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My Life 6: A Day to Remember – The Last Session

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2008 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; bdsm; machine; electro; anal; oral; toys; cons; X

Part 6: A Day to Remember – The Last Session

We said nothing as we stripped off our coats and boots. Anna knew we were in the final stretch and seemed determined to last it through, tired though she was… and more than a little sore as well. I kept my clothes on, the tight corset with silicon boobs, the pants, gloves, stockings and I added a pair of three inch heels. I helped her out of the corset and she breathed a heavy sigh. I released the suspenders, her stockings were tight enough to stay up on their own, and then without preamble pulled down her panties. Then, to match mine, I placed her feet into three inch pumps, she wouldn’t need them at all but she just looked good in them! So now she was naked except for shoulder gloves, stockings and pumps.

I handed her a thick rubber band and told her to pull her blonde hair back in a firm pony tail which she did, without comment. Then I led her to the frame! I think she knew the finale would top everything else and she gave a quiet groan as I adjusted the steel tubes and locked them into the positions I desired. She watched in silence, her rubber covered hands demurely covering her shaved pubis. Well, that wouldn’t help her soon.

Satisfied, I took her by the hand and pressed her into the lower portion of the frame. The leg portion was stretched wide and there were footrests onto which I had her place her pumps. For support she gripped the tubes at the side, and I began to pull the rubber straps tightly at her ankles, above and below knees and at the top of her thighs. It was all really over the top, one strap at ankle and thigh would have sufficed, but that was not the point, it was to engender a feeling of complete and utter helplessness, of subjugation in the submissive, and of course it worked. Her legs were now six inches off the ground and tightly stretched wide at an angle of 90 degrees, exposing her arse and shaved pussy wonderfully.

I now placed my hands on her shoulders and leant her forward into the cradle of supporting curved tubes and rubber straps. Her upper body was not quite horizontal just slightly elevated, and she shivered, either at the coolness of the steel or the anticipation of what was to come!

I kissed her mischievously on her bum as I tightened the straps around her stomach, then under breasts and finally under her armpits. I then began to tighten them, one after the other until she was unable to move an inch. Her arms dangled below her but not for long as I strapped them firmly to the front legs at wrists ands above and below her elbows. Now only her head could move but soon I took care of that.

She glared at me as I raised her chin, and pecked her on the cheek: then I took a short length of narrow rubber tubing, wrapped it round the band holding her pony tail and gently pulled it back, tying it to the strap across her waist. She wasn’t in any pain or discomfort, but now it meant she could only move her head slightly, either a little from side to side, or even less from up to down… and when she pulled it down, she could hold it for a few seconds before the rubber pulled it back… very effective!

What a sight she was, ready for anything I wished. Breasts pointing downwards, nipples pierced by barbells her arse and pussy terribly vulnerable, and she was incapable of even wriggling or squirming. She was familiar with this position, as she had clients in it before, both male and female and I had watched as she clearly enjoyed tightening the straps one by one. Now the shoe was on the other foot… or the whip in the other hand, and she didn’t look so chirpy. I took my time, I had plenty of it… she wasn’t going anywhere, so I ran a rubber encased finger down her back, stopping as I reached her tight bumhole. I sensed her shiver but nothing else, except to draw in a deep breath. It was down this end that I was going to concentrate on first.

I rolled the fucking machine around in front of her to give her a good look of what I would start with. She gave me a look and said quietly with a small smile then creasing her lips.

“Hmmm, okay, well let’s get on with it, if you can handle it, and my clients, then so can I… bring it on.” Well that sounded to me like a challenge, so I leant down, pecked her cheek and rolled the machine back behind her. I adjusted the height and the angle and then selected a fair sized rubber cock. I rolled a condom over its ample girth and returned to her head and showed it to her.

“Lick and suck.” I said and she opened her mouth as I pushed the cock in and out, getting it nice and wet.

“Good girl.” I said and returned to her rear, screwed it into the base plate and levelled it against her puckered arse. It was one inch in diameter and just three long but it would be a nice “opener” for the afternoon, so to speak. I didn’t want to harm her of course so putting on a single latex glove I smeared lube liberally round her ring and then pushed one finger, then two inside her slowly relaxing rear. She aaahhhed but said nothing as I lined up the cock and then slowly pushed it an inch inside her.

Initially there was no give from the entrance but then I firmly breached it. I smeared more lube on the cock and then said. “Okay here we go, hang on tight now.” I turned on the machine, at the slowest pace and the cock inexorably pushed its way inside her two more inches to its base and then it withdrew to the back of the head and then after a second’s wait, thrust back into her. She began to moan, realised that this was not going to do any good and so settled, and tried to adjust to the invasion.

I stood back and enjoyed the sight, Anna immovable as she was coolly, cruelly, mechanically, anally raped. I came round to her head, taking it in my hands, calming her. Then I slipped out of my latex panties, my cock rock hard… well, it would be, wouldn’t it… and stuck it under her nose. I didn’t have to say anything, and she opened her mouth like an obedient pet (well, she was, I suppose) and took me in her mouth. Oh, and what a feeling, I didn’t move my hips as she bobbed her head on my cock; she did it all, as the rubber cock assaulted her from behind.

This went on for a few minutes, me encouraging her, holding her face gently. And then as I came in her mouth, I looked down and saw her body imperceptibly shake, strapped as it was in the frame she could barely move an inch. I was amazed at this, by just sucking my cock and getting reamed in the rear she could come, without any attention to her pussy or clit. But then, as I always knew, she was a very special woman. And so we came together, hers brought on by my cock in her mouth or the rubber cock in her arse, or both, I don’t know.

