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My Predicament

by The Self Bound Latex Sub

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My Predicament
by Self Bound Latex Sub
Well, what a predicament. I was blind, mute, and unable to move, and it was all my own fault. It just goes to show what can happen when you trust someone…oh well, I guess I was going to have plenty of time to think about my mistakes. I had come down to Sydney for work, and I was staying here for two weeks. This meant that I had a weekend free in between, which would give me some time for shopping. Oh no, I don't mean just any old shopping, I mean a chance to stock up on some new Rubber outfits, after all Sydney has some great shops for those of us into Rubber and other fetishes. I went out for drinks with the Sydney office staff on Friday night, but I couldn't really get into the party mood as I was worked up about visiting the shops tomorrow, so I feigned a headache and headed back to my hotel.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep much that night, so a little playtime was definitely in order. I unlocked my suitcase (wouldn't want the housemaids finding things!), and took out the supply of toys that I had brought with me. After setting up the digital camera on remote through my laptop, I proceeded to get dressed in my favourite way.

First off, after cleaning myself out with an enema, I inserted my largest Butt Plug. This one takes a bit of work to get in, but the full feeling is well worth it. I then pulled on my Rubber shorts - these have a crotch zipper from front to back for easy access. I then tucked my penis away between my legs to stop any unsightly bulges when I'm finished. Following this I pulled on my Rubber corselette - it's not a lace up, but it is tight enough to pull my waist in fairly well. I filled the breast sections with a pair of socks each - simple but quite effective. Under the socks I then added my butterfly nipple clamps - they never come loose, no matter how much I sweat under the Rubber. Next is a Rubber sleevless T-shirt, and a Rubber ultra mini-skirt. I follow this with opaque black stockings and connect them to the garters from the corselette. These are not Rubber as I have found out the hard way that Rubber stockings will rip badly if you are struggling around on the carpet too much.

Then come the ropes - ankles, knees (above and below) and breasts. connected to the breast rope is a Special Ring Device, with a trailing rope. Another rope around the waist, tied off at front, has a small loop tied in the centre of my back. I then hop to the minibar, take out a couple of ice cubes, and set up my release mechanism - ice in a stocking pinned to the wall, holding the ring of keys out of reach.

Now the final touches - Rubber ball gag (with breathing hole), long Rubber opera gloves, leather cuffs locked over the gloves. Kneel on the floor, atttach the trailing rope to the ankle rope, pull on my Rubber hood and then lock the cuffs to the small loop of rope in the centre of my back. That's it, no matter what, I can't get out until the ice melts in an hour or so, or in an emergency when the housemaids clean the rooms in the morning (not a preferred option, but at least I'll be alive!) However, there's more to go, I pull on the end of the rope that runs from the ankle rope, through the Rings attached to the breast rope, and hangs down my back. This pulls my feet towards my back, and leaves me still kneeling, but in a tight arch backwards. I throw my weight forward, and bingo, I'm lying on the ground in a tight hogtie. A few more tugs on the rope, and my legs are as high as I can get them, and the Special Ring Device ensures that they stay there.

I spend the next hour or so struggling around on the floor of the hotel room, sweating a little in my Rubber Bondage, but not too much as I have turned the air conditioning up quite high to keep cool. However, this means the ice takes longer to melt than I thought, and it is almost two hours later when I find the keys on the floor (not easy when you are in a strange room, either) and release myself. I masturbate to an enourmous climax, remove the Butt Plug and Nipple Clamps, clean up the Rubber, and fall into bed exhausted, but not until after I put my Rubber shorts back on.

The next morning I prepare for my shopping trip. I decide that I should be punished for not spending time with my workmates last night, and so I reinsert the large Butt Plug, and pull on my Rubber shorts. I'll be unable to take the plug out until I get back to the hotel, unless I want to put a rather smelly plug in my backpack! Then I also put on the Nipple Clamps, and it's off to the shops.

I visit a few of the shops I know, purchasing some new ankle cuffs, a pair of suspension cuffs, and a Rubber inflatable gag. Finally, I arrive at the last shop, which is my favourite. I had discovered it last time I was in Sydney, and the range of Rubber wear and bondage items is just fantastic. The lady who owns the store is very friendly, and very helpful in making selections. She greets me by name when I enter the shop, what a memory! As I enter the shop, I smell that wonderful scent of Rubber - this shop is bulging at the seams with it! 

My senses go into overtime, and with the plug up my ass I immediately get a massive hard on. Part of this is caused by the fact that Carol, the owner, is wearing the most stunning outfit you have ever seen! She has on a black Rubber dress with burgandy side panels, which only just covers her perfect tits and ass, and when she turns around I discover that it is laced all the way up the back, with about an inch between where the sides don't quite meet, showing the burgandy Rubber G-string thong she has on underneath. She is wearing thigh high black and burgandy Rubber boots with at least a 5 inch heel , and the silk stockings peeping out the top of the boots are attached to burgandy Rubber garters peeking out from under the dress. As if all of this isn't enough, she has on a Burgandy lace jacket - which on closer inspection turns out to be made from Rubber! Rubber lace, I've never seen anything like that before! Finally, her silken black hair is braided down her back and tied at the end with a burgandy Rubber lace bow.

