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My Predicament 4

by Self Bound Latex sub

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© Copyright 2002 - Self Bound Latex sub - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; rubber slave; feminisation; X


The Self Bound Latex Sub, April 2002 
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My Predicament Chapter 4

How fondly I look back on my days of freedom now. I remember having a job, going shopping, eating at a restaurant, all those things that normal people do. I remember how I used to fantasise about having a Mistress who would bind and gag me, and do all sorts of nasty things to me for hours on end. How foolish I was!

I have now been the slave of Mistress Carol for just on six months, ever since she kidnapped me from her Rubber wear shop in Sydney. I have spent those six months in constant Rubber Bondage, never once being free enough to be able to escape. I live in a dungeon, a converted bank vault, in a house that I have no idea where it is, with no-one to share my captivity with except my Mistress. I must confess, sometimes I forget myself and I find myself loving my Mistress and her dominant ways, and it is getting increasingly difficult to remember that I am a Male, who has been kidnapped against my will.

You see, my Mistress keeps me as her Female Rubber Slut Slave, to the point that my name is but a distant memory, and I am now only ever referred to as "Slut" or "Slave", depending on my Mistress's whim at the time. I am constantly corseted, and my Mistress has reduced my waist to a flattering 24 inches, although she insists she will not be happy until it reaches 20 inches! She has been feeding me female hormones, so that my breasts have grown, and now I actually require a bra for them, although a push up bra certainly gives them a significant boost. The hormones have also reduced my body hair, although my Mistress has used an electrolysis machine on my facial and body hair, removing the majority of it permanently. My short male haircut has grown out, and I now have a beautiful mane of blonde hair, which cascades down to just below my shoulders. I have been wearing stilletto heeled shoes constantly the whole time, and my calf and feet muscles now scream at me if I try and stand without at least a four inch heel beneath me.

Be that as it may, I am a beautiful woman! My Mistress originally was going to have me "fixed", to complete the transformation, however recently she informed me that she would keep me whole, as on the occasions that she has used me as a male, she enjoys it immensely, and doesn't want to lose that ability to choose how she uses me! However my male parts are usually bound up and stretched between my legs, to ensure there are no unsightly bulges where there shouldn't be. I am always dressed as a female in some form of Rubber, usually a maid outfit. I am now permitted to move about the house, doing chores for my Mistress while she is at work. Of course, I am bound the whole time, so escape is always out of the question. Even if I could escape my bonds, my new home is a renovated bank branch, and so all the windows are barred, and the front door is a solid panel of steel cored wood, with a complex lock system. Mistress Carol never fails to secure the house as she leaves, "To keep her valuables safe" she often jokes. I would laugh in reply, but for my constant mouth filling gag!

Let me describe a typical day, as today has been. I usually spend the night bound in the dungeon, unless Mistress Carol requires my services in the bedroom. Last night was such a night, and I spent the night in an incredibly strict hogtie, so tight that my feet were actually touching my elbows! I was dressed in a Rubber catsuit with a built in Butt Plug, a large rubber plug that is actually a super strong vibrator which runs off the power outlet, not batteries. This was set to a random setting, so it spent the whole night going on and off at the most unexpected times. I was also hooded, however there were holes for my mouth, nose and eyes. My head was encased in a leather harness, with a built in Ring Gag. This harness was then attached to a similar harness around my Mistress's waist, so that my mouth was pulled tight to her beautiful womanhood.  So there I was, Rubberised and bound, laying on my Mistress's bed between her legs, with a gagged mouth but free tongue up to her nether regions. Her last words to me were "Slave, I expect 5 orgasms before I get up in the morning - but you'd better make sure that you don't wake me up at all, cause even an orgasm won't save you then!"

