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My Dentist Does More Than A Filling

by IdaToy

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© Copyright 2018 - IdaToy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; dentist; chair; gag; unconcious; kidnap; latex; catsuit; mask; corset; encase; putty; inject; cocoon; rubbertoy; enslave; cons/nc; XX

I get a call from my dentist's office and the lady on the phone says that the dentist noticed something on the first X-Ray she had done and that she wanted me to come in so she could check it out. She then explains that since this was due to an error on their part, there will be no cost to me, but since it was a free exam, they would like to do it at the end of the day on Friday. I agree and arrive at 6PM Friday to find the waiting room empty.

My dentist comes out from the back...she is lovely and I've been lusting after her for months...and says, "Ah, Ida! Thanks for being so accommodating to our schedule today. I've reviewed the films and I can fix what I've found if you'll come with me." I smile while containing my desires and follow her into the hallway. "I'm happy to comply, really." I say, hoping I didn't drool as I did. She smiles back and leads me to the very back of the office. As we are going down the hall I notice room after dark room and realize that she and I are likely the only two people left in the office. I then ask, "So I was curious, what is it that you found that concerned you so much?" Smiling and with her head cocked to one side, she speaks over her shoulder and says, "I found a void that really needs to be filled." and then points to one of the dental chairs which, unlike the typical ones, seemed to be a portable unit with locking casters on a broad metal base.

Having no reason to be concerned, I sit down and the doctor reclines the chair back slightly. "Since I'm going to have to work in on your back teeth and it might get uncomfortable, would you prefer gas over Novocaine this time? No charge, remember." I think about how nice the gas made me feel the one time I had had it used on me and smiles saying, "Gas is fine as long as it's no trouble?" She gets a funny, yet whimsical look on her face and replies, "Oh, no trouble is exactly what I'm hoping for." and laughs softly. I laughed along with her and in hindsight might should have thought that strange...but hind sight is, as they say, 20/20.

The doctor brings over a tank with a mask attached to the hose and places it over my nose. "Okay now, breathe deeply.", she said in a commanding voice than made my knees so weak I was happy to have been laying down. I breathe in and out several times and as I do the room fades to black.

As light slowly comes back to my vision, I revel in the warm feeling that seems to be enveloping me. I try to remember where I am and then recall that I'm at the dentist office and then remember the gas...did it make me feel this way last time? Then I feel a cool gust of air on my crotch area and wonder if my skirt had flipped up, I go to reach down and smooth it down, only to find that I cannot move my arms. "What the..." I start to say, only I don't actually say that because my mouth is being held in an open state by some kind of device that is holding my jaw wide open. I start to make some noise and it then that the doctor returns to my view. She is smiling and is wearing elbow length red glossy gloves. "Ah, you are awake!", she coos. "I do hope you are comfortable, at least for the moment.", then starts to softly laugh which makes me wonder what I missed in her statement.

It is then that I realize I am no longer in the dentists office. The walls here were of white tile and the lighting more soft and warm than that of the LED lighting of her office. "Oh I see you've noticed the room. Since you were my last 'customer', it was easy to roll you out the back of my office into my van and drive you here to my home. Don't worry, nobody will disturb us. I live on family property and the nearest neighbor is miles away."

I then make a sound that, if I were not in the constraints I currently were in, would have been, "why can't I move my arms?" To my surprise, she understands what I am saying...maybe dentists become adept at understanding garbled speech...and says, "Oh dear, the reason you cannot move your arms is because I have given you a nerve block which will leave you unable to move your arms or legs for...", she looks at her wall clock and then back to me, "...about another hour and a half. But don't worry, it is temporary and it's only there to make sure we get you done up perfectly without any needless struggling. You can still feel, just not move.", she says. As if to reassure me, she reaches down and strokes my thigh and she is right, I can indeed feel everything just fine, but something was odd. When she stroked my thigh, I heard a squeaking sound and the sensation seemed a bit insulated. Seeing my puzzled look, the doctor nodded, "Oh, I see you have noticed my addition to your wardrobe. Well, actually I guess it's not exactly an addition as your other clothing have now been disposed of." My puzzled look become more of a concerned one, which makes her smile wide and say, "Oh my, I do so love when they start to catch on! I'll have you know that it was no small feat getting you into this suit while you were snoozing."