As I stand there with my jaw around my ankles, she twirls around, showing me all of the outfit.
"It's my latest creation" she tells me, "I'm doing all of the Rubber wear for the shooting of Matrix II and III, and they wanted something different, so I created the Rubber Lace range. Do you like it?"
"Like is hardly the word" I managed to stammer around my tongue laying on the floor. "That is just…WOW"
"I like the burgandy setting off the black, and the garters are actually attached to the inside of the dress for something different" she informs me. "I just finished it last night, and I just had to wear it today - of course I just happened to make this prototype in my size!" she said with a cheeky grin. "There's also corsets and catsuits in the burgandy, and teddy's and T-shirts in the lace. Anyway, what can I help you with today? It's been a while since you've been in, you must be dying for some new outfits."

By this stage, that wasn't all I was dying for, especially as she had turned and was walking toward one on the clothing racks, her ass swinging seductivly at me. Did I mention what a great ass she had? " W .w.well, I was thinking of a proper corset, maybe a catsuit, and a new hood." I stammered. I had told her about my Crossdressing tendancies last time, so she was not surprised.

"Well, you're in luck" she replied, "I spent last week making corsets, and I think I must have had you in mind for this one" she said, taking a magnificent black corset off the rack and showing it to me. "It has built in boobs for the crossdresser, and has an automatic lacing system for someone who doesn't have anyone to help them put it on and lace it up."
Well, what more could a guy want?, I thought. "Sounds great - can I try it on?"
"Of course, and while you are there this catsuit should be your size - try it on over the top and see what it looks like." she said, handing me the corset and getting down a black catsuit. "When you are ready, give me a call and I will help you with the automatic lacer."

I stepped into the change room, and pulled the curtain. I stripped down to my Rubber shorts, and held the corset around my waist. As far as I could tell, there must have been a 6 to 8 inch gap at the back. "I'm ready, but I think it's too small" I called out.
"Nonsense, it will be fine" Carol answers, stepping into the change room. "Oh. I see you really like the shorts you got here last time" she remarked, patting me on the ass. "Nice nipple clamps, too. Now, just back up to this machine here and we'll get you laced up" she told me, pulling me over to a box hanging on the wall. "To do this yourself, just loosely lace up the corset, attach it to the lacer, and slide up into the corset from underneath" she instructed me while threading the lacing through the corset and attaching the lacings to the machine. "Then push this green button on the side like so…"

Suddenly I heard a low whirring, and the corset started to slowly tighten around my waist.
"It's designed to do it slowly, so that it gives your waist time to adjust. Once the back pressure builds, it will automatically slow even more, tightening in time with your breathing." I could see what she meant, the corset was now firm around my waist, and was tightening a little with each breath I took. I felt around my back, and found there was still at least 4 inches to go!
"Are you sure it's not too small?" I queried, a little concerned of ripping the Rubber.
"Positive" Carol replied. "It's a special formula Rubber, extra strong and virtually indestructible. Furthermore, if you want to have a beautiful feminine figure, you have to get rid of that little pot belly you have aquired since last time I saw you."

It was true, I had put on a little weight around the stomach lately, so I held my tongue - damn vanity. I wish now I had of done something else - or did I really wish that? Slowly, over 10 or 15 minutes, my waist was pulled in until I could barely breathe, and Carol pronounced the lacing finished and tied off. 
"Turn around and have a look in the mirror" she commanded, a stricter tone in her voice than I had heard before. I did, and gasped - my usual 34 inch waist looked like it had been cut in half! "Now, on with the catsuit" Carol continued, holding the catsuit open for me to step into. I discovered quickly that I couldn't bend at the waist, and that Carol would have to help me into the catsuit.

"Leg in here… other leg in here… now up and over the corset…arms in through here… OK, lets zip up the back" she said as she carefully smoothed the Rubber up over my body. When she had finshed, I looked in the mirror to discover myself transformed…I was stunning! The black Rubber glistened under the lights, my waist was smaller than imaginable and my boobs jutted out in front, looking perfectly realistic, even down to nipples standing out through the Rubber catsuit. Speaking of nipples, the clamps I had put on this morning as punishment were certainly punishing now - the corset and tight catsuit were forcing them tighter! However lost as is was in my own estatic world, I barely noticed them or my Butt Plug. Suddenly Carol reappeared in the change room - I hadn't even heard her go out!

"Here's some accessories to go with it" she said, her voice back to it's usual sweet tone. She helped me to step into a black Rubber ultra mini skirt, then she helped me into a pair of Rubber knee high boots with a 4 inch heel. Following this were Rubber opera gloves covering my naked hands and up the length of my already Rubberised arms. A Rubber hood followed, being laced up the back by Carol pulled it tight across my face like a second skin (which I shortly discovered it was!). It fitted perfectly, even to the point of curling over my lips and slightly inside my nostrils. Carol then placed a blond wig on me, which attached to small unnoticable clips on the hood.

