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Modern Punishment 2

by Neo

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© Copyright 2009 - Neo - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f+; FF/ff; latex; bond; cell; enemas; toys; cons; X

WARNING ! This story is intended for adult persons over the age of eighteen and should not be viewed by those under that age or the legal age of consent where you live. This story contains aspects of rubber fetishism and other sexual acts and practices that may be offensive to some people. This story is for ADULTS ONLY! If you don’t like seeing things such as this, Please, read no further. Unless authorized by the writer, this story is considered copyrighted and is the intellectual property thereof. Please do not post to pay sites or any place else with out the authors permission. Thanks to Lola for re-reading and improvements.

Modern Punishment (Part 2)

Steph awoke during the night. She was in total darkness but soon understood what had awoken her. She felt slight vibrations from the plug stuck in her ass. It was hardly noticeable but just enough to awake her, due to its sensitive location. She felt upset, she was tired and wanted to sleep. The vibrations stopped, she felt relieved. She heard a satisfactory moan, and understood that her companion was expressing her relief as well.

She was about to return to sleep when her butt-plug started to vibrate again, this time slightly more intensively. Steph tried to ignore the vibrations, but she soon realised that it was impossible. She felt some tension from her neck chain; the other prisoner was awake too. Then it stopped. Her whole body relaxed. But this time, her mind stayed on alert. She was on her guard, waiting for her anal intruder to start vibrating again. Her attention focused on her sphincter made her aware of how filled she was.

But soon she was distracted by new vibrations, coming from the dildo filling her pussy. She instinctively tried to move her legs but the chains connecting her ankles quickly limited her freedom. As she was struggling against her bonds, her butt plug resumed its vibrations. Both intruders were now buzzing, sending waves of stimuli to her mind. She was now totally awake, her senses at full charge. She felt tightness of the latex all over her body. She became aware of how restrictive her bonds were.

Once again the collar around her neck communicated a tension due to her cellmate movements. She felt a contact with her breasts. Her first reflex was to avoid it, but she soon realised that it was the other girl that had simply rolled in front of her. The other prisoner’s moans were very close; Steph realised that they were face to face. She heard the woman's breath, accentuated by the tightness of the nose holes on her hood.

To her own surprise, Steph tried to move closer to her companion. She had no lesbian experience, but this rubber clad body, sharing the same torment as she was experiencing excited her. Their bodies came into contact again, both sets of breasts mutually massaging each other. Steph had never been so horny. For a split second her mind was shocked by this thought, but at this instant both intruders increased their vibrations. Her crotch was now the only thing on her mind. Vibrations increased her perception of fullness. Her fellow prisoner was getting hotter too, if the frequency of her breaths was anything to go on. Knowing that the other prisoner was close to climax made her realise that a huge orgasm was also building inside her.

All of a sudden she felt an additional pressure against her crotch, pushing her dildo deeper, if that was even possible. She quickly guessed that the other girl had rubbed one of her thighs against her crotch. This was the trigger of Steph's climax. She felt her whole body go rigid, overpowered by violent waves of pleasure. It lasted a few seconds, and as it was diminishing in intensity, she then heard loud moans from her companion. It reactivated Steph's orgasm and her muscle contractions. She felt her sphincter contracting several times around the vibrator plugging her. Her arms and ankles fighting against their irons. Both prisoners were shaking spasmodically despite the fact that their neck chain didn't allow much freedom. The sporadic movements of the two girls were held in check by their neck collars. Then the vibrations slowly decreased and Steph sighed in relief.

When the intruders filling her cavities totally stopped, she felt exhausted. She had never experienced such a climax. Her breathing still had not slowed and her heart was still beating very quickly. But both were calming. A few minutes after, her pulse returned to normal. Her mind switched off, her body betrayed her surrender and she fell asleep within seconds. Calm returned to their cell. Noise sensors hidden in walls logged nothing except slight metallic sounds made by prisoners moving in their sleep.

Program controlling cell NewEntrants_4 followed normal process and put vibrators on hold until 7.00am.

Somewhere in one of numerous databases logging building activity, one hard-drive modified its magnetic structure to log information :

“01:46:12 A493[T] – stage 1 completed – location NE4”

“01.46:12 A494 – stage 1 completed – location NE4”


“07:00:00 A493[T] – start awaking – location NE4”

“07:00:00 A494– start awaking – location NE4”

From deep within her subconcious Steph felt her sphincter slightly contracting around its intruder. She soon realised that this was due to slight vibrations coming once again from the plug. She tried to ignore it and get more sleep but the vibrations were slowly increasing in intensity. She also heard A494 moaning through her gag. Industrial lights on the ceiling switched on and she saw A494 trying to move.

