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Mothers Milk

by GummiHerr

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It had been a bad year for a number of reasons. There were water shortages due to global warming and now there were problems with milk production in the dairy industry due to viral infections causing the governing bodies to consider alternative methods of producing milk. The biggest problem facing the mothers of new babies was that cows milk was not being allowed for use because of the viral infections and the risk of transmission. The great majority of new mothers were being advised not to breast feed their babies due to the chemicals being passed on to the child through the mother from all of the food additives that were in use to promote growth. So there was the dilemma. What to feed the babies requiring real milk.

The university medical research lab had developed a program to select suitable candidates and have them produce milk in suitable quantities for consumption by newborns. They had developed a method of turning these candidates into "dairy cows".

Julie was a university student who had gone back to study journalism at an age when most women would have been married and had raised a family. She was 5-7 in her stocking feet and weighed 165 pounds with a pink complexion typical of redheads. Well endowed, she was what you would call shapely. Divorced and now single, she had not had any children, so she was enjoying the new found freedom that student life offered. Julie had been following the development of the milk program that the university research lab was running with interest as her close friend Sarah was working for the Lab to earn extra money for her tuition.

One evening while conversing over a glass of wine at the campus pub, Sarah mentioned to Julie that the program was looking for candidates and would pay handsomely for their participation. "You could use the money Julie. You don't have to do much and you would be perfect for it."

Julie contemplated this suggestion while sipping her wine. "What would I have to do "she said.

"Nothing at all Julie", Sarah responded, "Just come to the lab and we'll prescreen you. I mean, my god you've already got the breasts for it!"

"I'm not so sure" Julie replied. "I'm forty years old and I've never had children. These have never produced milk before" she said as she looked down at her chest, "And what do you mean by that crack about having the breasts for it?"

"Oh come on "Sarah chided, "Everyone knows you are well endowed..... I mean all the guys just stare at your set of knockers whenever you walk by! Look, you'd only have to be in the program for a couple of weeks. The most anybody has been allowed to go for is six weeks."

Julie thought for a moment then responded, "Will it hurt? What about my body? Will it alter or disfigure it in any way, cause if it will I don't want any part of it."

Sarah hesitated for a moment then offered, "You won't even have stretch marks. Look, come down to the lab tomorrow and we'll get you a tour and you can see for yourself. If you think it is ok then we'll set you up for some easy cash. The administrative nurse has done it so you can ask her all about it. What do you think?"

Julie thought for a moment then nodded, "Well..... Ok I guess it wouldn't hurt to look. It would make a great article for the paper."

"Great" Sarah replied, "come to the third floor of the medical wing, room 330 at 9 AM . I'll meet you there. Don't worry it'll be fine."

The elevator bell rang as the door opened onto the third floor. Julie was somewhat apprehensive as she stepped out of the elevator and made her way to the reception office. "What have I got myself into" she wondered. "Oh well, I don't have to agree to anything, and it wouldn't hurt to look."

Her thoughts were interrupted by Sarah's greeting. "Hi there. I thought you might not come. I'm glad you did though. Sylvia is all ready to see you".

"Sylvia?" Julie inquired.

"She's the administrative nurse I told you about" Sarah offered.

"Oh", replied Julie as she followed Sarah dutifully into Sylvia's office.

Sylvia was in her mid forties, of fair complexion with red hair and faded freckles. Her height was about 5-7 and she had that playful sparkle in her eyes. She was not what one would consider as well endowed but she was nicely proportioned and shapely.

"Hello, you must be Julie " she said as she rose to greet Julie with her hand outstretched in greeting. "Please have a seat and try not to be nervous. I'm not sure what Sarah has told you but I will try to explain the program and answer any questions you may have to put you at ease."

Julie nodded and sat passively and listened.

"We have successfully found a way for the human body to be induced into producing large quantities of milk. The method of inducement works for both female and males. We are getting 20 to 40 liters of milk per day from each of the subjects."

"How is that possible ?" asked Julie, puzzled.

"We have developed a special liquid diet high in hormones and other special nutrients which is administered to the subject. This creates changes in the bodies milk gland sizes and outputs."

"You mentioned men," said Julie still puzzled.

