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My Session at Castle Diabolica

by Wicked Clown

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© Copyright 2014 - Wicked Clown - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; femdom; dungeon; latex; cd; dresses; bond; cuffs; susp; gag; gasmask; sybian; cage; nipple; cbt; electro; strapon; climax; cons; X

I walked up to the door of a mild mannered looking house, not really knowing what to expect, except for what I had seen on Mistress Amanda's website. As I rang the doorbell, I felt nervous excitement come over me... then I heard the door open and I was in awe. This moment started a very surreal experience, it was Mistress Amanda Wildefyre in person. Such a strong, powerful and confident woman was towering over me and invited me inside. She told me to walk up the stairs, take off my shoes and coat, then I got to the most heavenly yet evil place ever. I was in awe as I glanced around the entry room to Castle Diabolica. Mistress Amanda ordered me to have a seat and handed me a bottle of water, the first of many... slaves must be hydrated afterall. We chatted about what I have tried, what I would like to try and I sensed her mind working out ways to give me the most blissful time ever and boy did she do just that!

First scene started with her taking me to the medical room and telling me to strip then put silicone lube all over my body. She came out of the rubber room with a black latex catsuit that had open breasts crotch and ass. Also black latex toe socks, red hood and elbow length gloves and a pair of pussy panties Then a black n red latex corset and an inflatable latex bra, made really huge tits for me. Mistress Amanda left for a while then came back in a full black latex catsuit and hood.

She then had me lay back in the birthing chair, yes she has one. Tied my legs to the stirrups and put leather shoulder length bondage gloves on me. Fastened my arms tight down and then the real fun began... Started playing with my cock, pulled it through the pussy panties to make it look more like a clit. Started lubing up my ass, or since I was a rubber dolly... my pussy. She then had me drink a lot of water and got supplies for a catheter. Inserted that, then an electric butt plug and conductive leather/metal band around my cock n balls. The sensations were amazing! Kept me like that for quite some time whole she got ready for the 2nd scene.

Mistress Amanda started the next scene by removing the electro band, catheter and butt plug. Released me from the restraints and had me carefully stand up. She unzipped the red hood, took it off and replaced it with a black hood. She also removed the inflatable bra. I was lead out of the medical room and to a bondage table that had an inflatable bondage body bag on it. She ordered me to lay on the table, slid my arms into their own little sleeves in the body bag then had me raise my right leg so she could insert another electro butt plug. Mistress Amanda then lubed up my feet and helped me slip them into the body bag one at a time. She then strapped the cow milkers to my chest, with a leather strap and started zipping the body bag from the feet up.

My cock was extremely hard from all this and Mistress Amanda pushed it down, zipped the latex body bag up over my bulging member. She placed the cow milkers through the holes in the body bag and zipped it up the rest of the way. She then pulled another zipper down to expose my cock and pulled my scrotum up to expose my balls as well. She then tied the cow milkers to a frame above me, so they stay up, turned them on and left the room for a short amount of time.

Suddenly when she returned, I felt some odd vibrations on my cock and balls, I then heard a familiar sound after I recovered from the intense vibrations... an electric toothbrush, make that two! As I was laying there, I blurted out, "Wow Mistress, you really know how to make dental hygiene fun."

She laughed at that, in the such a devilish way. She then said, "I think it's time for more electric play."

Mistress tightened an electro strap around my balls and put an electro corona stimulator, with what I think had a urethral insert too, over the head of my cock. She turned on all the electrics for a while then said, "Let's get that electricity going through your prostate."

So, Mistress Amanda took off the corona stimulator and replaced it with another electro strap around my cock head. I'm pretty sure she connected the electrodes around my cock and balls to the butt plug. She then said she was going to make my mind melt with the nova pro. Mistress put the headphones on me and added the glasses, telling me to keep my eyes closed. She turned on the nova pro, and it was very hypnotic. As I laid there, mesmerized by the light and sound of the nova pro, Mistress increased the intensity of the electrics and cow milkers. All I could do was lay there in sensory overload and moan out in joy, thrusting my hips and bucking, like a little slut.

After what seemed like hours of bliss/torment from the ever increasing electrics and milking, I heard the magical words from Mistress "you may cum, slave." I bucked wildly and had such an intense orgasm from all that was happening, all I could do was utter out a hoarse "thank you, Mistress." She then turned off the electrics, cow milkers and nova pro. Opened the body bag, removed the butt plug and helped me back to the medical room where she ran a bath and helped take the latex off of me. I then relaxed in the bath while she ordered food for us. I dried off, she put me into another black latex hood and dress. We ate and she locked me in the cage, hands cuffed and I looked through rubber fetish magazines before I fell asleep.

