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My First Time

by The Latex Girl

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© Copyright 2013 - The Latex Girl - Used by permission

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Whenever I meet people on the net and discuss my passion for rubber and bondage, one of the first really serious questions is normally, how did you get started or have you always been a rubberist. I’ve found these questions being asked with such regularity I thought that it would be worth my while write it down. Think of it as a comparison if you’re already versed with the joys of rubber or as a road map if you’re thinking of ‘converting’ your partner.

Well, how did it all start for me? Very normally, I’m afraid. It all started about two years ago. I was 26 and single, I had broken up on my first really serious relationship, not recently but recently enough to enjoy being single again. We had met in college and spent three years together. One happy one, one ok-ish one and one thoroughly awful one. On graduating I had split with my partner and never really seen him again. I had left college and gone straight into a well paid graduate type job.

In no time I was solvent again and able to start enjoying life. I started dating but never really got very serious, where I lived most of the men were real jerks, but they were fun in their own way. And then it happened.

I had been invited to a friend’s wedding, so naturally I went along. I had met this friend whilst I had been on training for my job, we had a fair bit in common and became good friends. As luck would have it, her fiancee had invited a load of his college ex-coursemates to the wedding. I couldn’t believe my luck. These guys were really charming, humorous and generally good fun to be with.

I don’t know if it was the champagne or the occasion, though I ended up spending the evening and then the night with a guy called Ben. He was very nice, quite but not too tall, musclely but not a bodybuilder and capped with a wicked sense of humour. Despite our drunken state, Ben provided to be a good shag. He knew what to do and seemed to enjoy doing it to me.

I was still in his bed the next morning, so we ended up having breakfast in bed together and then went walking around the hotel grounds talking about life and stuff. Eventually, we had to go. We exchanged telephone numbers and decided to get in touch in the near future.

To cut a long story short, we decided to keep seeing each other even though we lived in different parts of the country. I was living in Bristol and Ben in London, but the train only ever used to take about two hours, so it wasn’t too much of a hardship.

We had spent a couple of weekends visiting each other and generally staying in bed and shagging, ordering pizzas, the normal long distance relationship thing. I went to see Ben for the weekend and he seemed to spend the whole of our Friday night being strangely distant, it was very out of character for him.

Eventually, I asked him what the problem was. He asked me to sit down. I couldn’t believe it, he was so serious, so earnest, it was obviously going to be something really important. The options passed through my mind, marriage, we had only been together for about six weeks, did he want to dump me, well he seemed happy. Was it something really serious, did he have an incurable disease, cancer, aids - oh shit.

Ben started, it was most unlike him he was stuttering and stammering all over the place. Eventually, he came out with his statement, that he preferred to dress for making love.

Well that didn’t seem to difficult, I told him that I really didn’t mind wearing sexy underwear if it turned him on. It didn’t seem to settle his conscience, he carried on, but at least he could string his argument together now. Ben told me that he enjoyed dressing up for sex and all of his ex-girlfriends had had a real problem dealing with it. He went on to say that they really didn’t like the sort of things that he wanted to and wanted them to wear.

Naturally, I was intrigued by this, Ben was almost talking as a riddle, I was desperate to get to the bottom of it. What was it that was so strange for Ben to enjoy, I had to know. I stopped Ben and told him to tell me what it was that he liked in one, just one word.

Ben replied with rubber. I was shocked, not knowing anything about rubber at the time, how could one little thing like this have come between Ben and his previous girlfriends. I wasn’t the most liberal person in the world though I was damn sure that one little word wouldn’t get to me like that.

Ben looked at me and asked me if I wanted to leave now. I told Ben that I wasn’t going to let one little word come between us. I then continued telling him that I knew nothing about rubber, which at that time was completely true, and asked him to demonstrate what he meant. Ben looked rather shocked, though he didn’t need to be told twice, he shot off into the bedroom, told me not to peek and shut the door.

