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My Life 5: A Day to Remember – The Second Day

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2008 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; infantism; enema; outdoors; caught; hum; toys; cons; X

Part 5: A Day to Remember – The Second Day

The morning came soon, and I was up with the lark, not wanting to miss all the opportunities I could have until 5 pm! I left her in bed as I showered and then slipped into a loose and comfortable pair of pyjamas with elasticised waist, wrists, neck and ankles, and oh yes an easily accessible crotch zip! She slept through all this but woke quickly as I helped her up, and out of the bag. She was a lovely shade of pink, with a gleaming sheen of perspiration. She looked at me and the way I was dressed but said nothing, I think her backside was still smarting a bit.

I pointed to the bathroom and she skipped off, seeming quite happy with the world. I was determined to change that. And I got out a costume I knew she would hate, because I hated it. She had had me in it a couple of times as a special punishment and she liked teasing, taunting and humiliating me in it. Now it was her turn.

When she returned all clean and shiny she saw what I had laid out on the bed for her. A look of disgust went across her face and she said. “Oh no, no way, not after last……” And then she realised she had spoken and I silently held up seven fingers, smiling. Seven good smacks for her….but I would wait for her to get dressed first. I don’t know what it is about baby romper suits and adults encased in them but I hate them, and I knew that she did too. I know that some people get off on them and that is cool by me, but I don’t like them. For the dom I’m sure they are a useful tool, for they do engender a feeling of impotence and humiliation…. an adult dressed as a baby, complete with a large teat to suck on. And as this one was in pink rubber with frills and flowers and cute bunnies, well that was just too much. And the cherry on the cake was the cute matching frilly bonnet!

She stood naked in front of me, quietly furious and staring daggers, and then as if to say “fuck you” she picked up the full body romper suit and handed it to me. It had a single zip from the middle of the back to the neck but also a gusset piece with press stud fastenings (like the real ones) to allow easy access for cleaning, or other actions (!). She stepped into the loose legs and pushed her feet through the tight elastic at her ankles into attached bootees. She shivered at the touch of the cold latex as I pulled it up her body and she slipped her arms into the sleeves. She pushed her hands through the tight wrists into tight latex thumbless mittens, rather like a seal’s flipper. She could grip things but not much else. I zipped her up the back and there was a small lock at her neck which I closed with an imposing click.

I thought she looked wonderful, innocent and yet a bit naughty, but I know she hated it, as I did when she had me in it. Pretty in pink, there were frills at wrists, ankles, and neck. She fit in to it very well, her full breasts clearly visible, and an incongruous sight given the costume. Next came the matching bonnet, with large frills surrounding the face. I draped it over her head and tied off the big ribbons in a cute bow at the front.

 “Time for your punishment.” I said, and I think for a second she thought I had forgotten. But I took her by the wrist, sat down on the side of the bed and pulled her over my knee. Placing one hand on her shoulders and staring down at that pert pink latex bottom, I raised my hand and brought it down, perhaps a little too hard. There was a loud clap and she yelped.

“Ow, fu…., ow, you just wait…” And then of course she realised she had now made it worse. We were up to ten!

I have to say I felt a little sorry for her (but not much) and said. “If you carry on like this we’ll be here all morning, here I’ll do you a favour.”

And from the bed I took the large rubber teat. It was basically a rubber teat for a calf or foal as the dummy was very big for a human, I know because she had me sucking on it for a good while! And you couldn’t spit it out as it was attached to a thick pink rubber strap that fit tightly over the head. She saw me handle this and was caught in two minds. She didn’t want  to shout out in pain at me, and earn more whacks and she didn’t want the humiliating dummy in her mouth!

I could see her think on this for a second and then open her mouth as I crammed it in. She growled and mmmmphed or a few seconds as I pulled the tight strap over her bonneted head, then turned her head, glaring at me her cheeks puffed out and encircled by the frilly bonnet, but was then silent. For the ten whacks I took my time, revelling in the tight latex bottom wriggling on my lap, but she didn’t make a further peep and I had to admire her for that.