I withdrew and she swallowed, licking her lips and panting for air as I returned to her rear, turned off the machine, and ever so slowly withdrew it from her arse. It was still coated in lube but also her own juices and there was almost a reluctance I thought on behalf of her sphincter in giving up the intruder. I pulled off the condom and unscrewed the cock off the base. I would be back to it later however! I gently wiped her sphincter of any excess juices and then thought about my next move. She had only four more orgasms to go, and about ninety minutes, so I had plenty of time.

But first I decided that for the last ninety minutes or so I would dress the part of the dom! The gloves, stockings, corset (with the nice, firm boobs) and high heels were fine, but I needed to add something. I rummaged around for a while, feeling Anna’s eyes following me as best they could, they, and her mouth were about the only parts of her that she could move!

I came up with what I thought would be an interesting combination and brought them round to a seat in front of Anna who smiled wryly. She seemed to have quickly recovered from her anal plundering and blowing me. I pulled a thick latex balaclava helmet over my bald head, covering it fully and leaving a small inverted triangle of my face bare, along the eyebrows and down to just below my mouth. Then I draped a heavy latex cape over my shoulders and began pressing the studs together at the front. It had a high mandarin collar and extended to my ankles, with slits below the shoulders for my arms to pass through. While it covered up all the sexy stuff underneath, it gave an imposing look, and my boobs pushed it out nicely.

Finally I pulled on a full head, no zip gas mask, which I struggled with a little to get over the helmet. But soon it was in place, and I tucked it under the collar and snapped the last press stud of the cape in place. I stood for a second breathing in the rubber tainted aroma, feeling wonderfully imposing in the heavy cape. Anna had worn something similar to this in the past, with clients (and oh God, she looked wonderful) and she smiled ruefully again as I stood in front of her, well aware that she was now on the receiving end.

I took my time as I moved around her, gently smoothing my gloved hands across her immobile body. I felt her shiver, in anticipation or fear I don’t know, but then she quietly moaned, so I took it for excitement! I had now planned the next scene. Much as I love my mistress, and bathe in her beauty, I also love to see her masked; she is so very sexy when fully masked. So for the next scene she was to be masked, and I wasn’t sure if she would like this mask very much. It was similar to the one connected to the body bag she had worn during the previous night. It was full head, no zip, no eye holes, just two small holes for the nostrils and a reinforced mouth shaped in a large “o” with a strong rubber ring behind the opening that slotted behind her teeth and kept the mouth open and inviting!

I showed it to her and she gave me a dirty look as I released her pony tail from the rubber tube at her waist. Her head dropped forward to rest on the rubber strap supporting her forehead. She didn’t rest long as I told her to raise her head, placed the opening of the mask over her crown and then firmly eased it down over her head. It needed a bit of wriggling on both our behalves but shortly it was in place and I adjusted the ring to fit her mouth snugly, and then her nose holes. Her completely anonymous shiny black “face” with just a wide open mouth now stared back at me. I reveled in her submissive posture, laid out, unmoving in front of me, in latex stockings, gloves and now mask. I smoothed my hands over her contours, feeling her beautiful features now hidden underneath the mask. Right now she was not able to see my imposing appearance but there would come plenty of time for that later. And so back to work.

And I decided to familiarize her again with the TENS unit, which I rolled over to her, making sure she heard it. I smeared some gel around the inside of two cone shaped rubber pads with holes in the “nipples”. I was concerned that they might not grip her breasts as they were pointing down slightly in the frame, but when I pushed them hard onto her breasts, accompanied by a shiver and gasp from Anna, they held nicely; her newly barbelled nipples poking through the holes. As she was held so fast in the frame she wouldn’t be able to wriggle them off either! She knew what was coming and groaned, but I patted her rubber head affectionately… and then turned on the current.

I started low and there wasn’t much reaction so boosted it a bit, and received a small shake of the head and a groan. I left her like this for a couple of minutes as I rolled the barbells in her nipples, then went behind and rubbed her labia and pressed my finger inside and tweaked her clit. She shook her head more and said something like “uck ooo” which I could figure out for myself. But I did note that she was now getting wet down there, so she couldn’t have been in too much stress!

But of course I wasn’t finished. I got a couple of alligator clips with rubber teeth, and dangling down a couple of light lead weights. I attached them to her pussy lips and watched as the weights swung very gently. She “aaahhed”, shook her masked head and clenched her gloved hands, and that was about all she could do really. And then I got a nice six inch by four inch rubber paddle with rows of tiny hard rubber nodules on both sides. But before exercising my shoulder I quickly lubed and then pushed a three inch butt plug into her rear. It slid in without any trouble… other than a wail from Anna. Then I began the spanking, to start off I used my gloved hand, just getting her cheeks nice and pink. She wasn’t able to wriggle or even clench her cheeks, but just had to endure. She did this but with increasing noise, remember that the TENS unit was doing its business on her breasts, and the lead weights were swinging a little more now.

I decided it was time to silence her, so I could concentrate on paddling the area between her knees and buttocks, and anyway, I was really beginning to like the dom role, and nothing beats gagging a well tied female. So I rolled the fucking machine back over in front of her, connected a stubby rubber cock to the base plate and called out to her, from behind my rubber gas mask.

