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Moving Day

by LeahBMe

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© Copyright 2003 - LeahBMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; bond; encase; crate; bagged; transported; toys; cons; X

Leah finished packing the last of the dishes into the box marked fragile.  It had been a hectic past two days getting everything packed. 

“Finally,” she said while wiping a bead of sweat from her brow, “everything is packed.  Now it’s up to the movers.”

Leah and her husband, Chris, were moving to his parent’s farm, left to them after they had passed away.  They had died in a car accident when a trucker had fallen asleep and crossed the lanes.  Chris had taken the news very hard, as expected, but lately he had been feeling better and was returning to his old self.  The settlement from the truck company had been very generous and they now had enough to live comfortably on the farm without financial concerns.  They still planned to work the land and continue his father’s dream, but they wouldn’t have to scrimp and save as they had been.

Leah picked up the box and took it to the front room so that the moving men wouldn’t have to track all over the house.  She found an open spot near the hallway and upon setting it down she let out a squeal as Chris grabbed her butt. 


“Damn you Chris,” she chided, “I didn’t even hear you!  Some day you’re going to give me a heart attack you know!  Then what will you do, huh?  You won’t be able to have me around to scare any more.”

Leah regretted saying the last part as soon as the words left her mouth.  This wasn’t the time to be joking about that.  She only hoped that Chris wouldn’t be hurt very much by her untimely outburst.

“Oh Chris, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like…” 

Her words trailed off as Chris put a single finger across her mouth. 

“Don’t worry about that honey, I know you didn’t mean it and I’m okay with my parents death now.  It was an accident, that’s all.  They are with God now and I’m happy for them.  We still have a lot to look forward to.  And besides, I know that you secretly like being scared anyways.” Chris soothed, “You always get a little flushed and your eyes light up whenever I do it.”

“I do not!” She squealed as she put on her best pouty face, “I get flushed because I’m mad at you for doing that!  I don’t like it one bit!  Its mean, and you get a kick out of it!”

Trying to emphasize her point Leah stamped her feet and shook her finger at him.

“Quit trying to make me feel sorry for you.” He laughed as she continued her fit.  “I know you like it because you always give me a big hug afterwards.  If you were truly mad you wouldn’t even touch me.  So quit pouting and come here!” 

“You’re not getting any of that this time buster,” Leah chided as she pushed his outstretched arms away, a smile replacing her down-turned lips, “you’ll just have to hug yourself.  I’ve got to go to the bathroom, and besides, the moving company will be here any minute.”

Chris caught her around the waist and pulled her tight as she tried to push past him. 

“But we’re not finished packing my dear!” He breathed into her ear.  “There is one more thing to pack before we leave.”

“What else could there be?” She asked, “We’ve packed everything we own, its all sitting in these boxes here.”

“It’s in the garage, my dear.  But I’ll tell you what, go to the bathroom and I’ll start getting it ready.”

“There’s nothing in the garage,” she protested, “we finished that yesterday.”

“Go to the bathroom and then come to the garage, you’ll see.” 

Giving her a light tap on the butt and pointing down the hall Leah looked confused.  Shrugging her shoulders and a little disappointed that there was still more to do she drug her feet a little as she headed off.

Smiling widely when he heard the bathroom door close, Chris made his way to the garage.  It was true, they had finished packing everything in there yesterday, but this package hadn’t been there.  Chris had snuck this in last night while she was sleeping and had deliberately kept her out of there during the day.  Secrecy was a must if this was going to be a surprise, and what a surprise it would be.  He could just imagine the surprise on her face when she learned that it was her that was the last item to be packed.

Leah finished her business and washed her hands.  Looking into the mirror she figured that she was about due for a shower.  Sweat had trickled down her face and dried, leaving a hint of white streaks from the salt.  Her hair was a muss and bags under her eyes were beginning to form from working so hard the past days.  Grabbing a washcloth that they had left so they would have something to dry their hands with she pulled the stopper on the sink and filled it with warm water.  Soaking the washcloth in the basin she began to clean her face.  After gently washing away the dirt and sweat she began to feel better.  Deciding that the rest of her body could use a quick cleaning as well she stripped off her clothes and began to sponge her skin.

“What’s taking you so long?” Chris asked through the door. 