When I’d finished she stood up and gently massaged her bum. I took her mittened hand and said. “Come on, time for your clean out.” And I took her into my bathroom. I don’t know if she had ever had an enema before, but by the look of her face I doubted it. She had certainly administered a few, on me. For the first couple of months before she trusted me to administer my own every morning she seemed to take some enjoyment out of it, well now the shoe, or the nozzle, was in the other hand! I told her to lean over the sink and spread her legs. I wanted her to see her predicament in the mirror, to know how it had felt for me.

As she leant over I prepared the equipment. The nozzle itself was not a standard enema nozzle but an adapted butt plug. About three inches long, and one inch thick in diameter and with a tapered end and curved oval base, it acted as a very efficient stopper. The enema tube and pump was screwed into the base and once administered was screwed out and replaced by a small screw plug.

She turned and watched me as I slowly pulled on a pair of thin surgical gloves and dipped one into a large container of lubricant. I took my time as I smeared the plug, getting it nice and slippery. I approached her and pulled open the press studs holding the rear portion of the gusset.

“Well, now you will know what I have been experiencing for the last two years or so.” I said quietly and laid a hand on her exposed cheeks. With finger and thumb I separated her cheeks and pressed the shiny black end of the plug to her puckered hole. She shivered as I turned and twisted it, testing for resistance. I thought I would play a little while and pushed in an inch or so and then withdrew, getting her sphincter to relax. Then I tried again and there was less resistance. And we carried on like this for a minute or so, she looking up at me in the mirror, giving me a foul look and me calmly smiling back! On the sixth or seventh time the plug slipped in, almost gobbled by her rear, the puckered hole gripping the base of the plug firmly, and accompanied by a throaty groan from her.

I was accustomed to fairly large ones which I could hold for quite a while, but I decided that for the first (as I thought it was ) time for her I would give her less than a pint. So I put this amount of warm water into the enema bag and clipped it to the shower rail. There was a long tube with a pump close to the end, which I squeezed a couple of times before water spurted out. She hadn’t moved and was still leaning over the sink, her legs spread wide. I laid a hand on her back and screwed the tube into the end on the plug. I could see the anticipation in her eyes as she glared at me in the mirror. Theatrically, I held up the pump and gave it a couple of squeezes. She twitched and began to breathe slower, more deliberately through her nostrils, a little dribble now coming down her chin from the large dummy in her mouth.

I took my time, I know she hated this, but this was precisely what she had done to me, many times. But the added embarrassment was the romper suit, bonnet and pacifier! As I squeezed rhythmically with the right hand I comforted her with my left, gently rubbing her back and then her stomach. It took maybe seven or eight minutes and there was very little communication between us, just a gentle moaning from her. Once finished I withdrew the tube and quickly replaced it with the screw-in stopper. I slapped her playfully on the rear and pressed back the gusset studs. She stood up, gingerly feeling the plug embedded in her rear passage with her mittened hands. Her stomach was not really distended; there was just a small mound where her firm flat used to be. I took her by the hand into my kitchen, taking along the way some rubber straps from a drawer, which she looked at with some concern.

“Time for breakfast.” I said chirpily, as if nothing had happened and pointed to the high-backed kitchen chair, which had a pair of sturdy arms. She sat down very slowly, not disturbing the plug. I wrapped one strap under her thigh, over her knee and around the arm support of the chair, then repeated it with the other leg. Her legs were now spread wide, exposing her slightly plump abdomen and the gusset piece covering her pussy. A further strap I drew round her waist and a second under her armpits and over her very ample bosom. Then two short ones at the wrists now meant she was very firmly attached to the chair. I gave her breast a friendly squeeze and she wriggled a little and looked up and grunted something unintelligible.

