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New Arrival

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2004 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; latex; bondage; vacbed; cons; XX

New Arrival by ?
Tina awoke one morning as she always did. She had trained herself to get up at 5:00, and she had trained herself well, because Jeff didn't like alarm clocks and if Tina didn't wake up right on schedule she'd receive three lashes for every minute she was off. She slowly climbed out of bed, careful not to wake Jeff. Her wrists were bonded securely to her thighs, and her ankles were held together with a 6-inch chain, but she could still move around with mild mobility. She had practiced this often. She went to the corner, where the time-lock safe would open at exactly 5:01. It did, and she carefully reached in and picked up the key that was inside with her mouth. After another five minutes of careful work, she was able to free herself from her bonds.

Tina set about the housework she had to do before Jeff woke up. Clean up from the night before, make breakfast, lay out his clothes. It was a long list of tasks to do in a mere 2 hours. Today she worked with new vigor, though. After being Jeff's slave for over a year, they were going to add to the household. Jeff had arranged to bring in another slave.

Tina couldn't even imagine the fun she would have with the new arrival. Jeff had informed Tina that she would be an equal with the new slave, not her Dom, and they would both serve Jeff in an equal capacity. Finally, thought Tina, I won't have to be alone all day long. I won't have to do the housework all by myself. When Jeff comes home mad from work, I'll only have to be tortured half as much.

At 7:00 sharp Tina went back into the bedroom. She had finished up all her work and was ready to wake Jeff. She slowly slid back the covers and put her mouth over his cock. She began to suckle. After a few seconds, he began to wake up, and his cock hardened in her mouth. He cummed, and she was permitted to take it out of her mouth, after thoroughly licking it clean.

Jeff smiled at her and went to take his shower. He didn't speak of the new slave, and Tina was never permitted to say ANYTHING unless Jeff spoke first. He showered, then she served him breakfast. He dressed and left for work, leaving Tina alone for the last time.

Tina worked harder than ever before. She finished all the housework, went shopping, paid the bills, and finished the rubber catsuit she had been making under Jeff's orders for the new slave. It was tiny; the girl was only 5 feet tall. Tina was making the hood, and as she looked at Jeff's instructions, she realized it had no mouth hole, save a tinny slit that a straw could be inserted through. The poor little girl wouldn't be able to speak when she wore this. Or cry, Tina thought to herself.

Jeff came home that evening about an hour late. Like always, Tina was kneeling naked in the hallway when he arrived, tight clamps on her breasts, nipples, and pussy. She didn't look up when he walked in the door, just crouched there, his little slave, ready to do his bidding. 

"Rise, Tina." Tina slowly stood up, and got her first look at her new fellow slave.

The girl was about five feet tall. She was clothed in typical street clothes, shorts and a T-shirt, but even in that she was beautiful. Her long blond hair filtered over her back. Her body was amazing, she had a nice tight ass, slender smooth legs, and breasts that stuck out half a mile. Tina realized the girl wasn't wearing a bra.

"Tina, meet Bambi. Bambi, meet Tina. She's your fellow slave. You can learn a lot from her, she's been serving me for over a year and has mastered the routine. For now, though, lets get you comfortable."

The girl smiled and nodded. Jeff raised her arms above her head, where she held them. He then proceeded to cut away her clothes, until she stood naked before them. As Tina expected, she had an astounding form. Giant breasts, firm little tushy, the works. Jeff took her arms behind her back and handcuffed her. Next came her ankles. Tina chuckled to herself when she saw the girl's pussy already starting to drip. She was fully furred, but knowing Jeff's tastes that wouldn't last long. Jeff took Bambi by the nipple and led her out of the room as she hobbled behind him on bound ankles. 

Tina stood in the room alone for a moment, not knowing what to do. It was unlike Jeff to leave without giving any orders. She was awoken from her daze by the doorbell. She opened it, and saw two familiar rubber-clad faces. It was Kandi and Amber, the two girls who had tortured Tina over a year ago. They were wearing the same catsuits they had worn back then. They didn't even look at Tina, but immediately entered the house and headed to the basement. A short while later Jeff came back up.

"Come sit with me, Tina." Tina obediently came forward and sat on his lap on the sofa. "I want you to know why I signed on Bambi as my slave. You see, over this past year, you have developed very specific interests. You love torture. I know you do. You purposely disobey me just so I'll whip you. And I love torturing you. But I also love girls in rubber, and girls sealed in vac beds, and girls who are willing to be in bondage for months on end just for me. That's why I found Bambi. She LOVES rubber catsuits, and when I told her about the vac bed she orgasmed just thinking about it. So she'll be here to appease my rubber fetish, as I have you to appease my torture fetish. Do you understand, my pet?"

