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My Life 4: A Day To Remember – The First Sessions

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2008 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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Part 4: A Day To Remember – The First Sessions

One day she asked to be punished, with no limits, she said!

I am a piece of meat; do as you wish, she said. You have 24 hours she said. I don’t know what brought this on but I had been noticing that she was getting more and more into the sub role. She had complete trust in me, and I in her, and she was getting a real taste for this.

This was a hell of an invitation, obviously I wouldn’t hurt her permanently but it did get my juices running. What my plans would do for our future “relationship” I did not know. I warned her that this was a dangerous invitation and she stared at me, saying that it was an order! Clearly she was testing me again and obviously she was in a particularly masochistic mood. And there and then I resolved not to disappoint her, and damn the consequences!

It was about 5 o clock in the evening and she said that I had until 5 the next day to do as I wished. Again I warned her that I might get to like this and she’d be in for a very heavy session. She thought for a second and nodded. I said that one of the rules would be no going back, no talking unless ordered, no threatening from her. If she spoke out of time she would get one paddle for every word. I thought that would be quite fun, as she often liked to talk during sessions, teasing me, taunting me. Here I may be able to get my own back a bit. So we got under way.

I really hadn’t had time to plan anything, so it sort of happened. But I had a lot of experience at her hands over the previous couple of years. I had her squeeze into the most wonderful stretchy white full head, full body catsuit with feet and gloves. Over the previous two years she had acquired a real liking for latex and her wardrobe was now almost as full as mine. She even wore it under her regular clothes with her “upstairs” clients, not just latex panties but the full gear.

She gave me an interesting look as she dipped her head into the back of the suit, as if to say, what have I let myself in for? What indeed! Not a wrinkle was to be seen, and she stood stock still as round her neck I snapped a two inch silver slave collar, hoping she knew where the key was. It had rings embedded at the front, back and sides. Silver cuffs then went on her wrists and ankles. I then attached a three inch chain to both her wrists and yanked them behind her and up to her neck. She is really flexible and both hands can touch the back of her neck, which they did when I locked them there. She squirmed and gasped but said nothing more. Anybody else would soon cramp with them there for some time, but she was not discomfited, maybe she was double jointed, I don’t know.

The only access to the suit was a zip from neck to the small of her back, so it had taken some time for me to help her squeeze into it. The only holes in the helmet were for eyes, two tiny nose holes and a mouth hole in a big “O”. There were also two holes at her nipples and they poked through provocatively, only her pink lips, brown nipples and sparkling blue eyes offset the white expanse of her body. But then there were the two zips at her lower orifices.

And so I went to work.

I don’t know why, but I resolved that I was to “entertain” her until she had experienced 24 orgasms! Crazy, isn’t it? Why 24, I have no idea, ridiculous really, it’s a nice number, one per hour, something to aim at, as they say, I wanted her to be sated, exhausted and shattered at the end – and of course I wanted our bond of dependence to be stronger afterwards. I started by laying her out on my rubber-sheeted bed, I piled pillows under her shoulders to take the strain off her cuffed hands. Then I began to play with her, not allowing her any respite, I wanted her exhausted, but wanting more, more of me, more latex, more submission. I didn’t want to hear her reactions, I wanted it all pent up inside, so I gagged her with a large white rubber cock gag attached to a tight rubber strap which separated in two behind her head, thus ensuring no movement at all. If she really pushed, then maybe the cock would move out an inch or so but the straps would soon pull it back deeply into her mouth. Now she was beautifully silenced, except for a quiet mmmm.

I almost pounced on her.

By the way, I was dressed in an identical suit of latex, in black; my waist was constricted down to its 25 or so inches and the suit had built in silicone boobs pushing me out to an impressive 36 inches. My head, hands and feet were enclosed in its firm cling; like her, only my eyes, nostrils and mouth were exposed. Zips were also at my arse and crotch, but on this day, no pouch!

I started on her breasts, nipping and biting gently through the rubber, licking the latex and her hard nipples. She mmmfed and wriggled so I clipped her two ankle cuffs together with a panic snap, easy to separate later. So I continued, the only sounds being the squeal of the latex and her mmmfffs into the gag. Them I moved downstairs! I undid the zip between her legs and due to the tightness of the suit her labia popped out like a flower, beautifully bald still, and pink and damp.