Now that she wasn’t going anywhere I made myself some coffee and toast, then turning a chair to face her, calmly sat down and had my breakfast, but I couldn’t resist stroking her breasts, her expanded stomach and then, her latex covered pussy. She grunted and growled, but I think she didn’t mind the attention at all, but was mad at me for not giving her anything to eat.

But that was to come.  

She was facing away from the kitchen preparation area and therefore could not see me fill the blender with milk, eggs, sugar, a small amount of bran and some raspberries. I’m sure she had an inkling what I was doing, for she had done this to me a few times and I had found it particularly humiliating. I poured the contents into a litre feeding bottle and attached a large teat, similar to the one she was sucking on right now. I came round in front of her and held it up.

“Time for yours, now.” She clenched her mittened fists and shook her head vigorously, gggrrring into the dummy.

“We have lots of time.” I said and approached her. I went behind her and although she was waggling her head I got a grip of the strap to the dummy and drew it over her bonnet. I placed one hand on her forehead and pulled her head back into my stomach. She stared up at me as I drew the dummy from her mouth. As expected there was the beginning of a row of expletives, but within a second or two I had crammed the large teat into her protesting mouth. But was some gurgling and mmmmffing but I held her firm against me.

“Now we can stay here all morning, or you can get on with this without any more fuss, so we can move on.” She seemed to think on this for a few seconds and then, again glaring at me, began to suck in the fluid. She didn’t seem to think much of the taste but it was at least nutritious.

I now came round to face her and held the bottle in one hand. With the other, I began to gently rub, massage and squeeze her breasts and stomach. She carried on sucking her food, but began to moan quietly and I could see I was making some headway!

Shortly she was breathing heavily and we were getting to the bottom of the bottle. I moved my hand to her crotch and pushed a finger between her lips. The rubber was fairly supple and I could feel her bud harden. I rubbed her lips up and down and tickled her clit. She was now taking air in short bursts and her lower limbs were flapping either side of the chair. I don’t think she liked the idea of being so helpless and (not for the first time) having her body betray her like this. Shortly she came with a grunting and a gurgling. I withdrew the empty bottle and expected a tirade, but she just tried to catch her breath. Her face under the bonnet was wet with perspiration, saliva and even a little breakfast and I gently wiped her clean. Our eyes met and she seemed to come to the decision that a few well chosen phrases would just land her in more trouble, so she just gave me a dirty look.

I released the straps and said. “Come on, we have some office work to do.” She looked at me quizzically as I led her upstairs and into her study. Every morning we attended to the mail and emails for both upstairs and downstairs clients, and I saw no reason to stop that now. Only the roles would be reversed!

I pulled back her chair from the desk and opened her laptop. Then, somewhat dramatically I thought, I slid the seat off the chair exposing the smooth, cushioned inside. I smiled and said nothing. She gave me a pained look and rubbed her abdomen.

“Nope, you have less than a pint in there, you won’t cramp for a good while yet, now the quicker we get this done the quicker you can evacuate.”

Reluctantly she stepped into the box seat, knelt and spread her legs, resting back on the cushion seat. There were two cuffs attached to the sides and I slipped her mittens through them and pulled them tight. She said she had installed these to stop me playing with myself as I pleasured her, and now I told her the same! She gave me a dirty look as I slid the seat under her chin, just covering the bonnet’s bow. I adjusted the head rest, so that her head was vertical rather than my angle which is facing upwards. I went to pick up the mail, which is all upstairs clients and then came back and prepared to sit down. She glanced up and I have to say she looked so wonderfully submissive, all I could see was her beautiful face surrounded by the pretty pink bonnet.

I made a great play of unzipping my crotch zip. Seeing her like this had given me a nice hard on and I carefully sat down. I nudged myself forward a little nervously as I wasn’t sure if I would get resistance from her. But as my cock approached her mouth, I looked down and saw her open immediately and take me in. Oh, the feeling!