"Yes" Sylvia replied, "it takes a little longer but the males develop milk producing breasts just like the women do and generate almost as much quantity. The body is very much more sensitive to changes in temperature and outside stimuli during this process so we have had to develop special methods of handling all of the requirements the bodies need to sustain the milk output which is considerable and continuous 24 hours a day."

"Does this hurt "Julie inquired.

"I won't lie to you, "said Sylvia, "there is discomfort in the beginning but you get used to it".

Julie was now very curious, "What happens exactly?"

Pulling a binder out of the desk Sylvia turned to a series of photos to illustrate the process.

"Assuming you are a suitable candidate and pass the preliminary tests for disease etc., we give you an allergy test for latex, and if you pass that, a surgical scrub and removal of all pubic hair. You are then admitted to the colonic room where you are given a very thorough colonic irrigation, which lasts for 12 hours to insure that your system is totally clear of all foreign matter. Following this you are anesthetized and fitted with an esophageal tube, which is inflated to prevent it coming out. You are catheterized and have a control device fitted to your vagina and rectum with is connected to a computer monitoring program to control the flow rates to ensure maximum absorption of the fluid", she paused.

"Your body will increase in size almost three times its normal size and your breasts will swell so that your bust line is almost 100 inches. To support all of this very soft and puffy tissue, as well as to control the size your body gets to, we put you into a special rubber suit with a neck brace and hood and special fittings to allow your breasts to get as large as they want while retaining control over the rest of your body. The hood retains the oxygen mask, esophageal tube, earphones, and video goggles. It is double lined like the suit so that water to control your body temperature can be run through it. Your enlarged nipples are connected to special milking tubes which suck and pump the milk to holding tanks. The sensation is quite pleasant. Output tubes from your bladder, rectum, and vagina go to clear rubber bags that are monitored before draining. You would be surprised at the amount of fluid your bladder and vagina will produce."

Julie looked at all of the photos and felt turned on by them. She had never felt this sort of feeling before. "What happens after?" she said.

"It will take about a week for the body to return to normal," Sylvia said, "Here look at the photo of me. I wish I could have kept the breasts!"

"Oh my god!" Julie responded, "that can't be you surely?"

Sylvia smiled and nodded, "Yes that is me! I can assure you that the human skin is capable of stretching to incredible dimensions and will return without a stretch mark, because of the water and nutrient content retained in the skin during the procedure".

"What did I tell you?" Sarah added.

Sylvia continued, "We pay you 200 dollars a day for the inconvenience, plus you get extra credits towards your degree in your case. You will be out of circulation for about 20 days total. Do you want to become one of our dairy cows?" Sylvia said with a grin and a wink.

Julie did the mental arithmetic and figured that her bank account would be vastly improved by it all and nodded and said "yes".

"In that case then Julie I'll get you to sign the forms here and here and then I'll take you to meet your bedmates". Sarah smirked and giggled at Julie who felt a little nervous but giggled just the same.

"Oh hell, let the adventure begin" quipped Julie.

"I'll catch up to you later Julie" said Sarah. "I have to get on with my chores".

"Ok,"Julie replied.

Sylvia gestured for Julie to follow her. "I'll take you into the dorm where the subjects are ".

Julie nodded and followed Sylvia as they went past the cleansing rooms with their white tiled walls and seamless linoleum floors. Julie noted with interest that there was about ten new subjects both male and female being prepped for the procedure. Sylvia stopped at a set of double doors and turned to Julie.

"Don't be alarmed at what you are about to see. The subjects are in no pain and are conscious. They will not know we are here as the earphones and video goggles block out all outside sensations. They are not aware of time, in fact. Even if they could hear you they could not respond because they are unable to speak due to the mouth plug and esophageal tube. It's a type of suspended animation if you like."

Sylvia turned and pushed the doors open with Julie beside her and went into the dorm. What greeted Julie's eyes made them large with amazement and produced the response "holy shit!!!"

"That's not quite the reaction I would have expected but it is understandable" Sylvia admonished.

Julie walked slowly into the dorm. It was about fifty feet long with four rows of beds. Two rows were against the walls and the other two were down the center-arranged head to head. All of the beds were the gurney type with castor wheels at the corners. The mattresses were covered in thick rubber sheets, and the beds were inclined at about fifteen degrees from horizontal. It was the subjects that Julie found so shocking at first. Each bed was occupied by a grotesque transparent rubber figure that looked like the Michelin Man on steroids.

