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More Than a Feeling

by Rubberking

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"I confess." Said the short squat, pear-shaped girl with the green eyes. "I've peaked in your window at night and seen you dressed in your rubber outfit. At first I was appalled, a rubber wearing pervert living right next door to me."

"Then I remembered what I was doing outside your window and I blushed with shame. I had no right to judge, here I was a peeper and if you wanted to do that in your own home. So be it, it's a free country. Right? Well, then I watched as you went about your business, cleaning house and whatnot. And I saw you as just another lonely guy. You just had a thing for rubber, that's all. Actually, I thought you looked kind of sexy in it and I wondered for a bit what it would be like to wear such a thing. Would it feel like my dishwashing gloves? Would it be like the old rubber raingear my mom made me wear when I was little? I admit, watching you peaked my interest."

She turned around for a moment, her bun had lost several strands of her auburn hair and it jutted this way and that, giving her a schoolmarmish appearance.

She wrung her hands as she faced me and continued. "I felt kind of weird, watching you dressed like that and went home. But, the vision of you in your tight fitting rubber suit, without an inch of skin showing anywhere and wearing a corset of all things!

My mother got rid of hers back in the sixty's and never looked back and here you were, a man, wearing one that would have split mom in two! And your high heeled boots?! The image was burned into my brain, I couldn't get it out of my mind once I was home. I sat on the couch for awhile, then I got up and went into the kitchen and put on my dish gloves and held them up to my nose, smelling the rubber and wondering what it was that made you like it so. I sat back on the couch and turned on the TV, trying to get my mind off of this strange fascination. Only to have more rubber paraded in front of my eyes on the fashion shows and on other things on the TV, it was everywhere!

I found that I was running the dish gloves I was wearing back and forth across my thighs as I watched and to my surprise I found that I was getting horny! I hadn't thought much about sex for awhile and I hadn't felt the need to get myself off for some time and now here I was slipping my rubber-gloved hand down my slacks and slipping a finger between the lips of my wet sex. It was surreal! Soon I had taken of all my clothes and was running my gloved hands all over and I loved it! I fantasized about the two of us making love, the smell of the gloves telling me what you already knew, that rubber had a strange sexual attraction. I think I came harder than I ever had by my own hand that night then I had in my whole life! It was wild! The rubber and the sex, I had to find out more."

She paced the floor like she was obsessed with telling her story, back and forth. Her heels clicking as she would cross over between the hardwood floor and the carpet of the entryway, her eyes darting this way and that as she continued.

"I went to the bad part of town, on the West Side, your know? To one of those adult places, the ones that sell porno's and screwed up my courage and went inside. I saw things on the walls that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck, I didn't know the human body could do some of the things I saw, and other things that made me want to vomit! God! I can still see those pictures in my head, yuck!

But, back against the far wall were several racks of clothes and things and I found some rubber stuff there. None of it would fit me from the look of it, but I found a skirt and a bra and panties with holes cut out of them and I was ready to go. When I looked at the showcase, I saw a multitude of dildos and vibrators and other things. As luck would have it the clerk was a woman and she asked rather softly if I wanted to look at some of them. "Ladies Power Tools" she called them. Well, after some girl talk and laughing about it for a bit, I bought a few things from the case as well. I got out of there as fast as my old Buick would take me home.

As I drove home, I thought about the woman in the store. She told me that if I wanted to know more about this "rubber thing" as she called it, I should do a search about it on the Internet. Back inside my house, I tossed my bags on the sofa and made myself a stiff drink. I had braved the dragon's lair and survived! I broke out some batteries and started unwrapping my new toys. Can you believe it? That's what she called them, toys! They sure weren't something that kids should get hold of, that's for sure.

The bra and panties were smooth and kind of slithery as I held them up to me, I laid them aside for the moment and broke out the magazine she had told me to buy at the last minute. It was filled with pictures and letters from people like you who wore this stuff all the time and I read it for a long time. More than a few letters were from women and I read these over and over, trying to understand what was the fascination here. They all said that you had to wear it to find out, so I changed into the bra, panties and skirt. I added a white cotton blouse and some nylons and some heels and looked in the mirror. I liked what I saw, the skirt flared nicely and looked vaguely leathery, a good look, I thought to myself.

I gathered my new toys and sat down at the computer and fired it up, I ran a search like the woman had said and was overwhelmed by the amount of sites that came back. I found one called "The International Association of Rubberists." It looked friendly as the first page told me "You are NOT alone!" and told me a bit about the history of this group. It had a huge volume of information and I only hit the highlights I'm sure, however by this time it was late at night and I was tired. I would look into this some more tomorrow and went in to go to bed. I had a wicked thought and left on the rubber bra and panties as I striped for bed and slid between the sheets.

That night I dreamed about having sex with faceless men and oddly enough, women in rubber suits like I saw in the magazine and awoke with my hand buried in my cunny and crying out with a mighty orgasm in the early hours of the morning. It took me fully a half an hour to calm down and go back to sleep, what a power this stuff has!

The next morning I woke up nice and late and laid in bed for a long while, exploring with the rubber underthings and my new vibrators and bringing myself many wicked orgasms as I lay there.
I watched you as you went about your regular, normal daytime business, dressed in your regular daytime clothes. But I knew your secret and it made me warm and sticky as I fantasized about you as I lay there.

