recognized myself.' she thought

For the next 10 minutes or so Barbara walked around the room, her thick rubber costume creaking and the long rubber dress stretching over her rubber covered legs. Soon she had to lay on the tall couch and realized it was covered in black rubber not leather as you would normally find, and began to once again explore her rubber covered body, as well as watching her reflection in the mirrored ceiling above the couch, as her rubber costume stretched and shone she realized that this rubber stuff was beginning to excite her!

When she stood up to admire herself in the long mirror, the phone down stairs began to ring. 'Oh that will be Mr. Johnson ringing about what time to make dinner for.' So off she went to answer it, as she walked she found that the rubber costume she wore made it very hard to move quickly, so step by step she made her way to the stairs. At the top of the stairs she had to hold on to the banister with both hands and make her way down slowly as the thick rubber dress she wore made it a bit awkward to use the stairs .

Eventually she made it down and as is usual in these case's the phone stopped ringing just as she got to it.

'Damn!' she thought and turned to go back upstairs when she heard the front door lock being opened!

Turning to see who it was she was confronted by Mr. Johnson just returning unexpectedly.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Barbara stammered, "I wasn't expecting you back so early!" she said.

For a few seconds he stood starring at the rubber clad woman in front of him, unable to speak a word then finally he said, "Barbara? I think we had better go to my study to talk don't you?"

Consequently a few moments later both Barbara and Mr. Johnson were in the study and Barbara told him how she had found the doll and that she didn't mean to be nosy and that she would have put the rubber costume back before he had returned. Much to her surprise he told her he had no objections to her trying on the rubber outfit, and now as it was in the open he would not have to hide his rubber doll in the cupboard and no longer be afraid of her finding out about his love of rubber.

"Hmmn! just a moment," he said and sped off upstairs .

A few minutes later he returned.

"I think your rubber costume needs just one final touch my dear!!" he said holding up thick black rubber coat.

"What do you mean ?-you want me to put on the kinky rubber coat as well? - I don't really want to - if the truth be known" she answered.

"But why ever not it?- I think it will look splendid on you dear!" he said shaking the rubber coat for her to put her arms into the sleeves.

"Oh all right, but just for a minute then!" Barbara said, sliding her rubber covered arms into the sleeves of the long rubber coat and pulling it on.

As the sleeve's were a bit too long Mr. Johnson pulled them up and tightened the rubber wrist straps, he also pulled the thick rubber coat closed and fastened all the buttons up which pulled the rubber coat tight around Barbara's body and finally pulled the 2 inch rubber strap belt tight into her waist, so now here she stood dressed in rubber, just like the doll had been a few hours ago!!

"I must say Barbara that, that rubber uniform looks much better on you than it did on my old slave dolly," he said walking around her.

"Uniform - old slave dolly, what on earth did you do with that doll up there anyway?" she inquired.

"I would have thought that was obvious dear! Not only do I like rubber but I also like bondage, so I used to put the doll into tight bondage and imagine she was alive and was my rubber slave. But you must have realized that, after all, you must have seen the straps and things in the rubber playroom when you took her down from the hook?” he answered.

"Yes, I thought that when I saw all the other rubber stuff as well but you said, 'used to put her in bondage'. You mean you don't anymore?" Barbara answered.

"No! Not now I have a new doll to replace my old one that broke, a brand new one that I only got recently, so I'm looking forward to strapping her up and hanging her on the slave hook upstairs!" he said.

"So that's why your back early! You've bought a new doll and want to get her hung up as quickly as you can, you kinky little devil you!” she said cheekily.

"Have you decided what she is going to be wearing, when you hang her up?" she added walking around the study, her long rubber coat squeaking as she did so.

"Well I was going to use the rubber uniform I always use," he said.

"Was ?" Barbara replied.

"Well actually that's the problem you see, you're wearing the rubber uniform I normally use, so as far as I'm concerned, as you are dressed in a dolls rubber uniform, you must be a doll, as only dollies would dress in a kinky rubber uniform, don't you agree?" he said in a joking way to Barbara.