By this time Steph surrendered to wakefulness, she knew that sleep was gone. She thought again about her situation, locked in a cell, chained with her inmate, covered with a latex catsuit and plugged in all orifices. She saw the black shiny female testing her chains. She knew she was in same contraption. This helpless feeling aroused her. A strong orgasm was starting, she knew she was about to cum. Then the dildo in her pussy started to vibrate as well, imperceptibly but enough to trigger a powerful climax. Steph felt her body go rigid for a second time and fight against its bounds. The violence of the climax surprised her.

She lay on the floor, hearing A494 experiencing wildly the same wake-up call. They were both lying on the floor, still breathing heavily. The calm after a storm. The Door crashed open, and two guards entered the cell. The collar chain that connected Steph to her inmate was unlocked to be linked to her back collar ring and one guard produced another chain locked this on her front ring.

“Stand up. Now”, ordered the woman.

A493 and A494 complied without hesitation they knew that fighting was useless in their situation.

“The system reported that you both had sexual-like interaction during your stay in this cell. You may not be aware but even if you are sometimes closely chained with other subjects, you may never seek interaction thus you must avoid any physical contact. It’s just a warning today. There will not be second warning a corrective measure will be taken next time, so I hope you get the point, now follow” she added.

Again in the corridor, they were walking behind the first guard, the other following in the rear of their group. They saw other prisoners escorted, all captive women shared the same uniform: black latex catsuit, black latex hood, all chained with same ankle-wrist-neck system, allowing little freedom. What struck Steph was how erotic this spectacle was, and how disciplined the prisoners seemed.

“The CellFuture psychological process does seem to work”, thought Steph.

Their small group entered in a large room, walls built from raw concrete, with two very long steel tables in the center, around fifty prisoners were sitting there, on both sides of the tables, under the supervision of numerous guards. Most had a tube coming from the ceiling, attached to their gags.

“This will be your canteen; most days you’ll be given three meals. It’s liquid food that you suck thru your mouth gag. It tastes good but more importantly it has all the ingredients to keep you in the best possible shape. Take a seat.”

A494 and A493 sat side to side, still linked by their collar. Once sitting, Steph needed little to remind her that her ass was still nicely plugged. One of the guards linked a tube hanging from the ceiling to a tiny hole in center of their gags. Steph started to suck and soon a viscous liquid started to flow through the gag into her mouth. Indeed it tasted good, like a fruit mix. After few minutes, Steph had sucked her full ration. Her two guards unhooked the tubes and their small group exited from the canteen.

A short walk later and they reached another room. It was a covered with white ceramic tiles, shining under heavy lights. Along walls, a dozen of the prisoners were chained a two metre gap separating each one. Steph stared at their crotches. Each woman had her stealth hanging from her crotch with tubing going to the floor.

“Each day, you’ll be allowed to release yourself. The stealths installed in both your lower orifices are open ended in fact. We will connect this system to it; you’ll then be able to expel your waste. All wastes are sucked away by the system. Then starts a water/air process that will clean everything. Then lubing is applied to get you ready for the day. Process is very efficient as you’ll see.”

Steph and her companion were directed to the wall and their collars chained to a ring. Their respective guards removed their belts with the pair of plugs. Then they put thin latex gloves on their hands and started to remove the dildos. Slowly Steph felt her pussy become free of its intruder. Then she felt her butt plug pulled very slowly out. She tried to relax her anal muscles as much as she could to allow the plug to exit as easily as possible. The wider part being still within acceptable limits for her, the plug was soon released. Having never been penetrated in both holes, she realised now strong the feeling of fullness had been during the last hours.

Then her guards started to pull-out the ultra-thin stealths still in her pussy and ass. Once done, the stealths were connected to two tubes coming from the floor. After that was done, the guards indicated by a small sign that they were free to release their bowels. A cleaning process followed, then Steph felt dry, though not for long since a lube-emulsion finished this stage. The guards removed the tubing and pushed the stealths in with their fingers. The lubing had been very effective indeed and quickly Steph had a strange feeling of openness even if the stealths presence was hardly noticeable.

Guards unlocked them from the wall and pulled on their chains, Steph and her A494 had no choice except to follow. They were guided to a medium sized cell, with eight captives seated on the floor. Five had their collar chained to the left wall. Two wallrings were vacant on the right. A494 and A493 were placed next to them and freed from their mutual link.

“Don’t move. Since your entrant phase is now accomplished, without any major incident, you’ll be allowed to wear your wrists cuffs in front. You’ll appreciate this slight difference.”

One guard went behind A494 to keep a firm grip on her arms as the other was unlocking her neck collar and her wrist cuffs. Then she passed the chain between A494’s legs and proceeded to lock everything again in front. Finally A494 collar was chained to wallring and A494 sat on the floor, her back touching the concrete wall due to the shortness of the chain. The same process was applied to Steph, who did appreciate having her arms in front. She carefully joined her inmates on the floor, the chain was long enough to sit, but allowed very little freedom. She noticed that her wrists cuffs were connected to the chain linking the collar and ankle cuffs at the level of her stomach, preventing any attempt to reach her crotch area. Both guards then exited and closed the door.