I had to know more about rubber and what the lady at the store said was true, the only way to really know more about it was to try it! I had to have more. I knew this stuff wasn't cheap. However, I could easily afford whatever I wanted, within reason. So out the door and off I went, wearing my new outfit and waving at you as I got in the car and drove off towards the city to find more. By the way, I loved the look you gave me as I got in the car, I hadn't felt that sexy in years, thank you.

I found the store fairly easy; it was in a good neighborhood and didn't look sleazy at all from the outside. Inside however, were clothes and gadgets that would and should never be introduced at the PTA, surely. The thick smell of rubber assailed my nose as I entered and I was greeted by a nice older gentleman who asked me what I was looking for and then, and, as he thought that I might be more comfortable with a woman to guide me. Handed me over to a fresh-faced young woman so that she could assist me.

And boy did I need assistance. With her help, I picked out several beautiful dresses and several diver-like suits called "catsuits" to try on and she showed me more and varied kinds of underwear and many things that made me blush that I won't mention yet.

From the moment I pulled one of those "catsuits" on, I knew I was going to buy one. It squeezed me like a second skin. It was amazing! She had to take very precise measurement's to fit me out with a custom suit she swore that I would love even more than the ones I bought that day. I bought a lot of stuff, actually. More than I meant to buy, that's for sure. She went in the back and brought out a box and said that I might like these things too and to try them out at home and if I didn't like them to bring what was in the box back and she would take it back. But, she said that she knew that I would probably like it anyway. I was terribly curious about what was inside and all she said was it would be a surprise for after I was all suited up, she said.

She asked if I was using talcum power and I answered yes I was. She tossed a bottle of slick stuff in the now overflowing bags and instructed me on how to use it instead of talc. She rang me up and I almost had a heart attack! Much more than I had intended to spend. Oh, well. It was in a good cause I said. The owner heard me and he laughed and said that he would place me on their mailing list for specials and events and things and helped me with my packages out to the car and after hitting a few more places, home I came.

What a days shopping! I bought many things that day, at many places. Rubber clothes and boots and shoes and everyone I met seemed to be so friendly and open about their sexuality, it really opened my eyes. And my wallet! It took me four trips out to the car to bring in everything. You were watching me from your living room window as I hauled the big bags inside; I got very excited knowing you were watching me for a change.

I must admit I was rather excited as I drew the curtains facing the street and started opening the bags. I laid out the two catsuits that I had bought across the sofa, one was black and had feet and gloves attached to it and the other, without the feet and gloves was rather plain, except that it was a bright red color. I had gone a little crazy, I admit and had also bought several multi-colored multi-paneled dresses in latex, these I hung in the closet for another occasion. They were the most extravagant things I had ever bought. Most of the rest were accessory's, stockings and long and short gloves and things. I bought a lot of rubber underwear, bras with cut-outs and ones with soft rubber knobs over the nipples and bustier, even a body shaper and a long rubber corset with cups built into it.

The other underwear made me blush as I examined it more closely. There were leggings and panties that had holes or zippers placed so you could get access to your cunny when you needed to and panties and bike shorts with dildos and vibrators built-in and others with sleeves for your vagina and rectum. Still others with plugs for your butt and one pair that was totally crotch-less, like the first pair I had bought. I was intrigued and repulsed at the same time. Still I laid out the bra with the little knobs over the nipples and a pair of the panties that had a vibrator built into the crotch and went to shower for my new adventure.

After I toweled off and dried, I came back into the living room and began. I started by spreading a small amount of the slick lubricant everywhere except on my feet and pulled the bra over my head and down into place. I hefted my breasts into the cups, and was shocked as the naughty little knobs began working on my nipples, making them hard and stiff and showing through the front. Every time I moved, the knobs pinched and prodded them, making it hard to ignore the tingling as I tried to finish getting dressed.

Then I stepped into the panties and pulled them up until the long, thick vibrating pseudo-penis was positioned at the lips of my excited, wet sex and I swear, I cried out as I pulled that monster up and inside myself. I left the vibrating part off for now as I pulled the catsuit with the feet and gloves over and examined it more closely.

It seemed to be totally form fitting, with molded breasts and a long trio of zippers running from possibly the tailbone all the way to between the hips above the crotch in front, and all the way to the top of the neck. Allowing full access for anything you might want to do. I unzipped it after I had run it over my naked body for a minute; it felt smooth and cool to the touch.

With the help of the lubricant, it took a very short time to get into the strange garment. It seemed to fit like a glove as I fed my feet inside and pulled it up and slid my hands and arm in. I felt the constriction grip me as I pulled up on the zip and slid it all the way up. I loved it! It held me so tight and secure, even the footties and gloves seemed nice and cozy snug.

I tugged a few wrinkles out here and there and applied a polish, then went and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a pear shaped vision from the magazine I had bought as I turned this way and that, getting an eyeful of my new self as I primped and posed. I laughed to myself at the thought of myself being anyone's pin-up. I wanted to try some more of my stuff on to see what kind of look I could achieve with my new wardrobe.