“Too noisy, my rubber dolly, time to quieten you down, now get your lips around this.” And I pushed the rubber cock into her gaping mouth, anchoring the wheels nicely but she could still move her head, so I pulled a spare rubber strap from one side of the frame over the back of her head and attached it to the other side. The rubber cock now was immovably embedded in her mouth. She “ggrrred” and bit, which then turned to a “mmmffff” with a faint wagging of her head and then just a nice quiet “mmmmmm”!

Satisfied that I now had her the way I wanted her, I proceeded to paddle her arse and thighs. I moved up and down methodically, one side and then the other. She by now had decided that screaming into the gag just wasted energy and she was breathing slowly and steadily through her nose holes. I took a break after a while, stroking her now red cheeks, with brighter red spots where the rubber nodules had made contact.

Underneath her latex stockings I could imagine a similar story, perhaps a little less red though. I needed the break as I was sweating inside the gas mask and I slowly unclipped the cape at my neck, gently eased off the mask, wiped down the small amount of my exposed face and put the gas mask back on. I gave her a few more strokes with the paddle until she was a bright red, and that was enough, I thought.

She was breathing very hard, her chest rising and falling under the straps. I raised the current on the TENS and she moaned, and then I passed my gloved finger between her spread legs and between the dangling weights and slid it inside her. I rubbed her clit between finger and thumb and it didn’t take more than a couple of minutes of that before she started to shake. So now she had only three orgasms to go.

I took the alligator clips off her labial lips and I heard her moan and take a big breath. Then I turned off the TENS unit and pulled off the cone pads, then wiped her breasts dry, not resisting a gentle rub there. I unlocked the machine and withdrew the thick rubber cock from her mouth. I expected a flow of expletives, but she just breathed very heavily for a time, calming down. She still had her full head mask on, with no eye holes, and of course the butt plug. I sat down in front of her, stroking her head for a while, then just sat back, admiring her from every angle, and thought of my next scene.

Then she spoke. “…lease….eeg gink?” Well it is hard to talk with your mouth stretched in an “o” but I detected she needed a drink.

“Of course.” I said, stroking her head. Gently I pulled the tight latex mask off her head. Her hair was sodden, her face pink and soaking and her mouth a little puffy. I couldn’t tell if the water on her face was sweat or tears or both. She looked me over. In my cape and gas mask and nodded, saying a silent thank you. I got a glass of juice and a straw, and she slowly sucked on it, now almost unperturbed by her position, immovable, vulnerable and with a butt plug in her bum. While she did this I gently wiped her hair and face with a dry towel. I said that she had either been gagged or ordered to be silent for long enough and from now on she could talk when she wished.

“How long have I got?”

I wanted to keep her a little on edge so I replied. “Not too long, still over an hour though, plenty of time for what I have in mind. How do you like my gear?”

She seemed to have gained some strength, smiled and said. “Hhhmm, very sexy, very… DarthVader? I think I wil try that costume with a few clients in the future. Sexy, but also a little… intimidating.”

“Really?” I laughed in my gas mask. “Can’t imagine why. I feel wonderful in it though, a little damp underneath, and the gas mask can get a bit hot… but I feel invincible, I can do what I want, can’t I?”

She thought of this for a second. “Yes, I suppose you can, for the next hour or so, and you haven’t really held back for the last day, have you?”

“Would you have wanted me to hold back or… do what we did?”

“Oh… no regrets, not at all, now I really know what it is like to be completely in the hands of another, at his mercy, vulnerable, to do what he wishes, without any say, to be just a plaything… and yet have complete trust in him,”   and here she stopped and looked at me. “Well, what I mean is, trust in you.”

If I wasn’t wearing the mask I would have kissed her, but I replied. ”Well, now you know exactly how I feel. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Well, let’s get it on, then. Do your worst.” And now I had my next idea formed. I was still in corset, stockings, gloves, cape and balaclava hood and gas mask, and I had now sufficiently recovered that my cock felt it needed some more exercise. It was certainly stretching the tight latex panties I was wearing.

“Good, I have maybe two more scenes left, and this time you will not be gagged, or masked as I want to hear your reactions, your feelings. Now, how was our previous session?” I asked as I gathered my next batch of equipment. She took a deep breath.

“Well… my fucking arse and thighs are on fire! If you have permanently scarred…”

“Calm down, take it easy. Your arse is a lovely shade of scarlet, perhaps a little bruising and red spots where the nodules made their mark, but no blood and no scars. You give much worse hidings to your clients, male and female… and me of course. Now you get an idea what it can feel like.”

“Maybe I’ll have to back off a bit in the future.” She said resting her head on the rubber strap under her brow.

“No. No, absolutely not, this was your first good paddling, and you did very well, it’s a shock at first, particularly along with the cock in your mouth, the plug in your arse, not to mention the TENS unit.”

“Don’t forget the alligator clips. I felt like my pussy was being dragged to the floor. And when are you going to take that plug from out of my bum? First I’m bum fucked by a damn mechanical cock and then you shove that plug in there… jeez. I feel like I’m giving birth out my bum hole.” She said with just half a smile.

“No harm has been done at all. And you should know that a sub doesn’t demand, or ask for anything. He or she is there to serve, all and every wish of their mistress. Well the clients who come to you are veterans, and if they thought you were taking it easy, they wouldn’t respect you.”  She rolled her forehead on the rubber strap.

“And you… do you respect me?” I thought this a naïve question, but maybe as she was now… so vulnerable, and stretched out ready for another session as a novice sub, maybe it wasn’t so strange. I placed my gloved hand on her cheek.