I rolled her over and spanked her hard; the loud thwacks resonating round the room – rubber hand on rubber bottom. She tried to roll away, a futile gesture and I slid a hand between her buttocks and underneath her; she was almost dripping. I rolled her on her back; she stared at me, glared at me, breathing heavily through her nose. I moved from one zone to another – nipples, thighs, pussy, arse, neck and cheek, then over again.

I took a condom from the bedside drawer and opened my crotch zip. I slipped the condom over my hard cock, and then rolled her over, pulling her onto her knees. I slid three big cushions under her torso, she was now on her knees, her torso almost horizontal, her arse firmly encased in the tight white rubber. I released the panic snap at her ankles and roughly pulled her thighs apart. Her puckered bum hole was there for the plundering. The condom was well lubed but there was some resistance at first, I could see her clench her fists at her neck; her head resting to one side of the stack of pillows. Her eyes were closed. I pushed firmly and the head slowly parted her ring, then slowly I pressed on. She mmmffed again, saliva smearing the pillows now, but grabbing her hips I thrust in, and then out and then in again. She groaned again but then she settled into the rhythm I was setting. There was now more lubrication and as soon as I leant down and tweaked her clit she came in a shaking convulsion. One down, twenty three to go, I said to myself.

I withdrew and threw the condom on the floor, then replaced it with another. I sat on the side of the bed and reached over and slid her onto my lap. She was so wet she just slotted onto my cock – plop, and she was on! She took a big intake of air and I saw her eyes rise in their sockets. Oh what a sight she was and what a feeling! Straddling my thighs with her legs extended either side of me and resting on the bed. I looked down and saw two sets of rubber boobs touching; mine looked very real but hers were really real! I looked into her masked face; saliva was now dripping freely down her chin and onto her shiny white suit.

Our eyes met, hers were bright and excited, almost daring me to get on with it. So I did. I raised her a couple of inches and dropped her back on my cock; she mmmffed again. I kissed the white rubber end of the cock gag in her mouth and ran my tongue over her stretched lips, licking off her saliva, then continued to raise and lower her firm torso, her rubbered thighs slapping on mine, her boobs bouncing against mine. She came again, shuddering, and mmmmfing loudly into the gag, her eyes now closed, and I stopped to take a breather. I started again, rolling her nipple between finger and thumb. She came immediately, snorting like a horse through her nostrils, biting the gag hard.

Her slot was nice and firm and very wet, and she was smearing my thighs. We seemed a good fit, I thought. She came a fourth, fifth and sixth time within about five minutes and then rested her head on my shoulder. She obviously liked this position! She raised her head again and jiggled her boobs against mine, her eyes were shining and she mmmed with pleasure through her gag. Time for the third hole, I thought. I lifted her off me, and fluid actually dripped from her.

“Kneel.” I commanded and she stared as me, waited a second and then did so, and I pulled off the condom. I did not rush this but gently pulled the gag strap over her head and the cock slipped out of her mouth. She licked her lips and exercised her chin muscles, taking gulps of air but said nothing.  Then without me commanding her, she lowered her head, quickly glancing up at me with a cheeky smile, and her warm, wet mouth enveloped my hard cock. I had held off coming so far, but oh, she was very good, and yet she was not gentle at all. To relieve her a bit, I released her cuffs from the slave collar and her arms sprang back and down. She stretched them, and placed them around my thighs, but still bobbed on my cock. Thanks, she whispered, and continued to suck and bite a little. Steady, I said and held the white rubber dome in my hands, but she seemed ravenous. Shortly, I could hold no longer as I spurted into her and she pressed down and sucked it all up.

I lay back as she swallowed and licked her lips, like a cat with cream! She stood and lay next to me, her hands by her side.

“After nearly three years, I suppose that this is about as straight as sex as we are likely to get.” She said quietly.

“Yes,” I replied, my hand moving to rub her damp exposed pussy, “but for today that is only the start. I have planned quite a 24 hours for you. Oh, and by the way, talking out of order, I think that is 20 good paddles on the bum!” She groaned and was about to say “fu..” but held it back.

I quickly turned her over on my knee and took my time in giving her 20 hard slaps, alternately on each shiny latex covered buttock. She squeaked and rolled around a little but then bit her lip and stoically took her poison.