So I spent the entire night staring at my Mistress's glorious pussy, trying desperately not to move when the vibrator kicked in for fear of waking her. I managed to bring her to three orgasms with my tongue before I heard her breathing turn deep and slow after the last orgasm, and I knew she was asleep. As she never woke up during the night I was unable to increase my tally during the night, and so I was desperate to ensure the completion of the 5 orgasms in the morning. When she woke up I quickly brought her to a screaming orgasm (she is always most sensitive first thing in the morning, I have learned), and worked my tongue until I thought it would fall off to get her through the 5th orgasm shortly thereafter. Mistress Carol then released my head from her waist harness, and thus freed from me got off the bed and made her way to the bathroom. I was pleased to note that as she stepped off the bed her legs wobbled a little, and if I could have smiled I would have!

As I lay there, unable to move, I faintly through the Rubber hood could hear my Mistress going through her morning routine. First the filling of the large spa bath, while she completes her toilet. Then the sigh of joy as she relaxes down into the bath, and the silence as she lays there in luxury. After a while, she steps from the bath, and completes her dressing and makeup. As always, she dresses in Rubber, and I can hear the slither of it over her body, and the snap of it fitting to her. Often it is my duty to bathe her in the morning, and prepare her clothes for the day. Once she even bound me in the bottom of the bath, and after the bath was filled I was only able to breathe through a tube which she held above the surface. Whenever she blocked the tube, stopping my air, I was required to bury my face in her pussy and bring her to orgasm before she would allow me to breathe. Luckily for me she only required three orgasms, but I was later punished for making her late for work!

Today, my Mistress bathed alone, and shortly thereafter my daydreaming came to a halt as my Mistress came out from the bathroom dressed in her Rubber outfit of the day. She released me from the hogtie, and without allowing me an inch of freedom managed to handcuff my hands in front of me. I was then required to polish her Rubber outfit to a high gloss, finishing off by cleaning her boots with my tongue. Her outfit today was quite simple, an electric blue Rubber mini dress, a blue Rubber choker around her neck, and black thigh high Rubber boots with a 4 inch heel.

After releasing my feet, then hobbling them with a six inch chain, I was sent downstairs to prepare her breakfast while she completed her hair and makeup. I finished her breakfast of Bircher Muesli with fresh strawberries, freshly squeezed Orange Juice, and a bowl of yoghurt, just as she called me to where she was standing outside my dungeon. I hobbled to her, and was commanded to enter the dungeon, clean myself up and prepare myself with the things she had left out. The door was then closed and locked behind me. I hobbled over to the table in the middle of the room where my Mistress had left the keys to my handcuffs and ankle chains, and unlocked myself. The only time I have ever been free of my bonds since I have been here is when I have been locked in this room, and even then only for a few short minutes.

I undressed, and after I completed my toilet routine, ensuring I was completely clean inside by administering two enemas, and I had showered in the corner, I dried myself off, and started to dress. Today Mistress had laid out for me my French Maid outfit, and so after locking my penis back between my legs I started with the heavy Rubber corset, putting it on using the Corseting Machine in the corner. After my waist was reduced to it's customary 24 inches, I put on the fluffy white tutu, and over the top the black Rubber French Maid dress, which was held out below the waist by the tutu. Black Rubber stockings and black patent court shoes with a punishing 6 inch heel followed, then a white Rubber apron and maid's cap to complete the picture. I noticed there were no Rubber panties for me today. I then quickly completed my preparations by doing my makeup, nice and slutty like my Mistress likes to see me.

I then picked up the ankle cuffs and Rubber Armbinder that were at the bottom of the pile, and tottered back over to the Corseting Machine in the corner. I cuffed my ankles together, which I noticed left me only about an inch of movement, and set the laces for the Armbinder into the machine. I then stood with my back to the Armbinder, buckled it's straps around my chest, and after pushing the start button on the machine quickly slipped my arms inside the still loose Armbinder (a trick I was getting quite good at, due to lots of practice!). A few minutes later the machine had done it's work, cementing my arms together up to my elbows and tying off the laces using a small metal ring which only my Mistress has the tool for it's release.

After very slowly working my way to the middle of the room (slowly due to the ankle cuffs only allowing me to move an inch at a time) I stood in the middle of the room, with my back to the door. A few minutes later it opened, and I could see Mistress Carol in the mirror. She knew I was well bound, as she has a video camera high in one corner through which she can watch me night or day. Before she will enter she ensures that I have properly bound myself as per her instructions. Any deviation, and she will not open the door that day. A blatant attempt to escape is punished by at least two days before she opens the door. I only tried that once - two days without food or water is a long time, and the punishment that I then endured on top of my empty stomach was enough to drive any further thoughts of escape from my mind!