Returning to the living room, I pulled out more bags and kept going. I had bought quite a few types of shoes and boots of various kinds. I've always liked shoes and high-heels for some reason and all the pairs, except a pair of rain-boots had heels that would make me think twice before wearing them out all night.

The knobs and the intruder in my cunny were beginning to push me towards a premature climax as I pulled a thigh-high pair of zippless, pull-on rubber boots with thick platform soles and towering nine-inch heels out of a box. These were the ones, I thought to myself as I dusted them with talc and slid into them. When I finally stood up in them I had to be at least six-feet tall. This was great! It took me a few minutes of clomping around in them to get used to them. But, what an improvement from my old, dower look! The knobs and the dildo in my sloppy cunt got the better of me and I collapsed as I came right there on my feet, falling over onto the couch. I know I squealed as I thrashed about and tried vainly to get my zipper down, my hand rubbing at my rubber covered crotch as hard as I could, I came again and again.

Finally, I calmed down enough to sit up. I was flushed and panting as I looked at the big box the store-girl had insisted on my taking home with me.

It was large and shaped like an old-fashioned hat-box. I pulled it over and lifted the lid, inside was several kinds of rubber masks and two things I remembered my father having, gasmasks! They differed in that, one had a short narrow snout-like face and the other was thick at the cheeks and had a drinking straw attached to the face itself. There were filters for the cheeks of the one and a canister for the filter of the other, there was also a long tube that the canister could be attached to, to give extra mobility and range of motion.

I examined the rubber masks closely; two covered the whole head and face, leaving only holes for the mouth, nostrils and the eyes on one and only the nostrils on the other. Two more left the face exposed and the last one was intriguing because all it had was tubes coming out of it. It looked like it was inflatable. How odd, what was its purpose? I wondered.

Since this was my first time trying this out really, I decided to try one of the open faced hoods and the gasmask with the drinking straw first. Oddly, I was getting strangely excited by all this and felt myself growing closer to orgasming again soon if I didn't slow down.

I had to unzip the collar of the suit to fit the bib of the hood inside after I pulled it on over my hair. Like the rest of the rubber, it molded itself to me as I aligned it and pulled the zip back up into place. I loosened the straps on the gasmask and pulled it into position and tightened the straps, my breath sounded alien-like as the new round of orgasms hit me and I ran my hands over my rubber covered body and clutched at myself, I screamed into the mask. But it stifled the sound, thank goodness, as I rocked back and forth and I came.

This time it lasted such a long time that I wondered when it would stop or slow down even, one after another, they hit me in stronger and stronger waves as I twisted about, sealed in my rubber prison. I began to sweat in the suit and even that seemed to add to my orgasms as I sat there, struggling with myself.

At last, I got a hold of myself and sat, my breath wheezing from my gasmask and my chest heaving, trying to calm down even as I felt more of the pleasurably profound feelings starting to rise again in my crotch and in my other erogenous areas. I staggered to my feet on the incredibly high platform boots and clomped over to the computer and turned it on, once warmed up, I got on the Internet and found the IAR website and entered it. The feelings were almost overwhelming me as I saw all the pictures of the men and women in their own rubber outfits. Opening the library, I found a story and began reading.

The story was about a man trying to get his lover interested in rubber and he got one of her friends to introduce her to latex dresses and slowly worked her way up. All the way through to wearing catsuits like I was wearing and soon her and her friend were having lesbian sex in the rubber and as the story led on. The two women pounced on her boyfriend, and I, for the first time since I pulled the panties into place, flicked the switch on the vibrator on through the suit.

The wall of bliss that took a hold of me as I sat unsteadily in the chair almost drove me to some form of madness. Surely this was a madwoman and not me, that babbled obscenities and howled into the gasmask and thrust both her hands hard into her crotch, trying to force the big vibrating dick deeper inside herself as she came and simply didn't stop, until the battery's ran out several hours later.

I came back to myself laying on the floor, on the carpet, still thrusting my hand hard into my sloppy, rubber covered pubes. I was sore and at the same time felt rested, refreshed and more alert and happy than I had in a long time as I pulled my hands away and sat up.

I figured the first order of business was to take care of the growling in my stomach, I had forgotten in my fugue state earlier to eat and decided to do that now.

I was appalled to see from the wall clock that it was after ten at night! I had kept on for four to six hours once I had begun my onnanistic rut. What power this rubber has, that it could lead me to do such things as this. I was still dressed from head to toe in it and felt very much at home in it as I removed my gasmask. The chilling rush of air that greeted my exposed face was like a tonic as I busied myself making dinner for one. At least I didn't have to worry about staining my clothes as I wiped away effuse from my rubber covered hands. I laughed as I took my food to the table and sat to eat it alone."

"I've always hated living alone." She said as she continued to pace the floor and I motioned her inside and had her sit in my own living room as she smiled sweetly and went on with her narrative.

"I realize I'm no prize in the looks department. And men have always treated me as more of a friend than a pick-up. But, as I sat and ate. I thought that maybe you and I could work something out that would be mutually beneficial to both of us. Let me go on with my story though first, if you don't mind.

