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Neverending Latex Bondage

by LatexMaster

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Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; latex; majick; mast; bond; permanent; straps; strip; captive; rubber; bodybag; stuck; enclosed; nc; XXX

Be warned. This story contains non consensual activities. If it’s not your thing, just don’t read it. All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental. Don’t hesitate to send me feedback or to initiate a chat by email! ;)

Vanessa was never very good at school. She wasn’t interested in working hard either so after she had dropped school at 16, she had to find a solution in order to make money. She didn’t have any special talent that could make her money. What she had, however, was an envious body and face, one that she knew made heads turn. It was after searching on the internet that she eventually started her career as a pornstar when she turned 18.

She started to film herself while masturbating and managed to get some attention but it was far from enough. She needed help in order to pass to an upper level.

For the next 4 years, things had been looking good, way more than what she expected. She had a website of her own, a crew that she could trust and a huge fanbase that was willing to pay money to watch her. What really made the difference was that she was told by her crew early in her career to become a fetish pornstar. Vanessa wasn’t really into latex and rubber but she had to admit that it was making her a lot of money and that’s all what she wanted. She became used to wearing latex with time but still wasn’t a huge fan of it.

Many fans wrote to her, asking all sorts of things but she refused to meet any of her fans in person. She was a very picky person. Most of her videos were her masturbating and touching herself. Very few lucky men actually had the opportunity to have sex with her and things would have to work in her terms.

She kept living her life the way she wanted it. When she wanted something, she wouldn’t stop until she would get it. Vanessa was a very bossy person and was very egocentric. Despite her beauty, she has been single for almost all of her life but that was only because she didn’t find a man worthy of her.

Anyhow, after a private webcam session on her computer with her fanbase, Vanessa called her manager. Eddie has been the man who mostly made her famous online. He was someone she could trust.

‘’Hi Eddie, are we ready for the next filming yet?’’

‘’Hi Vanessa, no, we are still waiting for the special item we ordered for the filming. I called the company and they said it was shipped and should arrive this week. I’ll call you when we receive it.’’

‘’Ok great, thanks Eddie.’’

‘’No problem.’’


Little did she know that meanwhile, an event occurred somewhere in Connecticut that was going to completely change her life soon. Travis, who happened to be one of Vanessa’s biggest fans, had been travelling Africa for the last couple of weeks. He was soon coming back to New York but before that, he decided to go buy a little something as a souvenir. He walked into a street market and looked around, wondering what he should buy. Suddenly, he saw a weird lamp and asked the seller what it would cost him to buy it. The old man told him that he had found it some days ago, partially hidden in the sand in the desert. He didn’t know what it was doing there and decided to pick it up, not knowing if the item held any value. He then said that he would sell it to him for 300 rand. Travis bought it and carried it with him in America.

When he arrived at his house, he decided to clean it up before storing it. He unwrapped it from its tissue and cleaned the lamp from all the dust. That’s when something extraordinary happened. Blue gasses started to escape out of the lamp.

At first, Travis was worried that the gasses would be harmful so he got away from the lamp and rushed to open the windows but when he turned his head back, he couldn’t believe what he saw with his own bare eyes. From the gasses, some kind of form appeared. It was a genie! Travis shook his head, not believing what he was seeing. A thought then occurred to him. Maybe the gasses made him see this illusion. As he was about to run away from the room, the genie spoke and said: ‘’Who has summoned me from my eternal rest come forward and face me.’’

He didn’t sound angry. It sounded more like a request.

Travis hesitated and decided to walk in front of the genie. The spirit then said: ‘’You! I will grant you three wishes. You can wish for anything that you want and at any time that you want. If you want to summon me, scrub my lamp with your hands and I shall come. After your three wishes, I will leave the lamp and we shall never meet again. So mortal, what are your three wishes.’’

‘’Oh...well, to be honest, I’m not ready yet for my wishes.’’

‘’Very well, I shall return to the lamp then.’’

And with that, the genie turned back to smoke and it all entered inside the lamp.

Speechless, Travis was not moving. If he could wish for anything, what should he ask for? Money? Fame? Beauty? Maybe even superpowers? He decided to take his time thinking about what he wanted the most. Travis was a simple guy. He didn’t really need much. The next couple of hours, he kept thinking about what he should wish for.