My mistress came in carrying a very unusual collection of items in her grasp, the purpose of which I was unable to clearly gather, as I did, of course, have my head down in a typically submissive pose. 
"Well Slut, I hope you are satisfied. Because of your slow work last night and this morning I am now late to open the shop, and I'll be caught in the rush hour traffic on the way in, and you know how much I detest that!"
I knew I was in trouble - she really hates rush hour!
"So today you can clean the floors, and do the dusting, and I have had the right equipment especially made up for you to use. I've been waiting for an excuse to use these." So saying, Mistress Carol laid her bundle on the table behind me, and after picking out one strange item came towards me. She quickly wrapped the contraption around my head and neck, and after tightening all the straps I was able to see what had become of me in the mirror. There was a very large penis gag strapped in my mouth, effectively silencing me. Sticking out from the gag, however, was the head of a feather duster - so large I could barely see around it. Incorporated into the gag was a high posture collar around my neck, with a pair of viscous looking nipple clamps hanging on a chain from the D ring at the front. Strangely enough, these clamps also had another set of chains hanging down from the front of them.

Mistress Carol then roughly bent me forward at the waist, and without any lubrication forced a very long, large plug up my ass. As it went in, through the pain I could feel bumps all along its length. She then attached some sort of chastity harness made of strong elastic around my waist and through my crotch, and then attached the head of a mop to the base of the Butt Plug! The pole on the mop wasn't long enough to reach the floor, hanging about 6 inches from the ground. Immediately I could feel the tug on the plug, and the plug slipped a few inches out of my ass as the elastic stretched, and I again felt those bumps all along the length of the plug.

I was then stood up straight, and the nipple clamps from the posture collar were attached to my nipples under my Rubber Maids outfit, pulling my head down. A chain from the base of the Butt Plug was then run up the inside of the front of the dress, and was attached to the nipple clamps by way of the extra chains that I had been wondering about.

My Mistress then told me she expected the whole house dusted, and all the floors mopped, by the time she got home this evening, or I would spend the next week bound in a Rubber full enclosure suit which had been filled with itching powder. After she left I immediately started on my chores, and quickly discovered the predicament she had left me in. With my ankles hobbled so tightly, it would take me hours just to walk from room to room, let alone back and forth to where she had left the bucket of soapy water in the kitchen for the mopping. The weight of the mop pulled the plug a few inches out of my ass, which pulled on those nasty nipple clamps. When I put pressure on the mop to try and clean the floor, it forced the plug back into my ass, relieving the pressure on my nipples but rubbing those sharp bumps along my rim as it went in. In order to dust anything I had to lift my head up, again pulling on the nipple clamps, and the posture collar ensured I had very little movement to assist me in the dusting.

It is now about fifteen minutes before my Mistress arrives home, and I am lying on my side in the lounge room, crying. I know I am in trouble, and that a week in an enclosure suit will seem tame compared to what Mistress Carol is going to do to me when she gets home. I had finished mopping the bathrooms, and was working on the kitchen floor, when about an hour ago I managed to knock over the bucket with the mop, spilling dirty water back over the kitchen floor. Thinking that I could maybe alleviate my punishment by making sure that all the dusting was done, I hurried back in to the lounge room, and started to dust the shelves. In my haste I knocked a glass vase containing a single red rose off the shelf above the fireplace, and at the same time managed to overbalance myself, and ended up hitting the floor hard, right beside the broken shards of the glass vase.

So here I am, unable to move from my position on the floor, my nipples throbbing in pain, waiting for my Mistress to come home and find me. I know my punishment will be like nothing I have ever experienced before, but deep down I know I deserve it for failing her, and I wish she would arrive home quickly so that I may begin my punishment, and stop this waiting.


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The Self Bound Latex Sub, April 2002 


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