At this point she holds up a mirror and allows me to see in reflection my current state. My eyes go wide as the mirror is panned up and down my body and reveals the answers to questions I had asked and others I should have asked. I am covered from toe to the top of my head is a shiny black layer of what looks to be either glossy rubber or a thick latex. My arms are inside and at my sides with my hands placed as if smoothly cupping my ass cheeks. There are several openings, one at my crotch, which explains the cool air felt earlier, there are openings at the peaks of my breasts that allowing my swollen areola and nipples to protrude obscenely as though being pushed from behind, eye openings, and lastly an opening at my gaping mouth. It is only then that I realize that my nose is sealed inside the layer that is covering my head and try as I might, I couldn't seem to blow out through my nostrils at all.

"I see you've realized your nose is 'stuffed' closed." she says with a look that shows how much she is enjoying my stages of realization. She holds up what looks like a caulking gun, except this one has two hoses attached to the back the feed back to two large tanks mounted to the wall which had labels on them that read, 'Optosil' on one and 'Xantopren' on the other. "See I have used a small amount of this putty in each to seal them closed. But don't worry, it is rubbery, so it won't hurt at all when I...", her voice trails off as she smiles and then looking into my eyes, "...well, we'll get to that later."

"I'm somewhat surprised you've not noticed the other 'changes' that you've undergone.", she said with mock concern. She pans the mirror back down and I see that my pussy is completely smooth and devoid of hair! "I do hope you like the new look, sweety, especially since it's going to be that way from now on." I look at her with my rubber encased brows furrowed and she adds, "The removal is's a combination of creams and laser treatment that kills the follicles so no pesky hair need grow back. Isn't that lovely?" I begin to make angry sounds from my yawning maw to which she smiles even wider and says, "Oh, if that makes you this excited...", (excited?...does she really think I'm excited?) "...then you'll love what I've done with your head!" "I'm angry you bitch!" I say in the language of dentist patients with their mouth wide open, but then it hits me what she just said and as the mirror slowly pans back up to my head I see what she means and begin to moan in sorrow.

The rubber that is encasing my head is tight and smooth and more importantly, there was no evidence of my hair anywhere! "As much as I did love your beautiful red hair, sugar, it would have been such a pain to deal with in your new life." Wait, what?! New life?! "Okay, it's time to move on to the next step now that you are ready."

She turns and brings around an odd looking device which looked almost like a mask, but there were some distinct differences. The 'mask' appeared to be moulded in such a way that it would cup under my chin at the bottom and had an exaggerated protrusion where my nose would be. As she showed my the device I could see that there was an indention behind the protrusion which would be accommodating my nose and she sides of the 'mask' had flaps that looked like they would cover about 2-3 inches of either cheek. However, these were not the most concerning aspects of this 'mask'. What concerned me most was the part that looked to be destined for my mouth. The outside of it was shaped on the form of an obscene 'O' and had big puffy red rubbery lips made into it. She showed me up close saying, "See these? They are a soft rubber that will seal quite well if say something else smooth and pliable were pressed into them.", she smiled and almost absent mindedly slid her hand from her breast to her crotch, "Ummm, yes, they should prove quite useful as you serve your Mistress." I want to flail, but I cannot as my limbs were about as useful as hair on a fish right now.

She then continues, "And on the inside, as you can see, there is a nice comfortable guard for your upper and lower teeth and a tube that will help keep you nourished. See here on the bottom?", she says as she turns the mask sideways, "This is cut out so that your tongue will be free to use after this is sealed into place." There was shear glee in her eyes as she explained the contraption to her immobilized prey. "And this bladder...", she blows into a smaller tube under the opening for the mouth and the inside of the mask's gag portion begins to inflate, "...will allow me to make sure that your mouth is filled in such a way that you need never worry about this coming loose as your lovely mouth fulfils it's new purpose!" I could see clearly that this was making the doctor quite excited.

"So, lets get this in place so we can finish filling you up! And so you can set before you regain movement in your limbs and ruin it all." Get me set? What did that mean? She moves the mask over and with my mouth help widely open, she slides in the mask/gag device. After placing the mouth piece into my mouth she says, "Now show me your tongue..." to which a reply by pulling it back into my mouth as far as I can. "If you wanted to play, you should have just said so!" she says wish a wry smile on her face. At this point she folds the chin cup under my chin and then lets the protruding nose cover slide into place. Smoothing the flaps down on the sides she then places her hand over the 'O' shaped opening, cutting off my air. "I had no idea you would want to play so soon...this is going to be so much fun!"