Eventually, Travis grew exhausted of thinking. Taking a break, he sat down in front of his computer, ready to have some fun watching Vanessa’s private webcam session. That’s when a crazy idea hit him. Has he found out what he was going to wish for?

‘’Yes! That’s it! I’m going to possess her and then give her a gift in return for all the fun that she gave me the last few years.’’

Travis only had 3 wishes. He knew where Vanessa’s studio was, but there were security guards preventing strangers from coming inside the studio when she would come for a video session. She was not taking risks.

A couple of days passed and Vanessa received the call from Eddie. She headed to Springdale at her studio for the video shooting.

‘’Hey Vanessa, there you are.’’ Said Eddie, as she walked into the bdsm dungeon room.

‘’Hi Eddie. So...what do you have for me this time?’’

‘’Look at this beauty.’’ He said, showing her a transparent latex full body bag.

‘’ this...a bag?’’

‘’Yes, it’s a full body bag. Here is the idea. For the first scene, you will be fully naked inside the latex bag. You will sit on this chair and take your time to touch your body. Then, slowly, you will masturbate inside the bag until you cum. How does that sound?’’

‘’Meh. If fans like it, I like it.’’

‘’Yes, and the fans will love it! They will see your amazing body through the latex and will only ask for more!’’

‘’Alright. I’m not as excited as you are but it’s always like this anyway. Let’s get started.’’

As Vanessa stripped and put her legs inside the latex bag, she realised how tight and strong the bag really was.

She complained: ‘’This is so tight! Eddie, couldn’t you make it less tight?’’

‘’No, it’s not. It’s just right. That’s how it should be.’’

‘’I can’t walk with this.’’

‘’You’ve done worse. Can you put your head inside so that I can close the back zipper?’’

‘’Wait. How am I going to breathe inside of this?’’

‘’There is a small hole for breathing in front of your lips.’’

‘’Oh, you’re right. I see it. Alright.’’

Eddie then closed the zipper. Once the bag was fully enclosing Vanessa, it tightened even more on her upper body. The hood of the bag having only one hole for her mouth, Vanessa had to control her breathing. She kept her eyes closed as her vision was blurring through the latex anyway. She stopped paying any attention at anything else then herself when she heard the word: ‘’Action!’’

Meanwhile, outside the building, Travis was wondering when he should make his first wish. He saw Vanessa entering the building a couple of minutes ago so he knew she was there. He went to hide and took the lamp away from his backpack and scrubbed it.

When the genie came out and asked for his wishes, Travis said: ‘’I will only say my first wish for now. Can you teleport everyone less than 3 km away from the woman calling herself Vanessa who is a pornstar inside this building to Mianus River Park, except for me and for her?’’

‘’As you wish. It has been done.’’

The genie then went back inside the lamp. Travis didn’t waste any time. He put the lamp back inside his backpack, put a mask on his face and went in front of the studio’s main entrance.

When he saw the clothing of the 2 security agents that were there previously now on the ground, he thought: ‘’Oh shit! I teleported everyone without their clothing! Come to think of it, I asked him to teleport the people but I never specified their clothing...I have to be more careful for my next 2 wishes. I’ll have to specify what I want.’’

Funny enough, meanwhile, at the Mianus River Park, a massive amount of naked and confused people were having all kinds of reactions but they all didn’t understand what just happened.

Travis made his way inside the studio to the bdsm room. He didn’t know how he would find Vanessa and was prepared for a fight. What he saw was above his expectations. The woman he has been watching on his computer for years while masturbating was right there in front of him, naked inside a full latex body bag and she was all alone pleasuring herself.

With his mouth wide open, Travis stood in place as Vanessa was moaning. Her magnificent encased body was glinting and since the bag was tight, Travis could see her body very well. Her right hand was playing with her clitoris. Travis could see the pleasure on Vanessa’s face as she was doing so.

Pulling himself together, he looked around the room. She didn’t realise that everyone had disappeared. Travis managed to close all of the cameras. He then picked up straps from his backpack and a leather hood and walked slowly closer to her, totally speechless. His heartbeat was now going fast. She was way more vulnerable than he had anticipated but still, nothing was certain yet. She could still escape him.

He couldn’t help it but to stop and stare at her breasts once close, inches away from her. Her body was perfect. He knew at this point that no matter what, he would go through with his plan.

As she was like this, Travis tried a bold strategy and instead of jumping on her, went behind her and put the leather hood onto her head to block her vision.