"Oh yes, only dollies should wear rubber uniforms!" Barbara said, smiled then bowed in front of him playing along with the joke.

"But just this once I`ll dress my new dolly in something else, tell you what! Would you like to be there while I put my new doll in bondage? Barbara you could be my new rubbery assistant." he said.

"Why not," she replied beginning to get a sort of thrill out of playing this kinky game.

"Then come with me to the rubber room my new assistant!" he said and headed of up the stairs.

Barbara followed but going up the stairs was harder than coming down them, especially as she now wore the long rubber coat as well as all the other rubber gear.

"Come along now Barbara, hurry up or I'll have to discipline you instead of my new doll!" she heard as he disappeared in to the dark at the top of the stairs.

"Coming as quickly as I can sir!" she replied, beginning to get a bit turned on by the way her rubber costume squeaked and stretched as she made her way upstairs. About five minutes later she made it into the hidden room but couldn't see him anywhere.

"I'll be out in a minute I'm just getting changed," she heard a disembodied voice say .

A few minutes later he emerged from another secret door that she hadn't seen earlier Barbara couldn't believe her eyes for he wore a tight black rubber catsuit which covered him completely, the only part of him not covered in black rubber was his face, also he wore a long thick white rubber apron which reached to his knees.

"Time to put my new unsuspecting doll into some tight rubber bondage, now where is she hiding?" he said and began to look around the room as if he was looking for some one.

As he walked past her, she began to snigger under her breath at the thought of him acting as if a blow up doll was a real woman, she knew it was a bit ludicrous but all the same she was still enjoying herself though why, she didn't know.

"Come now dolly there's no need to be afraid, your new master will put you in bondage eventually, you know you can't escape." she heard him say from the other room, at this Barbara laughed out loud which brought him back into the main room again.

"So you think its funny do you? Well when I catch you I am going to strap you up so tight that you won't be able to move at all, so tight that you won't even be able to laugh."

"Ah! there you are hiding in the shadows, well I'm afraid that from now on you will call me Master, won't you rubber dolly?" he said grabbing Barbara's arms .

"WHAT - RUBBER DOLL -ME!! NO!! "she said trying to move towards the door.

Before she got even a few steps he had pulled them behind her back, soon they were strapped together at the wrists.

"There now Barbara didn't I tell you, you could be here while I was putting my new doll in tight rubber bondage, the only thing I didn't tell you was that YOU were going to be the new doll I put into tight bondage!" he said pulling her over to examine his new rubber dolls reflection in the large mirror.

By now Barbara was becoming a little scared, looking across the room she saw her reflection in the large mirror but all she saw was a rubber clad doll staring back at her, except it wasn't the doll at all. It was her own reflection, wearing a dolls tight rubber outfit, unable to move an inch because of the thick rubber coat, for the next few minutes she tried to release her arms from behind her but because the coat was so thick she couldn't even bend much at the waist.

As she stood there she trying to get free of his grip, Barbara's eyes widened in horror as she saw that while she had been trying to release her arms, that he had put one of the thick rubber straps around her ankles and was pulling it tight, soon another followed at her knees, and he was now securing her arms at the elbows and her upper arms, finally he pulled a tight black rubber helmet over her head so now, only her face was not covered by tight black rubber.

"There now Barbara, all nicely rubberized like a rubber doll should be!" he said standing back and admiring Barbara's now fully rubberized form .

"Why are you doing this to me, please release me I don't like playing this game anymore." she began to cry.

"Game? what game Barbara? you make a good replacement for my old doll. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found you wearing her rubber uniform, I knew at that instant, that you would look at home in my rubber room . " he said.

"What do you mean in your rubber room, you can't keep me here strapped up like some sort of doll. I'll be missed " she said.

"Missed! You are my employee, I'll say you're ill, or on holiday while you take the place of my old doll, so why don't you try to make the most of it, who knows you may even like being bound and gagged in the end dolly!!" he said.