So there I was, all dressed up and nowhere to go, as they say. Still horny as all get out and I still hadn't used any of the other "Ladies home companions" as my old roommate used to call them. But, the dildo panties seemed to doing quite the job on me as it was. And I still had all that other rubber to try out. Screw it! I said to myself. I like what I have on. I felt the dildo shift around inside me as I crossed my rubber-enclosed legs with the giant heels I wore. I could hear the pitter, patter of rain outside and I could see your outline through the gauzy drapes on your windows. I got an idea.

I pulled down the access zipper on my crotch and replaced the batteries in my friend and pulled the zip back up. Then I fetched the gasmask and put it back on, it was pitch black out and raining to boot, so I figured no one would see me if I was outside.

The sound and the feeling of the rain hitting the rubber I wore was like nothing I had ever dreamed of before as I snuck out the back door and sidled up to your window. Sure enough, you were dressed in your own rubber outfit, sans corset and with high-topped black fishing waders on instead of the high-heels I saw you in before. You were watching a video on your TV, I couldn't see what it was. But I could see the effect it was having on you, the outline of your thick, rigid penis was fully visible through your suit.

Even in the cool battering of the rain on my own rubber, I was rapidly growing hot again as I watched you reach for your access zipper and pull it up from between your thighs. Your cock was stretching the limits of the rubber sheath that held it and your testicles as it sprang into view, bobbing and jerking as you looked at the screen and reached your gloved hand down and began masturbating.

I was hot as a three-dollar pistol as I stood in the rain and watched you jerk off.

Your head lolled from side to side and I heard your moan clear through the window as I flipped the switch on my own tool. It sprang to life and I had to hold on to your windowsill to keep from falling over in the grass as we both scaled the mountain towards orgasm together, unbeknownst to you.

I mauled my breasts as my first cum slammed into me, making my knees weak as I stood there. It was a good thing the gasmask caught most of my cries and the rain covered the rest or else the police would surely have come. I swear I saw the top of your sheath bulge as you shot off into your sleeve as you came too. I kept it up though, the pleasure and curse of women, as I came over and over in the rain outside your window. After a while, I shut off my buddy and continued to look at you fondly for a bit in my afterglow and then went back to my house.

I toweled off and I looked none the worse for standing in the storm. I had been in the suit for over twelve hours now and decided to take it off, wash it and myself and get a good nights rest, tomorrow was Monday and time to go back to work at the agency.

I washed out the suit and other things I had worn and hung them on hangers to dry and turned on my own TV as they dripped. It took a long while to dry everything, the first down-side I had seen to this fetish yet. Once I had flipped everything inside out and dried it and put it away I slipped into bed and went right to sleep, strange dreams filled with sex and rubber filled the rest of the night.

The next day passed quickly and people complemented me on looking happier and having a spring in my step that hadn't been there since I had started at the agency several years before. My boss, Katherine, told me that whatever I was doing to keep it up because my productivity jumped four points in just that one day. I was happy to be sure!

My mind was filled all day with daydreams of what I had seen and done and I found myself wanting to hurry and get home so that I could continue my revelry's

I entered my house and saw that I had neglected to put away most of my new things, they lay scattered about the couch and floor. Even as I thought of putting them away, I felt drawn to them, I felt them calling out to me to come and put them on and let them take me away to that wonderful, warm and happy place I had been before.

I resisted the impulse and set to fixing dinner again, this time I would have a full belly before I played with my toys. Still, I shook with longing to feel the rubber upon my body and my hand strayed several times before I was done. How naughty I had become.

Once I had cleared away, I surrendered. And after a shower, I smeared my body with the lube and cast about for what I would try on tonight.

I held out the bike shorts that were lined with the twin sheaths and felt a wave of heat run through my loins. I felt compelled to try them at least once to see what they were like. But realized that I would have to void my bowels before I tried to insert the anal liner. I rushed back to the bathroom and found and used the enema set I kept for douching and constipation and once filled. I was seized by a desire to masturbate as I released the water and effluence and washed my pelvis and I was ready to go again. I applied some more lube to ease putting on the pants and used some K-Y on my holes.

I laughed my head off as I looked in the mirror and saw the floppy tubes dangling between my legs and walked back to the living room. I took a minute to pull a rubber bra on and adjusted it on me, my breasts bouncing.

It took a bit to decide which of the toys I would use. I had so many now. Dildos and vibrators and plugs and other strange things lay before me waiting for me to choose which I would pleasure myself with. Going for broke, I picked up a rubber butt-plug that had an inflator bulb attached to a long tube and making it slightly stiffer by giving it a squeeze and a knobby vibrating dildo for later. And set to work with a slim dildo to push it and the sheath inside myself.

It wasn't as bad as I would have thought, once I had pushed the tip past my sphincter and I groaned with a strange pleasure as I worked it up inside. Once it bottomed out, I withdrew the slim dildo and with a dab of lube to ease it's passage, I slid the wobbly plug in my clinching bottom.

