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Naughty Boy

by BlackLite

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© Copyright 2010 - BlackLite - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; catsuit; hood; toys; bagged; insert; tease; climax; fantasy; cons; X

T’was the night before Christmas and I was laying peacefully in my bed. I had been out on the town with friends just an hour ago but decided to have an early night. I didn’t feel like starting Christmas day with a hangover. I stared up into the darkness. The occasional passing car’s headlights filtered through the blinds to send stripes of light racing across the ceiling of my spacious studio apartment. Gradually I drifted off to sleep...

...I awoke with a start. Glancing across to the alarm clock’s neon display I saw it was midnight. I could hear footsteps, the unmistakable tapping of high heels on the hard wood floor, heading towards my bed. I flipped on the lights and was temporarily dazzled by the glare. When my eyes finally adjusted I couldn’t believe what I saw. Standing at the foot of the bed was a statuesque goddess! She was over 6 feet tall and possessed a well defined athletic build with large firm breasts. I could tell this because her perfect body was sheathed in an impossibly skin-tight, red latex catsuit that was polished to a mirror finish. It was as though she had been dipped in liquid latex. The overhead spot lights played on its surface, the highlights tracing her seductive curves. The suit flared out at the wrists and was trimmed with white fur. Her hands were clad in glossy black latex gloves. She wore shiny black thigh high boots with 6 inch stiletto heels. Circling her waist was a tightly buckled black latex clincher. From her shoulders hung a red latex cape which reached down to the small of her back. It had an attached fur trimmed hood which she wore up, framing her long platinum blonde tresses and angelic face. Her piercing blue eyes fixed me with a dominant glare. My cock swelled in appreciation.

“Hello little boy, I’m Ms Claws. I see to all the naughty boys who don’t deserve presents from Santa. It says on my list that you’ve been a very bad boy this year; masturbating while fantasising about women in tight latex. Fortunately I have the perfect presents in my sack to keep you out of any more trouble. Now lay down on the bed!” She was the perfect Mistress I had always wished for, what could I do but obey?

Ms Claws reached into the large toy sack that she had brought with her and produced a shiny black full face latex hood. It had eye openings, tiny nostril holes to restrict the wearer’s breathing and an attached ball gag. “Open your mouth!” she commanded. I did as I was told and she forced the ball gag in, lodging it behind my teeth. She then proceeded to pull the latex hood back over my head, adjusting it so the eye and nose holes where correctly aligned and there were no wrinkles. The hood’s tight embrace felt strangely reassuring. The world around me became muffled, drowned out by the sound of the blood rushing around my head and my own laboured breathing.

Ms Claws returned to the sack and retrieved a pair of black latex mittens. They consisted of large rubber ovals with straps at the wrists to secure them onto the wearer. “Hold out your hands,” she instructed. When I complied she forced my left hand into one of the mittens. My fingers slid into the internal latex glove, foam padding between the glove and the outer layer rendering them immobile. Ms Claws buckled the mitten closed and repeated the process with my right hand.

“You like to stick things in your ass don’t you, you dirty little boy?” asked Ms Claws, not expecting a reply. “Well, I’ve got the perfect toy for you here,” and so saying she pulled a huge black rubber butt plug out of the sack. It must have been 7 inches long and at its widest nearly as thick as my forearm! Its surface glistened with a generous layer of lubricant. It was true that I had experimented with plugs in the past but even so I winced at the thought of so formidable an intruder penetrating my ass.

Setting down the plug for a moment Ms Claws rolled me over so I was face down on the bed with my bare ass up in the air. She turned my head to the side so I would be able to witness the preparations for my anal rape. Picking up the plug she carefully coated the gloved fingers of her right hand with the excess lubricant. Then she began to massage my ass, circling the clenched ring with her index finger. Her soothing touch soon got the better of me and my sphincter relaxed, enabling her to freely penetrate my anus. She eased her index finger in and out, coating my insides with the slimy gel. As I became more relaxed she was able to work in two, three and then eventual all four fingers. The touch of her questing digits sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body. Despite knowing what torment was to come I couldn’t help but submit.

Satisfied that I had been sufficiently lubricated Ms Claws withdrew her hand and replaced it with the tip of the butt plug. Slowly but relentlessly she began to slide the huge invader home. My gaping ass readily accepted the first few inches but as the plug became thicker it grew more of a struggle. My ring was being painfully stretched ever wider and yet the sensation was also perversely pleasurable. I screamed into the gag, “Please stop! Please Ms Claws! I can’t take anymore!” but the plug kept coming. Just as I feared I was about to be torn in two the plug passed the point of its widest girth and was greedily swallowed by my ass, my ring contracting around the narrow base. I collapsed on the bed, fuller than it had ever been.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” Ms Claws cooed in my ear. “Now turn over and lay back down on the bed.” Breathlessly I complied.

Ms Claws returned to the sack and took out a pair of what looked like black latex cycle shorts but with an attached cock and ball sheath. I noticed that there was an opening at the tip so the wearer would still be able to freely piss or cum. She pulled the shorts up my legs and around my waist. “This will make sure your little butt plug doesn’t fall out,” she joked. Ms Claws then reached into the pants and eased my genitals into the waiting sheath. Her touch caused my cock to swell, filling its new latex prison.

