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My Darlings Surprise

by Mike Valentine

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© Copyright 2009 - Mike Valentine - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; vacbed; latex; catsuit; enclosed; sex; cons; X

"Take me home my kinky man" was all she said. I needed no other encouragement, I picked up Michelle's hand bag and put my arm around my honey. We slowly made it to the clubs entrance and left. A cab pulled up upjust as our faces felt the cold air, was it really 4am? Luckily it was now Sunday morning and we had all day to rest, Michelle and I had needed a night out since we both hadn't seen each other for a week. The cab ride was over in very little time, Michelle had fallen asleep in my arms, how relaxed she looked. Her sweet innocent looks decieved her secret desires, no one knew except me and I was lucky enough to enjoy all she could create in our our sexual adventures. I paid the driver and carried my girl into our home.

There was no need for grace or caution, we lived by ourselves, no pets, it would have been impossible to care for them with our lifestyle and work. I carried Michelle upstairs to our bedroom, I was glad I had programmed the central heating. It was warm and cosy. As I undressed her beautiful body I slipped her between the sheets softly and carefully not to wake her. I undressed and and slid in to bed as well, not noticing the unusual texture of the sheets. Still it was warm and soft and smooth. I held my honey and drifted of to sleep.

"Justin, Justin, honey wake up!" I heard faintly. I could her Michelle's voice but it was like a whisper. I opened my eyes but it was still dark, I must be having a morning dream. I felt a faint touch on my chest but it was distant and vague. What was this dream I thought.

"Justin, Justin wake up honey you're not dreaming its me." I heard.

I tried to speak but my mouth wasn't functioning, I managed a gargled mumf that was all.

"Justin you look beautiful." Michelle said.

What was I feeling, I was rigid and tight, my member was hard but I couldn't touch it to feel the sensation. I was thinking faster now, I was not dreaming, I was awake, I twitched as I felt my cock being touched, I couldn't move just twitch. I tried to turn my head but couldn't and why was Michelle in my dream ? Nothing made sense.

"Justin, Justin do you like it in there?" I heard Michelle.

I gasped again, so this was my sweet girls doing. While I was sleeping, what has she done? How long have I been here?

These thoughts of panic soon dissappeared I felt Michelle climb over me and sit on my body, my arms were at my side and my cock standing proud. Then I could feel her lowering herself over my cock, she must have been wet because there was no resistance she consumed my whole cock in a smooth even thrust. This felt amazing she squeezed her muscles and I throbbed uncontrollably. She rode me forever it felt, her body shaking and mine convulsing in a rythum that had no control or boundaries. I felt her hands try to find my nipples but whatever I was in was to thick or slippery to get a good grasp, this made for some newer sensations of frustration and danger. I wondered what it was I was confined too?

OMG I was sealed in what must be a vacuum bed, held like a peice of meat for my partners pleasure. This felt exciting and powerless at the same time. I could do nothing I was at the mercy of my girl without any say in what happened next.

"Thats good honey," Michelle was saying. Not the usual religious expletives our love making normally produced. She could feel me spasm and twitch and could tell I was spent. I wanted to point my toes and extend this feeling but couldn't move a muscle, they were rigid too. Wow this had been so intense so new I was a animal that could only breathe and cum. Finally when Michelle had exhausted herself and drained every ounce of energy from me she slid down beside me and lay there holding me still fixed unmoving in my vac bed. I must have passed out.

"Here you are honey, you will need this." it was Michelle and I opened my eyes and could see her, still dressed in her fullbody latex catsuit and stilleto boots.

My mouth was too dry to form any words, I just smiled and she handed me a glasss of orange juice.I drank it in one gulp. Michelle sat beside me. I was sweaty and felt weak. Michelle had peeled me from her newest toy. I was free to move but I didn't, I just stared at my girl and she smiled cheekily." I love you hun '. I said meekly.

Michelle nodded and kissed me on the cheek, "I knew you would like that, do you want to try it again?" she whispered.

"I definetly do, yes my hun, what an experience. You will be the one inside next time !" I said back confidently.

"Its a vac bed, I saw it in a magazine and just had to get it, black of course." Michelle said. "I got it this week and snuck it home yesterday to surprise you."

"Well you did do just that" I said. I climbed out and headed for the shower, I knew this was just the beginning....


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