“I am a little hurt that you would have to ask that, but you are my mistress and can ask, or do anything to me. Respect is just part of it. I adore you, I worship you, I never want to be apart from you, how’s that… too cloying?” She turned and kissed my rubber hand, perhaps an odd gesture, but it said a lot to me.

“No, just right. I shouldn’t have even thought of asking that.” She kissed my hand again. “You are everything to me, the episode with my… boyfriend,” she almost spat out the word, “means that I owe you everything, I would not…” I clamped (gently) my gloved hand over her mouth, and she mmmmffed and looked startled.

“Enough, we’ve talked this to death, and I for one will never mention it again. You don’t owe me anything, I would endure anything for you and… sometimes do. Now, I’m getting very hot in my gas mask talking loudly at you… and I’m hot elsewhere too. We are wasting the twenty four hours I have, so we had better get on. You can talk from now on, after all if it gets tedious I can always gag you again.”

She seemed to take this to heart and said nothing as I drew her head back a couple of inches and retied the rubber tube at her waist to her pony tail. The rubber was flexible so she could move her head a bit, but frankly… I just liked the look of it!

Then without preamble I produced two nipple suction cups. They were very simple, a small plastic cone about the size of a demi-tasse, just large enough to cover the nipples with a valve and screw in suction pump at the end. She had used them in the past on female subs visiting her, and of course me. They were very efficient, stuck like glue and it felt as if someone was trying to pull your nipples off, which I suppose was the idea. I squatted in front of her, my gas mask inches from her face. I held them up and she grimaced.

“Now, I’m being serious, these are meant to be very uncomfortable, I know about that, and so do you. But you have only had the barbells in your nipples a day so they will still be tender. But I want to see you in these, you will look wonderful, like a real sub… enduring it to please me. If the pain is too much you tell me straight away and they come off. So, what say you?”

“You have endured everything I have come up since I took you on, so I can do this for you, can’t I? I want to do it… for you.”

“And that, dear Anna, as you know is the whole point, the very essence or our relationship.” I leant over and placed one cup over her nipple, pushed in twisting a little, and then squeezed the pump, once, twice, three times. I saw her grimace a bit, but she said nothing.


“Oh, it’s sore all right, like someone pulling and pinching at the same time, but… it’s okay, well not okay, but you know what I mean.”

I chuckled and repeated the same with the other nipple, and then unscrewed the pumps. I inspected her nipples, squashed against the clear plastic, the barbells pressed against the valve at the end. I flicked the end playfully and she yelped.

“Ow, ow, ooooh, enjoying yourself?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I am.” Then I brought back the fucking machine, and heard her groan as I screwed a bubble headed vibrator into the base plate. Then I rolled it under her, adjusted the angle until it was firmly against her pussy, pushed in a little further until it was just touching her clit, and locked the angle and wheels of the buggy. Then I turned it on and watched as it buzzed away at her love channel.

“Oh, oh, you bast… ooooh, fu….” She wasn’t able to wriggle away from its attentions, and just had to “suffer” its unforgiving attack. But, or course I wasn’t finished. I moved to her rear and said.

“So you have had enough of the butt plug, have you? Good, okay, we’ll take it out.” And I carefully withdrew the plug from her rear, to a groan of relief from Anna. But then I released the studs of my cape at the crotch and pulled my pants down at the front; then pulled them up behind my cock and balls, which nicely supported then and pushed them forward. My cock seemed very relieved to be released from the tight latex and was standing to attention, sticking out through the gap in the cape. I quickly slipped on two condoms for extra protection and came round in front of my sub. She looked at my cock, and shook her head in resignation.

“Oh God, and let me just guess where that is going to go.”

“You’ll need some lubrication, so give it a good licking.” I replied and wagged it in front of her face… and she very obediently lubed it for me. When satisfied that it was moist enough, I returned to her rear.

“You should be a little less tight now after the butt plug and the fucking machine, but we’ll see.”

“Oh God, what is the fixation with you and my arse?”

“Because it is a gorgeous arse, my dear subbie. Your nice puckered orifice is just demanding to be breached. So, let’s see if we can do just that. Now relax, if you can.” And, as she was being attacked by the vibrator and the suction cups were squeezing her nipples constantly, she was perhaps less able to defend her rear. So I pressed my head against her tight hole and pushed slightly, them a little more. She groaned and I’m sure she wanted to resist but I pressed on and as the head entered, the shaft soon followed.

“Aaaaa, aaahhh, oh, oh, oh.” I withdrew a couple of inches and leant into her again. Actually she was really very moist and not too tight, just a very comfortable fit for me.

“Oh, that’s nice, very nice, let’s go at a smooth easy rhythm, shall we. Now tell me, tell me what you are feeling… I need a commentary, please.” And I thrust this time up to the base of my cock.

“Oh… very  funny. Well… you feel huge. It’s not as… bad as I thought… but just take it easy.” And then we struck up this strange staccato conversation in stuttered half sentences, where she spoke when I was withdrawing from her rear, and I spoke when I was thrusting into her. Very strange.

“I don’t know about you, ohhhh…………. and my bum, ohhhh………….you’re not turning, ahhhh….. gay, on me are you, ohhhhh.”

“Not at all, subbie, but I do love, uuuhhh…….. the really firm, ohhhh….. tight grip of your arse, oooh. I love looking down out of my…….. mask, and seeing my cock, oooohh…. pump in and out, as smooth as silk.”

And so we carried on this bizarre conversation for at least ten minutes, me taking a break or two and feeling her sphincter grip me just behind the head of my cock. Soon however, either the affect of the vibrator, or me, had her coming in a shaking orgasm. Two to go, I thought.

