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More Than He Bargained For

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; latex; bagged; reluct/nc; X

More Than He Bargained For by rbbral
“Madame I think I have the perfect candidate for you.”

“Excellent, but you know I have very specific requirements.”

“Yes of course Madame, but I think this one fits your requirements perfectly. He is young, attractive, slim, a little androgynous even. He has no ties here, he is on holiday, on his own, from England; he is not staying anywhere, no contacts, no one expecting him. He has just a backpack and a ticket to return in three weeks.”

“Three weeks, excellent, what I could do with him in three weeks! He sounds promising, but what about his…predilections?”

“Perfect again, he said he wanted me to tie him up, gag him and spank him, which of course I have done.” 

“Well, that is a start, now what about latex?”

“He’s wearing a pair of tight latex panties now, and has a huge hard-on, plus I could tell he really liked me in my latex domina’s dress, stockings and gloves. But I didn’t ask him specifically about that.”

“That’s all right, half the fun will be finding out his likes and dislikes, although I don’t really care one way or the other – it’s what I like and dislike that matters. Very well, he sounds very promising; I will be over there in an hour, you can keep him occupied I’m sure. You have done well and you will be paid well. This may be the one I have been looking for all along.”

“Thank you Madame, I hope so.” 

When Madame arrived an hour later, the call girl who catered to specialised tastes was duly deferential, knowing how rich she was and how particular she was. She could be a good ally, but not someone you would wish to cross. She was wearing an ankle length rubber cape with high reinforced collar. Her hands extended out from slits at the sides, and they were covered in tight shiny red rubber gloves. She wore high heeled stiletto boots, but nothing else was exposed. The call girl thought that maybe she was naked, or maybe she’s in all rubber, she did not know and she did not ask. Madame carried a very large holdall, the type used by hockey players or skiers, and handed it to her. 

“These are clothes and restrainers, which we’ll use, but I want to see our “specimen” first.”

She was immediately impressed and the call girl had clearly tried to impress her. The young man was bent over with his wrists tied and raised behind his back by shackles. All he wore was a pair of latex panties, but Madame could see the deep red mark at the top of his thighs where she had paddled him.

“Lower his wrists, I want to see him upright.” He twirled at the sound of a new voice, but he could only see the cape and the boots. As his wrists were lowered he raised himself and stared into Madame’s cool grey eyes and cruel smile. He swallowed with difficulty as his mouth had a huge red rubber ball stuffed in it and held in place by a series of straps around and over his head. She lifted his chin with her rubber gloved hand and pushed in the ball further, chuckling.

“So you like to be tied up and spanked, do you? Good, because that is what I do, and more, only I don’t play games. This is my life, and it appears you have fallen into my little web, courtesy of my friend here.”

He groaned and gurgled into his gag, alarm showing of his face.

“You look worried, and so you should, you are very vulnerable right now and I have to say, way out of your depth. But there is no escape. I understand you have a three week vacation; well your vacation has just ended. You are going to come with me. I have a large place out of town, and I can afford my privacy, and this allows me to live out fantasies that others don’t have the opportunity to do. And I have decided now that you will become part of them, in fact the centrepiece. I love latex rubber and that is all you will feel, smell, touch or taste from now on. I see from your hard-on that although you are frightened you are also excited. I like that; you will be excited a lot in the future but also punished a lot too. Now we do not have a lot of time so I must prepare you. I will explain things to you later, the conversation will be one sided as I really don’t care one way or another what your feelings are, from now on you are simply there for my pleasure.”

During this long speech the poor man had been vigorously shaking his head, staring at Madame, moving from one foot to the other, desperately seeking some way of escape, and yet knowing full well there was none. Then he simply stopped and stared as, without her eyes leaving his, she unzipped her cape and handed it to her temporary assistant. Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads as they observed Madame, and she in turn enjoyed their state of shock. 

Starting at her neck, enclosed in a 2 inch wide stiff rubber choker his gaze passed down. The skin tight red gloves extended from fingers to shoulders. The black latex stockings extended from her stiletto heeled ankle boots to the tops of her thighs and it was there that his eyes were glued. The stockings were held up by six suspenders attached to the only other clothing she wore; it was a red and black corselet rising from just above her pubis and arse crack to her breasts. It was clinched tight around her by at least eight straps and buckles. The bust section pushed her breasts out in two firm cones and straps passed over her shoulders and attached at the back. But that was not all, there were two round holes in the breast cups that allowed her large nipples to extend out, and the nipples were both pierced with half inch gold rings. 