I try to move my head to dislodge her hand, but there is little room for movement and no way I could succeed. After about a minute and my eyes begin to water she says, "Is my toy ready to stick out her tongue now?", to which I begrudgingly nod my head. She removed her hand and I begin panting rapidly as I regain the needed oxygen. "Okay, stick it out or we go for two minutes next." Not wanting to go through that again, I reluctantly stick my tongue out of the open 'O' and look defiantly into her eyes. "All the way sugar..." I sigh and push my tongue out as far as I can. I hear a quick series of, 'click, click, click, click' and feel the tongue clamp firmly grip my tongue, holding it in it's extended position. "There we go. Now I can remove the clamp holding your mouth open." She folds back the flaps that had sealed my cheeks and well as the cup from my chin and the cover on my nose. "Okay, now we can secure the mask so it will become one with the hood."

With that she took a tube of what smelled like rubber cement and liberally coated the side flaps, the chin cup and the protruding nose cover. Then carefully, she first placed the chin cup in place, then slid the nose 'appendage' into place and then the side flaps. "There we go! Now we wait for a minute for that to may feel a little heat as the catalyst unifies the rubber of the mask with that of the hood, but it won't burn you." Smiling into my fear filled eyes. After a few minutes she tests the flaps and chin and is satisfied that the unit is now one with my head covering.

At this point she releases the tongue clamp and I am able to move my tongue again. "What are you doing to me!?" I garble at her. Grinning at me like the proverbial spider at it's captured fly, "I'm doing what you wanted, silly!" What I wanted? What was she talking about! She turns her back, but continues to speak, "Do you remember your last visit? You had asked for some information on dental hygiene and we gave you that USB fob that had several sites you could visit along with that app that would help remind you to brush and floss regularly? Well that app also let me watch what sites you visited. You have quite the rubber fetish which I can tell you made me so happy! I have had my eyes on you since you started coming to see me and when I say my eyes on you, I mean on every part of you!"

Suddenly I went cold as I realized she had seen all those latex and rubber encasement stories I had read and the sites I had been on expressing my deep desire to be taken against my will and made into a permanent love toy for my lesbian lover. "I was just fantasizing and role playing" I try to say with words that only vaguely sounded like words at all. "Oh, You are so welcome!", she says to me in mock tones of hospitality. "So now that we have this gag and mask in place, lets fill in the gaps, shall we?" Turning back toward me I see she has the 'caulking' gun back in her hand and is attaching a tube from the gun to the tube that would fill the bladder inside my now mostly filled mouth. "Here we go...", she says as she pulls the trigger on the 'gun'. I hear pump machines behind her that are attached to the tanks come alive and I hear the sound of something coming through the hoses. Air is passing out a valve until the contents of the tanks hit them and then they close allowing the fluids from the tanks to mix in the guns chamber and then pass through the tube and into the awaiting bladder.

Slowly the bladder in my mouth begins to expand and I try to push at it with my tongue, but it is no use. The bladder fills and fills until it has my jaw stretched and I feel as if I have a blimp in my mouth! "There we go. Now I know you are curious so let me explain. The tanks behind me contain copious quantities of a two part substance we use in dentistry for making mould of teeth and pallet." Smiling she continues, "The fluids alone are simply liquid, but when combined in the correct proportions, they create a thick putty-like substance which will expand and fill all crevices. You may feel it doing so right now." She was right. If I though my mouth felt full at the point she stopped pumping into the bladder, it was more so now. "Once it stops expanding, which should have happened now, it will solidify into a rubbery mass that will not be moved." My eyes widen at her words. "Well, I know in your writings on that latex/rubber forum you had mentioned doing the same thing with epoxy, but I figured that this would be safer and more comfortable for you on a permanent basis than epoxy would be.", she said smiling as if she had done me a great favor.

Checking my new 'mouth' she slowly caresses the rubbery lips and says, "Oh my I just cannot wait to sit on those lovely lips and let you work your magic on MY lips." I quiver now understanding the need for my tongue to be free inside my mouth's prison and also understood the raised appendage that now extended off my nose. Facing either way, if she were mounting my face, that protrusion would become either a clitoral stimulator, or a nice anal stimulator. My whole face was now nothing but her toy!

"But I took care of you too, my little lovetoy! I left your nipples free...", at which point she tweaked one with her finger and thumb, sending my into a frenzy as the engorged nerves sent their stimuli to my brain and pussy all at the same time. "And I left you holes free so I can use them too! I do love a good feeldoe fun session." And with that she sighed and then returned to her work. "Now to finish sealing you up in your cocoon." She then removed the hose from the now permanently filled mouth gag bladder and attached a new connector to the gun.