She moved her tongue slowly as I think she realised that we may be there for a half hour or so dealing with the emails, mostly from her downstairs clients, regular and new applicants. I advised her that one “mmm” for a yes, and two “mmms” for a no would be the method of communication.

And so I went through the mail, reading out the applicants’ desires and kinks and suggesting the next move. I had her appointment book in front of me and soon I was filling in the odd date. Meanwhile I was trying very hard not to come and twice I had to pat her on the bonnet and tell her to stop! I slid back a couple of inches and heard her take a few breaths.

I have to say I loved the idea of my mistress trapped under me, her head in my crotch, to attend to me whenever I told her to. Clearly I had a dom side as well, but I still considered myself a true sub. As we completed the emails I nudged forward and told her to get to work! She did with some energy, partly because I think she was now desperate to go to the toilet! So I turned the laptop off and gently stroked her latex bonnet as it moved up and down my cock. It didn’t take me long to come, she has a wonderfully skilled mouth and she didn’t miss a drop!

“Thank you.” I said and nothing more as I zipped up, released her from the box chair. As she stood I unlocked the collar of the romper suit and unzipped it a few inches.

“You can do the rest, go to your bedroom, take all this off, evacuate, clean yourself and shower, then come downstairs to mine and I will have your clothes ready for you.” I patted her bum playfully but she wasted no time in rushing upstairs, oh lord she looked so cute in the romper suit.

I went downstairs, undressed quickly and showered and then prepared for the rest of the day. We were now up to seventeen orgasms and only seven to go, but I wanted to be inventive in bringing her to them!

The weather has called for horrendous rain and wind… a real summer squall… and so I had planned for a nice trip out! I laid out the clothes on my bed, they were identical, we were going to be rubber twins, bravely venturing out for a walk. I knew this would make Anna nervous, she kept her two lives apart and her rubber dominatrix role was kept strictly indoors. I of course had been out in rubber, but with some semi kinky street clothes over them, as I picked up her clients from the station.

When she came into the bedroom, naked, she looked at the clothes laid out on the bed, and shook her head, as if to say, now you have gone too far.

“I thought we would go for a nice walk along the beach, the weather is perfect for it.” I said with a mischievous smile. She knew it was pouring outside and she could see from the clothes that we would be well dressed for it, but I could see she was nervous about “exposing” herself. The coast was about a half hour drive from her place and it would be extremely unlikely if we bumped into anyone she knew.

“Come on then, let’s get dressed.” I said and slowly she began to dress, looking daggers at me. I thought it would be fun if we dressed identically, and we could do this now, as she had been acquiring a lot rubber gear to match mine, we were quite similar in build now that I had slimmed down. We dressed in silence, watching each other. Identical black stockings and shoulder length gloves were first, then black and red corselets.  These were full upper body beauties made of heavily boned rubber. Hers had been for show, six buckles at the front and lacing at the back, but she’d never really felt the constricting power it was capable of. I knew, for I had worn mine many times and sometimes it made me dizzy.  Hers had firm rubber cradles enclosing her breasts and mine had the silicon boobs. There were cross straps over the shoulders. Before I got her into hers, I tenderly touched her nipples, pierced with shiny barbells only yesterday.

“Do they hurt?” I asked quietly and she said.

“Just a dull ache.” I nodded and smoothed some antiseptic over them, twisting the barbells. She moaned quietly and then I pulled the corselet up and crossed the straps over her shoulders.

Today I really pulled in the laces this time and she gasped, but said nothing. We clipped the stockings onto the suspenders dangling from the corset, then we pulled up latex panties, and as I did so I patted her firm bum, now beautifully covered in black latex. I was having a bit of a problem as my cock was rock hard, and as I carefully pushed it down into the latex I saw her looking at this and at least it gave her something to smile about! We each then did a bit of make-up, not too harsh, and I pulled my black pageboy wig on. We then pulled on slim knee-high rubber boots, and finally the piece de resistance.