Like the Michelin Man, there were a series of darker transparent rings every four inches along the entire length of the legs, arms and torso. The diameter of these figures varied but was generally about three to four feet. The legs and arms were about twenty inches in diameter. Heavy dark brown rubber straps restrained the subject to the bed. From the chest two huge breasts strained for freedom against the reinforced rubber balloons that held them captive inside. Attached to the enlarged nipples were special suction pumps, which transferred the milk produced via clear plastic overhead pipes to a central holding tank.

The bloated head of about two feet in diameter had two tubes emanating from where the mouth would have been. One tube was corrugated and black and was connected to an oxygen monitoring device where Julie could see a large rebreathing bag expanding and contracting with the subjects breathing. The other was a large diameter latex tube connected to a low pressure-metering pump. Julie could see the fluid going into the subject. From between the legs three large diameter latex tubes and two small tubes with bulb pumps exited the rubber suit. The large tubes terminated in large clear rubber collection bags attached to the end rail of the bed, labeled Urine, Fluid Discharge, and Vaginal Discharge. Electronic probes monitored the contents of these bags and a computer adjusted the fluid input and release of the contents to the drains when necessary.

More tubes were attached to top of the shoulders and the ends of the arms and legs. Julie guessed correctly that these were for temperature control with water. She poked the subject closest to her and watched it giggle and quiver like a bowl of jelly. The arms, legs and head of the subjects were restrained to the bed by more brown rubber straps. The enormous breasts were restrained around the base of each one with a three inch wide heavy rubber band making them about six inches in diameter at the chest wall. Above the straps the diameter increased to about twenty inches and a height of about twenty-four. They were kept from falling over by a special harness at the tips suspended from a hoop - like metal frame that was attached to the bed frame. More straps radiated from around the circumference of the breasts to the uprights of the metal hoop.

Wires from the video goggles and earphones exited the ball shaped hood along with the tubes. Julie asked Sylvia what the subjects heard and saw from the earphones and video goggles. "Anything you want. The subject has a keypad inside the mitts and can call for assistance or watch a favorite TV program or just listen to recorded music. You can even access a personal computer to surf the web or send messages".

"Will I be able to sleep? " Julie inquired.

Sylvia paused and then replied, "You will doze for short duration's as opposed to actually sleeping, but you will get all the rest you need".

Julie stood with her eyes transfixed on the rhythmic pulsing of the tightly rubberized breasts and their pumps. Poo-chee, poo-chee, poo-chee, the noise was emanating from every subject's suction pumps. She suddenly felt very horny. "Has anything ever gone wrong"? She said suddenly thinking about her personal safety.

Sylvia reached out and touched her hand to Julie's arm, "I'm happy to report that nothing has happened.... except that one male subject wanted to have his sex changed afterward!" Julie smiled sheepishly. "I won't push you into this, but it is for a worthwhile cause" Sylvia admonished. Julie didn't answer right away, as her focus was on these grotesque figures pulsing in rhythm to the suction pumps. She thought that since she did not have children of her own perhaps this was a way to help those who did. "Yea, sure. Let's go for it. It can't be any worse than donating blood!"

Julie had passed all of the tests for allergies to latex and other disorders with flying colors. Now it was time to start the whole process. Sylvia led Julie back to the cleansing rooms they had passed earlier, and took her into one of the large cubicles where the subjects were prepped.

"Take your clothes off and put them in this white bag," Sylvia said, "I'll put your name on the tag so that you can identify them later. There is a shower in the room to your left. We need you to take a really good shower and scrub yourself with this anti-bacterial soap. You will find a gown hanging on the hook outside the shower when you finish. When you're done come back in here and Lee will look after you from there". (Sylvia gestured to a nurse who had just entered the room) .

Lee smiled and greeted Julie. "Hi, I'm Lee. I'm what you might call your den mother. I'll be the one who gets you all dressed up. Any questions?" Julie shook her head and started to undress. Sylvia handed Julie the white bag with Julie's name tag on it; "You're in good hands so I'll get back to my office. Welcome aboard the program. Once you get past the self-consciousness, I think you will enjoy the sensations "said Sylvia.

Returning from the shower, Julie was assisted onto a gynecologist's table in the cubicle by Lee and instructed to lie flat. She felt cold. Noticing Julie's chattering teeth Lee put a blanket over her. "We don't want you catching cold!" Lee said.

