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My Long Rubber Weekend 1: My Rubber Adventure begins

by Trech Rwber

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© Copyright 2013 - Trech Rwber - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; latex; catsuits; hoods; gloves; collar; breathplay; climax; cons; X

Part 1: My Rubber Adventure begins


All things considered I’m a very luck man. My wife is submissive and she not only knows about my raging rubber passion but takes part in our private rubber play, and also attends events at fetish clubs where we are members. So for a dominant hetro male rubberist you may think I have it made, and I have, apart from the fact she does rubber for me; because she loves me, not because rubber drives her wild. As we love each other this is enough, although I do have to keep my enthusiasm for really heavy rubber adventures in check for some of the time. Why, because I love her as much as she does me, and we have a wonderful & rubbery life together. However….

1: Preparation

Although all our children are grown up and live independently, my wife needed to go to London with our youngest daughter. This would be a trip lasting several days as we do not live in England. Before she left she never asked or commented if I would enjoy some solo rubber in her absence, and I never told her.

After waving my darling B goodbye, I hurry to prepare for my next few days of rubbery adventure. Once I’m back in the house, the first thing to attend to is the bed. I enter our master bedroom; where I eagerly opened the 2 antique pine chests that contain some of the items from our extensive rubber collection; I sort through to the bedding section, putting various hoods and masks aside for later use. I eagerly remove the cloth bedding from our king sized bed and replaced it with a fitted bottom sheet and 4 rubber pillow cases; then I fit a duvet cover onto the heavy weight duvet. This cover can also double as very large bondage bag or sleep sack as it has a lockable double zip closure. Finally a heavy double sheet is placed on the top.

The bed now gleams; black and inviting, the room is heavy with the scent of newly release rubber; and I am anticipating a very pleasant if restless night’s sleep. I now decide to go swimming, you might think this is an odd thing to do, but I want to rid myself of as much body oil as possible. I intend to be in total enclosure for many hours, and I like my rubber kept in good condition. I return 2 hours later, having swum, and enjoyed a long time in both the steam room and sauna of the private health club we belong to. I am now cleansed and ready to be anointed in the most wonderful of all materials; tight hot rubber.

I start with a suit with feet and a rear zip by Westwood Bound this is a thin and very comfortable and often forms the base and sometimes the only layer when I am fetish dressed. But not this time; next I open the crotch zip, and after freeing my manhood I slip on a pair of sheath pants with a flushing tube; well I don’t want any air to touch my skin, just because I may need a pee before finally undressing. Next comes a suit by Honour, again with a rear zip but without feet, but some latex socks soon correct this omission. I’m warming up now, so I peel back the sleeves of the honour suit, and pull on a thin pair of tight gloves with a gripping pattern on the finger, I don’t want to loose dexterity quite yet. Then I tape the gloves to the W.B. suit sleeves and roll down the honour suit sleeves to make a totally air and fluid tight seal.

Next item is a corset; this is boned and made of very heavy rubber; as this is to be a one man show, I choose a front lacing one. By the time I have reduced my waist by several inches I am decidedly warm! Is 2 layers enough, the answer is obviously no; another layer always improves the pleasure, so I choose another Honour suit, this is the same as the second layer, but a size larger to add a little trapped insulating air to the situation.

Now I feel more adequately enclosed, it’s time for me to think about my head, and the breath control aspect of this rubbery adventure. Years ago I made a breath control system based on an old rubber air bed pump. Long story short; this device reduces the ability to draw air in, so training and a quick disconnect system is vital. The exhaled air is piped to a venting tube or a rebreather bag, or both. Various valves both automatic and manual allow various breath control permutations, like the amount back pressure from exhalations forced into the air tight hood I intend to wear, also the amount of air going to the rebreather bag can be regulated. The vent pipe with it’s one way valve can be use to inflate suits and hoods if required, or can be shut off manually, so lots of restricted O2 fun to be had. This breathing system is belt mounted and I eagerly tighten it around my already constricted waist. I then carefully check all its functions; fun, not fatality is the name of this game. I finish off by unzipping the crotch zips of my top 2 layers and feed the vent tube deep into the suits; the zips are then tightly close. Now for the hoods!

I intend to wear my favourite hood. This is one I have modified from a fairly cheap pull on. It has sealed Perspex eyes, no nose holes, and a 5mm diameter short mouth breathing tube, there is no internal gag. It is also fairly tight. When this is on, if the wearer’s neck is taped, it is totally air tight both in and out except for the breathing tube. First I pull on a latex swim cap for that extra bit of latex, and to make pulling on the hood easier. As I take a deep, well as deep as I can, breath, as my excitement mounts; at last I am ready to pull the hood on. This is rubber nirvana; total coverage, I’m sealed against the banality of the ‘normal’ world, together with a sexual kick for extra pleasure. I pull the hood on and my final bit of my body is now covered in rubber.

I am acutely aware of many things, the need to control my breathing; how quickly my face is saturated with sweat, and water from my exhalations, it’s amazing. I turn and look at myself in the full length mirror, the reflection I see is mind blowing; I have gone, and a powerful rubber man is staring back at me, the final air tube swinging slightly waiting to be connected, and complete the transformation. The reflected image is of a perfect black rubber being, it gives no indication of the massive turmoil’s and pleasures the human it contains is experiencing.

I quickly seal the neck of the hood over the neck of the first suit and then seal the other 2 suit necks over the hood. I then tape round my neck with soft black PVC tape, not too tight, but tight enough to ensure a totally air tight seal. Lastly I put on a second hood. This has a back zip and open eyes and mouth but no nose holes. This hood is hand made, an expensive item from Germany, which like my top suit is polished and gleaming. I decide that a rubber collar will finish the job and quickly fit one. Just the 2nd or maybe 3rd pair of gloves to go and I will be ready.