“Aaaah, I can’t believe this….. uh, uh, uh, I’m a professional, a woman of medicine, oh, oh, God… and here I am… strapped to a…… frame, being bum fucked and assaulted and…. I don’t understand this…. I like this, I actually am…. getting off on this…. I feel invaded, I can….. do nothing, but take it….. up the rear. I don’t know…. what to think.”

“Don’t think too much, not worth analyzing it to death, though it is your job.” I chuckled at the irony, she had all the answers, for me and for her clients, and yet she couldn’t really understand her own sexual urges… it’s a strange old world.

“Just concentrate on the moment, forget the rest, go with it, enjoy.” After that we didn’t talk at all, I just altered the pace of my thrusts, even leaning to one side and then the other, trying a different angle. And as I rode her she seemed to get into her own zone and her breathing steadied as we became as one. She then came again, shaking and shuddering, but I held off (having two condoms on certainly helped) for I had a final scene planned. I withdrew from her and she gave a groan of relief. Surprisingly perhaps, she panted, between lungfuls of air.

“Aaaaahh, thank you. Oh God, I don’t know, I will have to be very…… careful having that regularly. I’ll need a week for my sphincter to tighten up again. It is the….. strangest sensation….. I am sore, not hurt, but sore, for sure, but I have this inner fire, a warm satisfaction, I never thought I would experience that after the kind of reaming you’ve given me. I don’t know what to think.”

“You were fantastic, I can’t tell you how beautiful and vulnerable you look in the frame. I’m sweating buckets in this gear, so I’m going to wipe down and come back in a few minutes for the last session. You have about forty minutes to survive.” I took away the vibrator from her pussy, and was about to leave the room for the bathroom.

“What about…. the suction cups?”

“Oh, you can keep those on for the while, I have another idea.”

“Oh, sweet Lord… you and your ideas… I’ll need a week to recover… but then, it will be my turn, won’t it?” And I could see her smile in the mirror as I left. For the second time I slowly eased off the full head gas mask, then the cape. I was dripping wet, my sweat glistening on the stockings, gloves and corset. I pulled off the balaclava and quickly dried myself off, rubbing my bald head and face dry, I had no time to waste! Under my costume I was soaking too, but that could wait until later, however I did drop my pants and wipe myself down.  I wiped down the inside of the balaclava and put it back on, then the cape and mask. I shivered at the gentle touch of the latex, breathed in its heady aroma and was ready again for action.

From a drawer I took out the last pieces of “equipment” for the final session. Anna saw me in the mirrors as I approached her from the rear and gave me a weary look.

“I had a feeling you wouldn’t be leaving my boobs alone.”

“Well, they are too perfect to ignore, so I thought I would give them some final attention.” I placed a plastic suction tube about three inches in diameter and six inches long over her left breast, twisting it downwards until it rested against her chest, her breast now trapped inside. The suction end of the tube tapered to a single pump, the same as her nipple cone. It needed quite a number of squeezes before I could see her breast, with the cone already covering her nipple gradually being pulled towards the end. As the coned nipple approached the end of the outer tube I stopped and unscrewed the suction pump.

“Oh, oh….. well…. it doesn’t exactly hurt…. but it is…. very…… uncomfortable…. discomfiting…. not to say just a bit embarrassing.”

Well that’s okay, I thought and so I repeated the procedure on the right breast. Shortly I stood back and admired my work. Anna, immovable in the frame wearing only latex stockings, gloves and high heels, with her breasts, beginning to go a little pink, trapped in the two plastic tubes hanging down from her chest. I could tell she wasn’t enjoying this very much, and the somewhat humiliating position in front of the mirror didn’t help.

I then took a vibrating black plastic butt plug, with connecting wire and in a very friendly manner suggest she lube it for me. She glared up at me, but licked it and spread her saliva over it. I then eased it into her rear with very little resistance, the sphincter seeming content to allow itself to be breached.

“Oh jeez, that was far too easy. After today….. nothing more up my arse for a week…. oh… aaahh.”

I laid the battery operated control unit on her back. I released the press studs of the cape at my crotch and pulled my cock and balls out from behind the tight latex pants, needless to say I was rock hard. I presented myself in front of Anna and she needed no instructions form me as she obediently took me in her warm wet mouth and made me nice and slippery.

I withdrew and returned to her rear. I really didn’t need any lube at all for I could see she was almost dripping in readiness. No matter what she said about pain, embarrassment or discomfort, she was excited by this whole exercise. I pushed, quite hard, into her hot cleft, accompanied by a gush of air from her.


She moved her head a little from side to side limited by the tube holding her head back. I now turned on the vibrating butt plug, and got an immediate reaction. Her red cheeks started to imperceptibly shiver and I could see she tried to clench her cheeks, clearly to no avail. It was the strangest sensation, as I pumped into her love canal, I could actually feel the vibrator in her bum, barely an inch away from my cock. I gripped her at the hips and settled into a smooth rhythm, occasionally moving a little to the side to change the angle.

She was now starting to become quite loud, “ooohhing and aaahhing”, with the occasional “yes” and “oh fu..” thrown in!

My mistress, my wonderful, cruel, hard and yet forgiving mistress seemed to be having the time of her life as a defenceless subbie, at least for the next twenty minutes or so. Stretched to immovability, her breasts squeezed into long plastic tubes, her bum twitching under the attack from a plastic vibrator and having her pussy thoroughly hammered by a rubber caped and masked master.