Vanessa was surprised when she felt a hood being added on her head. That wasn’t part of the initial planning and wasn’t too happy about it. She opened her eyes but could only see darkness slowly taking over. She continued to pleasure herself, not wanting to redo the scene. She thought that this was part of the shooting. Very pleased by her reaction, Travis secured the hood in place. She could still breathe but couldn’t see anything. If she was going to fight him, it would be much harder now for her to escape.

He came in front of her and with a big smile on his face, kneed and strapped her ankles together. Once again, Vanessa wasn’t very happy about it but kept on her acting, not knowing that the cameras were off. Travis then strapped above and below her knees. He then strapped her upper legs together. Her abduction was getting close to being ensured at this point and Travis was thrilled about it.

‘’What is Eddie thinking? He should know that I don’t like bondage.’’ Vanessa thought.

Travis then strapped her arms below her elbows and then below her breasts. He tightened it hard to make sure that she wouldn’t be able to struggle too much. At this point, Vanessa had enough and started to complain and struggle, not caring about redoing the scene.

‘’It’s too late now, my sexy pornstar.’’ Thought Travis, now kicking up a notch, adding a lot of straps around her arms and upper body.


Securing one last strap on her, Travis said out loud with excitement: ‘’Time to bring you to my house cutie!’’

When Vanessa heard him say that, she realised what was going on. This wasn’t part of the video. Someone was abducting her somehow! She struggled as he carried her to his car. He wasn’t too worried about being seen as everyone nearby had been teleported.

‘’ANYONE! HELP! LEAVE ME ALONE!’’ she shouted.

‘’I don’t mind if you struggle but I want to make something clear with you. If you break the latex bag that you’re in, I’ll tear off your finger nails and torture you in the most inhuman way possible. I hope we’re clear on that.’’

Vanessa got the message but she didn’t stop fighting.

The drove went quite smoothly. Vanessa was moving around and kicking inside his trunk but there were barely any cars driving around. When he got onto the highway, no one could hear her. Finally, he arrived at his house, undisturbed by anyone. He transported his poor victim to his attic where he had arranged the room into a playroom.

It took Travis a couple of minutes to force her inside an inflatable rubber cocoon and then inflate it. The cocoon was then strapped on a bolted table. Now, she can’t get out and can scream as much as she wants, thought Travis.

Her body was sweating profusely. A couple of minutes passed by and Vanessa knew at this point that she couldn’t get free. She remembered what he had told her earlier about the latex bag and decided not to rip it with her hands. She started to wonder how long she would be stuck like that and what was next to come. Suddenly, she heard a man talking. Little did she know that in the attic, a genie was summoned and was about to make some changes to her.

‘’For my second wish, I ask that Vanessa, the woman inside this rubber cocoon over there, to be modified with these criteria: She will be made immortal, that mean she will always stay young and will never die, she won’t have menstruations anymore, won’t sweat, won’t need food, water or the need to breathe air, will never get any kind of illness which include mental illnesses, so she will always be fully aware of her predicament and won’t become insane with time, won’t need to sleep as she will never get exhausted, will never stop being horny but can only reach climax once a day and only if she gets stimulated for hours, won’t feel pain but can feel pleasant sensations and she also won’t need to piss or shit.’’

To his greatest pleasure, his second wish wasn’t too much to ask and the genie replied like previously: ‘’It has been done.’’

Now he could keep his favorite pornstar inside that latex and rubber prison of his for as long as he wanted but that was not all what he had planned for her. He looked at the cocoon and satisfied that she was not going anywhere, he left to go buy some things.

For the next couple of days, He started to play with Vanessa’s body. She was furious about it but he didn’t really leave her any option. Apart from that, Travis started to build a big box. The measurements inside the box were made to contain the rubber cocoon but it was a tight fit. Once it was done, he put the lamp inside the box and locked it. He could do his third wish but decided to wait, just in case he would need a wish for something else.

In the upcoming years, he played with Vanessa, making her scream of desperation a lot as he had his way with her. He didn’t keep her inside the cocoon nor the body bag. Those have been sealed and stored for a very special day. Instead, she was tied up and dressed in various ways.

Time passed by and at some point, he was told that he had cancer and wouldn’t live for more than 6 months. Before dying, he was driven to complete his masterpiece and tied her back inside the latex full body bag he had preserved perfectly for this occasion after putting her to sleep. He had oiled her entire body with latex shine silicone and had done the same with the entire interior of the latex bag.