Naturally, I was rather curious, I went up to the door and started listening. I couldn’t hear a great deal, just some grunting and something that sounded a bit like someone snapping a rubber band repeatedly. After about ten minutes, Ben told me that he was ready, he asked me to shut my eyes and wait for him. I went back to the lounge and closed my eyes, covering them with my hands to be extra safe.

I heard the bedroom door open and the sound of Ben walking down the hallway, he sounded much quieter than normal. I could feel him come close to me, then I could suddenly smell something. It was a strange sweet smell not like any perfume. Ben told me I could now open my eyes.

I opened them and could hardly believe what I was seeing. Ben had been transformed into an ebony statue, he was completely black from the top of his head to his feet, and he was so shiny too. I didn’t know what to say, I was just lost for words, eventually I just stumbled out a wow. Ben asked me if I was put off by what I saw. I told him that I wasn’t, just a bit shocked and intrigued.

Ben sat me down and started telling me all about rubber and then bondage. It seemed now that he was in rubber he was a lot more talkative and open about things. From everything he said, I couldn’t really find anything that I thought was abhorrent. I knew that I should take the plunge and have a go.

I told Ben that I would like to try, try what I wasn’t sure, but I wanted to see what it was like. Ben told me that he didn’t have anything that would fit me, but we could try a few things and if I really liked it we could always go shopping on Saturday. After all, he explained this was London and there were plenty of shops that could satisfy our needs.

We went back into the bedroom and Ben pulled out a huge rubber sheet and started to put it onto the bed. As he did this I got undressed. Once he was finished, he suggested that I got onto the bed, of course I did without a moments hesitation. The rubber sheet was unreal, it was so cool and welcoming. I started to squirm around on the bed, Ben looked at me telling me that we couldn’t have any of that. What would he do to stop me I replied. Ben then showed me the manacles.

First he attached them to my ankles, then from the bottom of the bed frame he pulled up a chain. First he attached my left ankle to a chain on the left hand side of the bed. Then he attached my right ankle to a chain on the right hand side of the bed. The process was somewhat stimulating, I could feel myself becoming more and more excited.

Ben then repeated the process with my wrists, attaching them to the top corners of the bed. I knew now that I was completely helpless and at his mercy, yet I felt so excited. I could hardly wait to find out what he was going to do next. Ben pulled out some things from his wardrobe. He asked me to open my mouth as wide as possible, I did, and had it filled with an enormous rubber ball. As Ben secured it to my head, he told me that it was a ball gag, and that it was completely safe. Next he covered my eyes with a rubber blindfold and secured that to my head as well.

I lay on the bed tingling with excitement, what would happen next. I didn't really care as long as something did happen. All of a sudden I felt a weight on my stomach, Ben was straddling me. He started playing with my nipples. It felt kind of strange, Ben doing it with rubber gloves on, but it certainly felt nice. Then it felt like something was attached to my nipples, it was a different sensation to Ben’s fingers, but it was a wonderful feeling nevertheless.

I tried to groan in appreciation, but the gag effectively silenced me, I was rapidly approaching ecstasy. I felt Ben get off me, then I felt something around my sex. It was Ben’s tongue, he started giving me some serious head. I could feel myself being drawn closer and closer to some huge orgasm. Ben could tell it too, and he kept stopping to draw out the process. Eventually, I was too much for him to control. I came, the orgasm rippling through my body. I could feel myself trying to moan into the gag, as my body tighten and then relaxed, I could feel the manacles digging at my ankles and wrists. It was a truly devine experience.

Ben gave me a few minutes to regain my composure. Slowly I could feel his rubberclad sex filling me. He felt so good inside me, it was almost indescribable. After what he had done for me, I really wanted to make sure that he enjoyed his orgasm as much as I had enjoyed mine. I could feel Ben thrusting in and out, then just as his rhythm started to change, I could feel another orgasm. I held it as much as I could and as soon as Ben started to cum I just let go. Another intense orgasm, both of us together.

Eventually, we finished, Ben released me and removed the gag and the blindfold. "Did you enjoy it?" he asked.

"Did I look like I was having fun?" We both laughed.

The next day we did go shopping, just for me, but that’s another story.


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