This new end had nearly a dozen smaller hoses coming off of it of various lengths. "Before we do the next step, let's get this in place." At which point she produced a thick rubber posture collar with a metal turn-buckle in the front and support stays along the side and back. Lifting my head she placed it around my neck from front to back. After coating the rubberised zipper in the same catalysing agent she had used to secure the gag/mask in place, she then zipped up the rubber/plastic zipper in the back and removed the zipper, leaving a smooth sealed seam which soon became a solid seam, never to be opened.

She then produced from under the table what looked to be a large corset, but it looked strange. I then realized was modified so as to accommodate my arms as they rested along my side and hands as they cupped my butt cheeks. Rolling me on my side, she smiles as she worked this into place. The seam is on the front and has a gap of about one and a half inches. She then shows me a tool that looks like a metal handle with a long strap on it. Rolling me on my side she slips the strap under me and lets me return to my back. the three inch wide strap is positioned near the bottom of the corset and the end threaded through an awaiting slot at the base of the handle. Then, like a ratchet, she is able to squeeze me until the ends of the bottom of the corset come together. I am squealing at this point because it is so tight. She smiles and applies some of the catalyst to the rubber corset and begins the zipping action. Ratchet, catalyst, zip, release, move, and repeat. This went on for several minutes until she finally came to the end with the corset pushing my obscenely protruding breasts even higher into the air and then it was done.

If I had hoped I might move my arms when feeling returned, those hopes were now dashed. I was encased in a thick unyielding corset prison. She sighs in contentment as she then picks up the caulking gun and begins attaching the various hoses. "I'm sure you are wondering about this, hmmm?" One by one she connects to the top of my head, one on either side of my head near the ears, one on either side of my breasts, tucked between them and my arms, one on each hip, just above the knees on each leg, and lastly at the bottom of my feet.

Turning back to me she says, "See, the suit you are wearing is actually made of two layers. I will now start pumping the putty mixture into the space between these layers and finish your new cocoon." She then pulled the trigger and locked it to the on position and the pumps went to work. Soon the thick putty was pushing into the suit from what seemed like was every direction. I could feel it as it squirted into the top of my head and on the sides of my face, expanding and compressing at the same time. Then it seemed to stop at the head and began flowing into the connections near my arms and breasts. Flowing onto the space more rapidly than it had at my head, it filled every gap and even around my back as it also compressed and pushed my bulging breasts even more forward. Soon my entire upper torso was an exaggerated representation of my actual body.

I begin to scream a reasonable facsimile of a scream realizing that I would become a rubbery, semi-rigid mannequin at that point. "Oh don't worry my little toy, I didn't forget about your needs." At which point she placed a spreader bar between my ankles pressed a button on the chair. My legs were raised up into an upright 'V' as if I were some kind of bizarre inverted tripod. It was then that I felt the putty mixture flowing into the connections at the soles of my feet, then at the knees, and finally at my hips. As the humming of the motors stopped, my ex-dentist and now Owner began to run her hands up and down my legs and thighs, ensuring an even filling and consistent thickness. She repeated this as well along my sides and my sensitive breasts, then brushing my exposed skin, nearly making me scream as my already over sensitive nipples engorged with blood.

After about ten minutes, the putty was set and she pulled down on my upwardly pointing feet, bringing me to a sitting position. "Now I know you might have been a little upset earlier about losing your hair, but I have a surprise for you!" She then produces a wig, but not a regular wig, no, this one is all rubber and flaming red. She applies a liberal amount of the rubber catalyst and viola, I had hair again...well sort of. "Don't worry about your old life. With access to your computer I've sent your resignation to your employer. Made posts about heading off and taking an extended sabbatical in search of inner peace. And made posts on the Latex/Rubber forums saying you have found what you were looking for and saying goodbye to all there."

With a sigh filled with a mixture of relief and excitement you look at me and say, "Well now, shall we begin our new life of fun together?", at which point she begins to disrobe revealing her own rubber clad body. Pressing another button on the chair, I feel myself being lowered to just below her hip level. She then appears over my awaiting face and says, "Now remember, if you want air, you have to remind me by using that lovely tongue." I wonder briefly what she means as it become clear when she turns and settles snugly over my soft rubbery mouth hole, sealing me in and beginning my new rubbertoy slave existence.



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