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My Predicament3

by The Self Bound Latex Sub

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© Copyright 2002 - The Self Bound Latex Sub - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bondage; fem; reluct; X

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My Predicament Chapter 3
Self Bound Latex Sub

I wake up slowly, although I guess waking up is not the right term for it…for I definitely did not sleep, it was more that I passed out. However, as I came back to consciousness, I heard a key turning in the lock, and I wearily lifted my head to see in the mirror my new Mistress walk in the dungeon behind me. At any other time I think I would have been in seventh heaven at the sight of her, she was nothing short of stunning. She is wearing a Black Rubber Catsuit, with flame red panels down the length of the sides from her armpits to her feet. I can't believe how tight the catsuit looks, almost as if it has been sprayed on her. On her feet is a pair of patent stilettos, with heels at least 5 inches tall. Around her waist is a flame red Rubber waist cincher, with three large shiny chrome buckles at the front. The catsuit ends at her wrists, and her long nails are painted the same flame red colour as her outfit. Her makeup also matches the outfit, with flame red lips and dark eyeshadow and eyelashes enhancing her Vampish look.  However, the most amazing thing is her hair, which is normally a rich, silky black. This morning (is it morning? I have no idea of the time; morning is only an assumption!) however, it is a flaming red to match her outfit!

A pity I am in no condition to enjoy her beauty. I look in the mirror and see myself, still looking like a beautiful Rubberised female slave, but feeling about a hundred years old. I have been wearing the Rubber corset, catsuit, female mask hood, single glove, posture collar, gag and various other bondage attachments since I stepped into her shop yesterday, and the Butt Plug and Nipple Clamps have been there since yesterday morning! I haven't had any sleep to speak of, and I am still hanging two feet off the floor in an incredibly strict hogtie. Right now The Devil Herself could walk through the door and I would not even notice, I am in that much pain. 

I became aware that Mistress Carol is talking to me, in a stern voice.
"Well my lovely slave, how are you feeling this morning? I hope you had a good night's sleep, as I have a big day planned for you, and you will need your strength. In case you have forgotten, today is Sunday, and so the shop isn't open. That means we have all day together to play, won't that be fun? Well, for me at least, but I am sure you will enjoy some of it! Now, I think we need to get you down from there, and cleaned up…You Stink!" I realised she is right, I do stink. I'd been enclosed in Rubber for almost 24 hours, and therefore sweating, and I now realise that during the night I must have lost control of my bladder, as I can smell the distinct aroma of urine about me, and I am sure it is not coming from Mistress Carol.

Saying this, Mistress Carol walks over to the winch handle, and lets me down. No easy, slow descent for her new slave, however, she simply flicks the latch and lets the winch run free, dropping me hard on the concrete two feet below, and therefore knocking the wind out of me. In a flash, Mistress Carol is on me, releasing the hogtie, and undoing the laces on the single glove. My brief idea of escape is dashed, however, as I am badly winded, and unable to get air into my lungs. The rib crushing corset, the hood, the massively inflated gag and the length of my strict bondage all conspire to ensure that I can't get anywhere near enough air in my lungs to even begin to breath, let alone think about fighting her off. I gasp for air through my nose while Mistress Carol removes the single glove, unstraps my legs, although not my ankles, and removes the posture collar. 

I am now completely free, and totally incapable of doing a thing about it! She unzips the rear of the catsuit halfway down my back, and then casually flips me over on to my back while she pulls it over the front of my shoulders, and pulls my arms from the sleeves. This done, she drags me over to one corner of the dungeon, while chatting away to me. "Slave, you should see your eyes, I think they are going to pop out of your head soon. And that silly mewwing sound you are making is just ridiculous, anyone would think you can't breathe! Don't worry, you're not dying, I would never allow that while you are of any benefit to me. In ten or twenty years, when you're getting a bit too old, then we'll see about that, but don't be concerned in the meantime, unless you really upset me badly, of course."