Now, as I was laying in the cage, wearing a latex dress, hood and steel cuffs, I was really wishing that Mistress Amanda would have put me in total bondage with a catheter and electro butt plug like I've read that she has done to other slaves. But alas, she was going pretty light on me. It was all still so very lovely and I had a pretty good sleep, filled with dreams of rubber.

I woke up with a raging erection, from the combination of latex dreams and me dressed in it, so I turned on the light and started looking through more magazines. After debating if I should relieve myself or wait for Mistress Amanda to give me the okay... I decided to be a naughty little slut and take care of my hard on myself. Even though with so much latex around me, that release was short lived and I had became really excited yet again. I laid there in bliss for another half hour or so, when I heard Mistress Amanda's voice over the intercom, "Are you awake slave?"

I replied with "yes mistress."

I heard her beautiful voice again, "Good, slave. I'll be up in a bit for more fun."

And I softly said, "thank you, Mistress.".

After another, what seemed like an eternity, I heard Mistress walking up the stairs and into the dungeon. I immediately sat up in the cage and peered out to see her setting up equipment. Mistress Amanda gazed up at me in the cage and gave me a look like 'I'm going to have a lot more fun with you, rubber dolly.' I smiled, laid back down and waited for her to be finished setting up. When she did moved the ladder to the cage and unlocked the door, I sat up again and my eyes went wide. I recognized what she had set up and I was astonished. Right below the cage was a bondage sex swing and in the medical room, a suspension harness connected to the winch in the ceiling, right behind the sybian with a dildo attachment.

I carefully climbed down the ladder and Mistress walked me into the medical room. She removed my latex hood and dress, then got the toe socks and elbow length gloves again, which she had to look for in what she called "rubber rubble" which lead to a whole interesting conversation about what my new nickname could be. As we chatted about that, Mistress lubed up the toe socks and gloves then slipped them on my feet and hands while I sat on the edge of the tub. I then stood up and Mistress grabbed a different latex dress for me to wear, a black and white one with a built in corset.

Mistress Amanda lubed up the dress and slipped it on me, and commented how she likes this dress a lot because the tits are exposed so she can have access to my nipples, and how its so short to have better access to my slutty pussy. Mistress zipped up the dress and told me to turn around to face her. She then laced up the corset pretty tight and even revealed a little hidden lace to tighten it even more. Mistress then pulled out a gas mask and slipped it over my head, and I mentioned how it would be great to use with a rebreather. She happily agreed to that and grabbed a rebreather bag, which she attached to the gas mask.

Mistress had me pose a bit to take some photos, then the real play started. Mistress Amanda then put bondage gloves over the red latex ones and walked me over to the suspension harness and lowered it so I could step into the leg holders and she put a leather belt around my waist. Then she raised the harness up, with me in it, and began strapping me in even more so I could not move. Ankle cuffs, to make my legs bent back and immobile. Then ordered me to grasp the handles in the ARM holders, she then fastened the bondage gloves to the suspension harness. I was totally immobile, except my head and she wouldn't be Amanda Wildefyre if she allowed me that freedom so she put a posture collar on me as well so all I could do is look ahead into the mirror.

At this point, I mentioned how I'd like to try a nose hook. Mistress laughed and said, "Well that is something that won't work with this hood. But I will see what I can do later."

She then moved the sybian under me, lubed up my pussy and lowered me onto the dildo ever so slightly. Turned the sybian on such wonderful vibrations started. Mistress then lifted up my dress and saw how my slutty cock was hard. She grabbed it and teased me a bit and left. Came back with the electric toothbrushes and started teasing my cock, balls and nipples with them. Mistress then pinched and put clamps on my nipples, tugged them as well. I was in such a euphoric state of mind and was constantly moaning, especially when she lowered me down even further onto the dildo and turned the sybian up. She even put a glove over the other hole in the gas mask a few times to really make the rebreather work.

The teasing continued and eventually I was lowered all the way onto the dildo and the sybian was turned up even more, the vibrations even went through my balls and cock. Even more teasing with the electric toothbrushes, put me on the edge of an orgasm and I asked Mistress if I may cum. She said, "No, slut. If you want me to fuck you then you'll have to wait to cum."

