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Storycodes: M/f; latex; bondage; cons; X

Nalani by The Dude
Nalani had been intrigued by his proposal.  They had been friends since high school but had grown closer since they reunited earlier by a chance meeting.  They had been talking several times a week on the Internet.  A couple of weeks ago they shared their sexual fantasies with each other during one of these conversations.  Nalani’s own experiences and fantasies paled in comparison to her friends.  She was a young woman, just turned 23, she stood about 5’ 6” and had the body representative of her college swimming career. 

Although definitely not a prude, she had only the base sexual experiences.  The standard positions the standard boyfriends.  She had even shared with him that she had never achieved an autoerotic orgasm.  As she put it “I’m just not good at it”.  Perhaps it was his proving into this area that had lead to this.  In discussing her masturbatory habits he had asked if she had ever cozied up to the faucet while drawing a bath.  She was embarrassed to admit that she had never even heard of it.  Never the less, she tried it for the first time the day after their conversation.  He was almost proud of her when she proclaimed in their next chat that she had climaxed with this method.  Still she did not really believe that she would go farther. 

Although he had warned her, she desperately needed to know of his sexual exploits.  He told her that once she knew she could never go back, never be sexually basic again.  That she would sink deeper into “his” way of life; his hidden side.  Maybe it was the erotic nature of his warning or maybe it was that she had “secretly” been attracted to him since high school.  He had a boyish face, stood just shy of six foot and since his recent health kick had regained a body representative of his college football career.  He was caring and sensitive.  He had a sense of humour that often left her pants wet when they would go out drinking and a voice that would leave her pants wet in a different way when they would talk over the phone.  She knew that he was deeply interested in pleasuring women.  She just didn’t know just what level of pleasure he was into. 

Heeding his warnings she probed on and heard all about a past girlfriend that had gotten him interested in role-playing and bondage.  How she had a pair of latex panties with a vibrating egg inside.  How they would go out in public and play a game where he would use the remote control to turn on the egg at certain times, usually when she was talking to someone.  She was very surprised to hear of this.  His words really turned her on.  For the first time since Jr. High kissing and petting she had that uneasy, nervous feeling in her stomach.  It was odd but in a good way.  When he popped the question she was speechless.  Sure she was attracted to him but he had always been a friend.  She never thought of him as anything else.  Maybe she felt more secure in agreeing because it came from him.  He was safe and gentle.  He would never hurt her. 

He did not say when it would happen.  Only that he would make a special trip to see her within the next couple of months.  The drive was only about three hours but he had a stable career and had to find time to prepare and make the trip.  All this for one night she thought?  She tried again and again to find out more details but he would give none.  Their conversations became lighter in meaning.  She had almost forgotten that he was even coming. 

She was returning from the gym.  The light rain proved a long walk back home.  The highlights in her dark and shiny brown hair were almost non-existent in her wet hair.  Her black Lycra sports bra was already soaked from her work out but her black nylon Adidas pants were getting heavy with rainwater.  Her panties were sticking to her crotch.  Her dark tanned skin rippled with goose bumps. 

She was glad to have reached the outside of her new town house.  She pulled the keys from around her neck and opened the door.  She reached around the wall to flip the light switch on but the room was still dark.  It must have been the storm that had knocked out the power.  She used the light that barely shined through a window from across the room to guide her towards the kitchen.  She dropped her keys on the hook on the wall by the door, locked the door behind her, and proceeded inside.  Her thirst for water was becoming stronger.  As she strode towards the doorway into the kitchen an arm wrapped around her from behind across her sternum.  She tried to scream but the hand on her mouth muffled the attempt to a slight mmmmppphhh!!!

He whispered into her ear that he was sorry he had startled her.  The scent from her hair conditioner filled his lungs as she felt a growing poke from behind that rubbed her butt.  It was her friend, and he was very much excited by her entrance.  She felt safe but she was still shaking from the experience.  Almost as if it was a natural response she reached back with her right hand and felt for his penis.  She rubbed it from outside his pants and began to lick the inside of his hand that held her mouth.  The touch was so long in coming that he began to excrete into his shorts.   With his grip still firm and his manhood rubbing her from behind he whispered “Are you ready?”  She nodded as his hand prevented her from talking. 

He let go of her as she stood in the doorway.  He pulled her hands behind her back and she felt him slide a cold smooth object over her arms.  It began to tighten, first at the wrists and then all the way up her arms.  He buckled a strap over each of her shoulders.  She looked down and noticed that the straps were made of a clear latex.  The feeling of her elbows touching and her inability to move her arms made her nipples protrude from the wet Lycra of her sports bra.  He reached down and removed her shoes and socks.  She felt a cold smooth object being slipped up her left foot.  She looked down to see that it was some sort of clear latex sock that stopped just above her ankles.  As he began to slide the next one on her right foot she tried to wiggle her left foot.  Her toes were totally squeezed into this thing.  The latex sock was at least two sizes too small for her tiny feet.  As the light hit it just right she could just barely see her silver nail polish from within the foot cocoon.  She was starting to feel trapped and a bit uneasy as the warmth of her pussy became wet.  She wanted so desperately to touch herself.  She was sure that she could bring herself to orgasm if he would just remove the latex arm sheath.  She had never wanted herself so bad before. 