While this banter is going on, I have been dragged to the back corner, and she has padlocked heavy chrome manacles on to my wrists from which chains go up to some sort of pulley system at the roof. Mistress Carol then walks to a control panel on the wall, and pushes the up arrow button. Suddenly I find myself being drawn upwards, and there is nothing I can do about it. Shortly I am standing, then on to tiptoes, but the winch is not stopped until my Rubber booted feet are about 6 inches off the ground. Slowly my breathing is returning to something resembling normal, but it is too late, I am inescapably bound again!

As I hang here recovering, Mistress begins to strip the Rubber from my body. She begins with the catsuit, unzipping it all the way, and pulling it down to the top of my boots. Instantly the strong smell of urine is prevalent, and Mistress Carol wrinkles her nose. "Obviously you need some extensive Toilet Training, slave, as I am not going to put up with this every time you are bound overnight, which by the way will be every night for the rest of your life!" So saying, she starts unlacing the corset, and then pulls it from my body. What a relief, finally I can breathe normally.  After the corset is off, she steps on a convenient stool, and unties the rear of my inflated gag. I am unable to eject it, as due to its size I can't open my jaw any further to spit it out. So after undoing the hood she simply pulls the gag straps through the mouth hole of the hood, and then reties them behind my head, leaving me still totally mute. The top half of my body is now naked, and Mistress stops to play with my nipple clamps. She pulls on them none too gently, eliciting a pained scream from me, although only a muffled grunt is heard through my gag. Thankfully she stops there, and continues with undressing me. 

She proceeds to pull down my Rubber shorts, carefully avoiding being wet by the urine trapped there. Now all this Rubber is trapped at the top of my boots, and she places a leather strap around the naked top of my legs, tightening it unmercifully. She then ties a thin string between the chain of my nipple clips and this leg strap, keeping it pulled taught. "Well slave, any movement of your legs is going to cause immense pain in your nipples, so I suggest you don't think about doing anything foolish like trying to kick me when I unstrap your ankles. It won't help anyway, cause you'll still be hanging there even if you kick me, and believe me, you will regret my punishment if you do." So saying, she unties my ankles, and starts to remove my boots. Even though she is not rough, I find that by the time she has removed all the Rubber from my legs, I am nearly crying from the pain in my nipples, and I am sure that had my gag not been in I would have screamed loud enough to bring the roof down. Finally, she is finished, and after dropping all the rubber on the floor below me, she removes the string to my nipples, and releases the strap around my upper legs. 

"Now slave, as you were such a good slave, I am going to help you by taking off those nasty nipple clamps. I have plans for those nipples, and I don't want them dropping off from lack of circulation. I see from your eyes you know what taking them off means…well, get ready for the pain slave!" As she says the last, she quickly releases both clamps together, for maximum pain effect. If I thought I could have screamed the roof down earlier, I was totally underestimating the pain as those clamps came off after 24 hours! My head snaps back and I scream and scream through the gag, so loudly that it can actually be heard clearly by my new Mistress. "Well slave, I think that may have hurt a little, so you just hang around a relax while I go and enjoy my lunch." With that, she walks out of the dungeon, and closes the door behind her. I hang there, staring at my reflection on the mirrored wall. I examine myself, and decide that I looked better as a Rubberised Female Slave Slut.

A while later she returns, and starts to clean me up. I find I am hanging in an area that has been built for this purpose, as my new Mistress simply pulls a hose from the wall, and turns it on me at high pressure. I am lucky, it is warm water, and not cold, although based on her treatment of me so far, I am quite sure she is capable of blasting ice cold water all over me as I hang there. The water quickly runs to the corner of the room, and exits through a drain there. It is when my Mistress starts me turning so that she can hose the back that she suddenly starts to laugh as I slowly spin. "Do you mean to tell me that all this time you've had a Butt Plug up your ass?" she laughs, almost crying in her hilarity. "That must feel like it is ready to explode!" I vigorously nod my head, trying to convey my discomfort. "Well slave, lets get it out of there before it decides it's going to stay there forever. Beware, though, if you get any muck on me you will live to regret it!" 