Nor did it end there, as she turned round for all to see, he saw two rubber straps extend down from the back of her corselet, join at her arse crack, pass between her legs and then separate to two straps again in front to attach to the corselet. But it was how the strap was designed that shocked them both. Opposite her arsehole and between her cheeks was an oval shaped base plate that clearly held a dildo firmly embedded in her arse. Extending from the plate was a tube and inflator pump, dangling between her stockings to just above her knees. She smiled at their shock, and turned again so they could both see the front. The two rubber straps passed either side of her labia, squeezing and pushing it out in a red, moist pout. It was then that they saw the small ring through her clitoris. A single slim gold chain passed through the clit ring and up to attach to both nipples. Clearly any movement by her, even breathing, would send vibrations to her nipples and clitoris. As he was close to him he saw a light sheen of sweat on her upper lip and forehead, she was highly aroused. Her face was imperious, her black hair in a page boy, her lips scarlet red. He could not place her age, anywhere between 30 and 40, she was almost timeless. 

He was frightened all right, yet his erection stuck out like a staff, trying to break the latex panties that imprisoned it. He was sweating now, his breathing was uneven and saliva dripped from his chin. The call girl emptied the contents of the bag onto the bed and he moaned into his gag. Madame approached him and ran her hands through his long hair.

“I don’t need to know your name, Tom or Tammy, it means nothing to me, your name and your sexual role will be inter changeable. I shall determine who you are and the role you will play. And there will be many, I can assure you.” 

He was way out of his depth, a little trip to a call girl to satisfy his desires, some spanking and a bit of bondage and he was now about to be transferred like some inanimate package to the house of this strange and frightening woman. His will and opinions it seemed were of no concern to her. She drew in the winch and his hands were raised again, so he bent over, horizontal, his backside sticking out. She gripped the latex panties and pulled them down and he stepped out of them. He was embarrassed at his erect cock but she barely seemed to notice it, taking a pair of pants from the bed and showing him the attached dildo inside. 

“This goes inside your rear, just like mine. And with this pump here I will pump it up nice and big. If I can take it, and like it, then I think you should be able to. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, and my friend, your goose is well cooked. It is to remind you from now on all your orifices are mine to do with as I please. You have KY?” She said to the call girl.

“In my job, of course.” She smiled and she smoothed a large amount over the dildo. Each gripped an ankle and raised one, then the other, pulling up the panties until he felt the dildo rest at his entry. He instinctively clenched his sphincter and Madame laughed, and then pressed the head firmly into his hole. With the help of the lube it sank slowly into him as he groaned and mmmffed into the ball gag. There was a narrower base and his sphincter muscle gripped this as they pulled the panties up to his waist. 

“Now the fun bit; if I can take a few squeezes then you will too.” Madame with a cruel smile squeezed the bulb dangling between his legs and he shuddered as the dildo expanded in his back passage. He shook his head from side to side but he received no sympathy. Satisfied he was plugged enough Madame lowered the winch and he stood up again.

“This is just a taste of what you can expect, now we have to get you bagged.” She turned and from the bed brought over a rubber body bag. She unzipped the front and dropped it to his feet. 

“I do hope you are not going to be a problem, if so you will be severely punished when I get you home.” Although he wriggled and struggled, Madame seemed to find this amusing as they gripped his ankles and slid the bag over his legs and draped it over his shoulders.

“Now the difficult bit, we will release your wrists here and put your arms down the sleeves in the bag. Fight us and life will be much more difficult for you, I can guarantee.” 

He knew however that this was his last chance and when they released his cuffs he did indeed struggle but with his legs held tightly in the bag he could retain no balance or get any leverage. With each woman taking an arm they manhandled his arms into the sleeves and with a foreboding sound they zipped him up to his throat. The heavy bag, skin tight and gleaming outlined his body like a sheath. He screamed into the gag, he was going nowhere; there wasn’t even a need for a lock. He stood erect as Madame, with a victorious smile felt his body through the bag. She noticed his erection still showed through the two rubber skins. 

“Now the final piece and we will be on our way.” She said, taking a flaccid helmet in her hand and approaching him. He tried to wriggle but nearly lost his balance as the call girl held him from behind. On a nod from Madame, she released the harness of the gag and pulled out the huge ball. Before he could let out a yell Madame expertly pulled the flaccid helmet over his head. There were muffled shouts from within and Madame held the opening of the helmet firmly around his neck. 