"Now turn around again" she said, her voice again strong. I turned to the mirror with difficulty - I could barely move in this outfit. what I saw almost made me faint - looking at me was a stunning blonde woman - the mask was a fully featured womans face, with makeup, and was indistinguishable from the real thing. 
"Oh my, I look fantastic" I breathed, still adjusting to the vision of beauty in front of me. I looked as good as Carol did in her outfit!
"Yes you do darling" Carol replied, a strange glint in her eye. "Now, I know you are going to take that outfit…" I nodded my affirmation, too overcome to speak. "however, I know you like bondage, so may I show you a few interesting pieces of equipment for your collection?" she asked, her voice dripping with sex. Again I nodded - I barely heard her. She returned a few moments later with a handful of rubber, and placed it on a chair.

"First, this Rubber Single Glove laces up the back, and can be laced with the corset lacing machine for self bondage games" she said. "Why don't you try it on and see the effect?"
I had never worn a Single Glove, but it stood very high in my list of fantasies. "Yes please" I answered in a small voice, unable to speak loudly due to the crushing corset. I placed my arms behind my back, and Carol began enclosing them in the Single Glove, then tightening the straps around my shoulders. It felt like my arms were welded together, and the breasts of the vision in the mirror seemed to stand out even further, if that was possible. Of course, this tightened the Nipple Clamps even further, but I was past noticing. While I was staring at myself, Carol had wrapped Rubber straps around my legs, sealing them together."I found this inflatable Rubber gag in your bag of purchases - would you like to complete the outfit?" Carol asked, that glint back in her eye. Of course I said yes, I was totally lost by this stage.

She inserted the flat rubber of the gag into my mouth, and then strapped it around the back of my head. She slowly pumped the inflator bulb, until my cheeks bulged and I thought my mouth would explode. I stared at the bound beauty in the mirror - a Rubber covered tightly bound blonde bombshell. No matter how much it cost, I definitely had to have this outfit! I thought, little realising how close to the truth I was.

Carol walked around me, studying my stunning Rubber body. When she spoke, her voice was totally different, forceful and strict.
"Well slave, how do you feel now. You are inescapably Rubberised and tied, and you allowed it to happen. Anyone who allows this to happen to themselves deserves everything they get, and you are going to get lots!" she stated, an edge in her voice. I snapped out of my dream world - this was going a bit far! I struggled desperatley in my bonds, but barely even raised a wiggle on the outside! Carol laughed, saying teasingly "Was that you trying to escape slave? Sorry, I'm a better Mistress than that - I've never had anyone escape from my bonds yet, and I don't plan for it to happen now!" 

She then placed a strict posture collar around my neck, attached a long thick steel pole to a small ring at the back of the collar, and attached the other end of the pole to my ankle strap. She left me there, staring at my reflection, until she returned with a trolley. I was levered onto the trolley, and wheeled to the front of the store. After removing a manequin in the curtained window, which was covering a round metal lined hole in the floor, I was levered over the hole, and although I couldn't look down, I felt my pole being attached to the hole, until I was standing on my own, attached to a solid, rigid pole. Carol then proceeded to wrap more rubber straps around my body and the pole, at my ankles, knees, waist, above and below my breasts, and at my neck. These straps were tightened punishingly tight, crushing my bound arms between the pole and my body.

"Wait here" Carol laughed, and walked away into the shop for about five minutes. When she came back, she stood in front of me, and I saw she was wearing my clothes, with her hair hidden under my cap and the brim pulled down over her eyes.
"Thank you for parking right outside the front door slave, that will make it easier for me. I'm going for a drive in your car now, first to the hotel whose room key is here in your pocket, where I will pack up your bags, and then over to Central Station. There I will park your rental car, and purchase a one way ticket in your name to Brisbane. I'll board the train, slip into the toilet and change into my own clothes, and disembark. By the time you are reported missing, it will look like you decided to head home early, but didn't arrive. No-one will ever track you to here."

" I need a new slave - the last one didn't work out. I'll leave you whole for now, however I have a good friend who is a surgeon specialising in Sex Change operations - he owes me for a slave I found for him a while ago. Maybe I'll have him make you into what you really want to be…a submissive female slut slave. Well he'll make you female - the submissive slut slave part is my job!" With that, I saw her open the curtains in the window so that the passersby could see her new window mannequin (Help, I'm alive, not a mannequin!!??!!), then she stepped up to me with a Rubber blindfold, and my world went dark. Suddenly my gag was pumped up further, until it was unbearable. A few seconds later I heard the front door open, close, then the snick of the lock. Next my car started up and drove off, and I was left there, immobile, blind and mute!

I'm sure I have been here for hours so far. I can hear people outside the shop, although only faintly through the glass and the latex hood. If only I could move in some way, show them I'm alive…but I can't! I really regret the Nipple Clamps and Butt Plug now, my nipples are on fire, and I'm sure that the plug is getting larger and larger every minute. Carol didn't even know the plug was there - not that it would have made any difference, I fear. I moan into my gag, the moan echoing in my head but unable to be heard outside of it. I think I will have a long time to consider my mistake in trusting people!


I hope you like my work, this is the first fictional story I have written. If you like it, please let me know at [email protected], and maybe I'll see if chapter 2 will follow.
The Self Bound Latex Sub, October 2001 


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