He walked back through the large doorway and stood behind her.  He pulled the long thick clear latex strap from his bag.  He attached it to the buckle he had fastened to the top of the doorway, under her armpits from behind, and back up to the second buckle.  She felt herself lean forward just slightly as he tightened the strap.  Her arms still pointed down through her clear arm prison, she felt no discomfort.  Just an awkward sensation that her feet did not hold all of her weight.  She tried to walk forward slightly; the strap gave a bit but pulled her back to her original prone position.  He walked back through the doorway and stood in front of her.  His penis was making a point of his shorts.  He stared her deep into the eyes.  His baby face just melted her.  He stepped forward and reached behind her head.  Rubbing his hand through her wet hair he embraced her lips.  The kiss was amazing.  Her groin simply melted.  Her stomach was turning with Jr high nervousness.  She did not expect the kiss.  It was like kissing her brother but the ecstasy sent a chill up her spine. 

He stepped back and looked his slave over.  He slid his hand slowly from her muscular abs to the elastic of her wet nylon pants.  The white stripes on the side of her leg gleamed from the light that shined through the window.  He slid further and began to rub the outside of her wet satin panties.  They were sucked to her like second skin and smooth from the rainwater.  He felt her pussy lips bulging and felt her well-groomed hair from outside the panties.  Her nipples hurt with excitement.  Her breasts, barely a b cup, suited her tight body well.  Not too much, not too little.  She leaned forward for another oral embrace but he pulled back.  She wanted to feel the warmth of his tongue so bad but he deprived her of it. 

He plunged his hand between her tight underbelly and her wet satin panties.  She gasped as he squeezed his finger between her dripping lips.  He stroked and she moaned.  She felt an orgasm coming.  She tried to curl her toes but couldn’t.  They were confined to a flat position in her clear latex socks.  Her knees began to buckle.  Her feet were prevented from sliding by her latex feet.  She was afraid of falling flat on her face but the latex strap kept her upright.  Just as she began to quiver he swiftly removed his hand.  He stepped back and smiled.  “You will cum when I say so!” he proclaimed proudly.  Then he sucked his sticky finger.  The sweetness of her tasted good. 

He slid his bag from behind her and removed a floppy clear latex object.  He held the object to her face and lifted her hair.  As her tightened the straps behind her it grew tighter around her chin.  It covered her entire chin and mouth, up to her nostrils.  He drew a strap that parted her nose and fitted over her forehead and then behind her.  As he strapped it into place she could move her mouth no more.  It held her jaw completely closed.  She could not even open her mouth far enough to lick her soft lips.  He looked at her pretty face.  He lips pressed firmly from the inside of the clear latex face hugger.  Her piercing blue eyes looked back in total decadence. 

Without delay he slid her wet Adidas pants and shiny wet black satin panties to her knees.  The air hit her groin with a ferocity that made her tingle.  He held a dildo up to her face.  Her eyes as wide as the sky.  She mmpphhhed for the first time and shook her head no.  He touched her sternum with it and slowly slid it over her wet black Lycra sports bra.  Down her ripped stomach to the tip of her clit.  “Your eyes say no, but I notice you have chosen not to close your legs” he announced.  He tickled her pussy lips with the tip of the hard rubber manhood.  She grew harder than she had ever been.  He slowly slid the dildo into her as she frantically mmmppphhhed and shook her head.  It was difficult to slide the dildo into her wet pussy.  It was so tight.  Finally, just the rectangle base precluded from her lips.  He began to let go and it quickly followed his hand sliding back out.  “Hold it!” he said sternly. 

He took a small object from his bag and walked behind her.  He squeezed some jelly to the tip of the butt plug.  He gently rubbed her anus with its tip, smearing the jelly.  She mmmpppped very loudly and attempted to look back.  First right, then left.  Her excitement quickly turned to fear.  Her anus was virgin.  She had never tried nor wanted anal sex.  She trembled with fear.  “Oh shit!” she attempted to say.  He slipped the plug in place as she tried her hardest to walk forward away from the rubber probe.  As it slid inside she dropped the black dildo, as she could no longer hold it in.  He fastened a belt like system of clear latex straps that went around her waist and over her pussy to the plug connecting in back and holding the plug securely. 

He walked around front.  A tear fell from her eye.  He held the dildo to her and said “naughty girl” in a calm voice.  Her anus burned slightly and she had lost any and all sense of being turned on.  She fought to remove herself from her prison.  He slid the dildo through a slit in the strap into her pussy cavity.  “Now, hold this” he said shaking his finger.  She did so not out of ecstasy but of fear.     She realized for the first time that she really could not go back.  He had her at his mercy and she feared the possibilities.  He loved it when she was mad.  Her eyebrows curved down to her sexy eyes.  He knew she would strangle him if she could and he was turned on by it.  She was helpless. 