“Now listen to me, you have very little air in there, I would suggest you take the bladder in your mouth as quickly as possible.” 

With the pungent rubber aroma around him he began to panic; through the perspex eyes, no larger than a half inch each, he saw Madame smile coolly and wait, still holding on to the collar of the helmet. Pressing against his lips he felt the rubber bladder, and with little option, opened his mouth, sucked it in and breathed in air. With an inflator pump she began to inflate the helmet. Gradually the inner skin began to compress against his head. 

As he breathed through the tube in the bladder, trying to keep calm, she continued to inflate; the cold clammy now squeezing him like a vice. It pressed every pore and his sight became diminished as he now saw her as if in the distance down a long tunnel. She felt the helmet and was satisfied that it was now tight as a drum. 

His torture was not over however as she now screwed the pump into his gag valve and with a cruel smile began to inflate his gag. He moaned as the gag came to life, filling his mouth and puffing out his cheeks which were in turn compressed by the tight helmet. She seemed satisfied and stood back to admire his body swaying in the tight bag. 

He could hardly move his head or body and peered out at her through the small lenses. His breathing came hard through the small tube in the gag. He moaned and groaned but only an “mmmm” came from the helmet. He was utterly powerless and would remain like this for as long as she wished. 

Her power frightened him, and his fear excited her. A short trip to a call girl had led to this, his whole destiny changed. He was now just a plaything for this cruel woman. Already he was warming up and sweating in his body bag. His arse was throbbing; the dildo seemed huge and about to split him. There was no possibility of him expelling it. Madame then brought over the empty athletic bag and laid it below him. The call girl took his clothes and stuffed them into his backpack and left, presumably to dump them in Madame’s car. Madame waited, running her hands down his smooth body. He saw himself in the mirror, a black, shiny, smooth sausage with a head the size of a football. He concentrated on breathing calmly and not gagging. The call girl returned and Madame said.

“Well, time to move on, I do hope you are flexible!” She laughed as they forced him to sit down on the open bag; he squealed into his gag as the dildo pushed further into him. They laid his legs out straight and then began to push his torso onto his thighs. He was indeed relieved that he was quite flexible! As Madame now sat on his shoulders they both drew up the double zip, slowly trapping him inside the bag.

“Has he enough air?” The call girl looked a little worried.

“Oh, yes, it will be a struggle for him but there are vents at the sides.” She stood up, there was an imperceptible motion from the bag, and no sound!

“There we are, snug as a bug in a rug. Thank you, you have done well, I shall have a lot of fun with this little package.” She gently tapped the bag with her stiletto.

“You will receive payment by courier tomorrow.” She bent over and took the pump between her legs and gave it a couple of squeezes, closing her eyes and smiling. The call girl looked at her in shock. This was a woman you did not want to mess with. She pulled the cape over her shoulders and zipped it up, covering her half nakedness and bizarre costume. Then she said.

“He was never here, I was never here. You don’t know me and you will not contact me again, unless I contact you first; maybe I will tire of this package after a while. But maybe he is the real thing and I will keep him for a long while.” She smiled and looked down at the still bag. 

They each took a handle to the bag and with an effort carried it out to the waiting Mercedes, opened the large trunk and unceremoniously dumped it in. Before slamming the trunk she leaned close to the bag and whispered.

“Half an hour only and then you will be mine and the games can begin!” She closed it and shook the call girl’s hand, rubber on rubber. The girl was not sorry to see her go. She would be very well paid, but this was a lifestyle dominant, not someone like her, just trying to make a living. She almost felt sorry for the young man, well, almost. She turned and saw the car pull away down the alley, thinking what trials the young man would have to endure in the next few hours, and days, and weeks and…….

In the car Madame was also thinking of the young man so nicely packed in the trunk. She would create a completely submissive man/woman, sexually interchangeable. He/she would be maid, pony, doggy, servant, schoolgirl, patient and general slave in her nursery, hospital ward, stables or kennels. He would perform every role without question, coming into contact with only rubber, his skin covered, his orifices plugged and stuffed. Right now he knew nothing of this, but he soon would!

She drove as calmly as possible but she had to get home fast; she could hardly wait to begin his training!


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