"GAGGED!!!! NO!!" she uttered trying to hobble towards the door in a futile attempt at escaping from the house.

As Barbara moved her new rubber uniform, creaked and stretched but did not give at all, when Barbara reached about half way across the hidden room, she lost her balance and fell over on to the floor. As Barbara lay on the floor straining against the thick rubber skin that held her immobile, she finally realized that she couldn't escape from the confines of the rubber uniform and straps that encased her.

"Please release me! I'm sorry for being nosy, and for trying on your dolls things, so please release me and I promise not to say anything to anyone, I don't like being dressed in this rubber costume and strapped up!!!" she sobbed.

"But you will soon get used to it my dear!!" he said stroking her rubber covered breasts and thighs as she lay on the floor

At this Barbara began to struggle even harder to release herself from this rubber prison, "LET ME GO" she screamed, "I don't want to be put into bondage like a doll, it was all a mistake you finding me in your dolls rubber dress I won't let you use me like a doll!" she shouted.

"SILENCE SLAVE!! I have had enough of your incessant moaning!!" he said at which time Barbara felt a wide strip of rubber around her lower face and realized that it was the rubber gag of the doll.

"MUNNHUHUUUGGPHH" was all that came out when she tried to speak .

"Do you really expect me to believe that you did not want to be found in the rubber dress, it was quite obvious when I came in and found you, that you wanted to be treated like a doll, so how could I not help but finish dressing you in the rubber uniform you wanted to wear so much and bring you up here to your new home, where I will enjoy using you as a bondage dolly, I only wish that I had found out before so I could have put you in bondage before I left this morning instead of having to trick you into coming up her to help me." With this he kissed her rubber strapped mouth.

"MUNUHHPUHPH!!!" the tears beginning to roll down the new dolls tight rubber gag, and on to her black rubber trenchcoat.

After a few minutes he said, "Yes, I know you love it now, hmmmmnn! What are we going to do with you Barbara? I can't leave you here to struggle in your new rubber uniform, even if it does turn me on to watch you!"

A few seconds later he had unstrapped her ankles and knees, stood her up, and adjusted her rubber uniform. When he was satisfied with the rubber uniform he pulled up the collar on the rubber trench coat and pulled the rubber strap tight around her throat. Looking across the room Barbara saw her reflection in the long mirror, her face had now been replaced with a black rubber ball, only her pleading eyes above the rubber strap gag told you there was a real woman inside the thick rubber uniform of the rubber doll.

As she stood there like a rubber clad guard standing to attention her new rubber uniform creaking, she saw him wheel over the dolls box she tried to scream but "MUNNNNUGHHP!!!!" was all that came out, but as he had secured her with the six thick rubber straps just like the doll had been earlier that day. She had no chance of resisting him as he picked her up, and carried her over to the box. She tried to stop him doing it to her, but soon she had been hung on the hook, her rubber covered body swinging in the box, her feet about 12 inches above the floor, while Mr. Johnson was out of her sight, she saw her reflection again in the mirror swinging in the box struggling against the rubber straps that held her.

When he returned he re-strapped her knees and ankles and stood back to admire his new dolly. As she hung there she remembered how she had found the doll earlier that morning hanging in this box, and thought how it would feel to wear the rubber coat, little could she had know that she would not only wear the coat but the whole rubber uniform and be strapped up and hung up like the doll had been.

Standing in front of Barbara he said, "There now Barbara, all strapped up like a good rubber slave should be, now tomorrow evening I'll begin to train you in your new duties as a rubber slave, but I'm sure you'll love being left alone tonight in tight rubber bondage. If only you had told me what you wanted earlier we could have had so much rubber fun together!! " and with that he shut the door.

Soon Barbara was alone, in the dark rubber slave cupboard, only her crying into her tight rubber gag disturbing the creaking of her tight rubber uniform, as she swung to and fro in her new box and waited to find what her new master would do to his new rubber uniformed dolly, but what was really worrying her….. was why she was beginning to get turned on by being treated like this!!


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