The next hour was not the most pleasant that Julie had gone through before. She was shaved and jabbed with a number of needles to prevent various ailments. She had to put on a tight molded transparent hood that had holes for her ears to protrude through and short molded tubes which fitted snuggly up her nostrils. The mouth hole defined her lips and made them protrude and look like she was pouting. The molded ridges around the eye openings were there to locate the video goggles and prevent them from contacting the eyes when the outer hood was inflated. The hood covered her head totally down to the base of her neck. It was a snug fit and Julie found it hard to talk or move her jaw or make any facial expression for that matter. Her features were now hard to discern, although you could just make out the color of her hair through the smooth shiny surface of the rubber.

Lee lifted Julie's legs and placed them onto the stirrups and thigh supports which made Julie slide towards the stirrups and open her legs to about 90 degrees. Lee strapped Julie to the table across her waist and did up the straps to the stirrups. "We don't want you falling off the table do we?" she said.

Lee inserted an I.V. and set up a couple of large capacity bags with a cloudy looking fluid in them. "Don't get alarmed, but you are going to start retaining fluid big time and will get very puffy. You will feel a tingling in your breasts and nipples especially. Try not to touch them too much as they will be very sensitive".

Lee inserted the catheter, and inflated the retention balloon with distilled water, clamping off the stream of urine that told her that the tube was placed correctly. "You'll have to tell me when you need to pee so I can undo the clamp and void you - Ok?" Julie nodded. Lee attached the end of the tube to a collection bag that was hung on the side of the table and undid the clamp. "I'm going to void you now rather than later," Lee said. Amber fluid flowed in a steady stream into the bag.

Lee took the special rubber speculum of the colonic irrigation equipment, lubricated it and inserted it up Julie's rectum and pumped the two bulbs to inflate the retention and leakage prevention balloons. Julie grunted and winced a bit. "Too tight? Does it hurt?" Lee asked. Julie shook her head slowly and blushed with embarrassment. "Don't worry hon, I do the men too, and believe me, I've see everything! Just lie back and relax. I'll get you some magazines to read."

Lee hooked up the water and discharge tubes and turned the irrigation machine on, then left to get the magazines. Julie felt pumped - literally, as the water gurgled into her innards. Her breasts were now very sensitive and the nipples were growing considerably in size. She noticed that her skin was softening and getting puffy, especially around the restraining straps. "I suppose they know what they're doing," she thought to herself. Lee came back and offered Julie a selection of magazines.

"How are you doing?" Lee asked. "Oh, you're growing nicely. I have to insert the vaginal fluid plug now so try not to wiggle too much."

This device was shaped like a long pear and made out of soft clear latex with a large bore discharge tube attached and a smaller tube with a bulb pump attached to it. A pelvic harness with straps and buckles was molded to the base of the device. Lee lubed it liberally and eased it into Julie's passage and pushed it in until the harness was flush with her mound. Julie moaned a little and shuddered, and tried hard not to squirm as Lee did up the harness straps around Julie's thighs and crotch and waist. Again she shuddered as Lee pumped up the rubber pear deep within her womanhood, making the harness tension increase and tighten. Lee plugged the end of the discharge tube and checked the harness for fit.

"There you go!" Lee smiled. "I'll leave you alone for a number of hours and check in on you later. Soup for lunch today. You'll have to suck it through a straw because the hood will make it difficult to open your jaw to get a spoon in. Make the most of it as we fit the esophageal tube and mouth plug after lunch." Sensing that this made Julie nervous, Lee reassured her. "You won't feel a thing hon. We'll put you to sleep. When you wake up you'll be all set for the dorm". Lee left the room and Julie to her thoughts. Julie noticed that she was getting quite puffy and her nipples were growing to enormous size.

Lee had been in the room three times that day to change the I.V. drip bags for new ones. Lunch had been uneventful. Julie was swelling up nicely and was starting to show signs of breast growth. The veins on them were blue and red and the sizes were increasing. Julie was an ideal milk producer. All the signs were there. Lee measured Julie for the correct size suit and wrote the measurements on her clipboard and went out of the room to get it. Julie, by this time was quite puffy. The harness straps were almost lost in the folds of her skin. Her thoughts were only about whether or not she would return to normal after all of this was over. Sylvia had hadn't she? She tried not to worry.