It didn't want to stay and I had to fight it until I realized I needed some way to keep it in. I pulled the red catsuit over and oozed into it. I thrilled to the feel as I pulled it on; I felt the plug settle this time, held in by the suit it would stay where I put it. I pulled one of the zippers up enough to free the sheath that would go in my cunny and with a sigh I slipped it and a knobby vibrator into my wet depths, working it around and sighing as it hit all the right spots. I had to stop myself before I was swept away or else I would just stay like this all night. I pulled down the zipper, sealing my friends inside, the bulb and attached tube hanging down

I pulled some rubber stockings on my legs, black to offset the red of the suit and then held the long corset out to try and figure out how it went on. It had about twenty suspenders to hold up the stockings and I undid the buckles and straps and pulled it around my body and fastened it about my torso. I had to suck in my breath as I pulled the straps and buckles tight, it crushed my waist down smaller then I had ever been before and I attached the suspenders to the rubber hose. I groped about for one of the rubber masks and found one with would allow me to see and speak and, tucking my hair up, I pulled it over my head.

I felt the welcome tightness about my face and head as I positioned the holes in their proper places and tucked the bib in the catsuits neck and rezipped it closed around me neck.

I found some short black gloves and pulled them on and tucked them into the sleeves also. Now I was a totally rubber covered woman, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Except for my eyes and mouth, every inch was covered in lovely, tight. rubber. Now all I needed was some shoes. I fished around and found a lovely pair of knee-high lace up, high-heeled boots and slid into them and fitted the laces and pulled them tight. I was complete.

I walked to the bedroom and wheeled out my standing dressing mirror and looked at the alien, fetish, sex goddess that it reflected. She radiated confidence and strength and a sense of raw sexuality that I hadn't known had existed within myself.

I turned this way and that, feeling the fake penises within me churning and sending spikes of raw pleasure throughout my red and black body. I maneuvered the access zippers so that the inflator bulb swung between my thighs and walked over to gaze lustfully at your shadow thrown on the shade of your window as I ran a fingertip around my rubber covered nipple, covered by two layers of soft, smooth latex.

My other hand found the switches for the knobby dildo in my "pussy" and switched it on at the lowest setting. A soft moan escaped from my dry lips as it sprang to life within me and I ground my hips against the air in a futile attempt at getting more pleasure from it as I stood there, looking at you.

A wave engulfed me and I almost sank to my knees as an orgasm rocked me to my core. So staggered was I that I had to hold onto the window sash to keep from falling. Sparks appeared in my vision and I found myself holding the bulb that had been dangling between my legs and as I pumped it. It swelled within me, causing the vibrations to run through my guts and set off more sensations in my ass and sending stabbing shots of pure pleasure straight to my clitoris.

Now I did start to fall and leapt to my computer chair to set down before I hit the floor. I released to valve on the plug, air escaped with a whoosh and felt the sensations lessen to a more manageable level, I was panting and had to sit for a minute to get my bearings.

Wow! I thought, I've had more orgasms in the past two day then I've had in three years, and all by my lonesome too. To add a bit to my session, I wheeled the mirror over and pulled the computer around to where I could get a better look at you.

I was still experiencing little mini-orgasms as I moved things around and walked, staggered and clomped would be a better word for it I think, the rumbling monster in my rubber-lined cunny churned and shot little hot sparks through me as I finished and sat back down.

I flipped the computer back on as looked at the vision that smiled back at me in the reflection, for the first time in a long, long time, I felt really, really hot and bothered. My juice's made little squelching sounds beneath the layers of rubber that held it back and I didn't even try to keep the little cries of pleasure from escaping me as I connected and surfed back to the IAR.

This time I took a moment to fill out the membership request and sent it off, it seemed like an eternity until my conformation dinged in my e-mail and I used my new password and member name of "Rubbermary" to enter the chatroom.

It seemed that I came in on a good night, there were quite a few people there. I said hello and was warmly welcomed by the group, they asked me all kinds of questions. About wither I was a real female and what I was wearing and they seemed amazed that I had just started this two days ago.

One young man asked, rather stiltedly I thought. If I was for real or if I was just playing them along. It warmed my heart to see how many others shouted him down and tried to apologize for his pointed question.

I responded that it was o.k. he could hardly know for sure and asked how I could prove myself to the group. The responses ran from good-humored game playing to outright heavy S/M scenes that I really knew nothing about and that made me blush.

One voice asked if I was enjoying my self at home right then. I was glad of the mask that hid my blushing cheeks and I said yes, and privately told him about my toys.

He asked if I wanted to have a private session with him and I jumped at the chance to see what it would be like.

I said my good-byes to the group and felt happy about my new life from all the good-byes and good wishes they called out as I left to meet my rubber Romeo.

I entered the private chatroom he had indicated and waited, full of anticipation and a growing horniness. He came in and introduced himself as "Stan47" and we talked about what we liked to do and other things for a bit and got to know each other.
He answered many of my questions about where to find things in the websight and soon our talk turned to sex.
He said that he was wearing a full-body custom made suit with feet, gloves, a mask like mine and most interestingly, a attached sheath for his cock and testicles.
He asked if my toys were turned on and I said that it was only on low.
He replied "on simmer, eh" and I typed in LOL to indicate my laughter. He said to turn it all of the way up and leave it there and to give the bulb a few squeezes.

I hadn't realized that the knobby device did other things except vibrate until I flipped all the switches and suddenly the monster started twisting and thrusting deep inside and withdrawing and acting like a jackhammer inside of me. I almost blacked out again as I was racked over and over again and again by tremendous waves of pleasure.