And what about the “master”? He believed himself to be the ultimate rubber obsessed sub, a mere plaything for his mistress, and now he finds himself, at least for twenty four hours, savouring the master role and mercilessly punishing his temporary sub. Well, we are a strange species!

I then decided to make one last subtle addition to her predicament. I withdrew my cock from her, and tucked my hands under the cape and wriggled out of my wet pants.

“You are making a real racket, here, wipe off your juices while I attend to that.” I stuck my cock at her face and she rather reluctantly took it in her mouth, clearly not savouring the taste of her own copious juices. As she was doing this, I folded my latex panties inside out and then into a tight ball.

“That’s enough, now open wide!” She swallowed and gave me a dirty look but opened her mouth and I rolled the tight ball into it. She grimaced and grunted but soon I had it completely inside, her cheeks ballooning out and just a hint of the latex behind her teeth. I then got a roll of bondage tape and wrapped it round and round and behind, under her pony tail. Soon the lower part of her face had a nice smooth black covering.

But I wasn’t finished. I got a rubber aviator mask with two attached straps and placed it over her mouth and nose, then strapped it tightly behind her head. She glared at me, but could only mmmm. Then I attached to the front of the mask a long corrugated rubber tube with an inhalation canister resting on the ground in front of her. And inside the canister were old used rubber pieces from soiled panties, ripped gloves and stockings, punctured gags and so forth. The aroma I knew was intense, as I had breathed in the same air several times (actually I rather liked it). And she had no option to do the same, as her mouth was well crammed with rubber as well.

I patted her on the head affectionately and she looked up at me, mmmmmfing quietly. Now I returned to her rear, and without preamble entered her quickly and deeply, accompanied by a muffled shout, but sounding no more that another mmmm!

I looked at the clock on the wall – 4.50pm, so I had ten minutes, which I knew would pass fast. According to my count she had only one orgasm to go, but frankly I had been counting several continuous ones as one, so we were really past the required count, I think. Nonetheless we were going to go out with a bang!

It was hard not keeping an eye on the clock as I pumped into her. I turned up the current on the butt plug and her cheeks, still reddened by my paddling, began to twitch. It was a very alluring sight. She was now continuously but quietly moaning into her panty gag and mask and rolling her head to each side. The corrugated rubber tube waggled under her mask and the plastic tubes over her boobs also began to perceptibly shake as her bum cheeks twitched, and I ground on!

It was hard to tell where one orgasm ended and the other started, but as the clock wound down… forty seconds… thirty seconds… I myself came.

The second hand passed the twelve on the clock and, exhausted, I pulled out from her. If I was tired I could only imagine how she felt. I wiped my cock of her shining juices and returned it behind the cape.

I was again sweating underneath, but now my attentions were on Anna. For now she was to be my mistress again, and I was to minister to and serve her.

I turned off the butt plug and slowly eased it from her rear. At first it wouldn’t come but finally it plopped out. I wiped down both of her orifices, accompanied by a low moan from her. I twisted the suction cup to one breast tube and released it from her breast, then the other. Her breasts were a light pink now and both bases had a bright red ring. I repeated the process with the nipple rings and they too were now a dark red/brown colour. There didn’t seem to be any damage to her bar bells and I twisted them around in her nipples. Then I released the tube holding her pony tail and her head flopped forward and rested on the rubber strap under her forehead. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing a bit more evenly now. Her face was a bright pink and shining with a heavy coating of sweat.

Her body wore a sheen of sweat, over her back, her shoulders, thighs, and little rivers of sweat had run down her sides and dripped to the floor. I released the straps from the aviator mask and pulled it off. She took a huge lungful of clean air, but stayed quiet with her eyes still closed. I began unwrapping the bondage tape which came off easily, leaving just a few lines on her cheeks. Then pulling down her jaw I helped her push out the panty gag. She said nothing, exhausted as she was. I wiped her face gently, undid her pony tail and rubbed her hair dry, then stroked it into some form of acceptable shape.

Now I began to release all the straps holding her to the frame. She had been in it for about two hours so no doubt she would be very stiff, on top of being completely exhausted. When all of them were released, she didn’t do anything, just lay there for a few seconds. I took her by the shoulders and raised her up, then stood behind her as she stepped back off the footrests. She now just turned and lay against my rubber cape covered chest, her arms at her side.

I picked her up and took her upstairs to her room, and left her sitting on the bed, her head lowered. I turned her shower on and removed my heels. I too was a little weary. I returned to her bed and began to remove her shoes, stockings and gloves. She started to help me, as if coming out of a dream. When naked I helped her up and placed her in the shower and under the warm spray. I was about to leave her, and return to my slave duties, but I saw that she was still very wobbly on her feet so I stepped into the shower.

I felt her arms around my small waist and then they moved up to my gas mask; she ran her hands over my masked head then rested her forearms on my shoulders. As she leant against me I turned both of us around so that the spray was now directed at the back of my head and shoulders. Then I turned her to face the shower wall and she rested her palms against it. Now with the shower pounding my rubber covered head and shoulders I soaped her all over, being very careful with her tender breasts and buttocks. She smiled, her eyes closed, seemingly very calm and content. She spread her legs for me and stuck out her bum provocatively and I gently soaped between her legs. Her cheeks were still bright red. And her sphincter was also red and a bit puffy. I soaped her all over and shampooed her hair. She was enjoying all this attention, in a sleepy kind of way, her hands wandering over my masked head and then around my waist.