They were identical raincoats. They were made of heavy gauge shiny black latex, mid calf length, double breasted with a row of buttons from neck to knee and a wide belt at the waist. There were slits at the side to put your hands through, but no pockets. They both had full hoods and a flap that could be pulled across the lower face and attached with a press stud. This left just the eyes and the bridge of the nose showing. Once dressed in this, not many drops of rain would be getting through. She shivered as I draped it over her shoulders and she pushed her gloved arms through the sleeves. She buttoned it up as I enveloped myself in the cool cling of the latex. I pulled the belt tight on mine and tightened hers as well. I had already prepared a few goodies in a small leather bag that I hung from my shoulder. She looked at it with a quizzical smile but remained silent. I took her by the hand and we went to the garage and got into her car. I was going to drive so she sat silently, strapping herself into the passenger seat, clearly wondering where we were off to. She looked gorgeous, all snug in her rubber raincoat, and mine was warming up too, so I felt very content… and very excited.

Dressed as we were, if something went wrong, the car breaking down, getting in an accident, we would have some serious explaining to do. Matching rubber corselets, stockings, panties etc, Anna’s reputation would be shot. And what about me, a guy dressed as a rubber girlie! But while this was a little frightening, and I could see it run through her mind, at the same time I found it very exciting… the threat of exposure, the knowledge that you are living a little secret that no one can detect.

Soon we were at the coast, without any hitches. There were not many people travelling, the weather was really foul, not just the pouring rain but the high winds too, we got a couple of funny looks from truck drivers, who tooted us, but nothing more. The beach was one I had known for years, a long stretch of near white sand abutting high dunes offering some protection from the gale force wind. There was an empty car park there, and I could see Anna breath a sigh of relief at that. A short way in the distance there were some holiday cottages and a little tea room I remember… very English!

By now I was very warm in my latex outfit and I expect she was too. I pulled the hood over my head, pulled the flap across my lower face and pressed the stud fastener, then got out into the pouring rain, put the bag over my shoulder and came round to her side of the car. I opened her door and she sat and looked at me.

“So help me, if I don’t get back in one piece and end up on the front page of some tabloid, you will regret this for the rest of your life!” She gave me a foul look, pulled the hood over her blonde hair and stepped out.

She was about to pull the flap across her chin, when I stopped her, unzipped the bag, burrowed around and came up with a shiny blue rubber ball. No straps, just a rubber ball. I held it up in front of her and said. “I think we’ve heard enough for now, so open up!” She shook her head, thought about it for a few seconds and then opened her mouth wide.

I placed the ball against her teeth and then rolled it into her mouth. It wasn’t huge and she could spit it out if necessary, but it was just a nice reminder of her “position”. She didn’t resist, just mmmmed and rolled it around a bit until she was “comfortable” with it. I then pulled the flap across her lower face and fastened it. She breathed calmly, no doubt breathing in the scent of rubber. No, no one would know she was so nicely muted; all that was visible were her eyes (glaring at me – but not too viciously) and the bridge of her nose. I took her rubber-gloved hand in mine and led her to the beach. The wind roared and the rain soon ran in rivulets down our coats, but I was snug as a bug in a rug. We must have been quite a sight, hooded and booted, two crazies out in this weather, but there was no one else out there to appreciate us.

As we continued to walk, struggling a bit against the wind in our faces, she seemed to relax a bit and I felt her grip my hand and entwine our fingers. We walked for maybe half an hour, and then I moved over to the dunes. We walked through them until I found the place I wanted. It was a high bank, giving perfect protection from the wind, but not the rain. It was also very secluded! She gave me a strange look as I took her arms and laid her back into the bank of sand.

I released her belt and began to undo her buttons on her coat, and then the flap, then spread her coat wide, exposing her to the elements. She didn’t struggle, or move, just clamped down on her gag, took a few deep breaths and spread her legs. She looked stunning, spread out on display, rain running off her rubber corselet and stockings. I leaned over her, settling between her legs and giving her some protection from the rain. I undid my coat to the waist, unfastened the chin flap but kept the hood down. I ran my hand under her panties and even in the pouring rain I could see that she was soaking wet there!