I was amazed at how empowered I felt. Although obviously I was a natural submissive I was now developing a real taste for this, thanks to my mistress, and now I was revelling in leading my mistress, who I would do anything for, through what for her were the relatively uncharted waters of pain and pleasure and submission. I gave her no time to relax from this role, however temporary. I helped her up and led her into the torture chamber, she behind me gingerly rubbing her cheeks and glaring at me.

I crammed the white rubber cock gag back in her mouth. She grunted and showed her displeasure as I stretched the straps over her rubber helmet. But she kept her hands at her sides like a good sub, not attempting to remove it.

“This rubber submissive minx has a big mouth so I will save her any more beatings for a while.” I chuckled, enjoying the moment. I really do love that moment when the sub is fully silenced. She looked at me silently, understanding the irony of the moment.

I unzipped the suspended inflatable sack and smiled at her as she stood next to me. She hesitated for a second and then, with me steadying her, she stepped into the bag. She dropped her white rubber head into the bag and pushed it through the narrow neck. She slid her arms down the sleeves as I zipped her up and then began to inflate the bag. She groaned quietly as the rubber began to grip her every pore, expanding, pushing her head up and encircling her. When it was taut and hard I turned the air off and began to survey her, as he swung slowly. Only her white head and her pink pussy were exposed. Leaning close to her gently swinging frame, our eyes met as I rubbed and pinched her hidden swollen bud. She closed her eyes, in pleasure or to shut out this reality, I didn’t know.

Shortly she shuddered with another orgasm; that’s six already, I thought, as I felt her wet channel quiver on my fingers. I rolled my thumb over her nub and she squeaked into her gag and as she wriggled in the bag, it started to swing more violently. She came once more in the next three minutes, spittle dripping down her chin and wetting the top of the bag. She was now up to seven and we were only two hours into her new “training”.

I got a vibrator from a drawer and approached her, holding it up and switching it on. She groaned and rolled her eyes on seeing it; I smiled but said nothing as I bent down and eased it into her accommodating wet folds. It was a little tight as her legs were held together by the bag, but her own copious wetness helped it in. There was a narrower neck and wide base and her outer lips seemed to eagerly grip the intruder.

“I’ll leave this with you for a while.” I chuckled and she glared at me silently. I moved about the chamber, silent except for the faint purr of the vibrator and the faint moans of its victim! As I moved about the chamber, which had been a good part of my life, my home for well over two years, I felt her eyes, peeking out behind the rubber helmet silently following me, the rubber bag swaying.

There were so many memories here. Strangely, many of them were happy ones; I touched the gyn/ob chair where she had so severely played with me, and had me pierced. Then I leant against the vaulting horse where she had paddled my backside bright red so many times.

I had now regained my strength after this brief reverie, and seeing her in the inflated bag made my cock hard again and it stuck out of my shiny black suit, an incongruous sight with my boobs bouncing above it.

As I approached her she could hardly fail to notice this. I pulled on a couple of the chains from the ceiling and attached them to the bottom of her bag. I then pulled the chain behind her and raised her feet about three feet off the floor. She was now at an angle of 45 degrees but I wanted her horizontal and face down, so I lowered her shoulder chains and adjusted them until satisfied. She was now swinging horizontally and she must have known what was next. The vibrator was still doing its evil business. I came round to her head, my cock rampant, and I roughly pulled the straps over her head and the cock gag slipped out. She took in a lungful of air.

“You bast…” She tried to say (I don’t know if she really meant it!) but I calmly crammed my cock into her mouth to quell any further protests and she almost gagged on its intrusion. In her position she could not wriggle or shake; suspended and impaled on my cock as she was. I looked down on her shiny white dome and took it in my hands, gently raising and lowering it on my cock at the same time rocking my hips into her. She nearly bit into me as she was rocked by her orgasm. Generously, she held her breath as it passed. She may have been mad with me, I don’t know, but she ministered to me wonderfully, lips, tongue, and teeth. Soon I could hold no longer and I shot into her. She struggled for air but swallowed it all and I withdrew.

She groaned and gasped, before I cruelly replaced the cock gag and pulled the straps tightly over her head. She mmmffed into it and tried to shake her head, which only made it all the sexier. I would be doing all the talking, I decided – she was, after all, my submissive rubber dolly; for now, anyway!