I let out a huge moan at her denial of my request and she responded to that with, "If you can cum three times then you may cum now."

I happily groaned out "yes Mistress, I can cum three times."

And then my whole body shuddered in an explosive orgasm. Mistress then took away the toothbrush, turned the sybian off and said, "good dolly".

Mistress then released me from my the harness but kept the cuffs and bondage gloves on. Had me sit in the chair again and she removed the gas mask, posture collar and grabbed a different hood, a red one with a neck corset. She put it on me and laced it so tight that I couldn't move my neck and I couldn't have been happier. Next Mistress put my arms across my chest and fastened the bondage gloves to rings in the collar, so she could go grab a sandwich. I sat there, unable to move, waiting for her to come back then could only sit and watch in the mirror as she ate her sandwich and said, "You know, I really work up an appetite when dominating people!" and laughed.

I was zoning out a little bit, thinking in my own rubbery bondage world, and she caught that too; commenting, "You are either thinking hard or zoned out" and I replied, "a little of both, Mistress". With that, she had finished her sandwich, released the bondage gloves from the hood and ordered me to stand up. She lead me into the room with the sex sling and then the next scene began.

**Note: I apologize for lack of detail in this last scene, it's been a year since I was able to finish typing this out and I forgot the small details.**

Mistress Amanda had me lay back on the sex sling and helped me put my legs up in the stirrups. From there, she cuffed my wrists and ankles and attached chains between the cuffs and the sling. She the added a spreader bar to keep my legs spread even more and slipped an inflatable gag into my mouth. She wheeled her venus 2000 milker over to me and lubed it and my already hard cock. Mistress slipped the venus over my cock and turned in on slow, while my playing with my nipples. As the venus milked my cock, Mistress went to grab a strap on harness and put it on. I was moaning and looking up at the mirror above me, and saw it was a decent sized dildo.

Mistress proceeded to lube my pussy, unclipped the spreader bar from one ankle, got in between my legs and reclipped the spread bar. She then slid her cock home into my gaping pussy and started to peg me. All the while, milking my cock with the venus. I lay there, practically immobile but still bucking and moaning as Mistress pegged and milked me. She was smiling and gave off that wicked laugh she does. After quite a nice fuck and milk, I asked through my gag for permission to cum. She denied my first and second requests but then finally gave permission and called me a slut. Mistress then pulled her cock out of my pussy, removed the spreader bar, gag and the rest of the cuffs which were holding me in this wonderful predicament. She then had me climb up to the cage again and locked the door, I laid there and looked through more magazines and masturbated twice before I went to sleep.

I woke up to Mistress on the intercom, saying, "Good morning slave" and she came up after a while to release me from the cage. Helped me strip off the latex, ran me a bath to get all the lube off and helped me dry off. I then got dressed and she asked if I'd like to go to breakfast. I thought, "Wow, breakfast with Amanda Wildefyre" and said I would like that. We left the house and went to my car, she directed me to a very nice little restaurant and we talked all the way there. Walked down the sidewalk to the restaurant, sat down at a booth and ordered. We both ate a delicious meal and chatted about our passion for rubber, I'm pretty sure other patrons of the restaurant could hear us but she didn't care! I paid for our meal and tip, then we went back to her house, she hugged me and went inside. I sat there a bit, taking everything all in and drove a very long distance home.

Thinking all the way home of a next session, which I messaged Mistress Amanda about when I got home. Here is the session I thought of: "On the way home, I was thinking about several things.. one being how if I can get my girlfriend to have a session too and I even thought of a scene with her. Since she has a little attitude problem at times.. you could put both of us into matching full body latex with hood, breasts pussy and ass exposed. Put me in the birthing chair and her onto the enema chair, both of us get a large enema with double balloon nozzles. Then after expulsion, she is put into suspension, over the sybian with dual plugs... one for each hole. While I am hooked up to several electrical toys, such as cock/ball bands and a butt plug. Also a nose hook and nipple clamps. She is slowly lowered onto the sybian, the maybe attached electrical stimuli to her labia and clitoris. The cow milkers on her nipples. An inflatable gag and a nose hook. Final item before its all turned on, the nova pro, to turn her mind into a submissive goo. I am forced to watch her go through this all, including her forced orgasms, while I am tormented with electricity and forced to orgasms as much as she is."

If you'd like to experience a session at Castle Diabolica, check out her website.

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