He pulled her panties and now drying black Adidas pants back up to her firm abs.  He removed yet another clear latex strap and fastened it around the outside of her waist.  Then he strung the firm thick clear strap between her legs and out by her butt.  He fastened the strap to the ceiling behind her.  Although tight around her waist she felt some give in this strap.  It did not completely touch her crotch.  He took two very small screws and twisted them through the strap under her crotch and into the dildo.  She could not see what he was doing but felt the dildo being pulled slightly from her pussy. 

“Last but not least” he proclaimed as he removed yet another clear latex sheet of some sort.  He walked behind her and lifted the clear latex hood above her head.  He stretched it apart using his hands and struggled to slide it over her head.  He left the front just over her eyes and pulled the back down to the base of her neck.  He attached the pump to the back and walked around front.  “You are helpless, your life is now in my hands”.  She trembled with fear.  This had gone horribly wrong.  He began to rub her nipples from outside the drying black Lycra sports bra.  Her nipple became hard again.  She could not control herself.  She was scared beyond her limit but his touch was turning her on.  Her anus filled and her pussy too.  Her jaw aching from the pressure.  Her feet cramping.  Yet she began to forget it all. 

He licked her mouth from outside the latex.  She could feel his warm lips and tongue but could do nothing.  She was reaching arousal.  He reached back and gently grazed the small of her neck.  This was her big turn on and he knew it from their Internet chatting.  Her nipples hardened as goose bumps ran down her back.  Her pussy became warm with excitement.  He begins to gently slide the hood over her face.  It became tight around her neck.  The clear rubber fitted her face like a surgical glove.  Suddenly she found herself without air.  She could not breathe.  Her lungs paralysed. 

He ran his hand under her Lycra bra and the other around her face and kissed her latex mouth.  He moved his hand behind her head and thrust his pelvis into hers.  His hard penis rubbing the outside of her Adidas pants at the thigh.  She began to let go of the dildo and he thrust it back in with his thigh.  She began to grow dizzy and tried to scream but the latex permitted no sound.  This is it she thought, I am as good as dead.  Her pussy trembled with excitement.  His rubbing of her nipples ached with pleasure.  His thigh thrusting and the feel of his cock on her made her tremble.  She gleamed at him through her latex face.  Her eyes hugely round and began tearing up.  She was going to die having sex.  A sex she could have never imagined.  “SQUEEK” she heard ringing in her ear.  The latex around her neck grew tighter.  “Squeak”, “squeak”.  She could breathe.  Her clear latex hood was filling like a balloon.  The inside of her hood was about an inch from her nose when the noise stopped.  She could barely make out her friend. 

He attached a second hose and replaced the pump from the back of the hood.  "This will keep the same level of … uh hum… air circulating in the hood."  She could now hear a faint hissing sound.  Like when a balloon is being filled with helium.  The cold air was deathly cold on her beading sweat.  He held her from behind.  He rubbed his bare penis on her ass.  It glided around on the outside of her nylon jogging pants.  He was naked.  He moved his right hand around front to her pussy.  His left hand rubbed her left breast from outside her Lycra bra.  As he rubbed his cock on her he forced the dildo in and out with his palm.  She began to grow dizzy but did not care.  Her ears filled with a hum and then a buzz.  She began to see grey blocks of fuzz in front of her.  Her reality closing in.  Her sex wet with excitement.  She moaned loud.  Then less loud.  The buzz grew loader.  Her field of vision was closing in one her.  She closed her eyes and floated off the ground. 

He was growing harder by the noise the dildo made squeezing her lips apart.  His cock has hard and ready to cum.  He trusted at her backside plunging the butt plug in harder than it was.  She felt as though she was falling.  Her eyes tightly closed.  Her knees buckled.  Her crotch bounced from the latex strap and the strap under her shoulders picked her back up.  Again and again.  He was finished.  He lay on the floor behind her.  Watching her fuck herself.  She was fucking herself using the thick latex straps.  She began to fall backward.  Her feet coming up above her head.  She was floating through the dark room.  She could feel no arms, no legs.  She began to remember her childhood, sitting in the dentist’s chair.  Her own moans ever so soft fading in and out of the buzzing.  She was now falling.  From a plane, or in space.  She had no control.  Her deep breaths echoed in her ears.  Like music.  Her pussy burst open.  She felt the tingle of her fluid on her thighs.  Falling down into infinity.  Her head now even with her legs.  Falling.  She opened her eyes and yelled with ecstasy.  She was standing straight up as before still bound in rubber.  Her anus twitching.  Her pussy juices dripping down her legs.  She gasped for air, as she did earlier when she got off the treadmill.  Her head flung up and the hood was gone.  Still dazed.  The buzz grew softer.  Her face hugger removed.  He gave her a few minutes and asked “Well”?  She was completely speechless.  She knew she had been to another dimension.  And wanted to return. 

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