I returned her to the vertical, her eyes glaring at me. I felt just a little sorry for her, eight orgasms in about two hours, but little did she know how many more were in store for her. I moved behind her and unzipped the rear double zip, leaving a nice gap exposing her lovely rubber clad globes and, slightly hidden away, her puckered bum hole. She wriggled and swung as I lowered her shoulders until she was at a 30 degree angle, a good angle of attack.

As she had done many times to me before, I made a great display of pulling on surgical gloves over my black suit gloves. I made a big spectacle of smearing on lots of lube, and I pushed some up her rear. I felt her clench her muscle but that was not going to help her. I eased one, then two, then three fingers inside her, pushing the walls of her ring and rubbing them; persuading them to relax.

The vibrator was still in her and during this time, and as it passed I felt her sphincter muscles involuntarily grip and shake my inserted fingers. It was a truly strange sensation. Although she seemed to put on an act of resentment to my attacks on her rear passage her body seemed to take an opposing view!

The shaking and shuddering of her body helped me ease a fourth finger into her. I had waited for her muscles to relax, it took a few minutes but her sphincter grip eased and I slipped in the fourth digit.

She was still quite tight but I could feel a weakening. Again I took my time; I placed a hand on her rubber helmet as it rolled from side to side, trying to calm her as she moaned quietly. She seemed to know that this was going to go all the way, I had previously been in her with four fingers but now she knew that I was not going to stop there; she could not fight the vibrator as it purred inside her, and then I felt a faint relaxing again and slid in my thumb. She was in heaven and hell at the same time, poor thing, but I was on a mission!

Her cheeks were stretched taut by my hand, which was now at the third knuckle. I waited a good while more, not pressing. I could feel the purring of the vibrator inside her and close to my hand. As she twitched slightly I felt the muscle at last relax momentarily and then miraculously I squeezed inside her – up to my wrist! I am not a big man; obviously, as I pass for a woman easily, and my limbs are slim but still it was an amazing sight, the two cheeks swallowed up my hand to the narrow wrist. She was struggling for breath, taking in lungfuls through the small nostril holes in her mask, and saliva dripped copiously from her chin. I kept my hand on her dome, rubbing gently, and this seemed to relax her a little. I knew exactly how she felt, for I had been there before, and she shook again as I twitched my finger slightly.

I never knew until then however, what it felt like to be at the other end – being the buggerer rather than the buggeree. It was a strange feeling of power, having someone impaled on your hand. Was it my hand or the vibrator, I didn’t know, but she seemed to calm after a while, as if to accept this huge intruder. I tried to slowly withdraw and the muscle was so tight that it was as if it didn’t want to release me, but once past the third knuckle it slipped out with ease. She gave out a loud groan through her gag. Her arse spasmed for a second or two and then relaxed. But I just couldn’t resist that inviting hole. I quickly pulled off my gloves and slid on a fresh condom. I raised her slightly more to the vertical and without any preamble slipped comfortably inside her. It happened so quickly she was taken unawares and she shook her head in futility.

There was no resistance, just a pleasant, warm grip. I think she tried to tense her muscle but gave up. Her muscles would certainly take a while to firm up, I thought. Standing still, I swung the inflated bag up and down on my cock. Despite her apparent dislike for this she came one more time! That was ten. I withdrew and threw away the condom, and came round to face her, raising her back to the vertical. There was snot coming out of her nostrils and spittle over her chin and the rubber bag. She was screwing her eyes as salt from the sweat had seeped into them. I got a paper towel and gently wiped her clean and dry. Her breathing was laboured but had gained a regular momentum.

The batteries were obviously originally low in the vibrator and had now died, which was a relief to her, and so I withdrew it from her with a soft audible plop. She groaned in relief and through hazy eyes she looked back at me. I couldn’t resist saying she was wonderful and I would worship her forever, which is probably not what she wanted to hear then, but I kissed her rubber forehead, cheeks and gagged mouth. Then I left her gently swinging for half an hour!