Of course I was thoroughly enjoying this too - encased in rubber, masked and caped, my latex gloves smoothing the suds over her succulent body. Although I had only come a few minutes before I could feel a stirring in my groin, which was significantly helped when Anna separated a couple of press studs slid a hand through the cape, and fondled my hardening cock. She certainly wasn’t behaving as my mistress now, but that would no doubt come.

She was now clean and shiny pink, her blonde hair matted to her head, bright red rings still round the base of her boobs and her bum bright scarlet. She gave my cock a friendly squeeze as if to say… I’ll be back… then she slowly stepped out the shower and allowed me to tenderly dry her. I blow dried her hair. Her eyes never left mine as she stared into the goggles of the mask. As she brushed her teeth I went to the bedroom and laid out a brand new brilliant white two piece pyjama set in thin latex that she had recently bought. We had enjoyed the irony of purchasing it, the chaste, virgin white covering her whole body, save for hands, feet and head.

She moved naked to her bed, smiled and picked up the pant section, sat down and pushed her legs in, one by one and drew it up to her waist. There were small rubber press studs extending from the crotch to just above her rear crack. It fit loosely, almost like harem pants, with elasticised ruffles at the ankles. The top half was like a sweatshirt and she pushed her arms through the ruffled wrists and then her head through the cute ruffled neck, and pulled it down over the waist… talk about looking the innocent! She still looked amazingly sexy. Her boobs pushed out the chest and I could see the barbells through her nipples, and her bum amply filled the rear of her pants.

She stood in front of me, took my rubber masked head in her hands and kissed my rubber forehead, then turned and slid between the cool, latex sheets, resting her head on the latex pillows. I closed the curtains and turned off the light in the shower, and when I returned to her room she was fast asleep, not exactly sleeping the sleep of the innocent, but at the least the sleep of the exhausted! It was only 5.30pm.

I spent the rest of the evening cleaning up, disinfecting, washing, powdering, shining all the gear and putting it all away. In the back of my mind was what she had in store for me in the future. I was a little nervous and also excited at the thought. I had removed all my clothes and cleaned then and put them all away. By evening I was dressed in a loose two piece latex pyjama set.

Around 9.00pm I went to her room and left a glass of warm milk by her bed, but she was fast asleep, her mouth slightly open, her breath almost silent. I stole a kiss on her cheek and left.

I slept very well, tired as I was. It had been needless to say and incredible 24 hours, but now it was over and I was back to my sub role. I was up at my usual 7.00 am, showered dressed in my latex maid’s uniform – heels, stockings, cock and ball pouch and tight panties, short flared black latex skirt, tight corset and top with ruffled sleeves over shoulder length gloves. With make up and wig I was ready to resume my duties, a little nervous but excited as well.

I made some breakfast and at 7.30am sharp I knocked on her door. There was no reply and I entered to find her still dead to the world. I left the tray by her bed, took the full glass of milk from the night before and returned downstairs.

I had still plenty to do, mail, email, new clients and so forth. There were no clients that day so I went to her study and checked her business emails, for both upstairs and down. One of the “potentials” had returned the detailed questionnaire that we get all clients to fill in. This lady looked very promising. She was a 30 something actress I’d seen on TV and in a couple of movies. A good actress who took on interesting roles. I remember well one role she played, to great effect and some acclaim was as a Russian woman violently abducted and sold into the prostitution trade in London. There were a lot of quite hairy scenes (for TV) as she had been forced into the “specialised’ role of being tied up and whipped, and forced to have sex with her clients. It was very convincing and there were letters in some of the papers as to how shocking it was (not for me though).

Well, she seemed to have taken to the role with great gusto, for now she wanted to suffer at the hands of an experienced dom. She confessed that during the filming she got a real sexual surge from the scenes and the real acting was trying not to give her excitement away to the cast and crew, or the audience. A couple of scenes of her blindfolded, thoroughly gagged and tied up and spanked, then fucked she asked to be re-shot as she thought she could do it better the second… or third time! Well… who would believe it? Then she went into some detail about her fantasies: she went to a convent (why do all the naughty girls go to convents?) and now had fantasies of punishment at the hands of rubber nuns brandishing strap-ons! She would be dressed in latex, spanked, forced to orally satisfy the nuns, and much more. Now this was a client we could really satisfy! I had seen this actress on the red carpet at awards events, who could believe these pervy thoughts would be festering in her mind?

I dealt with other correspondence, there was very little as we had taken care of it the previous day - my mistress trapped underneath me in the box chair, her mouth over my cock. I then spent the morning cleaning, quite a sight no doubt dressed in my latex maid’s outfit. Then I went upstairs with some lunch for Anna, but found her still in a deep sleep. She looked so innocent, her blonde head on the black latex pillow, her still form under the sheet. She had taken some of her breakfast though and I cleared it away and left her a salad for lunch.

In the afternoon I drove into town and did some shopping, having changed into more acceptable street clothes, a dark brown leather pant suit, silk t-shirt and with matching gloves and high boots. But of course I wore rubber underwear and corset underneath. No one ever suspected, or if they did at least said nothing.

I returned and changed back into my maid’s uniform, for I was to take her dinner to my mistress. It was around 7.00pm when I took it up to her room. This time she was awake, and sitting up, as if waiting for me, and looking like an angel all in white. She said nothing as I laid the tray in front of her. Then she said, with a smile.

“I have slept, on and off for over 24 hours. I suppose that is an indication of how tired I was. I am also still very sore… and you know where… we shall talk about that later. Let me eat now, you can get something to eat yourself and return here in half an hour, I have some ideas.” She smiled again as I left.