She stared at me, inviting me as I licked my fingers and then wagged them, as if to say, oh, you naughty girl. She grinned around the gag and I kissed the blue rubber ball. I quickly pulled her panties off and put them in her gloved hand. We wouldn’t want sand to get into them, very uncomfortable! I licked and lapped at her temple for a short while but really could wait too long. I stretched my panties down below my balls and my cock, my cock rampant. She wrapped her boots around me as I slid into her warm, wet cleft. She gurgled with pleasure, she could have spat out the gag, but she seemed to like clamping on it as I ground into her. The rain pounded on my back as I thrust into her and she responded. I am afraid my self control was soon lost as I came, and she did too, simultaneously, with a loud groan.

Nothing was said (which would have been difficult for her anyway) as we lay in the sand bank squinting up into the pouring rain, no cares in the world. I thought… well that makes eighteen, only six to go, I had better take it easy.

After a while I helped her with her panties and then the coat, fastening the flap around her head. She was no doubt still wet under the coat but she didn’t seem to mind. As we returned to the beach, with the rain cleaning off any sand stuck to our clothes, she turned and hugged me. We walked along for a while and then turned back. It was on the way back that I got another of those silly ideas, always wanting to test my nerves! We passed the tea room and I saw the lights were on!

“Hey,” I said, behind the rubber flap, “do you fancy a cuppa?” She looked at me, genuine shock in her eyes, and shook her head vigorously, mmmmffing into her gag.

“Come on,” I said jauntily, “after all your exertions, you need to be replenished.” And I gently pulled her to the café. I pulled her close to me, released the flap on her hood and said very quietly, and very seriously. “We’re going in, like it or not. Spit out the gag, now. We’re just a pair of sisters out for an invigorating walk.”

She spat the gag into my gloved hand and said, almost whispered. “Are you bloody crazy, look at us, dressed like this… oh, boy when we get back… if we get back, you are really in for it.”

“Hey, subbie… ” She glared at me. “I have about another three hours of you as my rubber subbie… and you’ll do as I say, what happens later… well that’s up to you, isn’t it?” I grinned and grabbed her by the hand and entered the tea room.

The bell rang as we went through the door. It was no surprise that no one else was there, and I heard Anna give a big sigh, then the owner came out of the kitchen. She looked at us for a few seconds before saying anything.

“I don’t know really why I stayed open, I didn’t expect any business. You are the first today, and the last, I will close up form the day I think. Have a seat, what can I get you two ladies?”

She was a woman of about 35 I should say, slim, attractive and with a wise look to her eyes. I said we would like tea for two and any scones if she had them; she smiled, nodded and left. We sat down and Anna glared at me, whispering.

“You are crazy, ho ho, you just wait.” I slid my hand through the slit in her coat and rested it on the front of her panties and began to rub her gently. Part of her wanted to run, I know, but she groaned quietly and just shook her head. Shortly the lady came back with the scones and tea, laid them on the table and stood back, almost appraising these two strange people in front of her. Then she sat down at the next table, as if starved for company, and began to talk.

“We get lots of hikers, ramblers and the like, all dressed up for the weather, but today not even they would venture out.” She seemed to hesitate, looking at Anna’s and my black rubber gloves as we served each other. “They come with all the new waterproof gear… in red and green and yellow… your clothes don’t look new age at all… what is it… looks like rubber.”

I glanced at Anna.

“Yes it is, just plain latex, my… sister and I like it, don’t we dear?” Anna nodded nervously.

“Keeps us nice and dry, and I think we look pretty good too, don’t you think?” I continued.