I went upstairs feeling pretty happy with myself. I know I shouldn’t have left her alone but she was now pretty used to gags. I had surprised myself with my dominant side and had loved stretching Anna, my mistress to her limits. I knew when my turn was over that she would wreak revenge, yet due to my submissiveness, even that excited me. I took a drink of juice and pondered the remainder of the day. Ten down and fourteen to go; now that was a challenge! But it seemed to me that Anna, I kept thinking of her as Anna more often now, was well up to it. She was probably in a bit of shock and her bum would certainly hurt, but she had seemed to relish the challenge as well.

Now she would be resting, and waiting for me. I was now sweating profusely in my tight suit, and I wiped my eyes and brow under the mask as best I could. God, I just loved being covered in this tight, black latex! The actions that my cock had been through had made it just pleasantly warm, and just a little tender, but with a short rest it would be ready for action again. I took a glass of juice and a straw and returned downstairs. She was absolutely still, and as I approached, her eyes slowly opened. I grabbed the tight strap at the back of her head and pulled it over her face and the large white rubber cock plopped out, shiny with saliva, as was the lower half of her mask. She swallowed and took a deep breath, saying nothing. She gratefully took the drink, sucking hard on the straw, she looked as if she thought I would take it away, so I told her to take it easy and she slowed.

She stared at me and then around the room, no doubt thinking about what I had planned for her next. Was she having regrets? Well, I didn’t know, but now I was set on my mission! Time for a rest, I said, and she scrunched up her eyes, wondering what I was up to. I deflated the bag and she groaned with relief as I helped her out the back. She almost staggered into my arms; yes, I said, you need a nice rest in bed, smiling and looking over at the vacuum bed!

She groaned and I heard her whisper under her breath, you just wait! I said nothing but thought, well frankly, I can hardly wait; bring it on! Her groin and bum areas were wet and shiny and I gently dried her off; she winced slightly but like a good sub kept her hands on her hips as I wiped her red enflamed bum hole. I then helped her out of the sodden suit; there was a small puddle of sweat in both feet. Her hair was completely matted to her head and she shone with sweat. Her lips were a little puffy and her shiny skin a light pink. She said nothing as I wiped her dry; she made no move to fight or run. It was as if she was preparing for the next trial, wondering what I had planned for her next. We were in a contract and she was not going to be the one to break it.

I unzipped the side of the vacuum bed and took her by the hand, she pressed her lips together stoically as she stepped in, seeking out the breathing tube with snorkel attachment and spread her legs and arms to get comfortable. She had been in it before, not often but on occasion in one of her more masochistic moods, but she knew I really meant business this day. I asked if she was okay and she grunted once for yes, and then I zipped her in and turned on the vacuum. It’s such a wonderful sight watching it enclose, envelop, and cling until there are no pockets of air left and the victim is stuck, glued, and immobile to the inside. Her naked body looked superb inside the tight transparent rubber; only her chest rose and fell slowly. Her eyes are half open and I know she can see shadows around her, and me close by.

I could see the outline of her labia, and the tight rubber has crept inside her crevice just a bit. Also the cleft between her bum cheeks has been invaded. She grunted as I placed my hands on her taut perfect breasts, holding the firm globes and rolling the nipples, then pinching them. Then I pushed my finger between her rubber covered labia and sought out her clit, scratching it through the rubber with my finger. She is held firm like a marble statue and I carried on for about twenty minutes or so, massaging, pinching and kneading. I ran my hands all over her imprisoned frame and listened to her groans and moans through the breathing tube.

She was sleek and shiny, like alabaster, and I wanted to thrust into her right there, but the impermeable rubber was an impenetrable barrier, for me to get in - and most certainly for her to get out. But this didn’t stop me from drawing another shuddering orgasm from her. She was already at eleven, I would have to pace myself otherwise this would be over before I had all my fun. I could of course extend it, I did after all have 24 hours, she didn’t know about my little bet, but I am a man of honour, a weird man, but one of honour!

After another ten minutes I allowed her to rest for half an hour, her firm breasts heaving for air, her sweat trapped between her skin and the rubber cocoon. Then I decided to give her a bit of the medicine that she had dished out to me so many times. I selected a nice leather paddle and without any warning, she may not have seen me at her side I don’t know, gave her left cheek a good whack. A gush of air shot out of her tube, and her body shook; she screamed loudly, but now I was onto her right cheek. Then methodically I went from right to left and right again.