Lee came back into the room with a large plastic bag containing a browny-yellow latex rubber garment in it. Along with the garment she had brought along two large clear plastic rubber-rimmed vessels which to Julie looked like enormous wine glasses, except that where the stem would have been there was a red rubber tube with a large red bulb and valve on the end. They were about six inches in diameter at the opening swelling to about 10 or 12 at the middle and about 14 inches in height.

Julie was intrigued as to what these were for. Lee lubed the soft rims of the vessels and fed Julie's right breast into the first one until the soft rubber rim was able to rest on the chest wall skin. Taking the bulb in her hand, Lee pumped until a vacuum sucked all of the air out of the vessel, making Julie's breast grow enormously in size, conforming to the shape of the vessel. Julie giggled with pleasure at the sensation, while she watched as Lee proceeded to do the same with the other breast. Lee looked at Julie and said, "these will ensure that your breasts engorge with blood and fluid to promote milk production. We take them off when the suit is fitted as the suit has support containers for them. They will grow very fast now so we have to get you suited up and into the breast restrainers fairly quick."

Lee turned off the colonic equipment and removed the speculum. This was replaced with large double tube with an electronic valve installed on the discharge tube and inflated to retain it and stop leakage. Julie was feeling stuffed and bloated. With gentle dexterity Lee undid the restraining straps that held Julie to the table and stirrups. As she disconnected the catheter from the collection bag and clamped the end she spoke to Julie in soothing tones. "The lines in your skin where the straps were will fill out in about an hour so you will be all smooth" she said. "You will have to help me here as I need you to step into your suit"

Julie nodded and started to make the effort to sit up on the table. She felt heavy and a little light-headed. Lee by now had removed the I.V. and had put a band-aid on the vein. Lee had her turn side ways on he table so her legs dangled over the edge. She unpacked the suit and laid it out on the floor. It was enormous. "Its too big " Julie exclaimed.

Lee replied, "the outer layer is about twice the size as the inner and is made of a much heavier gauge rubber to withstand the pressure of the water used to control your body temperature. Your body size will swell to fit the inner suit and be restrained by it. The breasts will continue to increase in size, which is why the breast restrainers are made out of a single layer of rubber, that way they can expand along with them."

"Will they stop growing?" asked Julie worried that she was turning into a balloon.

"Yes they do after about two days", replied Lee. "Once they have attained their maximum milk production level they stop growing".

Julie pulled on the very heavy transparent suit with tubes seemingly sprouting from everywhere and was assisted by Lee in putting her legs in the right places. Julie was a sight. She looked like she weighed 300 pounds. Tubes hung from between her legs, lost in the mounds of soft puffy flesh and from the vacuum flasks on her breasts. Her features were rapidly disappearing under mounds of soft pink puffy flesh. Her lips were by now, so big and puffy that they were growing out of the mouth opening in the hood and she had trouble pronouncing words.

Lee fed the tubes through the portal in the crotch of the suit and assisted Julie in getting her arms down the sleeves. Then Lee turned her attention to the vacuum flasks. Lubricating the outside of the flasks she fed the bulbs and tubes through the hole in the chest wall of the suit into the cavernous balloons of the breast restrainers, then pulled them through the hole in the tip where the suction machine would be fitted. Turning Julie around she pulled the zip up to enclose Julie entirely in rubber, latching the clip at the collar on her back. She motioned Julie to lie back on the table and relax.

"I'm going to get your bed..... Don't go away will you?" Lee quipped.

She returned moments later with one of the beds Julie had seen in the tour with Sylvia. Lee assisted the now heavy, bloated Julie on to the bed.

"Upsa daisy. Just lay back and shift yourself up a bit. That's good".

Julie felt the way one does after you come from the dentist and your lips feel fat and tingly, only she felt this way all over. She noticed that her lips were fattening up even more, making her look a bit like those sex dolls that have the oversized lips. Lee lifted Julie's heavy legs onto the stirrup supports on the bed and started to attach the straps which emanated from the rubber reinforcing bands around the legs of the suit at regular intervals into the buckles on the stirrups. She fitted the support rail for the drainage bags to the end of the bed under and between Julie's spread legs, clipping on the urine collection bag and re-connecting the catheter to it. Julie yawned and stretched the best she could within the confines of the suit.