“Oh… yes… are you sure you don’t want to take the coats off, it’s quite warm in here. And that latex can really make you swea… warm, can’t it?” She gave us a smile, almost a knowing smile, I don’t know. I felt that she was maybe a woman of the world, not fooled easily and was a little bored here on the coast, who knows. She knew something was going on, but maybe not exactly what!

“No, I think we are fine, but thanks anyway.” So we talked a while longer, the owner whose name was Jean, taking a great interest in our clothing, and not being too subtle about it. When we had finished I rose and started looking for money in my bag, then realised I hadn’t brought any! I looked aghast at Anna, she gave me a foul look, and I started to explain to the café owner. She held up her arms and smiled.

“Oh, no money eh… I shall have to chain you to the cooker and flog you until you pay what you owe me. But then…” She smiled and looked at our clothing knowingly. “But then maybe… you might like that, eh? Anyway, away with you, but come back again… I would like to talk some more with you, you seem an… interesting couple, I’m sure we may have some… common interests, yes?” I had a feeling there was more to this woman than met the eye and I could see Anna was now much more relaxed and a little intrigued by her. We said our goodbyes and said we would be back; Jane came close and hugged Anna, who looked a bit taken aback but hugged back. I could see that Jean was really very interested in Anna’s clothing, and I knew she could feel Anna’s corselet under the coat!

As we left, she smiled and said. “You must give me the name of your costumier!” Then closed the door and turned on the “closed” sign to the property.

We returned to the car, Anna saying nothing, but I know her heart was beating a thousand to the minute.

As we approached the car I said on impulse. “Why don’t you drive us back?” And I tossed her the keys. She gave me a look but caught them and we were soon settled in the car. And we were on our way. We said very little, I kept watching her, the coat clinched around her sublime body, she had dropped the hood to her coat so I could study her cool profile, her hair pulled back in a tight pony tail, her rubber gloved hands calmly in control of the car.

Shortly I couldn’t resist myself, and my right hand crept over to her side and slid between the buttons of her coat and settled on her rubber panties. She glanced at me and I could see her take a breath. I found the waistband of her panties and slid my hand behind it, then settled my fingers on her labia. She spread her knees slightly, said nothing but the act spoke volumes. My rubber covered fingers pressed into her, gently caressing, pinching her lips and then seeking out her clit. It was hard and I could feel her moisture through my gloves. I continued rubbing and she began to take short breaths, gripping the wheel of the car hard. I didn’t take much notice of what was happening outside the car, engrossed as I was in making her come again. She started to pant now, gripping the wheel and even raising herself a little out of the seat.

I knew she was coming now, I could feel her on my fingers as she cried, “ha ha aah ha aaaah” and started to shake… and it was then that I heard the siren!

I looked in the side mirror and there were the headlamps and the blue and red lights. It’s amazing how quickly you can “sober up” when you see that!

“Jesus, you stupid fuck, now look what you gave got us into, oh Jesus.”

I withdrew my hand and before she could do anything, smeared my sticky fingers over her lips. She licked her lips, I thought in some pleasure, then collected herself looked at me in horror as I said. “Oh, right it’s my fault, hey, you’re the one driving.” I said, actually quite enjoying this.

“Yes, with your fingers in my fanny how do you expect me to keep it under the limit?”

“Best not tell that to the cop here.” I said as a face appeared at her window, which she wound down and then smiled at the young policeman, who was taking his time, checking out these two rather strangely dressed babes!

I got a sense that he wasn’t quite sure what to say, but he went through the spiel.

“Afternoon ladies, now madam you were going a pretty good speed there, we clocked you around 75 for a short while.” But he did smile! While Anna composed her reply, he seemed unable to take his eyes off us, which frankly I found quite flattering.

“Officer, I’m so sorry… look my… sister and I were out for a walk and well… the weather is so foul… we just wanted to get home… and well er… look… I’m sorry.”

He seemed to enjoy her discomfort a bit, and then he said something that took my breath away.