When I squeezed the bulb the first time, the sensations doubled and as I gave another, tripled. My world began to spin and I typed babbling, incoherent massages into the keyboard as I ground my hips deeper into the chair that could hardly support my thrashing body now. I started to experience small black-outs and the hands on the clock seem to fly surreally around the face of it, until finally they read one AM and the batteries gave out with a final lurch inside my wet, sweat soaked, rubber-lined body.

It took a full twenty minutes to fully come back to myself. As I came down from my cloud, I typed some more to my rubber-clad paramour and he said he too had come many times during and from our play. He said that I was an a amazing woman and that any man would be privileged to be allowed to be with me and that he himself thought I was quite beautiful from the way that I typed. My face was already flushed, so it couldn't get any redder as I read his words.

I thanked him and said he was quite nice and that I was overwhelmed by the actions we had participated in tonight and asked if we could meet again sometime. He replied that it would be an honor and bid me goodnight and was gone.

I undressed in the shower, after taking off my boots. And washed everything out and dried it out and put everything away in an old footlocker so no one would see what I had been doing if they came by.

Then I was mad at myself briefly as I knew no one had been in my house since the plumber had come to fix a busted pipe last spring. I was wrung out by my adventure and slipping between the sheets was a more profound pleasure then usual and in the wink of an eye, I was asleep.

I awoke the next morning full of pep and rushed through the workday humming and singing to myself. My co-workers were convinced I had a new man on the side and kidded me about "getting some" and "looking like the cat who got the cream" all day long. I neither confirmed nor denied any of this. But was happy I was being noticed all the same.

I had my office physical that day and the nurse seemed very happy that I had lost some four pounds and that my attitude was much improved than the last time she had seen me. She said she didn't know what I was doing, but to keep it up.

If she only knew.

If they all, only knew.

After work, I went out for the first time since I had gotten into this new world and saw things in a new and brighter light, and realized that this seemed to be fulfilling something in my life that I needed. I felt and acted like a whole and happy human being for the first time in a long while. I hummed as I walked, happy and content.

I shopped a bit, finding a nice rubber overcoat in pink and some over-the-knee rainboots and headed back to the store that I had gotten my catsuits and the hoods and gasmasks from

The man smiled at me like a long-lost daughter as I entered and asked if I liked my purchases. In reply I walked up to him and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek, suddenly I found myself crying like a baby and he shushed me and handing me a handkerchief, he led me to the back of the store to sit and collect myself.

We talked for a long time, about rubber and feelings and so much other stuff that I couldn't put it all here. Suffice to say that I came to have an epiphany that afternoon as the shopgirl, whose name was Margaret. And the owner, named Sam and me. Had tea and by the time I left I had another bundle, bigger than the last to carry back to my car and back home.

They had invited me to come to a fetish club the next night and I was so worn out that I set everything down as I came inside the house and went straight to bed.

I was still full of vim and vinegar when I awoke the next morning and was happily surprised by my boss by being given a promotion at work. I was so happy, it was the first time I had been recognized at my work in some time and I made the most of it by taking some E-time and leaving early with my bosses and co-workers blessing.

I swung by the shop and asked Sam if I could ask Margaret to help me get dressed for my first ever fetish event. He laughed and said sure and Margaret came out of the back and she said she would be thrilled to help. But, that I would have to take her home and return the favor. I agreed and we were off to my house.

I asked Margaret what I should wear and after a bit of tittering and girl talk, we set to finding a good look for me. She really liked the way that the corset slimmed my hips and waist and we settled on a black full-body suit with built-in mask, feet, and gloves that they had given me yesterday as the foundation. Next came the corset with its red and black stripes and a pair of red latex stockings and affixing a strange collar to my neck that had suspenders hanging from it. She pulled a pair of long red latex gloves on over the black rubber ones and attached all the suspenders to points on the stockings and gloves, holding them up.

Lastly, we found the black rubber pull-on, thigh-high platform boots and pulled them on. Under all this she had insisted that I wear the bra with the knobby fingers in it and a new pair of bike shorts that had built in vibrators and was inflatable with twin bulbs underneath all of the above. The bulbs dangled from the access zippers between my legs as I walked and it was a good thing that the vibes were remotely controlled by a small device since it was hard enough to keep from cumming as I walked around the house. I found a small red, plastic purse to keep my money and ID and the vibe control in and slung it over my shoulder

She said it was time to go get her dressed and ready to go. As we came out of the house, you were watering your lawn in front and I swear your eyes bugged from the sockets as we came out and got in the car and drove off. I loved that. Margaret did too, I had told her about you and how I wanted to meet you. She told me I should just walk over and do it. But I got shy and bashful as we talked about you. She sat quietly with a smirk as we went to her house.

She lived in a lovely brownstone apartment about a mile from her shop. It was nicely furnished with lots of color and fabrics, a nice place for a nice girl. We walked into her room and the look abruptly changed.

The whole room was done in rubber of various colors and rack of clothes and chests overflowed with sexual devices I couldn't began to fathom as she said to make myself at home and went off to shower. The next shock I had was as she turned, she smiled at me and placing her hand in her hair, she lifted it away, revealing that she was shaved totally bald underneath it. As she disrobed, I saw she had not one hair anywhere on her body whatsoever.