"Feeling tired hon?" Lee asked. "That's good 'cause I'm going to have to put you under for the rest of the fitting."

Lee adjusted the flow rate of the anesthesia mask and put it over Julie's face and adjusted the tension of the retention strap.

"Just take even breaths like you would normally" she said.

Julie went out like a light. Lee removed the mask and bucked all of the remaining straps that were attached to the reinforcing bands on the torso and arms of the suit to the rings along the edge of the bed. Now Julie was immobile. Lee opened the sealed package containing the esophageal tube and mouth plug. She opened Julie's mouth and coated the back of her throat with a desensitizing gel. Julie smacked her lips involuntarily and swallowed. Lee coated the end of the esophageal tube with more of the gel and then slowly inserted the tube, waiting for Julie to swallow and inserting it every time she did, repeating the process until the tube was in all the way.

Lee attached a bulb to the small tube which sprouted off of the large one and inflated the balloon deep within Julie's stomach preventing the tube from coming out. It would have to withstand a fair amount of pressure as the subjects were force fed a high volume of the liquid diet under mild pressure to engorge the internal digestive organs into accepting more and more fluid to sustain milk production. The discharge tube was monitored by computer to open or close off the discharge depending on the amount of unabsorbed hormones and nutrients present.

The mouth plug was inserted last to prevent teeth grinding and swallowing ones tongue. Julie's cheeks puffed up even more as it too was inflated and the lip shield was pulled up into place trapping them between the rubber hood and the shield. Lee pulled the inflatable helmet over Julie's head and inserted the nose tubes into the nostril tubes of the inner hood for the oxygen supply while insuring that the stomach tube was unobstructed as it exited the hood. She adjusted the fit to retain the video goggles and earphones, and zipped the hood up the back and fitted and buckled the heavy rubber collar to keep the hood on. The boned neck brace went on next to keep Julie's head and neck at an optimum attitude for comfort. More straps where buckled up to restrain the head from movement.

The oxygen tubes were hooked up to the respirator machine and the re-breather bag started to expand and contract with Julie's breathing. Lee pumped up the hood hard until it was a tight, round featureless ball with tubes coming out of the front and wires out of the top. Moving to the breasts Lee released the vacuum and pulled the plastic chambers out of the containment balloons through the teat holes in the ends leaving the very swollen breasts encased in the transparent balloons with the engorged nipples poking through the teat holes.

What a sight! They quivered as they slowly grew more in size by the minute; filling out and stretching the transparent rubber tight making them look like yellow-pink torpedoes. The nipples were now about two inches long and about an inch in diameter. They were already starting to ooze milk.

Lee attached the support frame to the bed and hooked the harness that held the breasts up, on to it, and then tensioned the radiating straps from around the circumference of the breasts to the frame to steady and support them, Laying the unconnected tubes on top of Julie, Lee pushed and maneuvered the bed with this new subject on it into the dorm. The bed was put into a slot against the wall. She quickly hooked up the discharge tubes and collection bags and plugged the computer monitoring connections in. The water pipes were hooked up, as were the hood wires.

The two suction pumps were turned on and offered up to the nipples which were sucked into the metal body with a "thoop" sound, trapping the rubber reinforcing between the lip of the pump and the aureole inside the balloon and drawing the breast up tight. The liquid diet tube was connected to the infusion machine that administered the quantities of fluid that the computer sensed was required by the discharge monitor. Lee clamped Julie's hands to the controls of the video goggles and earphone communicator. All that remained now was to turn everything on when Julie woke up in about an hour. She checked her watch so that she could be there to start the procedure when Julie woke. Lee noted the time and left the grotesque form with the quivering breasts until she returned later.

"Julie......Julie, can you hear me? This is Sylvia. If you are awake yet and can hear me in your earphones, push the button with your right hand".

Julie pushed the button. The word YES showed on the communication monitor set up by the bed.

"Good" Sylvia said. "The buttons of the pads at your fingertips control communication with us and is displayed on your video goggles so you can see and select the options you want and will be displayed on the monitor we look at as well. As you may remember from our talk you are now unable to speak, so all communication has to be done through your keypads. Do you understand?"

The word YES came up on the screen.

"I am going to start the process now, so you will feel some slight discomfort .Ok?"

The word YES showed on the screen.