“Well, dressed like that, are you sure you’re not late for some fetish ball or something… I mean wearing waterproofs in this weather I can see, but what you two ladies are wearing well that looks a bit too kinky for just the rain…”

And we looked at each other, what do we say now?

“Well.” I said. “Er, well yes, we do like dressing up, it doesn’t harm anyone does it….and we are… late for a… party, so we’re sorry, if there is a fine then  I guess you have to write it up, so well go ahead.”

And he smiled, the ‘I’ve seen everything’ smile, and said. “Don’t get ahead of yourselves, ladies. Look… you’ve made my day… boy, do you look good, great actually, we don’t get to pull over two beautiful ladies dressed like this very often. Now what you were up to in here, I have a good idea but I don’t want to know, okay? But if you are sisters, then Brad Pitt and me are brothers, okay. So… keep the speed down all right? I don’t want to have to scrape either of you ladies off the road that would be a terrible waste… so have a good night together, wherever that is… and I will stay awake tonight thinking of what that might be!”

“Oh… thank you officer, we’ll take our time, thank you.” Said Anna and placed her rubber gloved hand on his hand on the car door.

He grinned and said. “I’d love to know what you have under those coats, and I have a pretty good idea. Now on your way, before… well… never mind.” And he gently rubbed Anna’s hand and was gone.

She closed her window and we pulled off. We said nothing for a while until I said, I hope to break the ice.

“Well, just our luck to get a policeman interested in rubber, eh?”

And she looked at me for a while and then broke up, laughing.

“But lucky for both of us, shit Alan, we could be in the cop shop getting a full body search, although, that might be fun with that big feller!” And she laughed again, as we made our way home.

When we arrived back I noted from the car clock that I had two hours left… and five orgasms for her to go! I have to say that while I was looking forward to the last two hours, I was also pretty exhausted, as I’m sure Anna was… in a different way. As we entered our rubber playroom/torture chamber, seeing all the equipment there gave me another idea.

Since Anna had decided to become a dominatrix she had developed an almost insatiable appetite for testing new “equipment” on her clients, and me of course!

The business of being a professional dom is very competitive and the more successful ones are not necessarily the cruellest but the more inventive. The hard work is getting into the mind of the sub, understanding his (or her) desires and satisfying them. So over the previous many months she had cruised the web for makers of the strange devices of torture and pleasure. One she had come across was a tiny company that made fucking machines. Very simply it was a stand with an electric motor attached to an adjustable base plate into which can be screwed all manner of dildos/vibrators. The height and angle of the offending probe could be adjusted a hundred ways and the motor had a variable speed and depth of thrust. You get the idea! She had bought it over a year ago, and like all her tools of the trade she had experimented with it on me first.

I have been strapped down on the leather whipping horse and had the machine anchored in front of me, adjusted to the right height and depth and forced to suck on a thick rubber dildo. There is really nothing you can do but service the intruder! All the while she would then be able to pay her attentions to other parts of my anatomy. Then, of course, she would release the cock from my mouth and if feeling particularly nasty that day wheel it around to my rear, anchor it again, calmly select the appropriate probe, lube it, ease it into my defenceless rear and turn it on. That still left my cock and balls, and my mouth, to her expert attentions!

This contraption is now well matched with another of her investments. This is perhaps even stranger looking. This is a complicated frame of smooth tubular steel with numerous rubber straps, for both support and stringent bondage. The frame can be adjusted and locked at dozens of joints, such that the poor sub can be strapped in, the rubber straps pulled tight with steel roller buckles, and then contorted into a myriad of positions – standing up, upside down, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees and more, the legs can be stretched wide or even pulled up to the shoulders. Believe me, there isn’t a position that the devilish frame cannot lock the human body into, and make it absolutely immovable… I know!

Pair the fucking machine and the frame together and it is a terrible, tantalising, frightening, exciting and wonderful experience all in one.

And I thought it would be a memorable finale to my 24 hours as a dom and Anna’s as a sub!



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