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Modern Punishment

by Neo

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© Copyright 2009 - Neo - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; latex; bond; cell; toys; cons; X

Thanks to Lolita for re-reading and improvements.

Part 1

Steph was just fresh from her MBA. She was going for an interview for a job in a private firm called CellFuture. It was a quite secretive company contracting for the government. It provided prison services. Steph had hesitations before applying but the salary was exceptional. It was the final interview and she had done well, according to the interviewer. Her interviewer was a strict woman, called Mrs. Mayer. She was the CEO. The position was to be her assistant.

"Well," Mrs Mayer said, "as you know, we have reached the end of the recruitment process. We'll contact you shortly. Thanks for having applied to our company".

A few days later, Steph was called. She had the job! Her contract followed and she returned it immediately. Before taking up her role in the company, she had to start with one month’s training in one of the facilities. It would involve being a prisoner and discovering the CellFuture business. This idea didn't frighten Steph. She always had submissive inclinations, and being treated as prisoner for one month for work excited her. Even her girlfriends felt excited by her future experience.

The first day came quickly. Steph took her convertible car and cruised to the facility. The trip took nearly the whole day. It was in a remote area but the journey was really nice, with all the Autumn colors and hilly landscape. She finally reached her destination. She passed the first check point
where she gave in her ID. Security guards had been informed and treated her with all the respect due to an employee. Hundreds of metres further, she saw the building, more a sort of bunker. There was no clear indications to show it was a prison but it really looked like one, she smiled. She parked her car and headed to the guarded entrance. From the outside the concrete building was nearly invisible, since most of it was underground. She passed several more security stops, all guarded by women in CellFuture’s uniform. She finally reached the Director's office.

" You must be Stephanie de Targanel, I'm the Director of this facility", said the tall woman that greeted Steph. "As you know CellFuture initial training includes one month in this facility, where you will be treated as a prisoner. All managers have gone through this step, including me. You’ll be
treated the same as other prisoners but for one exception: you’ll not be fully shaved. As you know CellFuture program involves intensive punishment for its subjects. The goal is to remove any transgression from individual minds. It’s intensive, thus shorter, thus cheaper for government. It’s a new program, approved by lawmakers. In this facility, only female subjects are processed. Do you still want to apply for the position, it’s your last chance to resign before next month."

"Sure", Steph replied.

"Then, you’ll be freed in 30 days."

Steph shivered. It was the point of no return. She understood it was even too late when the door opened and two female guards entered and waited behind her, there was no turning back.

"Take her, she must be processed as a company trainee."

"Understood Madam", replied one guard.

One woman took Steph’s arms and hold them firmly behind her back. The other took a pair of handcuffs from her waist and hearing metal clicks, Steph knew she was now restrained. Then a metal collar was locked, encircling her neck. A chained was attached and Steph was then pulled out of the office by the leash. She felt humiliated but did not protest. It was part of the contract.

She followed her captor down a corridor and finally was led into a large room. One guard shut the door and waited outside. The other guard attached her chain to a ring on the wall and unlocked her handcuffs. She was told to strip naked. She complied without resistance. Once naked, the guard presented a bottle of shower gel. Warm water gushed from walls and ran down her body. It was a wonderful shower. Then water stopped and the guard applied another gel to her public hair and between her cheeks. Soon the water returned and she could see that she was now totally hairless around her crotch. A few seconds later the water stopped.

" As a trainee, you’ll be allowed to keep your hair. It’s your sole privilege here in comparison to the other subjects, explained her guard. Please present your wrists behind your back."

She complied with the instruction and again felt handcuffs. Her hair was cut short, then carefully dried and then her guard put a swimming latex cap on her head. Then her leash was locked to another ring at the opposite side of the room and she was instructed to wait.

The door opened and she saw another guard entering with a pretty woman totally naked, cuffed as Steph was. She was positioned under the water jets and the shower started. Gel was applied but this time the captive exited totally bald. She looked depressed and Steph pitied her. She understood that this small exemption given to her was indeed significant. As least it would not interfere with her social life when freed. Then the girl was led near Steph, her leash attached to the same wallring.

One guard came with two boxes and a small bottle. She put on transparent latex gloves and applied some gel from the bottle on her hand. She started to massage Steph’s body from neck to toes. It was slippery, and Steph became aroused by this woman coating her with lube.

"It is silicon gel. It will ease the next step: your dressing as captives", explained the guard.

The same treatment was provided to the other captive woman. Both were shiny now, under industrial lights. Next, the guard opened one box and took out a piece of shiny material. It was all black.

"Miss de Targanel, you are now number A493, this will be your prisoner uniform. You’ll wear it as long as you stay here. You’d better not fight dressing otherwise additional sanctions will be taken against you. Remember that you have no more rights than any other prisoners. I hope you

Steph nodded, she had no choice. The guard put the uniform at her feet and slowly pulled it up until it reached her crotch. Steph understood this material was latex. It was incredibly tight but her previous lubing allowed quick dressing.

"I have to apply two stealths, so please relax", instructed her guard.