Slightly startled once again by him she replied that she was just giving herself a quick wash and would be a few more minutes. 

“I’ll meet you in the garage shortly, I just need to get some of this dirt off of me.  I wish I had some clean clothes instead of having to put these messy ones back on.”

“No problem.” He replied as he opened the door. 

“Chris!” she yelped upon seeing him entering, “I’m naked!  Don’t come in!”

“I can see that you’re naked my dear, I’m not blind you know.  Besides I like to see you this way, that sexy body of yours turns me on.”

“Get out!” Shy about her body, she tried to cover up.  “I’ll meet you in the garage, now get!”

Laughing as he approached her, he slipped his hands over her breasts.  Giving them a slight squeeze as he did so. 

“Go away, we can’t do that now.  The movers are coming.”

“Perhaps you should be coming as well.” He whispered as he slid a hand towards her sex.

“Quit that you horny beast, I’m not in the mood.  Now go away, I mean it!” She scolded him as she slapped his hand away.

“Oh alright, I’m leaving.  But not without your clothes!” 

Grabbing up the pile on the floor before she could react he ran from the bathroom to the garage.

“Chris!  Chris!  Get back here!  Bring me my clothes!  The movers will be here any minute; they might see me.  Chris!”  Leah shrieked as he darted from the bathroom.

“If you want them, come and get them!”  He joked as he slammed the garage door shut.

“Chris!  Chris?” 

Damn him, she thought to herself.  He was definitely returning to normal, but this wasn’t funny.  What if somebody saw her?  They had packed all the curtains and blinds, nothing covered the windows, anybody walking by could see in the house.  They could see her.

Looking for something to cover herself with she found nothing.  The washcloth was too small to provide any protection.  She would just have to make a quick dart through the house to the garage.  The garage where her clothes were; and once there, to kick Chris’s butt.

Peering out the bathroom door she took a few small steps to the end of the hallway and stopped.  Peeking around the corner to see if anyone was in the street she saw no one.  She had to cross the living room and then the kitchen to the get to the garage but she could only see one way up the street from where she was.  Deciding that there was nothing else she could do Leah took one last look and made a run for it.  In a blur she covered the ground between the living room and the kitchen, never slowing even as she took a quick glance towards the street.  She thought she saw her neighbour watering his flowers but couldn’t be sure he saw her.  A quick turn to the right and she was in the kitchen darting for the door that led to the garage.  Quickly she grasped the knob and threw herself through the door, managing to stub her toe on the way through.

“Damn you,” she yelled as she slammed the door shut while clutching her throbbing toe, “that wasn’t funny.  What if somebody saw me?  I know we’re leaving and all, but some of these people are our friends.  Then what are we going to d….”

Anger quickly washed from her face as she finally let go of her toe and looked over at Chris.  A huge smile covered his face while he lent against the empty workbench.  Well, it wasn’t completely empty; a large white box wrapped with a red bow was perched on the top.  To his left sat a long wooden crate that was empty and had the lid leaning against it.  It looked as though the crate was just longer than she was tall, slightly wider than she was, and just under two feet deep.

“What’s all this?” she asked.

“Why, it’s a crate my dear.” Chris sarcastically replied. “It’s a crate and gift to you.  You see darling, we do in fact have one more item to pack up!  And yes love, that item is you!”

“I don’t think so!” fear traced her voice, “I’m not getting into that, I know we’re into bondage and all but this is going a little far.”

“Oh yes you are, you will do as I say or I will open the garage door here and drag you into the street and leave you there!”  Adding emphasis by showing her the garage door opener in his hand.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she pleaded, “Everybody will see me!”

“Want to bet?” he said as he moved his thumb towards the button.  “We can find out right now just how serious I can be.  What’ll it be my dear?

“No!  Don’t!  I couldn’t bear it.” 

“Here we go!”  He pushed the button and the door slowly started to climb.

“Alright, Alright!  I’ll do it!  Close the door!”

Chris quickly pressed the button again and the door reversed and closed.  It had risen no more than a foot and nobody would have been able to see inside far enough to know what was going on.

“That’s a girl, it won’t be so bad.  Besides, I bought you a little gift here to make you feel better.”  Pointing towards the white box.  “Go ahead and open it.  I know that it is something that you have wanted for a long time and since the settlement check finally came I figured it was about time you had it.”

