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My Stallion

by Ilikebdsm

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© Copyright 2009 - Ilikebdsm - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/m; D/s; femdom; maid; vacbed; encased; voy; cons; X

Emily turned right and drove her car through the open gates. She followed the lane which ended in front of the beautiful mansion of her friend. When she stepped out of her car, she climbed the stairs to the front door of this nice home. She looked around at the garden and enjoyed the flowers and the green grass. The sun was shining and added a finishing touch to the already beautiful garden.

After Emily rang the door, the housemaid answered and let her in. The maid was dressed into a typical maid's uniform, but with some strange additions. She walked almost on tiptoes because of the extremely high stiletto shoes. The strange thing was that they were locked to her feet with tiny padlocks. The maid also wore a corset which was very tight. The corset reduced her waist to almost nothing and Emily was sure that the maid would collapse when the corset was removed. 

The housemaid opened a door and let Emily enter the living room where she met her friend Astrid.

"Hello Emily, welcome to my home." Astrid said. She gave Emily a big hug. "I hope you enjoyed the trip throughout the country."

Emily smiled. "Yes it was really a nice trip. I really appreciate it that you invited me for this weekend."

Astrid was a beautiful woman. Dressed in a nice business like skirt and a white blouse. She had beautiful manicured hands and her make up was perfect.

Emily and Astrid were close friends whilst at school. But when they left school, they drifted apart and their friendship was not that intense anymore. After several years they found each other again on a website named and since then they resumed their friendship. After some calls, and a dinner appointment in town, Astrid invited Emily to come over for a weekend at her place. They sat down into a couple of comfortable chairs and chattered for some time drinking tea.

After some time Astrid said: "Emily, I really appreciate it that you are here for this weekend. I hope you will enjoy your stay over here although I must warn you. My life is not the same as we had on school. Sometimes my way of life is confronting to other people. I am not asking you to adopt my way of life but I hope you will be open minded to my way of life and get a little bit of knowledge of it."

"Astrid", Emily answered, “I have seen a lot of different ways to life, I think I can handle it."

"Well, then I would like to invite you to a tour around the house." Astrid answered.

Astrid led Emily into the large hallway. They wandered on the carpet and on the way around Astrid told Emily something about the history of the house. She showed almost everything of the house including the kitchen and the library. At the end they took the stairs to the first floor of the house.

"Astrid, it is a wonderful home, but I was wondering, how did you get the possibility to live in a beautiful mansion like this. What kind of job do you have?" Emily asked.

Astrid smiled at Emily and answered: "Ten years ago I bought this mansion together with my husband. My husband is from a very rich family and when his parents died he got enough money to buy this mansion and retire."

"But you never told me that you were married?" Emily replied.

"I do have a special relationship with my husband." Astrid answered. "That was the thing I warned you for. In normal families the man is the master of the house. In our case, I am the one who wears the pants. My husband and I are full believers of the female supremacy, also known as FemDom."

Astrid smiled to Emily and went on: "Years ago my husband introduced me to FemDom. He has a very submissive nature, despite his successful business he was running. After some time I got more and more interested into the idea of Female supremacy and answered his requests to dominate him. Since we began living here, he submitted himself to me and gave me total control over him. We both like this way of living and since it is not needed any more that either of has to work, he is 24/7 controlled by me."

Emily could not believe what she heard. The sweet and careful Astrid she knew was now a strong woman and in charge of dominating her husband.

"But you love each other. Is this possible in a relationship like this?"

"Of course!" Astrid answered. "The submission of my husband to me and the way I dominate him, has enabled the most intense and beloved relationship I ever dreamed of. And, beside he adores me as his Queen, I am giving him the necessary discipline, love, care and even his sexual relief he needs. Would you like to meet my husband Emily?"

Emily was still astonished by the way Astrid was in charge here at her home, but on the other side she was very curious about what type of man Astrid was married to. They walked through the hallway and at the end Astrid walked to a door and opened it. The room had a strange smell, like the tyres of a bicycle. When Emily entered, she saw a beautiful room, with a high ceiling. At the window she saw the white curtains slightly flowing into the wind. The sun was playing with the curtains. The result was that the light into the room continuously changed.

In the middle of the room there was some sort of a bed and on that table there was a strange type of blanket. Emily saw that the blanket was completely stretched over a male body. It seemed very tight to her. When they walked nearby, she saw that the blanket was made of rubber, but it was completely transparent. Under the transparent rubber she could see every contour of the male figure below.

Astrid spoke in a soft voice: "Meet my husband Ben. Today I put him into this vacuum bed for a discipline session. As you can see the rubber blanket is completely enveloping him. Below he is completely naked. He breathes through a rubber hose which is connected to a rubber plug into his mouth. As you can see, he is completely helpless. He cannot free himself, he even cannot move. The only thing he can do is breath. To let him completely focus on his discipline, he wears earplugs. He cannot see, because the rubber bed also covers his eyes. The only thing he can see is some light and dark, so he does not know that we are here and that you can see him. As you can see from his stiff member, this type of discipline is arousing him a lot. He can be disciplined like this for a whole day."

Astrid stretched out her hand and touched the male body within the vacuum bed. The body of Ben shivered under the touch of Astrid. Emily felt the warm connection between the two lovers. Astrid looked dreamily to her Ben and her hands flowed over the covered body to his member. His member grew a little bit more and Emily could hear that the breathing of Ben change.

Astrid looked at Emily and said: "Emily, Ben is my most intimate treasure. He has opened doors into my soul, even I did not know they exist."

Emily smiled. At one side she had the strange feeling that she was the third wheel on the wagon, but at the other side she was aroused and the heat within her body rose.

"Emily, would you like to taste more of my life?"

Emily sighed and nodded.

"Then help me out, my Stallion needs a massage and with two pairs of hands we can give him one he never forgets."

Emily walked nearby and stretched out her hands......



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