Now, for the fun part, he glued several straps around her and tightened them hard on the latex body bag. Once the glue gripped on the latex, it wouldn’t move anymore. He then put her back inside the inflatable rubber cocoon and once he was satisfied with her bondage, he inflated it. Next, he smeared the exterior of the cocoon with rubber glue and did the same with the inside of the box which was padded with rubber pads. He had removed the lamp from inside of it. He quickly put the cocoon inside the box and pushed as hard as he could. It was a very tight fit indeed. The glue bound the cocoon to the box. Now, she wouldn’t be able to move at all from any direction. After inspecting his work very meticulously, he was satisfied and scrubbed the lamp.

Travis asked the genie that once this box would be closed on all sides, that it would stay closed forever and would become totally indestructible and not degradable at all as well as everything that would be inside of it. He also specified that if an inflatable object was inside the box, that it would never deflate or lose pressure.

The genie, unlike the other times, vanished into the air instead of going back into the lamp but said before leaving that his wish had been granted.

Travis looked at the box and had a second thought. Maybe this was too much for her...

‘’No. I’ve gone this far; I’m not going back now. She might not like my present at first, but eventually, she will come to love it.’’ He said, closing the box.

Sceptical, he tested the box. He hit on it as hard as he could with a mace first and then with an axe. To his great satisfaction, it didn’t even scratch. He tried to open the box with a crowbar and realised that it was made impossible somehow. His last wish had been accomplished and there was no reversing it now. All that was left to do, was to hide the box from the outside world so that no one would find out that a woman was trapped inside of it. He didn’t want her to be distracted in her perfect latex bondage life.

He rented a mechanical shovel and dug a hole on his property. The hole was made 12 feet deep into the ground. Travis went to pick the box containing Vanessa and put it in the middle of the hole with a grin on his face. He rushed back to the mechanical shovel and filled back the enormous hole. Once completely filled, he compacted the ground. He then leveled his backyard and added peat rolls.

Admiring his work, he was thrilled by the thoughts that no one would ever find the box now and even if they did, it would never open. Vanessa’s fate was sealed.

Vanessa awoke into the darkness. She could feel the very familiar latex covering her whole body. She tried to move but realised that she was strapped firmly. She then tried to wiggle but that too was not possible. She was completely and utterly powerless, forced to endure the feel of latex and silicone all over her warm body. She could hear nothing. She struggled wildly to escape the overwhelming confinement. The silicone allowed her to get a little slack but still, it was insignificant. She could move a little inside the latex bag but the air-filled cocoon of rubber was squeezing her completely on all sides. She tried to tear the latex bag with her fingers by pulling on it and by pushing on it hard. No matter how many times she tried, to her biggest frustration, it wouldn’t tear.

‘’Why won’t it tear! Normally, latex would tear if I do that! Why the FUCK won’t it break!!’’ she said, very pissed up.

Days passed by and Vanessa was still held comfortably inside the body bag. She wasn’t feeling any pain, only latex and silicone. She could not get exhausted and couldn’t lose her mind either. She just kept struggling, furious about her situation.

Weeks passed by and she really wanted to get out of her predicament even if that meant being raped. She would do anything right now to get just a little bit of freedom.

Unknown to her, months later, the only person in the world who knew where she was trapped died of cancer, but that wasn’t really important at this point. If she could become insane, she would have at this point but she was perfectly fine, even if she knew that in reality, she was never going to get out of this situation. She was trapped in an indestructible and non biodegradable latex body bag that will never let go of her. She wouldn’t get any stimulation from the outside world, not until the supernova of the sun in billions of years, long after the end of humanity. Despite everything that would happen to the earth, it won’t really matter anyway. Her fate was sealed by an everlasting magic.

Eventually, she would spend her days masturbating, staying for hours at the edge of an orgasm and when she would finally get it, it would be an astounding one. Unlike any other woman though, even after climaxing, Vanessa would still be horny as hell and wouldn’t be exhausted. She eventually spent 24h per day, every single second of her time, pleasuring herself. That was the gift left by Travis. That was her permanent curse...her infinite future into an unwanted latex bondage, kept perfectly safe, undisturbed and extremely horny, feeling waves after waves of pleasure from sexual arousing.


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