I don’t know how many I gave her but even under the skin of rubber her backside was a fine shade of red. Her eyes were now closed, scrunched up, and she did look in some pain. I put a hand on a cheek and the other round to her breast to calm her, and it did the trick for soon she was breathing easily. I was glad of this, and I let her rest for a few minutes, and then I began to gently paddle her breasts!

I started gently, just to get the nipples nice and perky. And then I patted them a little harder, one breast and then the other. They hardly quivered in their latex covering, but shortly they began to become pinker. Again I assaulted her pussy, easing a finger between her lips as far as the latex would allow, seeking out her clit and rubbing as best as I could. It seemed to work, for when I decided she’d had enough, despite the paddling or perhaps because of it, she’d come another time, trying to wriggle and squirm in the unyielding grasp of her latex prison. Now we were up to twelve!

She was breathing hard again and groaning through the short breathing tube. I allowed her to rest for another half hour, we were now drifting into the late evening, but I still had plans for her. I had the gyn/ob chair in mind, but I wondered how far I could go for this final session of the night.

She almost fell out of the bag when I released her, and I helped her to stand as I handed her a towel and she towelled herself. Again we did not speak. It was an interesting vignette; I think she was trying to prove that, as a domina, she could take anything I came up with. She looked at me silently and then down at her pink breasts and the back at her scarlet arse. And so it was a kind of battle of wills. Despite the pain and discomfort I was sure that she was revelling in this, for after all, twelve orgasms don’t lie!

I handed her a thin rubber bathing cap, which she pulled on without comment, tucking her matted hair underneath. Then I gave her a pair of stockings with non-slip self hold tops and then shoulder length gloves, all in scarlet red latex. With help from talc she drew them all on, in between staring at me silently. I took her by the hand and strapped her into the chair, carefully attaching all the straps firmly, at ankles, above and below knees, thighs, wrists, elbows, waist and above her boobs and under her arms.

It took a while but when finished all she could move was her head. Her legs were well stretched out, to over 90 degrees, and her pussy and bum hole were very exposed and vulnerable. The look on her face showed she was well aware of this but she said nothing, no doubt waiting for her turn when it would come!

I brought over a full head gas mask that she had cleverly adapted for me. It was tight, with a zip at the rear, and had a large expanse of glazed area in a single pane at the front. The eyes and brows would be exposed and part of the cheeks around a single nose and mouthpiece. Her own invention was now to backfire on her.

Within the mouthpiece was a single valve that was activated by a rubber cock-shaped gag. The only way for air to get into the mask was when the cock was well back in the socket, which meant well back in the wearers’ mouth! If she sucked hard on the cock and pulled it into her mouth then she got air, but if she pushed out the cock then she got no air. It was an ingenious device, one that I had worn several times, but now it was her turn!

She gave me a very dirty look, but obediently lowered her head and opened her mouth to accept the cock, and I pulled it over her bathing cap. Now she knew how I felt those times when forced to suck on a rubber cock in order to survive. She mmmed and again glared at me through the single lens and I stood in front of her, smiling, in my tight overall rubber suit, my cock hard against my stomach, yearning to get out. I leaned over her and saw her cheeks suck in and a gentle hiss of air, and then her naked chest rise so she was getting some air. I decided to add a little twist and brought over the rubber aroma canister, laying it under the chair. Then I showed her the bayonet end and twisted it onto the front of the air intake of her mask. She moved her head from side to side but now the only air she would be breathing, and she had to even strain some to get it, would be the sweet pungency of rubber.

So now I moved onto the area that I thought she would take some exception to! I don’t know why I decided on this, but I was going to do it. Maybe in my heart of hearts I wanted her to really punish me later and this would of course give her all the incentive she needed. I remembered every second of when she had my nipples pierced, although it was now over two ago. Well, I had decided to return the “compliment”.

She saw me bring over the medical trolley and the electric sterilizer. Already in the sterilizer I had placed needles and two barbell inserts, the same that I had worn for the last two years. She mmmffed loudly into her gag, rocked her head from side to side, clenched her fists and waggled her feet. I thought this might happen and said that she would have an opportunity for her revenge, but this was going to happen. Again she mmmffed and I could see alarm in her eyes. I passed a thick rubber strap over her mask at her forehead, tightened it at my side, and it now held her head firmly to the cushioned rest behind her.

