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by Jennifer Wilson

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© Copyright 2014 - Jennifer Wilson - Used by permission

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This story is a result of Jon, who commented on one of my fiction stories and asked me how I became a latex / PVC fetish.

My story, with respect to my love of latex and PVC, begins about 20 something years ago.

Whilst at uni a group of us girls, especially Edith my best friend, would get together at weekends for parties and good times with the boys. One particular party at one of the girl’s parent’s place we decided to make it a sort of ‘theme party’ the theme being the ‘swinging sixties’. Edith and I found a couple of outfits in a party hire shop consisting of dresses, boots, hand bags and hats. My dress was an orange and yellow zig zag affair, short sleeves with a calf length hem line, the boots were white leather (a little worse for wear I seem to remember) as was the hand bag. A pill box hat in orange finished off the ensemble, I certainly looked like I had just walked out of the 60’s.

Edith chose an ‘A’ line dress in very glossy white plastic or PVC; I am not quite sure which but it looked super sexy. She had matching white calf length boots but black handbag and hat which looked a bit like a small sou wester. We also decided to rent page boy style wigs to set off out outfits.

The party was a great success with lots off booze and loud Beatles music. A couple of guys (friends of fellow uni students) latched on to us for most of the evening and both Edith and I enjoyed their conversation and wit.

I rather fancied the boy Edith had and she seemed to have eyes on ‘my boy’, they both had had a fair amount to drink and were looking a bit glassy eyed. An idea came to mind and said I was going to the bath room and sort of indicated to Edith to join me. In the bath room I asked her if indeed her preference was for my boy and she said it was. "Right", I said, "lets swap clothes and wigs and see what happens and I’ll bet they won’t pick it".

In truth I also really liked the look of Edith’s dress and fancied trying it on. We both stripped down and exchanged all out clothes and the wigs with each other. The shiny dress fitted me very well and I felt really good in it and even liked the faint aroma coming from it.

The rouse worked really well and if the boys did notice then they kept quiet about it. So the rest of the evening was enjoyed by all. We didn’t leave the party until well into the early morning and from what I can remember we crashed down at Edith’s flat still in our outfits. I awoke with the sun well up into the sky still in the white dress and feeling a bit strange having the shiny material still around my body. I smoothed my hands down it to remove some of the creases and enjoyed the sensation; I think I really liked the shininess and how it made me look, sort of sexy.

We returned the gear later that day to the hire shop and life carried on as normal at the uni and at home. My mind often returned to the white plastic dress and how it made me feel, I wondered if it was just the dress or that I was a little too intoxicated. In any event I did like the feeling when I had it on and even considered hiring it out again to see if I still felt the same when sober. It was some weeks later when browsing through a fashion catalogue I saw a shiny black raincoat with hood and a belt pulled tightly around the models waist, I was fascinated with it, it looked so sexy and glamouress, the way the studio lights were reflecting off the PVC made it almost magical. The price was very reasonable so I ordered one in blue, not sure just why I chose the blue but the colour seem to suit it best I guess.

It arrived a few days later and within minutes I had it on and yes I still felt the same nice feeling I had previously with the white dress. I twirled around in front of the mirror to admire the coat and smoothed my hands and arms along its smooth shiny surface. I loved it and the way I felt with it on, I pulled the hood over my head and the smell was very strong and sweet and for the first time realised I was becoming aroused. I caressed my breasts and the feeling felt stronger and when I put my hand to my crutch I almost came. I took off the coat so as to remove all my clothes including my underwear and put the coat back on and caressed my self all over until I did orgasm. I was in love with my new coat and what it did for me.

That was how it all began and my love of shiny smooth plastic and PVC garments has only increased since. I bought several more coats and some dresses and even a pair of panties although I must admit they are not very comfortable to wear for any period of time, I once tried to sleep in them but I sweated in them and it was not a good experience. I would surf the web for pictures of girls and men dressed in PVC and enjoyed looking at them and it was then that latex caught my imagination as it too was smooth and could be very shiny when polished. I wasn’t too keen on the cat suits but rather the looser fitting dresses and coats.

The costs were much more than the PVC and it took me quite a while until I gained the courage to buy something in latex. As I didn’t have enough money to buy the fancier dresses or coats I ordered a simple black chemise from Libidex and some of their polish as they recommended. The slip arrived and I had it on straight away but as it was still a flat mat finish it didn’t really excite me so much and I was a little disappointed at first, but after removing it and spending about an hour bringing it up to a really glossy shine inside and out and putting it back on and seeing my self in the mirror I just knew I had done the right thing. I lay on the bed and rolled around enjoying the sensation of the latex on my body and it wasn’t too long before I became aroused to the extreme and enjoyed one of my best climaxes ever.

So that is the story of how I became in love with latex and PVC. Over the years since I have purchased many more items and wear them regularly mostly indoors though. I enjoy most the larger items as I can wrap myself fully in them and have the feeling of the latex all over my body. I am still not too keen on the look of tight fitting cat suits but I do have a couple of pencil skirts which make me hobble around as there is very little leg movement in them. I could not wear them in public as taking 6” steps would make me look really silly, but at home the restrictiveness of the skirt enhances the sexiness somehow, but anyway I just like the feeling.

My fiction stories centre mostly around raincoats, it is not because of a fetish for them but I prefer the loose fitting (although tightly belted, and I’m not immune to cuff buckles) garments, and that I can wear them outdoors in public with out drawing too much attention to my self.


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