Then Ms Claws pulled a large black rubber mass out of her toy sack. It appeared to be a latex sleeping bag. I could see that it was made from much heavier gauge latex than the mask and sheath pants but the inside gleamed with the same thick coating of lubricant. She had come well prepared. Ms Claws placed the bag at the bottom of the bed and proceeded to work my feet into the bag’s end which was shaped like a double sock. She then continued to pull the bottom section of the bag over my legs. It was a tight fit but the copious amount of lubricant smeared over the bag’s interior ensured her eventual success. To keep my legs perfectly immobilised she buckled rubber straps around my ankles, knees and thighs.

“You should enjoy this,” Ms Claws said gleefully, quickly pulling the bag up over my hips. The super tight yet super slippery rubber glided over my ass, suddenly forcing the anal intruder even deeper inside. My cry of intense pleasure and pain was barely stifled by the gag. There was a small reinforced hole in the bag located over my crotch. With a great deal of effort Ms Claws was able to force my sheathed cock and balls through the opening. The reinforced edge tightly gripped the base of my genitals like a cock ring. Taking a break from dressing me Ms Claws gently stroked my shaft. The stimulation of her delicate touch was multiplied 100 times by the tight latex. My prick quickly grew rock hard, straining against the sheath. My breathing quickened as I approached the point of no return, my balls eager to unleash their heavy load. However Ms Claws had no intention of letting me off so easily and removed her hand. I was left teetering on the edge of ecstasy, begging into the gag for her to give me release.

“I don’t want you to get too excited yet. You’ve a long night ahead of you,” she said simply and resumed my bondage.

Ms Claws lifted my upper body, spread out the remaining unfitted bag beneath me and eased me back down onto it. I could see that there where arm sleeves inside the bag. She fed one, then the other arm into the waiting sleeves, then she grabbed the bag’s heavy duty zipper and with one swift tug from belly to neck sealed me into the tight latex sack. She buckled a couple more rubber straps around my waist and chest for good measure. The only thing I could move now was my neck but Ms Claws had no intention of leaving me even that small degree of freedom. Out of the sack she produced a thick black latex posture collar. This was tightly buckled around my neck ensuring that I was completely immobilised.

“And now for the final touch,” she said pulling a long red latex ribbon from the sack. Ms Claws deftly wrapped the ribbon around my waist a couple of times and finished it with a neat bow. I had been turned into the kind of kinky present any dominant woman would love to find under her Christmas tree.

“I must go now and let you play with your new toys or should I say let the toys play with you!” Once again she retrieved an item from the toy sack, this time a small box like a TV remote control. With a wicked smile she pressed a button on it and the huge plug in my ass buzzed into life. Without another word Ms Claws strode out of my apartment leaving me to my fate.

I lay helpless in extreme bondage with the butt plug gently vibrating away. Over the next 20 minutes the vibrations got ever stronger until I was sure I was about to come. Suddenly the plug went still leaving me screaming into the ball gag in frustration. When my level of arousal had reduced enough that I was no-longer in imminent danger of shooting my load and plug came back to life at its lowest setting. Slowly the strength of the vibrations built over time until I was ready to cum but again the plug shut off just in time to prevent my relief. This cycle repeated all night, keeping me constantly horny but never allowing me to go all the way and empty my aching balls. It was sweet torture. Eventually, through sheer exhaustion, I fell asleep. My dreams were filled with heavenly visions of Ms Claws licking, sucking and stroking my cock but always holding back from granting its final release.

I awoke to the sound of Ms Claws' high heels approaching the bed. The room was illuminated by the first light of dawn. "Did you miss me? I see that you've managed to be a good boy tonight. Perhaps you'll be able to unwrap your present soon." I looked at her in confusion. "You see I'm your real present. If you can keep your new latex clean until sunrise you can play with me all Christmas day. Would you like that?" I grunted my approval. "Good. You just have to last five more minutes and I'm all yours!"

The butt plug buzzed away near the end of its cycle, my cock rock hard, soon it would shut down again letting my arousal subside and then I would be released from this latex prison and spend a glorious day using and abusing Ms Claws' perfect body.

But wait, something was wrong! The plug wasn't shutting down. Instead it was vibrating faster than it ever had before. Ms Claws must have disabled the cutoff! Seeing the panic in my eyes she laughed and leaned over so her face was mere inches in front of mine.

"Surely you can hold on for a few more minutes? Think of all the pleasure that I could give you. Don't you want to feel these lips around your cock? Imagine me slowly licking the length of your stiff shaft, then taking the head into my mouth and sucking you to a blissful orgasm. Or perhaps you want me to take advantage of your stretched out ass hole and fuck you with a huge strap on. Is that what you were dreaming of, being my submissive bitch?"

It was all too much; the tight embrace of the latex, the relentless stimulation of the vibrating butt plug, the sight of the latex clad goddess Ms Claws and the sexual delights with which she was taunting me. I finally gave in to the craving I had been trying to satisfy all night and came! My whole body shuddered as I blew my load. My tortured cock fired shot after shot of spunk up into the air to splatter back down on the black latex sleep sack. The vibrating plug worked my prostate, milking every last drop of cum. It was the most intense, overwhelming orgasm I had ever experienced. At last I slumped back onto the bed, empty and exhausted.

"What a shame," lamented Ms Claws as she deactivated the butt plug, "you came so close but it seems that you won't get to play with me after all." As she released me from my bondage, returning the sweat and spunk coated latex back to the sack, I fell into a peaceful sleep…

I awoke on Christmas morning around 10:30. Damn, I was going to be late for the family get together. I jumped out of bed and headed straight for the shower. There was no evidence of last night's events. In the cold light of day I realised that the whole thing was far too fantastical to have really happened. Even so I already knew my new year’s resolution. I was going to be a very naughty boy.



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