As she did before with me, I pulled on a pair of surgical gloves and then a rubber surgical mask over my full head mask, breathing in the addictive aroma through my nose. With my left hand I rubbed her labia and then her engorged clit, she tried to resist it but her nipples hardened and quickly I swabbed them with spirit, then pulled one out and pierced it quickly. She convulsed, but strapped down as she was she could hardly move at all. I slipped the barbell through and then screwed the ball tight at the end. She was now breathing very heavily the scented rubber air, and her chest rose and fell slowly. I allowed a minute or so rest, and then repeated the procedure on the other nipple. Then I got two small grips and holding one ball turned the other ball until I felt the thread break and the ball loosen. As the thread was now broken the barbell was now on for good, the only way of getting it off would be to cut it off. I repeated the exercise with the other nipple.

I think she had a good idea of what I had done! I noticed already there was a sheen of perspiration on her body. Under her mask she must have been really sweating. I patted her head and she glared silently at me. I said she now deserved a reward and this would be my final exercise with her.

Every good dominatrix has in her box of tricks a TENS unit, and Anna, my mistress, is no exception. She has a myriad of rubber pads which she gels onto her willing (usually) victims and then turns on the current. By dials and knobs, the strength of the current and frequency could be altered in numerous ways. I have seen her use it on male and female clients, applying it to their more sensitive parts and it is highly entertaining watching (and listening) to them squirm under the machines attentions. I, of course, was the “test pilot” and she has stuck them to either side of my anal sphincter (somehow it loosens up the sphincter’s tightness, you seem to have no control of it), behind my scrotal sac (which is not pleasant) and even wrapped one round my cock (which I thought would be horrible, but I actually quite liked it! Maybe she went soft on me.)

So from a second trolley I brought over the devious complex of electro-impulse equipment which comprised rubber pads which were glued to the body and connected by wires to power sources that sent an electric impulse to exercise injured muscles. For large, hurt muscles it can be very beneficial, as many of us who have torn a muscle will know.

So I slowly began to affix the rubber pads on her body with the help of some gel. Firstly, her breasts, four round pads on each boob, located north, south, east and west of her newly pierced nipples. Then two oblong pads, and here was the fun bit, I placed right along the line of each labial lip. I could feel her try to wriggle but she had no room for any movement at all. Finally another oblong one strategically placed between her pussy and sphincter.

Just to add insult to injury I got a small vibrator with narrow end and enlarged base and lubed it up in clear view of her. She had no more energy to clench her bum and I slid it in easily. After connecting all the leads to the various machines on the trolley I was ready to send her to cloud nine! I pulled off my surgical gloves and the mask. I then had to manoeuvre her chair, which seemed to have a lot of hydraulic levers and buttons, until her torso was almost erect and her legs outstretched the 90 degrees wide, but at a 45 degree angle in the air. I was glad she was so flexible, as this position many women would not be able to take for long. I drew the trolley near to my side and turned on a couple of dials. I was now standing in front of her, between her taut legs, her body almost touching my tight rubber suit.

As I again looked into her eyes, I then unzipped my suit and pulled out my hard cock, I released the strap holding her head allowing her to look around and down. She knew what was next and shook her head slowly but already the pads on her breasts were being to shake involuntarily, then amazingly her pussy lips began to quiver. It was a fascinating sight, and out of my sight I knew the vibrator was humming away in her rear, which together with the pad between her pussy and bum, would be sending all kind of messages.

All that remained for me to do was to slide into her warm wet cleft, and this I did; she was so wet it was if I was getting a warm, wet blowjob. I did not have to do anything, her muscles and vaginal lips were clenching and releasing involuntarily in reply to the continuing electric impulses. She moaned and groaned into the gag and continued to breathe in the sweet rubber aroma as she was assaulted from all angles. I took her head in my hands and kissed her forehead and at that moment her eyes clenched and she came.

I could see she wanted to fight it, but her body seemed to have taken off all on its own. I only needed to reach down and touch her clit and she shook again. She rolled her head from side to side, not knowing whether to fight it or go along with it. I gently held her quivering breasts and kissed her tender barbelled nipples; I did not have to thrust in her, for her vaginal muscles contracted and retracted on me of their free will, well, maybe not their “free” will!