The woman put applied some additional lube on her gloves and presented a finger close to Steph’s ring hole. She had only a few experiences with anal play and was displeased with what was happening to her. Since she knew that she had to accept this however, she tried to relax. The finger slowly penetrated her ass, this unusual sensation made her groan. The finger carefully lubed her sphincter. Then she felt her rectum penetrated with one latex stealth. The finger professionally put the stealth in place then slowly exited. Her muscle contracted but she felt she couldn’t totally close her asshole, the stealth was trapped in her sphincter.

Surprisingly, this shameful predicament made her more excited and she understood from her wetness why the rear stealth was installed first. Then her pussy lips were opened by the guard’s gloved hands and the front stealth was also placed in the same way. Before Steph could fully absorb and understand it all, the woman resumed Steph’s dressing. The suit was pulled up, then her handcuffs were unlocked to allow Steph to put her arms into the suit. Her hands reached the end and Steph realised that there were no gloves but instead mittens, with one D ring outside each. Her arms were put behind her back, and she heard a small locking noise. She tried to spread her arms but understood that her mittens where securely locked together. Then her collar was opened and her head was forced into a hood with eyes, nostril and mouth openings.

Finally, a zip was closed up from her back to her neck, and another joined it closing her hood. She heard again a small click, and imagined that these two zips where now locked together. Next she felt restraints around her ankles, her wrists, then around her neck. To finish this dressing, a rubber gag was pushed in her mouth, similar to a snorkelling mouthpiece, sealing her mouth.

In the meantime, the other guard provided the same preparation to the other prisoner and they both looked at each other as looking in a mirror. They each saw a shiny black figure, encased head to toe in latex, ankles and neck in irons. Looking at the other girl’s crotch she noticed that a similar stealth had been applied between her pussy lips.

"You can see that you are now enclosed in a latex catsuit. I hope you will get used to this since you won’t wear anything else here. As you know this facility is experimental and aim is to remove any subversion idea from your mind. You will follow a treatment that should make you more docile".

A guard soon came with two additional garments. Steph recognized a chastity belt made of steel with a latex lining. The belt was secured around their waists. Then she felt a slight pressure around her asshole. She contracted with surprise and soon understood that she was feeling the head of a buttplug. She knew she was to be plugged in any case, so she decided to go with it and to relax. The guard felt her resignation and took advantage of it, applying slightly more pressure. Slowly Steph felt her ass being penetrated by this object. She could see that the other woman was experiencing the same predicament. Centimetre by centimetre, Steph was impaled. She hoped the plug wasn’t that wide and thankfully did not even feel slight pain, maybe thanks to previous lubing, she thought.

At one moment, she felt her sphincter contract around a tighter base. Now she was plugged, her whole muscle preventing the plug from withdrawing. Then her guard opened Steph’s pussy lips and slowly pushed a dildo in her. Due to her state of arousal, Steph accepted the second intruder without much complaint. Anyway she understood that the lube eliminated friction between dildos and stealths. When inserted, the guard quickly put the metal band of her chastity device around her crotch. She locked the front of the belt. It was tight and both plugs were forced slightly further in Stephs’ orifices.

She had never been double fucked and this feeling of fullness soon triggered a violent climax. Without the guard catching her and taking care she didn’t fall, she would have collapsed on the floor, but a firm grip on her shoulders prevented this from happening. Then she heard an additional click noise, as her mittens lock was attached to her belt’s rear ring. She really felt helpless, wondering how she had put herself in such situation, encased head to toe in a rubber catsuit, both holes invaded with phallic objects, shackles around ankles, wrists and neck. Then her leash was removed from the wallring to be linked to a ring on the back of other prisoner collar.

One guard took her companion’s leash and conducted them out of the room. Steph could see the woman in front of her, trying to walk with her ankle irons, and the same intruders stuffed in her pussy and ass. Finally they reached a door and were laid in a small cell, with concrete walls and floor lined with shiny black rubber. Steph’s leash was unlocked from the other woman’s collar and then locked again in the front ring.

"You will be both locked here for the night."

Then door was shut and both prisoners were looking at each other, not believing what they saw in front of them: a female figure trapped in steel and latex. Both were tired with all the tension accumulated from the day and at the same time they tried to lie on the floor, with great care due to their arms bound at their backs. After few seconds, the camera on the ceiling was filming two shinny black rubber forms, lying on their sides.

Steph’s breathing was calm, her mind was realizing what had happened to her. She tried to protest but her bonds were so effective so as not to permit the slightest hope of release. She had to spend the next few hours sexually aroused, fully plugged, without any means of escape. Her submissive part seemed to take advantage of this situation as she felt a huge orgasm slowly building. She tried to move the plugs but it was of no use except to excite her more. She could feel her front dildo pushing against the plug locked in her ass. This duality, new to her, drove her insane.

Then she felt a slight pull on her neck and could see that the other woman was thrusting against her bonds in reaction. Steph caught the other woman eyes and she understood that her companion was also on the edge of a powerful orgasm. Both women climaxed in same time, and spasms of pleasure accompanied muffed groanings. Then both exhausted they feel asleep without any more thought.



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