Leah padded over to the workbench and looked at the box.  It was quite large and the bow on top held a card that read ‘To Leah with love’.  Curiosity began to get the better of her and deciding their was nothing else she could do she reached out and lifted the lid.  Instantly after the lid came off she smelt the distinct odour of latex.  She knew that smell well and remembered how she had enjoyed spending time by the racks of latex at the local adult store simply soaking up the delicious aroma.  She had wanted to buy some but knew that they could never afford it, always walking out of the store empty handed, feeling sullen that she could come so close but not be able to have it.

“Oh Chris, you didn’t?” hope lighting up in her eyes, “Is it, I mean, is it really what I think it is?”

“Look further, look into the box, and your questions will soon be answered.” His eyes pointing to the interior of the box.

Suddenly hopeful she quickly lifted the box from the bench and set it on the ground so that she could see into it.  Folding back a few pieces of red tissue paper she saw her prize. At the top of the pile sat a brand new shiny black rubber catsuit.  Barely able to contain her glee she greedily reached in and withdrew her treasure and held it to her naked chest.  She let the legs unfold and drape across her exposed thighs savouring the slippery feel as they slid down.  The attached hands and feet bubbled slightly as air suddenly filled the garment.

“Its wonderful, simply wonderful!  How did you know that this was what I wanted?”

“I have eyes, I watch.  Do you really think that you were being that covert?  Every time we went to the store you would immediately make a beeline for the racks of latex.  You would always act like you were just looking, but this particular suit was what you looked at first.  It didn’t take much to put two and two together.”

“I can’t wait, help me get it on!”  She replied as she started to undo the back zipper.

“Patience,” he said as he touched her shaking hand, “there is more to discover in the box.”

Leah glanced down into the tissue paper lined box and spotted some other garments inside.  A full face hood with a breathing tube sat to the left, a large bundle of rubber straps on the right, a pair of latex panties in the middle, complete with a large and small dildo resting in the crotch area.  A large unidentifiable sheet of rubber sat underneath it all, each and everyone the colour black. 

“Here, give me the suit and turn around.” He said as he reached for the black bundle in her hands. 

Shaking with excitement she handed him her trophy and turned her back towards him.  Chris set the rubber catsuit on the bench and produced a bottle of talcum powder he had hiding on a shelf.  Starting at her shoulders he began to slowly dust her body with the white powder.  Goosebumps dotted her arms as he slid his hands over them.  Her chest was next and he took his time ensuring that it was well covered, pausing for a few minutes on the erect nipples all the while pretending that he couldn’t quite get the powder to stay put.  Shivers could be felt through her body while he coated her back and abdomen.  Leah was definitely getting excited as her breathing had noticeably increased in speed.  Next to be layered was her legs.  Chris diligently rubbed the powder across her thighs and buttocks, deliberately avoiding the inside even though she had spread her legs quite wide.  He could tell she yearned to be touched down there, but her lower legs and feet received the honour of his gentle touch.  Finally convinced that she had been deprived enough he filled his hands with the dust and caressed her cleft, the powder instantly soaking up the moisture that had leaked from her pussy. 

“Huh, I see what they mean when they talk about rolling the fat lady in flour so you could find the wet spot.” He said jokingly.  “You look like a horny ghost you know.  Turn around, it’s time to get dressed!” his voice becoming stern.

Leah found it hard to turn as her legs became wobbly.  She couldn’t believe that she was actually going to be able to wear the latex suit.  It was finally hers, and now the moment had come she grew weak from the excitement.

Picking up the latex panties from the box Chris told her to lift her legs.  Tentatively she raised her left foot and pointed it towards the leg opening.  As it slid through she could feel the latex grab at her foot, the friction tickling her slightly.  As her second foot passed through she began to regain some of her strength and was able to stand at little firmer.  Her excitement growing inside she could feel a trickle of her lubricant escape her lips and trickle down her leg.  Looking down at the black mass approaching her crotch she eyed the dildos pointing directly at her holes.

“Hurry, I want them inside me now.  I can’t wait.  I need them.” She pleaded.