I could feel the vibrator just an inch away from my cock purring away and shortly I was having trouble distinguishing between one orgasm of hers and another. She was now, despite her tight bonds and outstretched position, shaking and shuddering from one spasm to the next. Her breathing was coming very uneasily and I began to worry that she would “gag” on her gag. I had no idea how many orgasms she experienced but I put it down to say…..six, which meant sixteen in total and eight to go! But I didn’t want her in any serious physical trouble and so I slowly withdrew and began to turn off all the dials.

Gradually she stopped shaking, her eyes focussed on me again and I gently withdrew the vibrator and pulled off the pads; fortunately the gel caused her no further pain. I lowered her legs such that she was now almost vertical, I could see the relief in her eyes. I released all the bonds, her body was dripping wet and she almost slithered out of my arms as I held her. I unscrewed the tube from the aroma canister and she took in a huge lungful and coughed into her gag. Quickly I unzipped the gas mask and pulled it over her bathing cap, the gag plopping out of her mouth. Her face was bright red and soaking wet and her lips were puffy. She said nothing; just leant against my rubber boobs and I placed a hand on her head. It was now 11pm and time for bed.

She seemed relieved that she might be able to have a good rest but I of course had other plans. I ordered her to go and shower and get ready for bed, we were to have the night in my bedroom downstairs, on my latex sheets! She glowered at me, but was too tired to argue, or too smart!

While she took care of herself I went to my bedroom and prepared for the night. I stripped off and wiped myself down, as soon as I had Anna prepared I would get a nice shower. I slipped on a pair of latex panties and waited for her, and she returned quickly, looking tired and a bit sheepish. She said nothing as I laid out her sleeping gear. This was the tightest body bag you could imagine. She’s had me in it a couple of times and I could barely move in it. It had a back zip from just below her bum to her neck. There were internal sleeves and an attached full mask with no eye or nose holes, just a large hole for the mouth, reinforced with an internal snorkel mouthpiece that kept the mouth nicely open, not too stretched but just enough for a cock to enter! She was smaller than me but not by much so it would be a nice fit.

I spread it for her and without a word she stepped into the single tight leg.

“Cat got your tongue?” I joked but she gave me a hard look and then at her very red bum cheeks and said nothing. As I pulled hard at the sides of the bag she obediently slid her arms down into the internal sleeves. The next bit was the hard bit, but she had done this to me so knew what was in order. She dipped her head, giving me a last somewhat plaintive look and I gently but firmly pulled the full head mask over her head. Quickly it was in place and I came round the front and helped her get the snorkel piece snugly into her mouth. Her open mouth was maybe an inch in diameter and very inviting!

I drew the zip up her back and to her neck. She now stood in front of me, my sleek shiny black seal!

Only her open mouth and red tongue broke the smooth, shiny obsidian surface. I ran my hands sensuously over the smooth surface, my cock now rock solid and wanting to escape the latex pants. I could vaguely make out her features underneath, but essentially she was a smooth black statue, or maybe a sausage! I gently laid her back on my bed, and she moaned quietly as I went to the bathroom.

I took my time, she wasn’t going anywhere!

When I returned it seemed to me she was asleep….incredible. She was obviously exhausted from the previous fun and frolics. I was naked and I love to sleep naked between the latex sheets, so all I did was slip a full head black mask over my head, pull the sheets over us and snuggle up next to her! I stroked her gently under the covers and she moaned, in pleasure or in her sleep I don’t know, for within a few minutes I was fast asleep.

I don’t know how long I was out but I woke up to find she had moved. Her head was now below the sheet and was resting on my lap…… then it moved down…. I could hardly believe this, didn’t she want a rest?

Evidently not, as she took me in her open mouth and gently sucked, careful to take plenty of air in between. Looking down at her gently bobbing head under the sheet, it was impossible not to get a hard on and impossible not to come, which I did, far too quickly! She sucked it up, and with a dirty laugh, acknowledging her wonderful skills and having me at her mercy (again!), rolled off me, snuggled up and very quickly went back to sleep!

Despite how tired I was I didn’t sleep well, I was thinking of what to do to her the next day of course (she still had ten orgasms to go!), but also thinking how lucky I was to have a mistress like this.



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