She felt the other captives observing her and her previous companion, but soon this interest seemed to fade, and calm filled the room. She tried to test her wrists cuffs, to move a little but it was totally useless. She became resigned to her fate. Time started to stand still for Steph. “This is crazy” she thought. She examined all the women in the room, she had already noticed, that they all had athletic forms. She thought it was a consequence of the strict food diet they had to endure. She could see the woman in front of her in same position. She looked very attractive, in her shiny black catsuit. Steph’s gaze took in the area where her pussy stealth was located. All the inmates were free of intruders, which was the reason for this calm. Steph looked at her crotch, to see that her catsuit was so tight that her delicious lips were slightly visible, with the stealth hardly visible. “How devious” she smiled to herself.

Hours passed. From time to time, an inmate moved slightly, or twisted in her bonds, her chains making a metallic sound, but it was the only noticeable incident. Steph thought about numerous aspects of the project, and she understood that this was one of the reasons to make the guards and management endure this experience, so that they could see it from the other side. All of a sudden, a speaker loudly instructed them to stand up. All ten prisoners complied within seconds. Then four guards entered and started to chain each inmate to the other via their collars.

When done, the group exited from the cell. Lunch was a quick, the food tasted different, something more salty, but it was still very good. The group was guided back to the cell where they had spent the whole morning. After being unlocked they were instructed to lie on their back, then each back ring collar was connected to a ring on the wall located at the floor level. This montage didn’t allow a captive to raise their hand more than few centimetres. Then the chain linking their wrist cuffs was tightly attached to their front collar ring. The first consequence was that each captive had to flex her legs to the maximum since the ankle chain was pulled to the collar.

“You will all endure a long session until tomorrow morning. Don’t worry you won’t skip dinner”, explained the guard in charge of Steph.

This position left her crotch clearly exposed, this helpless feeling aroused Steph. She knew that her pussy was getting wet. Her nipples were also getting harder, her breasts firmly held by her latex catsuit. Then a belt was passed around her waist. She felt fingers gently probing her asshole. After she felt the first small intrusion it gave away to a massive one. It withdrew a little and then pushed a little bit further. Steph tried to relax, knowing that no matter what she would still end up firmly plugged. This plug was slightly bigger than the previous one she had had endure, but still it wasn’t oversized, and thanks to good lubing, her sphincter accepted this intruder without pain. Nevertheless when it contracted around the tighter base, Steph could not deny that this area was quite full. She was now very wet and hot.

When the guard worked to push a dildo in her pussy she couldn’t prevent herself from climaxing. It was very quick but as intense as she would have expected. Then the belt was closing around her crotch, pushing the dildo and the plug a little further. “I’m done now.” She thought.

All the captives were plugged and belted, and the guards left the room. The previous calm didn’t follow. The air was full of moans, of chains being pulled and tested. Steph joined in the party as well, both intruders probing deeply inside her. She tried to raise her head, she managed to raise it enough to see her cellmates struggling as she was. In her predicament, her feet against her cheeks, her ass was slightly stretched, increasing the presence of her butt plug. She was enduring this when both plugs started to vibrate. She could not refrain from letting out a loud protest into her gag, but she knew that fighting was as useless as during her first night. The orgasm built within her slowly as she contracted vagina and sphincter against their respective intruders.

After few minutes on the edge, she erupted. Her moans, even softened by her gag were still loud and it triggered numerous climaxes among her companions of captivity. Steph’s orgasm lasted a long time and one by one waves of pure pleasure hit her mind.

Exhausted, she started to sleep.

The afternoon that passed was quite chaotic for Steph. Periods of sleep and exhaustion followed wild climaxes. Dinnertime finally came and the guards unlocked their collars from the floor to allow them to sit up. Bottles were attached to the higher wallring of each instalment and a tube was connected to their gags. Steph sucked her ratio all the more rapidly as she felt her body needed it after hours of tension.

After this pause, prisoners had to get back into the previous position, lying on their back. During the evening and the night that followed, the women had to experience the same session even if the inactive period were longer, but the vibrations were not always synchronized.

“00:00:01 A493[T] – day 1/30 completed – location CC4”

Until lights came again the next morning, Steph awoke several times due to another cellmate climaxing.

“07:00:00 A493[T] – start awaking – location CC4”

Similar to the previous day, Steph was awoken by her plugs. After that tumultuous night Steph still felt quite tired. Since her previous lunch, she had managed to sleep numerous times, but never more than one hour at a time. Four guards entered; the prisoners were freed from the wall and linked together before being conducted to the canteen. Once seated, Steph start to observe other prisoners. Each seemed very calm, accepting this unreal situation. Even after less than forty hours under this treatment, Steph had abandoned all fighting will. Multiple powerful climaxes had put her in a state of calm that she had never experienced before.



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