She saw my bug-eyed expression and laughing, explained that she had had all of her hair permanently depilated several years ago as it enhanced to feel of the rubber on her skin and removed most if not all of the wrinkles in any suit she wore. I was nonplused and she came over and took my hand and guided it over her completely smooth head. It felt smooth and soft and I smiled and removed my hand because I felt that strange thrill in my loins again.

She seemed to know what I was feeling and said that there is no lines of distinction in the rubber community, labels like gay or straight have no meaning and lines like that are crossed all the time. Bondage and S/M run heavily in the community also and that she and Sam would help me find my own niche. She kissed me, sending a thrill through my rubber covered body and then went and showered.

She had almost as much rubber and latex as the store in which she worked. I looked at the racks while she was gone and wondered what some of the clothes were for. There were too many different kinds to name. She came back and caught me looking and grinned, she said we would have to play dress-up sometime. Soon she was a rubber doll herself. Clad in red, black and see-though rubber with sheath underwear and vibrating inflatable dildos zipped up inside her like me.

She came over and hugged me tightly, she kissed me and played with my rubber covered tits, making my nipples harder. She reached down and gave the bulb to my cunny a squeeze. I lit up like a Christmas tree. Soon I was groping her too and we were draped over her brass bed, kissing and rubbing each other through our rubber. I flipped switches on her toys and she did the same and we cried out our cums together as we manipulated our toys and pinched each other's nipples, eliciting cries of passion as we rolled around in each others arms.

She turned around and places her head between my legs and started to strap a dildo on me. Once on, she pulled up on her access zipper, freeing the toy in her cunny and sliding it out. She swiveled again and drove herself down on the big dildo in one push, making her cry out as she came again.

I was starting to get the hang of this and flipped her onto her knees and pushed my pelvis at her and pumped up the dildo in her ass, she screamed as I started to lose myself, the strap-on banging against my clit as I plundered her rubber-lined cunt. She drove back against me and I started to cum even more as I growled obscenities at her and turned my toys to high speed. Her vibrations and mine own were driving us mad with pleasure, I flipped her over again and mauled her tits and stuck my tongue down her throat as I fucked her slippery hole, her sheath slipping out and plunging back in with every stroke.
A mad idea seized me and I pulled back on her access zipper and pulled the dildo from her asshole and slid my fake dick home in her rubber-lined ass.

We were lost in a sea of lust and could not stop cumming as we traded places and she rode me, impaling her own ass on my fake cock as I worked her pussy and clit with another dildo, pumping it up to what must have been huge dimensions within her cunt.

The banging from the neighbors downstairs finally brought us slowly back to our senses.

Riding out our final cums, we cuddled each other and kissed deeply. We had a party to go to yet, and we straightened ourselves and reinserted her toys in her cunt and ass. I kissed her one last time on our way out the door, past the goggle eyed man who had come out to complain about the noise. Margaret traced a finger down his pant, outlining his stiffening cock as we left.

I was troubled by the turn of events. My body said, everything was more than fine. But, my mind cried out that I had just fucked a woman for the first time in my life. Worse, I had loved doing it.

The club was in full swing when we arrived. The doorman saw that we met the rubber only dress code and motioned us inside.

My god! Never in my wildest dreams had I thought there was such a place as this. Rubber beings of every description were in attendance, some women, and some men, some I couldn't tell what they were because they had both cocks and tits. Many were talking and drinking, many more were having sex. Standing, sitting, laying down and some were masked and slipping about in depressions in the floor, covered in something slippery and oozing together.

Margaret leaned over and asked what I wanted to drink and I told her and she left me to fetch it. A man in black rubber approached me and struck up a conversation. By the time she came back with the drinks I was giving the man head, sucking deeply on his thick cock and making him squirm with pleasure. Margaret joined me, taking a few licks at him and pumping him as I brought forth his seed into his rubber sleeve.

As I sipped my drink, she pulled down her zip and pulled the dildo from her cunt and replaced it by sliding down on his shaft. I was jealous, since I was unable to remove my own toys and do the same. She saw my frustration and handed me the strap-on and some fresh batteries. Once in and on, my cum ripped through me, placing me in that hazy, lustful state, I pulled down on her zipper and pulled out the dildo in her ass and jammed inside.

Between us, she flopped helplessly as she was fucked both from the front and from behind, we drove into her with everything we had, we all came and came and came again. Finally, the man couldn't keep it up anymore and I pitched her over the stool and continued fucking her butt. She was a blubbering pile by the time I quit.

I wanted to get fucked more than anything. But, the plugs in my ass and cunt kept me from being able to have my hearts desire. I was pissed! I told Margaret that we had to go home so I could take off my suit and the dammed shorts and she smirked and said no, we were staying here for a while yet. That she liked my dominant side and that she wanted more from me. I was shocked! She was right! I had become dominant and was taking the lead role in our lovemaking. I think she saw that I was going to freak out and changed her mind and we left and went back to my place.