Chris, eyeing her desire, decided that it wouldn’t hurt to pick up the pace a little.  Taking a firm grasp on the sides of the panty he slid them past her knees and up her thighs.  Telling her to squat a little he dug his fingers into her pussy and extracted a large amount of lubricant.  Carefully he spread the juice onto each of the dildos and, after refilling once again from between her lips, he spread her juice over her rear hole.  Slowly he continued the ascent of the panty towards her hips and gently guided the intruders towards their intended holes.  Feeling the resistance slightly as the dildos began to pierce their new homes he reached under the panty and gave a slight push.  A moan escaped Leah’s pursed lips and her eyes shut as the trespassers made their way in.  Gently but firmly Chris continued his relentless pressure until finally the base of the dildos bumped against her skin.  Giving the sides of the panty one final tug to ensure it was seated properly he stepped back and admired the look on Leah’s face.

“How’s it feel?” he asked.

“Mmmmm,” was her reply, refusing to open her eyes.  She started to rock her hips back and forth attempting to cajole the intruders into sparking an orgasm. 

“Hey hey, none of that now!” he reprimanded her, “there’ll be plenty of time for that later.  We must hurry if we’re to have you packed up for the move.  I told the company that we needed them an hour later than previously agreed, but if you’re going to do that we’ll have no time!”

Fear again covered her face as she remembered what he had planned.  He had bought her these wonderful garments but he couldn’t be serious about packing her up like an object.  But the look on his face told her that he expected exactly that.

Chris picked up the rubber bundle from the bench and told her to lift her foot.  Resigned to her fate she barely hesitated as she raised it in the air.  Again she could feel the friction of the latex sliding over her foot as he pulled the shiny black material over it.  She had to push a little when the ankle of the catsuit got tight but soon after her foot plopped into the attached sock.  Her second foot was a little easier going in and soon she was standing on both feet again.  Chris took his time guiding the slippery garment up her legs, pausing now and then to ensure the fit was proper.  The grip of the rubber hugged her legs as the black mass progressed up her body.  Soon he reached her upper thighs and stole a quick moment to give the dildos a gentle nudge, causing a spasm to course through her body as the intruders bumped together against her inner walls.  A quick giggle from him after she moaned from pleasure and he was tugging again on the rubber.  Sliding the latex over her buttocks and cleft he pulled the suit past her stomach, causing a louder moan this time as the suit pulled the dildos in her pussy and ass deeper into her body.  Another pause to give her nipples a quick tug and the suit was pulled over her breasts, small buds poked at the rubber trying to break free from its grasp.  One by one her arms were guided down the sleeves and her hands into their respective gloves. 

“Almost done!” he teased as he pulled the suit up over her shoulders tightened it around her chest.  Ensuring that the neck of the catsuit was in its proper place he tugged at the zipper located at the base of her spine and pulled it closed.  Each tooth closing on the zipper tightened the latex around her waist and chest.  Leah could barely control her breathing as the rubber gripped her body tighter and tighter.  Finally as the zipper reached its peak she couldn’t believe how incredible the garment felt.  Every single part of her body was being gripped by the latex.  The rubber hugged her skin and brought new sensations that she had never thought possible.  She took a tentative step forward and gasped as the dildos shifted positions.  She moved her hands across her belly and breasts enjoying the jittery movements and vibrations it sparked as the latex stuck to itself.  Each vibration seemed to end up directly on each nipple causing an intense feeling of pleasure.  Wonderingly she passed one of her hands across the top of her mound and let out a hiss as the vibrations rocked her clitoris.

“There will be none of that just yet!” he spoke as she grabbed her hands and held them behind her back, “it’s time to get you packed up and ready to go!” 

Grasping both her wrists in one hand he reached into the box and withdrew a latex strap. 

“This is to make sure you don’t go rubbing yourself and spoiling the fun while I take you to the house.”

Quickly he wound the strap around her wrists before she could protest, each wrap a little tighter until he was sure that she could not get free.  Taking the ends of the strap he wound it around her waist and tied it off in front, pinioning her hands to the small of her back.  He took a second strap and wound it around her chest and arms just above her elbows, sealing her arms tightly so that she could only move them a few inches.  A third strap was wound around her thighs while a fourth at her feet ensured that her legs were well immobilized.  A fifth, and much longer, rubber strap was finally wound completely around her body from her shoulders to her ankles.  Satisfied that she wasn’t going anywhere he picked up the latex hood and stood back.