"Slight discomfort?" Julie thought to herself, "I already feel like an overstuffed turkey! I wonder if this is what it feels like when you retain water while having a baby?"

She suddenly discovered that she could not move and felt a little panic. She concentrated and tried to listen for clues as to what was happening. She could sense her huge breasts quivering and felt very, very horny. She could feel the trickle of fluid from her vagina. God, she needed to pee. She selected the word PEE from the menu and suddenly felt a gradual release of resistance to pee as the catheter was turned on by outside forces.

"Sorry about that" Sylvia's voice sounded in her ears. Julie was suddenly aware of the warm sensation of running water flooding in around her body, enveloping her in a warm rubber cocoon. She felt the suit swell and tighten all over. "Oh god not more pressure", she thought.

"You will feel a tightening sensation now as I'm turning on your infusion pump to administer the diet fluid. Try to relax as you will feel your abdomen tighten as the fluid is pumped in" Sylvia said.

"More pressure?" Julie thought, "wasn't the fluid already in?"

She jumped as the fluid made the esophageal tube change temperature and made her stomach gurgle as it slowly filled every crevice. She felt her abdomen increase in size and start to bloat and get extremely tight. The fluid continued its infusion relentlessly. Julie tapped out STOP from the menu.

Sylvia's voice sounded in her ears. "I'm afraid you have a fair amount to take yet. This is the discomfort I told you about. It'll only hurt for a little while until your body grows accustomed to the pressure and amount of fluid."

Julie selected another word from the pad. HOWLONG

"You will be at capacity in about a couple of hours. Once you stabilize you will be fine. You may even enjoy it" Sylvia added with a grin. All Julie could do was take it and breath in short panting breaths.

About an hour had gone by. Julie's breasts were almost fully developed and were huge quivering rubber covered torpedoes. They sure tingled. Suddenly the suction pumps started making them bounce in rhythm to the pumps action, poo-chee, poo-chee, poo-chee. Julie could feel the milk being sucked out of the teats.

Suddenly Sylvia's voice interjected. " How do you feel?"

Julie selected a word to sum up her predicament. MOO appeared on the screen.

"I'm glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor. You're doing fine. Your fluid levels are almost to their limits. We are turning on the discharge controls now so you will feel a sense of release as they open. I'll look in on you from time to time to see how you are doing. There is always a nurse on call if you need something. Just use the communicator pad. Sleep tight" Sylvia said facetiously.

Julie thought to herself, "tight is the key word alright"

Suddenly she felt the draining of fluid from the tubes in her crotch then it stopped and the pressure started to build again. A few minutes later the same sequence happened again. Three large collection bags hanging on the bar between Julie's stirupped legs were filling with fluid and expanding into large round balls. When the maximum capacity was reached the computer opened the drainpipes and the bags deflated as they emptied. Then the process repeated itself. The milking had begun.

Julie had lost all track of time. She whiled away the hours by watching TV programs. There had been a talk show about woman who flaunted their enormous breasts. If only they knew! She had some nagging concerns about whether they would actually let her out of this get up and return to normal. After all she was now captive and at the programs mercy. She just wished that she didn't feel so drum tight. Her horniness seemed to grow with her size, and she could feel the increase in vaginal flow.

"Hi there big girl!" Julie recognized Sarah's voice. "Sylvia tells me that you are one of the best milk producers they've ever had."

GREAT came up on the video monitor.

"I've taken some pictures for your photo album."

GREAT came up again.

"Sylvia and the head of the program are so impressed with you they want to extend your stay and increase your output. Isn't that great?" asked Sarah.

GREAT came up again.

"Are you pissed at me?" Sarah inquired.

A LITTLE came the reply. YOU TRY IT came up on the screen after a pause.

"As a matter of interest I start on the program next week".

YOU WILL LOVE IT. Came the cryptic reply.

"Well, got to go now so I'll look in tomorrow "

OK came up on the screen.

No sooner had Sarah left than Sylvia arrived. "Hello Julie. This is Sylvia." HI came the response. "We want to see how much more output you are capable of, so we are increasing the strengths and quantities of the diet. We think that we can push you to 50 maybe 60 liters of milk a day. So I thought I would prepare you for the increase in discomfort. You are doing so well we would like to keep you here a little longer".

I HAVE A CHOICE came the reply.

"Well technically no, as you did sign the waiver form - remember?"

GREAT came the response.

