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Monika's Second Skin

by Chris

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© Copyright 2007 - Chris - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; latex; transform; rubberdoll; cons; X

Monika awoke unusally early on this Saturday morning. On the one hand were the strange dreams she'd been having, the other was the sweaty feeling all she had over her body. Surprised, she sat bolt upright in her bed, that's when she noticed her body was not clad in the normal night gown but dressed in a very tight material. She touched her body noticing it covered her like a second skin. The material felt and smelled like rubber. Hurriedly she got up and switched on the light. Shocked, she looked at herself in the large closet mirror examining her image closer up.

The gleaming red material enclosed her perfect body in what looked like a catsuit, only her hands, feet and her head remained uncovered. A tight collar reached up under her chin. The catsuit was a perfect fit and Monika was unable to find any openings or zippers, everywhere she looked she could not see a way out of the suit. Strangely there were absolutely no folds in the material. Her breasts had become perky orbs and her excited nipples showed well defined through the elastic material. It was obvious that her waist had been constricted.

What happened last night?

Monika couldn't remember anything unusual. She went to bed as usual and didn't go to a party nor had she been drunk.

She began to feel up her gleaming red body and felt more and more excited. Taking a few steps back from the mirror she almost stumbled over something lying on the carpet in front of the bed. When she bent down to see what it was she found a pair of ankle high boots made of the same red rubber. The boots sported 6" pencil thin heels. As she picked up the shoes a strange shudder ran through her body and she sat down on the bed in a trance. Carefully she slipped the boots over her dainty feet, a difficult task taking some time for there were no zippers. Excitedly she ran her fingers over the new contours of her feet.

Carefully she got up and tried a few steps. She was happy there was enough furniture for her to hold onto since walking on heels this high was new to her. Suddenly she had the feeling as if something inside the boots was moving but she couldn't make out what. Thus she didn't notice how the short shafts of her ankle boots had moulded into the catsuit.

Monika let herself fall back on the bed pinning the blanket between her legs revelling in the erotic feelings. Out of the blue she noticed a pair of red rubber gloves underneath her pillow. They had the same color as her catsuit and seemed to be very tight. Fascinated she let the material glide through her fingers, suddenly she felt the irresistible urge to put them on. As she worked out the folds on her sleeves she sensed the same pressure on her arms she had already felt on her legs. Now it occured to her the gloves had fused to her catsuit. She was intrigued to find herself seemlessly covered by a red rubber skin, except for her head.

She got up again and took a few steps towards the mirror when unsuspectedly a dildo and butt plug expanded from the suit into her nether orifices. Each increasing in size causing her arousal to rise incredibly with their circuling motions. Monika danced on her high heels trying to escape the increasing pressure of her intruders. Throwing herself on the bed as several waves of orgasms washed over her.

Wet with perspiration her hair hung into her face so after a while she went into the bathroom to freshen up. Grabbing the towel another piece of red latex fell to the ground. Monika bent down to pick it up, the item was molded after a female head. She noticed it was a hood without any openings except for the entry hole at the neck.

Monika went back into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. She had an odd feeling holding the mask in her hands. She owned several bathing caps but never faced the idea of wearing a mask. She widened the neck of the mask with her hands and tried out the feeling of latex against her face. Again the irrisistable urge to wear it came over her and she stuck her head into the opening. The sensation was unusual and fascinating at the same time. As she ran out of air she took off the mask again.

Monika repeated this several times holding her breath longer each time. She used deliberate motions to smooth out any wrinkles slowly working the neck of the mask even further down.

Going for another breath she felt for the edge of the mask to pull it off only to find herself unable to get a grasp with her gloved hands. Now Monika panicked, she realized the mask had also fused to the catsuit. Furiously she pulled on the latex skin on her head and neck but there was no opening to be found. Close to suffocating she slowly lost consciousness, when the dildoes between her legs made her cum simultaneously. Several waves of utter pleasure rippled through her body.

The perfect simultaneity of asphyxia and the high level of pleasure released enough energy to lift Monika's body into the air with a bang. Her body landed on the bed, her arms and legs flopping powerlessly. Suddenly Monika was able to see through the rubber skin and she felt as if she could breathe again. After she collected herself for a moment she got up again to take a look at herself in the mirror. The figure in the mirror shocked her initially. Wrapped head to toe in a tight, red, highly polished rubber skin she had become an anonymous object.

As she touched herself she noticed the latex surface had become her new skin and drops of perspiration covered the rubber in a thin and gleaming layer. Her body felt like rubber too and she was terrified to find out she had neither breathing nor heart beat.

The sudden ring at the door startled her, frightened to answer the door looking like this, she went to the door. After the second ring she took a look at the monitor to see who was ringing. Surprised she saw three people standing outside: an attractive woman of middle age, dressed in a black catsuit and high boots as well as two rubberdoll creatures each lead on a leash. They did look remarkably like Monika in her second skin...



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