I ate quickly, cleaned up, brushed my teeth and returned. She had laid the tray on the landing and I took it downstairs, checked my appearance one last time, and returned to her door, knocked and she called me to enter.

She was back in bed, but had clearly washed her face, brushed her hair and even put a small amount of make-up on. She looked divine, and my mind began racing. I came to her side and stood, gloved hands behind my back.

“Let’s look at you.” She raised my short skirt and ran her hand down my tight pants, then slipped her fingers behind the waistband.

“Good, wearing the pouch, and the corset seems well clinched, I don’t expect to see you relaxed after our adventure of the last day or so.”

“But things have changed, haven’t they? And we have to talk. So… take the wig off, and… take off your heels. Good.” And she pulled back the black latex sheet covering her, shifted over to the other side of her bed.

“Well don’t just stand there… do I have to order you to get in? You can speak; in fact I demand it, for we have a lot to get sorted out, so you had better be prepared.”

I slid in beside her the short skirt of the maid’s dress riding up and she giggled as I tried to pull it down. She draped the sheet over me as I lay back on the pillow and then turned out the light.

I wasn’t quite sure where this was going so I let her take the initiative. And so, quietly and slowly, she began to talk, and I did likewise.

For the remainder of the night we got to know each other even more, if that was possible. And we began to set the new boundaries (there always has to be boundaries) of our union. I found it strange and I know she did. After what I had been through over the last three years, and she for the last couple of days, it was difficult to have a normal conversation. We talked in the dark, quietly but comfortably. I assured her of what I had said before, that I was her possession, to do with as she pleased; if she wanted a partner, an equal, then fine. But I would always look upon her as my mistress, to obey. Of course if she ordered me to do so, then I would punish her, very gladly.

She took my gloved hand and placed it over the crotch of her pyjama pants and I opened the press studs and slid my hand inside, she spread her legs and allowed me to gently rub her as our conversation continued. She laughed as she tried to do the same to me, but could only rub the outside of my pouch, my cock and balls inside, trapped and teased. Well, she said, that’s the role of the slave, and his cock and balls, isn’t it, to suffer.

She said that this had been the most incredible day of her life, with more pain and discomfort and pleasure than she could have ever imagined. She did not even mind that I had fixed the barbells to her nipples; she said she already quite liked them and she had no desire to remove them. I agreed that what had passed had been amazing, and I hoped that it could be repeated, with the roles reversed! She said that she would guaranty it!


My punishment for abusing her so well that day is this – well, my life story, so far. Impaled on the vibrator, humming inside my arse, encased in rubber, masked and sucking on a large rubber cock, I am having difficulty again with the tight rubber gloves and the small eye holes in the mask, with hitting the right keys. She is at my side now, looking over my shoulder, a hand resting on my head. She is counting typos and grammatical errors and I will be punished later for these. I have been here five solid days, with breaks only for the toilet, food breaks and at night.

And I am as happy as I could possibly be; I know you will find this strange, but there it is, I make no apologies. Our relationship is now bonded forever – mistress, slave and then occasional slave to the slave. I saved her financially and probably professionally, and I ask nothing for that. But I know she feels in debt to me, it is in her character.

Business is still good, more clients upstairs and downstairs. Much more latex will be bought, for she has a great imagination and as you have seen, mine is not bad either.

Sometimes we go out together, in a little latex and leather, depending on the venue. We will flirt in a bar or club – a couple of “lesbians” fondling in a corner. She punishes me after she lets the horny lads come onto me. I’m discomfited with all this male attention, but am pleased at the same time that she is, as always, asserting her dominance over me.

We now are also going to fetish clubs more, she is always adamant that she must protect her anonymity and therefore is masked, but she now really gets into it and has fun in punishing me in public. I am paraded around, often in a nurses or schoolgirls uniform, sometimes with a ring through my nose and my false boobs sticking out, looking very provocative. Then she will spank me hard and even allow the other dominas to abuse me. I am humiliated and excited by the attention but at the same time I love to be back with my mistress – and I know she knows this.

I am very used to my smooth, tanned body now and my slim waist and hairless skin. I pass off easily as a woman – high heels, fake boobs, slim waist and expert make-up, and I know how to walk and sit and behave. It’s second nature to me now. Nonetheless it doesn’t mean that this role is my life, for I am a male, and she also loves that part of me. For we have tons of sex, pervy sex involving all manner of rubber clothes and contraptions and my cock gets to explore all her orifices at fairly regular times.

After the 24 hour marathon, she clearly decided that this sub role was one she loved, not as much as the dom, but one where she could really let herself go. And she trusts me explicitly, so I have a free rein in how to punish her. And I must do so with some flair, as she will gain her revenge afterwards.

I am never bored with her, not for a second, and her punishments get more extensive and varied with every passing week. In return I would love to pierce her further, her labia of course; I hope one day she will “order” me to.

She really does know how to have fun in her role, I say role but really it is an extension of her; its her true self. She’s now as comfortable downstairs as she is upstairs. She has just leant over and lifted my skirt to rub her hand along my pouch. My cock wants release but it is trapped. She has ordered me to bring this to a close, and who am I to argue? Maybe I should disobey her and then she will punish me harder!

So here is the end, well, the end of the old life and part of the new. Who is to know what is ahead? Maybe I will update you all a few years from now? My mistress has a wonderful, perverted imagination so there will be plenty of fun and frolics, and pain and pleasure - for both of us, of that I can be certain!




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