“Any final words before you go in the crate?” he asked.

“Oh please, please let me cum.  I’ve wanted this for so long, I can’t wait any more!  The sensations are driving me crazy for lust, please, I need it, just a quick one, just give it a few rubs and that should be enough.  Please baby, plea…mmmmmmph.”

The gag from the hood slid in quite easily when he pushed it into her mouth.  The rubber filled her palate and bulged her cheeks slightly.  A startled look flashed through her eyes when her ability of speech was cut off.

“No, I think that I’ll make you wait just a little while longer.” He said as he pulled the hood over her head, casting her into sudden darkness.  “It’s only a 2 hour drive to the farm, you should be able to hold out for that long.  After all, you’ve been waiting so long already for this that it would be a shame not to savour the feeling of being encased in latex for a little while yet.”

Taking his time to ensure that the breathing tube was properly set in her mouth and she would not suffocate he smoothed a few wrinkles in the rubber as it hugged her head.  Stepping back and admiring his work he found it hard to ignore the bulge that had formed in his pants.  His penis yearned for release yet he knew that time was getting short.  The workers should be here soon.  He hoped they wouldn’t be too early.

“Stand still, I’ve got to get your crate ready.” He told her as he grabbed the final garment from the bottom of the gift box. 

She hadn’t been able to identify what it was, but Chris knew.  Carefully he placed the bodybag into the crate and unzipped it the full length.

“I think that you’re going to enjoy this.” He teased her as he gently picked her up and laid her in the center of the bag.  “I can’t have you getting damaged during transport, and I thought that this would be a lot funner for you than Styrofoam puffs.  You see my dear; I’m going to place you into an inflatable body bag.  When I fill it with air your catsuit and hood will press even tighter against your helpless body.  The latex will fill your ears and render you deaf to outside noises.  Your binds will tighten and your ability to move will disappear.  Eventually you will lose track of time and your mind will drift into a different realm.  The only sensations you will have are of the latex sealing your body, your helplessness, oh, and I almost forgot, the constant vibrations from the remote control vibrators now buried inside you.  They were quite cleverly hidden inside the rubber, so well in fact that you couldn’t tell they were vibrators unless you bought the item yourself.  But don’t worry darling, I’m not going to turn them on just yet.  That will just have to be a surprise for you as to when they will start.  But for now I must say that the time has come to seal you up, I’ll see you in a few hours, maybe…”

Grabbing hold of the airtight zipper Chris tugged it the full length of the bag, pausing only to pull the breathing tube through its designated slot.  Striding over to the bench he picked up the portable air pump he had hidden and went back to the crate.  He attached the end of the pump to the air valve and turned the compressor on.  The bag began to quickly inflate and soon was bulging tightly against the walls of the crate.  He could hear small moans through the breathing tube and chuckled to himself.

“Enjoy it my dear, for I have a few surprises at our new home.”  He spoke aloud as he placed the lid on the top of the crate and closed the hasps.  Four locks were placed around the crate and secured.  Just as he heard the final snap of the fourth lock the doorbell rang.

“Right on time!” Chris exclaimed as he tapped the top of Leah’s crate and went to let them in.

Leah could hardly believe the sensations she was feeling.  Chris had been right.  She couldn’t move an inch inside her bag.  The pressure had forced the latex of her suit so tightly against her body she thought her skin and the rubber would fuse together.  At first she had been able to hear the hiss of the air as it filled her crate, but soon the latex sealed her ears and all sound had been cut off.  Lying there blind, deaf, and mute she felt completely helpless, bound by the rubber that she had wished for so long. 

After ten minutes had passed she sensed that her crate was moving.

“They must be loading me into the back of Chris’s truck.” She thought. “How long is he going to keep me like this?  Damn him, I need release.  Why couldn’t he just rub my pussy a little bit?  That’s all I needed.”

Leah lay inside the crate muttering curses about her husband.  Struggling to find some way to please herself, but finding none.  She was just too well bound.  She wanted so badly for him to turn on the vibrators.  That would be enough to push her over the edge.  ‘When would they turn on?’ she wondered as Chris pulled onto the street and began the journey to their new home.

The End


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