2: The First Rubber Session.

I’m boiling over with a mixture of lust, sensual overload, heat; and just a touch of fear. The 2 additional pairs of gloves are now on, and I slide into the cool latex bed trying to calm down a bit. I don’t want to tip over the edge, and then have to fight that almost overwhelming urge to get out my rubber. My smooth rubber skin slides frictionless against the rubber sheets and the weight of the heavy rubberised duvet presses down increasing the compression of my body, hmm this is good, this is too good, time to divert myself with some oxygen depravation. I slide out from the now warn rubber sheets, and sit on a chair facing the mirror, my back corset straight. I take hold of the air tube; take a final free breath, and push the tube onto the hoods only connection with the outside world.

I hold my breath for a few seconds, listening to my heart & the oozing of the suit layers moving against each other & my skin; I exhale. The hood which until now has been gentle expanding and contracting when I breathe expands rapidly, and I am aware of considerable pressure around my head, together with the faint hiss of escaping air somewhere inside my rubber skins. I breath out as slowly as I can, and then desperate for air suck hard on the air intake. The hoods clamp tight to my face and I’m rewarded with a thin and only just adequate supply of air. I exhale again, this time the back pressure is greater as the systems capacity is filling. I repeat 3 times, until I know I need to relieve the pressure, so I open the valve to the rebreather bag. I exhale and close the bags valve and take the biggest lungful of air I can. That’s it; the stale air capacity is used up. I can now only rebreathe or breathe slowly enough to allow the small vent pipe to empty enough stale air for me to get some fresh. I have arrived, for this is my ultimate breath control trip. Glancing at the clock I have placed by the chair I promise myself I will last 5 minutes, in fact I last 6.

After I have recovered from my strict breath control session, I know I need the embrace of my rubber bed as well as the breathing discipline. I walk carefully over to the bed as my vision is now obscured by the moisture inside my hood. I slide into its black rubber embrace, then, once I have immersed myself into this additional rubber cocoon I carefully check the manual valves on the breathing system are in the correct positions, and reconnect the air tube to my hood. I slide down further into the depths of the bed, and as I struggle to control my breathing I feel the rebreather bag expanding and contracting, pushing against the weight of the duvet. My only air supply, restricted as it is, now limited to the air trapped within the rubber bedclothes. After what seems a lifetime contained within in a few moments, although it may have been many minutes, as time has cease to have any relevance, I explode with pleasure, everything, even my breath safely contained within my sleek rubber self. This is total enclosure taken to a sublime level.

I summon up all of my rubber self discipline, and refuse to allow myself to remove the air supply pipe to my hood. But I fold back the rubber covers to reduce the physical restriction and to allow some limited fresh air to enter the air intake of my breath control system. Then I wait as long as I possible can; listening to my body reacting to the intense stimulation it has had, and is still receiving. I need release from the restriction I have place myself under, yet at the same time I do not want it to end.

But I know it must, the evening is late and to stay too long in this almost oxygenless state would be inviting disaster. At last I remove the air pipe from my hood, with a mixture of desperate relief and reluctance; I breathe deep slow hungry breaths until I have brought my blood gases level back to a more normal state. It is now time to clear up and prepare for an attempt at a night sleep.

3: Getting ready for sleeping in Rubber

I leave our bedroom and walk down the landing to the main family bathroom. This is much bigger than our bedrooms ensuite, and I will need plenty of space for unpeeling the top 2 layers and washing my lovely rubber garments. Once in the bathroom, which I’m pleased to say is very warm; I remove the gloves from layer 3 which are not taped, and the gloves from layer 2 which are. I always leave the last bit of the black self adhesive tape folded over as a release tab, it makes life so much easier and saves all the ‘I can’t get out panic. I then unzip the top hood, this task is now relatively easy with just the thin first layer gloves left on my hands, and I place the hood carefully on a fitment. Pulling back the 2nd and 3 suit neck bands I search for the tab at the end of the tape round the hood neck, and fail to find it. I fight the urge to panic and start tugging, take a couple of relatively deep, breaths, and try again. This time I find the end of the tape and peel it quickly off. I inhale and place a rubber finger over the breathing tube, then exhale. The hood expands and loosens its grip on my face, enabling me to locate the edge of the neck band. A few careful pulls and peels later and I am sadly free.

45 minutes later I leave the main family bathroom which is now is adorned with clean wet rubber drying ready for tomorrow. I walk into our room apparently dry and shiny just dressed in the Westward Bound suit and the thin gloves. In fact the term dry only applies to the external surface of this wonderful garment, as I have showered with it on. Inside I’m 6 hours into continuous rubber enclosure. I’m carrying the outer hood, which I intend to wear through the night. I select a new latex swim cap, and after putting this on I slide the full face hood over my features, and zip it closed.

It’s an extraordinary and privileged feeling to be covered in rubber, but still able to eat & drink, and do all the mundane but necessary things of life, like cleaning your teeth before going to bed. Doing these tasks dressed as I now am raises them from the routine; every action is an enormous pleasure to undertake. Normally this experience is only possible in private, or when attending major fetish events when everyone is dressed for pleasure. I believe these are times in a kinkster’s life that should always be cherished.

I know a little more total enclosure will be required before any attempt at sleep. So I select a classic Russian hooded gas mask, modified for rebreathing, I choose one with tinted eye pieces, and a 3 litre rebreather bag with a small air intake; this has the normal sealing cap to allow for total rebreathing, also a back zipped open faced hood to complete that totally sealed feeling. I place these items within easy reach, and slide into my fully rubberised bed. Switching off the lights and I ponder the delights ahead, and wonder if I will after all get more than a few short hours of sleep tonight.

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