It was late and I had to go to work, at least tomorrow was Friday and I told Margaret that she could sleep over with me and I would take her by work in the morning. She agreed and I stripped out of my rubber and took off the shorts with a great sigh as I bared my holes, finally able to be fucked. Margaret insisted I put on my twin sheath briefs and get dressed again. I said o.k. and with her help, I suited up in my black catsuit and my knee-boots, pulled an open faced hood on and strapped on my gasmask with the long tube. She simply added my other gasmask.

We sat down with a bag full of batteries and surrounded by my toys. I jumped up and went to my chest. She wanted to be submissive, I'd give her submissive. I pulled out some restraints and a gag and a crop that had been included in the stuff she had sold me and pounced on her when I came back into the room. My greater weight allowed my to quickly strap her arms behind her back and I fastened them to her ankles, making her lay with her legs spread before me.

I took my time, plunging dildos of various kinds and shapes and sizes into her cunt and ass. I made her cum so many times she almost didn't know who I was when I let her up and told her "Now do Me!"
and she did. It was glorious. She chewed on my clit through the rubber as she fucked me with every dildo I had and then put on the strap-on and fucked me half to death with it. We went to sleep curled up on the carpet, cuddled in each others arms, happy and content.

I awoke late and shrieked and bolted to the bathroom to strip and take a shower. I was hopping, putting on my shoes and trying vainly to button my blouse as I pushed her out the door and into the car.
I dropped her at the store at her insistence and made work an hour late. Damn! Still, no one said anything about it and I got through the day without a hitch, I even made up for the time I had lost and some more besides. By the time I made it home I was exhausted beyond tiredness, I collapsed on the bed and slept until morning.

This morning, I laid in bed for a long time, trying to puzzle out what had been happening to me. I had gone from a neurotic, food-obsessed, underachiever. To a sex vixen, happily engaging in orgies and lesbian sex with perverse adult "toys" which I had compulsively learned to use on my own, previously under-libidic body. All because of voyeuristically peeping in your window and seeing you dressed in rubber.

I know you had nothing to do with it and you have every right to tell me to go fuck off. If you want, say so and I'll leave right now and bother you no longer. But you have filled my fantasy's since I first saw you in your rubber and I thought..."

She was wringing her hands hard as she sat there, dressed in her black full-suit with an attached mask, hanging below her throat. A thick red, black and blue paneled rubber corset nipping her waist and a pair of knee-high, laced, red rubber boots, sporting tall heels on her feet. As she sat she pulled her mask over her head and tucked it in place. Her green eyes were close to tears and she looked first at him and then dropped her eyes dejectedly to the floor. She crossed and re-crossed her legs under her and fidgeted.

To say that I was surprised would have been an understatement! I had had no idea at all that the girl next door, that I had seen come out with her friend, dressed like a fetish queen, get into her car and drive off, had picked up my fetish from watching me through my own window.

Moreover, I realized what I had here was every fetishists dream-girl. One who had picked up their fetish on their own, from watching them, what a woman!

I said. "What you're saying is that you don't really know what comes next. And that you find me attractive and that you want to be with me and share my fetish, that you felt attracted to me by seeing me in my latex at night through my window. And now you screwed up the courage to throw caution to the wind and came over to ask me out on a date?"

"Yeah, that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell." She whispered from under her mask, "I don't much know about asking guys out, so excuse me if it came as a shock. I'm kind of lost right now and my mind is reeling from all that's happened to me in the last fortnight. I feel I like Margaret a lot and we will come to be great friends, and I love her in a way I just it doesn't feel right. You know? I had a great time with her and all, but I like men! I'm not really a lesbian. Can you understand? So now you know everything. All about my peeping and my sick love life, can you can you. Would you go out with me?" she looked lovely right then, soft and vulnerable in her rubber armor.

I smiled and said. "Sure, how can a guy say no to a woman with enough balls to ask him out. And I do feel a bit like you getting into rubber is a bit my fault in the first place. I'm so very flattered that you thought I look good in my rubber and that you're not repulsed by me and my fetish. So should I dress up to join you or shall you change and I'll come over. Do I get flowers?"

We both laughed, it broke the tension and she visibly relaxed. Her hands unclenched and she rested them on her thighs as she replied.

"I'd like that, why don't we have a good start to this relationship. I've come to love the power of rubber and the attention it gets me, I've never really been anyone who turned heads before I found this and I'm going to enjoy it to the hilt. You're a really great person, you know, Mr. Matthew's. Come on, I'll buy. I'll even spring for flowers if you want. But, let's have fun with ourselves and wear our rubber. Ok? And just so you know, my getting to like rubber wasn't your fault at all. I feel strangely like I was destined to find it anyway. Shall I help you change?"

"Well all right, Mary. And please, call me David. Or you can call me by my Internet handle Stan47." I said as I stood up, fully expecting for her to run, screaming from the house.

Now it was Mary's turn to look surprised, she did. At least as far as he could see her behind her mask. "you're Stan47? No way! All this time why didn't you tell me?!"

And she stood, her heels sinking deep in the carpet as she crossed the divide between us and stood very close. "I may not make it out of the house on our first date. Did you mean what you said about what you'd want to do with me if we ever met?"

"Oh yeah, darling. Oh yeah!" I said as she bent up and kissed me.



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