With that warning, she viscously rips the Butt Plug from my ass, and again I throw my head back screaming, as it feels like my ass has been split in two. But I am still clear headed enough to desperately try to keep my ass closed long enough for my Mistress to get out of the way before the damburst happens. I must have succeeded, for Mistress Carol comes around in front of me still smiling at my predicament as my bowels evacuate forcefully. When I am finished, without a word she hoses all the muck down the drain, but then after turning the pressure down on the hose she steps behind me, and her words send a shiver up my spine. " I guess we'd better make sure that's everything, slave, and at least you're nice and loose back here…" With that, I feel the hose forced up my raw asshole, and immediately the water is forcing it's way into my bowels, until I feel ready to explode. When she removes the hose a few moments later, I am unable to hold back, and the water explodes straight out of me, splashing high as it hits the floor below. I know I am in trouble when Mistress Carol comes around before me, she is no longer smiling, and I can see a few splashes of water on her Rubber covered legs.

"What did I say about getting any muck on me?" She says, her tone of voice scaring me immensely. "If you can't control yourself then I guess I will have to take control of that for you as well." She picks up the Butt Plug that has just been removed from me, and walks over to a set of drawers against the far wall. There she smears some sort of cream all over it and walks back to me. She places the plug and the jar of cream on a nearby table, and from the wall nearby removes two spreader bars that are hanging there. These are swiftly locked on me, one between my ankles and one between my knees, holding my legs far apart. She then picks up the Butt Plug and without warning shoves it hard up my poor tortured ass. 

Again I scream into my mouth-filling gag, but no sound emerges. Mistress Carol then gets the jar of cream and rubs large quantities of it all over my dick and balls, and all of the surrounding sensitive skin, then all over my buttocks. She then removes the spreader bars, and pulls my Rubber Shorts from the pile below, dries them and pulls them up my legs and over my hips, letting them snap painfully into place. Finally she takes a chastity belt from the wall, and straps it onto me, pulling the leather strap between my legs brutally tight before buckling it off. After this she straps my legs together above and below the knees and at the ankles. A Rubber hood with a bulb coming from the top of it is then taken from a drawer, and a powder sprinkled into it before it is pulled over my head, the nose plugs settling into my nostrils so that I can breathe, and zipped up at the back. 

Mistress Carol then speaks to me, although it is difficult to hear through the thick Rubber hood. "Well slave, before I cut you off from the world, I'll tell you what is happening. This is an inflatable hood, once I pump it up it will insulate you from the world totally. The powder I sprinkled inside is itching powder, and when the hood is inflated it will push the Rubber hard against your face, accentuating the itchiness of the powder. As you sweat more, it will also get itchier. Furthermore, the cream I used on the Butt Plug and your privates is Super Strong Deep Heat, the stuff that the athletes use by the gallon. Well, in a few minutes that is going to heat up, and keep getting hotter and hotter. I am sure that this will keep your mind occupied while you hang there. By the way, don't rub your hood around too much trying to itch, if you dislodge the nose holes you're dead! Now, I'm going to leave you here to think about what you have done - I was planning to play today, but you've ruined that chance well and truly. Enjoy your time alone, Slave." All this is said in a tone of voice that would freeze water, and I know she means it. Suddenly I hear the pump being used, and I feel the pressure of the Rubber on my face and head increase. When the pump finally stops the pressure on my head is immense, almost unbearable, and I realise that I am totally cut off from the world, I can only hear the sound of my own breathing.

As I hang there I start to understand what my new Mistress has done to me, as the sensations from the itching powder and the Deep Heat make themselves known. As the minutes wear on, my ass and privates begin to feel like they are on fire, burning with an intensity I would never have thought possible. The itching powder in my hood is starting to drive me mad, especially as there is no way I can itch it in any way, and I have to be careful not to dislodge the nose plugs, which only adds to the frustration! As each minute passes, the sensations get worse and worse, and I know that no matter how many minutes or hours my Mistress leaves me hanging here, it will be too long, and I will do anything not to have to endure a repeat of the same experience! I pray that she will return soon, so that I may beg her forgiveness, and be allowed to show my willingness to do anything she wishes. In the meantime, I hang here, helpless and at my Mistress' whim.


For all those who asked me to continue, enjoy! Chapter 4 will come soon, as I find I am enjoying the antics of our hero slave. Where will he find himself next? 
The Self Bound Latex Sub, February 2002 


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