Tina nodded obediently, and Jeff began to playfully tug on her nipple. "You've been such a good slave, I don't want you to think I'm replacing you." He squeezed extra hard and Tina moaned. "But you want to make sure Daddy is completely happy, right?" Tina again nodded, and she felt Jeff's hands move down to her pussy. He rubbed her pussy lips between his thumbs and forefingers. "Such a good slave. I can't wait till I get Bambi broken, and you both can serve me 24/7."
As he was talking, Tina heard a sound from the basement. It was screaming. Jeff heard it too, and he stood Tina up and led her by her nipple so they could hear better.

Zzzzzzzzzzz-WHAP "AHHH!!! Twenty, thank you mistress, thank you!" Zzzzzzzzzz-WHAP "AAHHHHHHH!!! No more, please God no more! Twenty-one mistress, thank you so much!"

Tina grimaced as she remembered her first beating with the electric whip, the beating Bambi was going through then. It was so horribly painful she wanted to just die. She jumped every time the whip cracked on Bambi's ass. Tina glanced over at Jeff.

Jeff was slowly rubbing Tina's tush, obviously remembering when she had been subjected to that beating. He smiled at her. "I know, it's harsh. But it's better for her if she's broken all at once. Years of disobedience would have much stricter punishments. Besides, she'll thank me for it later, as you do every night." Tina cheered up a little, but poor Bambi's screams for mercy made her wish there were some other way for Jeff to make his slaves obedient.

Bambi's introduction to rubber came a week later. Jeff was firm that Bambi's torture during her time as his slave should be kept to a bare minimum, as punishment only, and only for severe offenses. He had still found it necessary to break Bambi through torture, but that was where it ended. She would be his rubber slave, just like how Tina was his BDSM slave.

First Bambi put on the rubber catsuit Tina had made for her. Tina had to help her get it on, it was extremely tight. Once she had the hood on she couldn't talk, of course, but just by looking in her eyes Tina could tell she loved it. Bambi slowly ran her hands down her sides, rubbing her tush and massaging her breasts. When she was ready, Tina led the way to the vac bed. Jeff had told Bambi about the bed before, and he was waiting there to help her in. Nevertheless, Bambi stopped. A low moan came out from behind the rubber, and she started to shiver. Jeff smiled.

"She's scared, of course. When I put you in for the first time, Tina, you didn't know to be scared because you didn't know what it was. Poor Bambi." Jeff stood for a moment, deep in thought. Tina thought he was on the verge of forcing Bambi, who was by this time crying, into the bed, but suddenly his face lit up.

"Tina, you can go in with her!" Jeff was all smiles. He immediately busied himself making a second air hole in the bed, and when it was ready took Bambi by the hand to lead her in.

The poor girl was still crying, but knowing she would have a fellow slave in with her made her a little calmer. Jeff helped her climb in, then helped in the naked Tina. Once they were in he closed the zipper. Bambi positioned the lower half of her face over the larger air hole. Since her mouth was sealed up, she had to use her nose to breath. Tina quickly got situated under the other air hole. They heard Jeff counting down.

"Five..four..three.two" suddenly Bambi reached out to grab hold of Tina for comfort. Unfortunately for her, Jeff saw this and started the bed early. Bambi's hand was caught right over Tina's pussy, and as the bed tightened, and with the help of Jeff, it was forced inside. Jeff began to laugh. Tina was aghast. She had always despised lesbians, and here was another girl's hand deep in her own pussy. Poor Bambi was likewise frightened by her position, and again began to cry. She tried repeatedly to pull her hand out, but all she succeeded in doing was giving Tina a hand job. Bambi finally realized what was happening when Tina orgasmed right next to her. 

When the bed was finally shut off an hour later, Bambi immediately withdrew from Tina. Jeff helped them out, still laughing. He ordered Tina to stay put while he took Bambi downstairs, still sealed in her rubber catsuit, and locked her in a cage for the night. Then he came back up. He had some lotion with him, and her ordered Tina to sit with her legs apart while he rubbed it into her pussy. Tina relaxed and smiled at Jeff.
"Quite an experience, huh, my pet?"
"Yes, daddy."
"Did you enjoy it?"
"No, daddy."
"Why not?"
"Bambi had her hand in my pussy, master. I only want your hands there!"

Jeff laughed, and in response trust his hand into her pussy and rubbed her g-spot. Tina moaned. Before she could orgasm, though, Jeff pulled out and led Tina to bed. As a reward, though, before they fell asleep, he leaned her over the bedpost and gave her 25 good slaps with Tina's favorite leather spanker. She counted them, thanking him after each slap. She was honest, too, she loved being spanked by Jeff. Well, Tina thought, now I can get spanked more than ever. I'll get double the punishment and no more rubber. 

Bambi spent the night rubbing her pussy through the rubber and orgasming again and again. She realized just how much she had loved the vac bed. Even giving Tina a hand job hadn't been that bad. She thought with eager anticipation of all the glorious years she'd have with Jeff, wearing rubber every day, spending hours and hours in the vac bed. Yes, she thought, life was wonderful. 


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