"We could keep you here for the maximum stay of six weeks". Sylvia's voice was cold and serious. "But, we'll see. You'll do fine" she soothed.

Julie wasn't so sure. She could already sense the increase in fluid and hormone flow as her belly was expanding ever larger as were her breasts and the tingling in the teats was increasing. Julie's breasts were measuring almost three feet in height now and about two feet in diameter. They shimmered and quivered in the light, shiny and tinged amber yellow by their latex prison, showing the vein structure on the surface of the skin in hews of blue and pink under the transparent rubber.

Julie's abdomen became tighter and tighter as the flow rate increased, in turn making the suit fit tighter. This caused her to have to breathe in short pants which was really difficult as she could only breath through her nose because her mouth was fully inflated with that damn plug and feeding tube. This was torture. She could sense that the water pressure in the suit was also increasing. She badly wanted someone to massage her breasts, which by now were truly massive and feeling tender but tight in their latex capsules.

The pumping actions of the suction pumps were making her whole chest and torso bounce in time with their rhythmic pumping. She desperately wanted to pee but there seemed no relief and it was getting worse. She couldn't even squirm to make herself feel better. Even her vagina felt full. She selected the panic button from the menu and pressed it. Sylvia arrived quickly in answer to the call.

Julie selected PEE, QUICK, FULL from the menu.

Sylvia adjusted the flow rates on the computer and a torrent of liquid started to fill the collection bags attached to Julie by the catheter tubes. "I'm awfully sorry about that Julie" Sylvia said, "I overlooked the settings when we increased the input. You should stabilize soon".

"God" thought Julie "will I ever be released from this rubber prison and plumbing nightmare?"

The days passed slowly with Julie dutifully delivering milk in large quantities.

The day had finally arrived when Julie was to be released from her rubber cocoon. Sarah and Sylvia had made a point of being there to assist Lee in the process. It had taken about two days for Julie's gigantic breasts to shrink to a more "normal" appearance. As it was they were now about a 60 HH, but this matched her swollen body shape. They drained the suit of water and carefully undid all of the restraints. Removing the hood was a bit problematic but when all three women pooled their efforts they were able to get it off without too much difficulty.

After removing the video goggles and ear phones Julie's damp red face and matted hair was revealed. She still could not talk because of the mouth plug and esophageal tube. Lee administered an anesthetic to put Julie out while the tube and mouth plug were removed along with the nose tubes. When Julie awoke she was totally naked, swollen, pink and puffy. All of the tubes had been removed from her crotch. She felt a little hoarse.

Sylvia appeared by her side, "Bet you thought we were never going to let you out huh?"

"It had crossed my mind " Julie croaked.

"Don't talk too much and try to get some rest. We have a bath scheduled for you but you will have to be assisted, as you are still weak and rather heavy with the water retention. We will keep you here for a week to ensure that you are ok and that everything returns to normal. Solid food tomorrow!"

"Wonderful" replied Julie. "How long will it take for me to stop looking like the Goodyear blimp?"

Sylvia thought for a minute and replied, "Given that we had you much bigger than any other producer I would have to say about a week. You were very good. We were getting close to sixty litres of milk a day from you! What do you think of that!!"

Julie grinned and said "MOOOO"

"Thanks to you we have been able to increase the output of a lot of the participants" Sylvia said. "The government is thinking of running this as a regular program. You are to be congratulated".

"Thanks" said Julie "where did Sarah go?"

Sylvia assisted Julie into a wheelchair and said, "come with me".

She pushed Julie into the dorm to a rather large rubber encased person, pulsating in time with the pumps.

Julie turned to Sylvia and said , "Cute. I think I will leave her to her thoughts" as she poked the side of the jiggling shape and watched entranced as it quivered, knowing that Sarah would feel this. Sylvia wheeled Julie back to her bed.

Julie was now back to her old size and shape and was happy to be going home and back to normal every day activities. She looked around Sylvia's office while Sylvia filled in the completion forms for Julie to sign and issue her the cheque for the use or her time. Julie signed the forms and was about to leave when Sylvia detained her, "By the way Julie, we are planning on running another test program on heightened human intimate sensation response. Would you be interested?"

"Yea, sure" said Julie without hesitating. "It can't be any worse than donating blood!" With this comment she smiled, winked and turned around to exit the office. She had never felt better.


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